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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is seen wearing a shirt, and later she is seen in a tank top.

Violence & Gore

  • Note: Some of these may or will be spoilers, just be careful!
  • The group find a room blocked off by corrugated metal, when They get into the room and are horrified to find blood everywhere and a man's abandoned torch.
  • A woman watches as a man, with water up to his chest and whimpering with pain from his empty eyesockets, is murdered by what appears to be an emaciated, tall humanoid, who twists his head completely around, snapping his neck.
  • The group enter a room and they find signs of some living beings and a small pile of fresh human eyeballs.
  • Just as the power switches the light on, the creature attacks, knocking two men to the ground.
  • A woman is confronted by the creature, who cracks the camera lens as it grabs at her.
  • The creature attempts to drown a woman but before it can succeed, two men use the light to chase it away.
  • A man and woman drag a badly-wounded man to the safety of the train platform.
  • In the epilogue, it is stated that the coroner found that Peter died from extensive internal bleeding.


  • About 104 F-Words, 14 uses of 'shit and 1 use of ass.
  • Name calling (asshole, pathetic, bitch and motherfucker.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some jump scenes throughout.
  • A man hears something very disturbing in the headphones.
  • During an interview a woman hears screams of agony before the headphone wire snaps.
  • Something pounces on a man as he nears a corner, dragging him out of sight.
  • The group discover something is stalking them.
  • The creature may frighten some young viewers.
  • Suggested rating: [R] Disturbing Violent Content And Terror Throughout, And Strong Language

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