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Reviews & Ratings for
The Tunnel Movie More at IMDbPro »The Tunnel (original title)

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A decent effort - looking forward to part 2

Author: Tysoncarter from United Kingdom
9 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An investigation into a government cover-up leads to a network of abandoned train tunnels deep beneath the heart of Sydney. As a journalist and her crew hunt for the story it quickly becomes clear the story is hunting them.

I went into this film knowing next to nothing about it. All I knew was that is was released online to download for free and was an Australian found footage film. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw and I think the less you know about the film the better.

Ill keep it as spoiler free as possible to begin with. The basic premise revolves around the governments sudden u-turn in a plan to use the underground train tunnels to utilise the water. An investigative journalist named Natasha decides something is not quite right and decides to take matters into her own hands. So she leads a team down into the underground labyrinth determined to get a story. The film mixes the found footage from the expedition with interviews with the survivors.

It starts off quite slow and we get to meet the crew. If you're not into the whole found footage/shaky camera work then this film may not be for you. However, if you can look past that and enjoyed similar styled films such as Blair Witch and The Descent then there is a good story to be found. The crew are a likable group and I was genuinely interested in what their investigation would uncover. We are told that the tunnels are rumoured to be full of homeless people. We even see an interview with one former resident who was very frightened when discussing what he saw during his time living in the tunnel.

Once down in the tunnel the drama starts to unfold and mysterious things happen. Noises, objects moving, and eventually members of the crew start to disappear. The claustrophobic location and the fast movements of the hand-held cameras really works well here. Like any good horror movie, we don't see who or what is stalking the crew until pretty near the end, and even afterwards it is all very ambiguous as to what actually happened. The director did a great job of only showing us a glimpse of what was stalking them, basically you see some bright eyes, but a little more back story to what it actually was would of been nice. They are doing a sequel later this year so maybe we will get more of an explanation.

It's hard to go into any more detail really without ruining the film. It isn't particularly graphic or violent, there is a bit of blood shown but the main horror is of the unknown and the claustrophobic surroundings whilst being hunted. The main negatives for me were that by having a film with a survivors interview narrative running alongside the actual found footage, it ruins the suspense of who actually dies and makes it out alive. The film leaves lots of unanswered questions and has a few plot holes, but overall I'm glad I've seen it and I look forward to the bigger budgeted sequel which I hope goes some way to rectifying some of the questions from this film. It was a good solid effort and I like the fact it was partly funded by fans who were offered the chance to buy a digital frame of the film.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Bells from the deep

Author: chaos-rampant from Greece
7 January 2012

Sometimes a film with no major gaffes is enough for the night. There is some assurance in encountering basic competence, that things can still work out pretty well without us being tasked to do any work at all. And any film that is decent is a film that is not bad or worse, again a plus when you weren't sure to begin with. This is why I watch a lot of genre films, mostly horror, they are comfortable to slip into and the craft is usually applied in quick, raw ways.

The genre here is 'found footage', a hot property right now for many reasons. The execution is formulaic but rigorous. It hits all the dark spots fairly well, and in fairly quick succession when it does. The web of underground tunnels is suitably dingy, the mounted light on our camera weak enough to keep shadows close by. Our characters are palatable to be around. One is predictably obsessed with getting the story, this being us, keen to watch in the face of danger. Others push to get back to the surface. There is menace that could be anywhere around us, and that we catch only a malformed glimpse of when the frame freezes.

Key inspirations: The Descent for the cavernous horror, Marebito for the subway as the monster's lair.

So the effort is not for innovation in any way but a jolly good time. The use of CCTV cameras spliced in with raw footage I consider a mistake, it jerks us back to an editing process being handled away from our field of action. I'm undecided on the use of interviews, they add as well as detract. What is always worth watching in these films however, is that one ghostly moment; here our film crew notices a camera left in the wrong place, picks it up, rewinds, only to find out that their unseen lurker had been filming them and they were starring in that movie we are lurking around to see.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Why to watch? Why not to watch? That is the question

Author: T-Horror from Australia
25 September 2011

This movie is Blair witch meets the Descent plus one in their respective categories.

Blair's plot had a lot more twists to a chilling ending (depending on who you talk to to) but the camera footage was very unstable. The Tunnel rectifies this problem, although in a running scene the camera does stare at feet, in talking shots the movement is little if not on a tripod. A feature that made this movie much easier to watch.

As for the tunnel's plot, I wouldn't say it was the most en-genius or original idea, but it was all put together very well. The depth of the characters allows a viewer to believe these are real people. Whether they be conceited or fun.

Naturally they move along the lines of 'this actually happened', but that's because it's the genre. They know that nobody actually believes that it really has. Unless a giant alien attacked America a few years ago...did it? No of course not Clover believers. So its OK to credit the actors to whom I think played their parts well.

My recommendation is that you watch it. Don't expect anything like Blair witch. And lastly don't expect to be too scared (Unless you like the 'it's dark....wait for it....aaaand....scare' style horror.) Watch it for the value of cinema, it's a job well done.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

A Sound Watch But Ultimately Unfulfilling

Author: mancubus83 from Australia
16 August 2011

Honestly, I thought this movie was at least refreshing to see in the realm of Australian Theatre.

Following the style of Blair Witch and other "found footage" style thrillers/horrors, The Tunnel is, at the very least, compelling to watch. It is the story of a news crew investigating a network of tunnels underneath Sydney and discovering why the Government abandoned its plans to use an underground reservoir in the hopes of relieving Australias water crisis. Of course, as is always the way, the crew encounters something deep underground that not all of them will walk away from.

The Tunnel is, however, not without it's share of faults. The pacing is agonisingly slow, relying on the build up of atmosphere for the first half and the implied threat of something lurking in the darkness in the second half. Although these creepouts are effective (startlingly so in some places), most people will probably be turned off by sluggish pace. You'll be spending most of your time wishing they'd show you more about who, or what, this thing is that's chasing our hapless news crew, but, alas, it is not to be.

Those looking for a lot of blood and guts will be disappointed. This is a low-budget film, after all, and when you're going for realism with a limited budget, the ol' Gore-o-meter tends to suffer a little. Also, most of it happens in pitch black darkness; even if there was gore, we're not supposed to be able to see it.

The acting is above par, for the course. The movie is presented in a faux-documentary style which often calls for some deadpan delivery (not easy to pull off with an Australian accent, let me tell you), but most of them make good - although it has to be said that the standard of these actors isn't homogenous and some are definitely more worthy of praise than others (in one particularly poignant scene, an actor is criticised for 'not being there', a description which is surprisingly apt for said actors performance in this movie).

If you're a fan of the 'found footage' genre, odds are good you'll consider The Tunnel at least worthy of a watch. For everyone else, though, you may want to skip this one if only to avoid the feeling like you should be doing something better with your time.

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3 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

surprised at the good reviews

Author: arfdawg-1 from United States
13 August 2011

Not a horrible movie, but's essentially Blair Witch Lite. Very talkie...low on action....low on character development.

Takes forever and a day to get going.

I'm not even 100% sure what the plat is to be honest.

They go down into some WWII tunnels and whatever they are looking for seems to be hurting them.

It's not that its a really bad flick, it's just been done over and over since Blair witch.

Too bad they couldn't be original.

If you like a flick that is low on action, high on talk and derivative as all heck you might be interested in this flick.

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4 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

A boring collection of recent horror movies!

Author: parham-babak from Sweden
27 February 2012

I watched this movie with some friends and judging by the reviews and the storyline, we were ready to watch a real life documentary looking horror movie (Which is actually popular these days, thanks to Paranormal activity!). It starts with a long introduction for Tunnel and why the Tunnel was made during the World war and then even longer and boring search of the characters in the tunnel which brings you nothing but feeling of waste! Time to time we see the main characters talking on the camera to remind us that they are alive after the search in tunnel and nothing will happen to them! Then also there is an enormous bright light following them which spoils even the Darkness of the tunnel which is a rare element of horror in this movie! This movie is an immature and bad copy of films Like "Rec". It lacks in many ways, It's Definitely boring (Which is a big negative point for a horror movie) and is too long for its kind. In many cases it looks so stupid (for instance showing the main characters as interviewees spoils the story...). In many many other ways this movie fails to give you a reason to continue watching it. It's just random running of some unbelievably stupid characters in a tunnel (Which by the way thanks to Director; you know they are alive in the end!). Don't waste your money and time, there is whole lot of watchable horror movies around that you can fill your time with!

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5 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

I Loved this movie

Author: thefakenet from Canada
29 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While I agree with a few other of the negative comments that this movie was not necessarily the most original film concept ever conceived, I still give it a 10 out of ten. It wasn't trying to be something it's not. It had a few decent scares, but I never felt led on in a way I didn't end up enjoying.

There was never too much reveal, so we get left with a bit of mystery. And when the movie was over, I knew it wasn't real, but I couldn't help but find myself googling to see what - if anything - there may have been in fact. The tunnels, the lake, the bell, those all exist, and the bell is a spot-on match for the real thing, apart from the floor it's on being dry.

They filmed in the real station connecting to those tunnels... the plan to process and use water from the lake was a real plan... But no news crew (apparently) ever went in and lost people, and I couldn't substantiate any claims of homeless going missing. In the end, a real fun movie, that leaves you thinking, and just won't let go of you.

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5 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Superb and Refreshingly Different

Author: kingabhishek from India
25 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing crappy movies like Quarantine i would say The tunnel was refreshingly different. Though Shaky camera seems to be the order of the day .. the interview like experience created helps ground us back to reality.The first hand cams are not too shaky either. Actors play their part well- no overacting at all. Only points the movie misses out on are remember-able dialogs and Gore! May be showing a little more gore and the "lake monsters" would have helped to a perfect TEN ! Overall It is Intense , Different and Definitely watchable ! Summary * Bunch of Journalists go in to the underground to fetch a story. They meet a soft of monster(s) thriving there and some of them find their way out alive.*

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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Deserves its better reviews

Author: Terry Peck from Australia
23 December 2012

It's a movie that will irritate a lot of people who like their horror perfectly executed with exacting camera work, dolly shots zooming in on severed heads to accompanying musical crescendos etc. This ain't that. Hand-held camera haters better stay away.

Other reviewers have already written of the provenance of this work, so I needn't go there except to say that the Blair Witch Project has proved a much more important film to the horror genre than I ever expected.

So why do so many critics here give this flick the thumbs down? It's not as if the movie expects much of you. You know who survives but are still asked to go along for the ride, and what's wrong with that? Isn't that the basis of all horror films, even books? You're there too, but *you* survive, right? No, I don't buy that criticism. And some say it is just plain boring. OK, it's no Exorcist but it doesn't try to be.

The main fault of this otherwise quite well-delivered yarn is a single woeful casting error - as anybody who knows anything about acting and line delivery will readily tell you. It's a pity because unless every actor/actress is utterly believable in a found footage film it just can't work. But if you can overlook that, and I admit it's a stretch, The Tunnel is an acceptable way to while away an hour or so. A better tunnel film, though, is Absentia.

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Author: Matt Iccarus ( from Huizen
22 November 2012

Let me start of with saying I like the way they made this movie possible. AWESOME!

It's low budget like a good horror should be and has the potential of becoming one of the movies you enjoy in an indie bar movie night trowing popcorn and whiskey with every scare you get.

the style of this movie can best be described as a Mockumentary like Blair witch and district 9 (not a horror) and the slenderman stories.

Next to that all, the people down below make good movies (lotR?)and series (the tribe, heartbreak high) and apparently good horror as well

Great opening, good actors, neat story 7/10.

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