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Expedition members Danny Osborne, Gerry Wardell with administrator Phillipa Kidd prepare an expedition. Scenes in offices raising sponsorship from many sponsors. Production of the Irish Arctic expedition 1981 booklet manifesto "Opporunities for Involvement". 18-man-day food ration boxes being filled with donated foods in warehouse. All the members including cameraman, John O'Mara cycling in Dublin to business meetings with various sponsors. Finally departure from Dublin Airport via the customs checking camera case and a two-handed nerve shaking champagne reception. Take-off to airborne-animation of plane accross the atlantic and on wards to Canada with views of RCAF Hercules cockpit instrumentation and icebergs, sea and ice and snow below. A frozen snowpacked airstrip finds a Hercules taking off in front of a low sun leaving behind its load of 7 tonnes ... all the expedition-freight in one place for the first time ... This is Eureka weather-station at Latitude 80 degrees North .... an eerie steamy bitterly cold place so foreign to experience ... weather baloon soars...

Profile of ice-coated red-masked head. Set off with two dogs and sledges and skidoos to music accross the ice. Discuss the demerits of working in the cold. Bloody tongue. Chopping ice-to make hot water. the diet consists of muchincluding timmed butter !... Paddy the husky falls behind and is lost.

Arriving at a cairn from Krueger's lost Expedition of 1933. Finding a message left in a bottle reminds us of the history of polar exploration and how weather has such an effect on exploration. Archive images of Amundsen's SouthPole expedition inside their tent ... and Scott's ponies floundering on the ice... while back at the expedition a two-day storm leaves drifts about the camp and Nanook the huskie has frostbite. They dig out the camp and Gerry reassembles the motor from a skidoo whose carburettor has filled with spindrift from the storm. He tells of the challenge working on small parts with naked fingers at minus 40.


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