Episode List


Season 1

20 Oct. 2010
Will Mateo and Lia Overcome Lucille's Threat?
Benezor, on orders from Lucille and Albert, carries out the plan to hurt Lia to confirm if her powers are restrained. After the charity event, a group of men thrown punches after punches to Lia as observed by Benezor. Mateo tries to save Lia.
21 Oct. 2010
Mateo Learns of His Similar Experiences with Samantha and Asks Her to Know What They Mean
Mateo learns from his doctor that another patient had a similar experience as his. Lia discovers the blog site of Jethro and she reads the things that happened with her and Mateo.
22 Oct. 2010
Lia Starts Searching for the Anonymous Blogger
Lia attempts to tell Mateo about the blogger but Clarisse gets in the way. Samantha is getting more curious about Mateo's similarity to her and that Mateo could be another savior of their race.
25 Oct. 2010
Samantha Finds Out about the Secret Behind Mateo's Identity
Samantha drops the plan of killing Mateo. Lia looks for and awaits the blogger in Cafe Verona. Samantha challenges Mateo to a fight.
26 Oct. 2010
Lia Finally Gets to Meet the Anonymous Blogger
Lia finally gets to meet the anonymous blogger, Jethro. Samantha witness the ability of Mateo to obey people at will. Jethro and his father immediately escape.
27 Oct. 2010
Lia Warns Mateo But Will He Listen to Her?
Lyndon is suspicious about Samantha keeping the secret about Mateo. Lucille wants to know behind the interest of Lia to Mateo so she now wants to engage in the merger offered by Simon Holdings.
28 Oct. 2010
Mateo Begins to Get Confused about His Feelings for Lia
Mateo asks Lia to confirm about what Clarisse opened up during their dinner on her mother. Simon lashes out at Mateo for walking out at dinner and protecting Lia.
29 Oct. 2010
Will Lia Be Able to Stop Mateo's Fate from Happening?
Mateo gets confused for his feelings for Lia. Samantha and Tom proceed to kill Mateo to prevent the vampires from doubting Samantha as the chosen vampire. Lyndon wants to bring Mateo to Magnus to flush out Samantha's secret. Jethro blogs his new prophecy about Mateo's death.
1 Nov. 2010
Lia Saves Mateo from Elder Vampires
In the foundation, Lyndon forces Mateo to come with him but Lia tries to stop him. Lyndon pushes Lia and she loses consciousness. Tom arrives and tries to stop Lyndon. Later, Lia regain consciousness and transforms into a wolf.
2 Nov. 2010
Lia's Uncle Wants to Hide the Truth About Her
Magnus learns from Samantha and Tom that the marked wolf has come out. Arturo is furious over Lyndon's death and gets back at Tom. Lucas feels that Mateo and Lia is hiding something from him. Abraham wants the truth about Lia hidden.
3 Nov. 2010
Lia Falls in Love with Mateo
Clarisse confronts Lia about the day she followed them to the foundation. Lucas asks Dara about a girl Mateo fancies. Mateo meets up with Lia about his research on vampires and wolves. Samantha follows Mateo in the restaurant. Lia admits to Mirriam that she is falling in love with Mateo.
4 Nov. 2010
Lia Trains to Fulfill Her Lobo Lineage
Abraham trains Lia to control her powers. Clarisse takes offense of Mateo's defending Lia from her. Magnus orders Samantha to clean up the mess made by a newly transformed vampire who killed his own family so that the werewolves would not detect it but the werewolves have discovered it already.
5 Nov. 2010
Clarisse Tries to Kill Lia
Mateo warns Lia about the wolves. Simon officially anoints Mateo as the heir to his company. Clarisse take her revenge against Lia and tries to kill her.
8 Nov. 2010
Samantha Tries to Find Lia
Lia's injuries perpetrated by Clarisse heals quickly. Lucas admits his romantic feelings for Lia. Samantha brings Mateo to her supposed doctor to consult his condition but she hypnotizes that doctor to what to diagnose. Samantha meets Clarisse again and thinks that she is the wolf that was with Mateo in the orphanage during the clash.
9 Nov. 2010
Lucas Finally Acknowledges His Feelings for Lia
Samantha thinks that Clarisse is the daughter of Lyka Ortega so she schemes a plan to confirm her theory. One of the signs of the chosen werewolf is that it can burn the skin of the vampire if it is touched by it. Francis and Billy carry out the plan.
10 Nov. 2010
Mateo and Lucas Turn from Friends to Foes
Simon Teodoro visits Lia and buys her off to stay away from Lucas and Mateo. Lucas and Mateo learn that they are in love with the same girl. Lucas challenges Mateo in a street fight.
11 Nov. 2010
Mateo and Lia Walk Out from Simon's Party
Lucas challenges Mateo to a fight but Mateo refuses to take it. Simon Holdings Inc. hold its 40th anniversary. Clarisse asks Lia to accompany her to the party. In the party, Simon Teodoro orders Lia to leave.
12 Nov. 2010
Will Mateo Find Out about Lia's Lobo Lineage?
Mateo vows to Lia that he will fight for his love for her. Simon and Lucille conspire to arrest Lia. Mateo tries to save Lia and during the altercation, Lia's lobo power emerges. Mateo bargains with Simon to save Lia.
15 Nov. 2010
Lia Decides to Fight Back as She Finds Her Inner Strength
Lia continues to train as she decides to fight back. Clarisse, with Mateo, announces their engagement and the merger of the two companies.
16 Nov. 2010
Mateo Gets All Rigid as He Deals with Lucas' Anger and Disappointment
Lucas demands to his father to make him heir of the company. Mateo learns history of vampires and wolves from Arturo. Samantha advises Mateo not to go with the wedding with Clarisse.
17 Nov. 2010
Clarrise Humiliates Lia in Public and Mortifies Her in Front of Mateo
In the engagement party, Clarisse makes Lia to make a toast for her and Mateo. Magnus learns from Arturo that Samantha is falling for Mateo and warns Samantha that he would not hesitate on killing Mateo if she continues to do so. Samantha learns that Lia is the daughter of Lyka Ortega.
18 Nov. 2010
Samantha's Love for Mateo Becomes Undeniable
Samantha shows concerns over Mateo's unhappiness during the engagement party. Mateo instructs Dara to find a place for Lia to serve as her sanctuary. Mateo leaves Simon's home.
19 Nov. 2010
Lia Fully Transforms Into a Werewolf
Lia can now fully transform into a werewolf. The vampires zero in on the identity of Lia Ortega. Jethro is getting new visions about Mateo and Lia.
22 Nov. 2010
Lia Takes Seriously the Latest Blog of Jethro about a Man in Danger with a Certain Animal
Mateo hires Macoy to follow Lia. In Simon Land Holdings, Lucas interferes to prevent clients of their company from leaving. Lia plants listening devices to Clarisse's office. Lia takes the latest blog of Jethro seriously and has taken steps to stop the prophecy from happening.
23 Nov. 2010
Lia Tells Jethro the Truth About the Animal in His Vision and Her True Nature
Simon finds the place of Mateo. Lia tells Jethro the truth about the creatures that are in his visions and her true nature. Mateo brings Lia to the place where he frequent, Dara's neighborhood, and in Dara's house, she finds Samantha.
24 Nov. 2010
Mateo and Clarisse's Wedding Takes a Quick Turn When Mateo Decided to Follow His Heart Instead
Lia tells Jethro that he is a guide of the future. Lia catches Macoy following her. Lucille discovers the listening device under her table and she had Lia arrested by Albert. Mateo decides to call off the wedding with Clarisse.
25 Nov. 2010
Lia Refuses to Be Questioned by Albert, Instead She Runs Away and Asks Mateo to Go with Her
Albert Esguerra is in pursuit of Lia. Lia runs away and asks Mateo to go with her, for if not Albert Esguerra will use Mateo to arrest Lia. Lia and Mateo hide to the place Baldo secured for Mateo.
26 Nov. 2010
Will Mateo Find Out That Lia is a Werewolf?
Mateo tries to get back his relationship with Lia. Lia is almost caught in her werewolf form. Simon Teodoro is rushed to the hospital after having a heart attack.
29 Nov. 2010
Mateo and Lia Finally Give in to Their Feelings as They Plan on How to Go Back to the City
Lia gives in to her feelings for Mateo. Samantha has able to get information from Dara on Mateo's whereabouts and the wolves as well through listening devices.
1 Dec. 2010
Mateo Finds it Hard to Accept That Lia is a Werewolf
Mateo finds it difficult to accept that Lia is a werewolf. Abraham Villamor and Tabitha Matute are arrested by Lucille's men. Samantha admits to his father that she is in love with Mateo but Magnus threatens to kill Mateo if she doesn't stop.
2 Dec. 2010
As Lucille Interrogates Abraham, She Discovers Lia's Unknown Strength and Capabilities as a Werewolf
Lucille interrogates Abraham; Albert questions Tabitha. Lucille now knows that Lia has transformed into a powerful werewolf.
3 Dec. 2010
Sam Finally Meets the Chosen Werewolf, Lia
The Waya council is questioning Lucille's arrest of Abraham. Mateo asks Samantha's help to find Mirriam. Samantha confirms from Mirriam's story that Lia is the chosen werewolf.
6 Dec. 2010
Sam Is Determined to Kill Lia Right Away for She Believes That the Chosen Werewolf Is Weak, Afraid and Not Ready to Fulfill Her Destiny
Mateo visits Simon Teodoro at the hospital. Samantha tries to kill Lia, the chosen werewolf but she failed. Samantha gets burned when Lia touches her.
7 Dec. 2010
Lia and Mateo Follow the Other Wayas to Save Mirriam
Samantha learns that Magnus is not her real father. Lia and Mateo follow the Wayas to save Miriam. Lia learns of the plot of Lucilla and Albert to destroy Abraham.
8 Dec. 2010
Lia and Mateo Brawl with the Other Werewolves to Save Mirriam
Lia and Mateo fight the Wayas to save Miriam. Samantha admits to Mateo that she is in love with him. Samantha wants to transform Mateo into a vampire.
9 Dec. 2010
Sam Believes that the Only Way to Win Mateo's Heart is to Make Him a Vampire
Imelda discourages Samantha of her plans to turn Mateo into a vampire. Amidst the surveillance of Albert to other Waya councils, Lia and Mateo send video evidence to Malou through email. Malou presents it to the Waya Council.
10 Dec. 2010
Tables Turn When the Wayas Question Lucille
Lucille fights off Lia for her survival but fails. The Waya Council arrests Lucille and Albert for their treason.
13 Dec. 2010
The Werewolves Send Out Troops to Find Vampires
Samantha is about to transform Mateo into a vampire but Lia arrives and she stops. Abraham secretly sends out troops to find vampires. Lucille's trial proceeds.
14 Dec. 2010
Mateo and Lia Go Out on a Date for the First Time
Lia and Mateo go out on a date for the first time. Samantha helps Mateo on reserving a restaurant for him but she spoils it in the end. Jethro searches for the roots of his mother, Zely Kabigting, if she is visionary like him.
15 Dec. 2010
Mateo Gives Lia a Personalized Gift
Mateo gives Lia the chair he created for her as gift. Lucille finds a way to spread her message as planned by Waya Vivian to the werewolves. Panic ensues in the reign. Lia seeks the help of Jethro, a guide, to find vampires.
16 Dec. 2010
The Werewolves and Vampires Mobilize Their Troops for Battle
The werewolves and vampires mobilize and ready their troops to prepare for the ensuing war. Mateo insists on Lia to come and fight with her. Magnus admits to the vampires that Samantha is not the chosen vampire. Arturo questions Magnus' leadership.
17 Dec. 2010
Sam Has to Decide Immediately If She Will Turn Mateo into Their Kind If She Wants Him to Join Their Side During the War
Arturo's faction of the vampires starts to lure werewolves to kill them. Enrico wants his son Jethro to suppress his visions.
20 Dec. 2010
Vampires Carry Through Their First Plan Against the Werewolves
Jethro learns that Prof. Arturo Lumibao is a vampire. Arturo wants to bring Jethro to Magnus for he discovers that he is a seer but Lia comes to the rescue. Lia fights Arturo.
21 Dec. 2010
Lia Consults Abraham on Why the Vampires Called Her the Chosen Werewolf
Jethro hides and is being protected by the werewolves. The vampires attack more humans to disorganize the werewolves and plans to abduct Jethro. Lia is curious about her being called by the vampires as the chosen one.
22 Dec. 2010
Sam Tells Tom That Mateo is the Chosen Vampire
Jethro sees visions of the prophecy as had been known by the vampires in front of the Waya Council. Sam confirms and tells Tom that Mateo is the chosen vampire. Lia learns in disbelief that she is the chosen wolf to lead the tribe.
23 Dec. 2010
Tom Does Everything He Can to Turn Mateo into a Vampire
Sam does not tell Magnus that Mateo is the chosen vampire. Tom abducts Mateo to turn him into a vampire. The Waya Council presents Lia to the werewolves to prove her worth as the chosen vampire but Wayang Vivian conspires with the captured Severina to suppress the powers of Lia.
24 Dec. 2010
Will Mateo Join Sam as a Vampire?
Samantha tries to stop Tom from bringing Mateo to Magnus. Consequently, Tom decides to make Mateo a vampire but he is killed by Samantha. Mateo realizes that Samantha is a vampire.
27 Dec. 2010
The Werewolves Send Out Troops to Haunt Vampires
The Waya Council decides to include Lia in the elite of werewolves who will combat the vampires. Samantha releases Mateo from her den. Mateo does not tell Lia the truth about Samantha.
28 Dec. 2010
All the Werewolves are Told to Protect Lia
The mission of the elite force of the werewolves is to find the chosen one of the vampires and to protect Lia before she faces the ultimate rival.
29 Dec. 2010
Will Jethro Tell the Wolves His Latest Vision?
Samantha tells Magnus that Tom is killed by the wolves. The vampires carry out their attack in Mateo's place as revenge to Tom's death. Magnus meets Lia Ortega.
30 Dec. 2010
Lia Refuses to Be Sidetracked with Her Feelings as She Battles It Out with the Vampires
Abraham wants to find out from Mateo how did Samantha learned of the attack from the vampires. Arturo imprisons Samantha. Magnus learns from Arturo that Samantha warned Mateo of their attack.
31 Dec. 2010
The Rest of the Vampires Hunt Down Samantha While She Still Tries to Protect Mateo
Mateo is getting confused for the changes in his body. Arturo accuses Magnus of betrayal for Samantha's escape from him.
3 Jan. 2011
Mateo Reacts Violently After Discovering His Ancestry
Lydia saves Samantha from the vampires who are in pursuit of her and takes her to their haven. She then convinces her to follow their way of life as a vampire who does not prey on humans. Lydia tells Samantha that Mateo is the chosen vampire.
4 Jan. 2011
Lia Realizes that Mateo is Slowly Drifting Away from Her
Gael makes known to Magnus that Mateo is the chosen vampire. Jethro reveals to Olive his true nature. Simon Teodoro extends his peace to Lia and Mateo after he knew of Lia's importance to the wolves.
5 Jan. 2011
Mateo Answers His Questions Through a Long Lost Friend
Mateo learns from Lydia that he is the chosen vampire. He finds it hard to accept for Lia would loathe him for what he is. Mateo escapes.
6 Jan. 2011
Vampires Hunt Down Mateo to Prove If He Really is the Chosen One
Mateo escapes from Lydia's lair and contacts Lia to help him. He is now being pursued by Magnus' and Lydia's group of vampires. Lia follows them.
7 Jan. 2011
Will Mateo Tell Lia of His Vampire Past?
The weight of the truth of his vampire past is becoming more pressing for Mateo. Magnus makes it known to the vampires that Mateo Rodriguez is the chosen one. Their attack to the wolves will take place during the eclipse when the wolves are at their weakest. Meanwhile, Lucas Teodoro discovers his wolves' past.
10 Jan. 2011
Lia Tries to Convince Mateo That Their Love Can Go Beyond the Prophecy
Mateo tells Lia that he is the vampires' chosen one. Lucas confronts his father about his werewolf's past. Lia tries to convince Mateo that their love can conquer the prophecy.
11 Jan. 2011
Jethro Confronts Lia on Hiding the Truth About Mateo with the Rest of the Werewolves
Clarisse returns and plans an escape for her mother. Jethro confronts Lia about hiding Mateo's being the vampire's chosen one. Gael abducts Olive.
12 Jan. 2011
Will Lia Have the Guts to End Mateo's Life Before He Becomes a Full-Pledged Vampire?
Clarisse helps Lucille escape from prison. Magnus uses Olive to force Mateo to appear before him.
13 Jan. 2011
Mateo and Lia are Both Having the Hardest Time in Accepting Their Destiny as the Chosen Vampire and Werewolf
The Waya Council elects Lia Ortega as the Punong Bantay (Guide Master).
14 Jan. 2011
As Lia Fulfills Her Position as Punong Bantay, Mateo Comes to Term on Being a Vampire
As Lia is inaugurated as the Punong Bantay (Guide Master), Mateo leaves and comes to terms on him being a vampire. Mateo meets Julio.
17 Jan. 2011
Magnus and the Other Vampires Worry about Mateo's Destiny Which Leads Them to a Decision to Take Matters with Their Own Hands
Lucas discloses to Lia that his mother is a wolf. Imelda follows Mateo to urge him to fulfill the prophecy for them. Mateo proposes marriage to Lia.
18 Jan. 2011
To Lia's Great Surprise, Mirriam Whole-heartedly Disagrees to Their Wedding
Mirriam disapproves Lia's plans of marrying Mateo. Lia attends her first formal Waya Council meeting as Punong Bantay. Lia has finally seen Julio. Magnus makes a drastic move to make Mateo a vampire.
19 Jan. 2011
Abraham Discovers That Mateo is the Chosen Vampire
Lucille seeks the help of Simon to takeover Waya Council. Abraham discovers that Mateo is the chosen vampire. Magnus suffers after biting Mateo.
20 Jan. 2011
Lia Tells Abraham That She is Willing to Turn Her Back from the Werewolves to Protect Mateo
Simon helps and cooperates with Lucille in taking back her position. Clarisse learns that Mateo and Lia are getting married. Julio is presented to the Waya Council.
21 Jan. 2011
Mateo and Lia Try to Fight the Prophecy Through Marriage
Mateo and Lia hold their engagement party. Vampire Gael hypnotizes Olive to unravel the meaning of prophecy from Jethro. Samantha follows her father and finds the grave of Roman, Mateo's father.
24 Jan. 2011
How Long Can Lia Hide Mateo's Hidden Identity to the Other Werewolves?
Samantha found Roman in a deteriorated state being buried in a silver coffin and takes him to Lydia. Samantha finding Roman is part of Magnus' plan to take away Mateo from Lia. Lucas learns of Mateo being the chosen vampire.
25 Jan. 2011
Lucille Makes a Grand Return in Mateo and Lia's Wedding
Lucas tries to convince Lia to not marry Mateo. Mateo and Lia wed.
26 Jan. 2011
After Lucille's Shocking Announcement, Lia Guards Mateo from the Other Werewolves to Protect Him from Being Captured
Lucille barges in on the wedding and exposes that Mateo is the chosen vampire. Wayang Malou suspends the wedding. The Waya Council discusses their fate. Jethro's visions of Mateo becoming a vampire forces the council to arrest him.
27 Jan. 2011
The Werewolves Detain Lia and Mateo
Lia defy the Waya Council by standing up for Mateo. Both of them are detained by the council.
28 Jan. 2011
Lucas and Sam Pair Off to Put a Stop to Mateo's Execution
The public execution of Mateo is about to be held. Lucas who makes a deal with Lucille now scrambles for help from Samantha. Mirriam schemes an escape for Lia.
31 Jan. 2011
Will Lia Be in Time to Save Mateo from Public Execution?
Lia manages to escape and saves Mateo from public execution. Magnus and the vampires attack the Wayas. During the escape, Samantha leads Mateo and Lia into an escape in the jungle but sets up Lia to be shot by Lydia's group.
1 Feb. 2011
Lia and Mateo are Separated After the Failed Execution
Lia refuses to come with Abraham to go out of the country as she wants to find Mateo. Mateo escapes again from Lydia's lair but he is being followed by his father. The Waya Council are compelled to obey public outcry to reinstate Lucille as Punong Bantay.
2 Feb. 2011
Mateo Faces His Father, Roman
Mateo and his father, Roman, talk wholeheartedly. Lia seeks help of Jethro in finding Mateo. Wayang Malou resigns from the council. Lucille regain her position and Clarisse becomes part of the Waya Council.
3 Feb. 2011
How Can the Other Vampires Led by Roman Figure Out a Way to Lure Mateo to His Vampire Path?
Lucille locks up Olive to force Jehtro to cooperate with her. Lia and Mateo help Jethro find Olive in Lucille's mansion. In there, Lia remembers the day her mother died and clashes with Roman.
4 Feb. 2011
Lucille Proposes a Truce to Lia to Get to Roman
Lucille makes a truce with Lia to find Roman and to get the full trust of Jethro. In a trance, Jethro tells them that Mateo is with Roman.
7 Feb. 2011
Will Mateo Finally Embrace His Vampire Destiny?
Lucille's troops raid Roman's lair. During this time, Roman and Magnus are having a fight. Not for long, the wolves attack them and Mateo. Magnus saves and takes the unconscious Mateo while Roman is being apprehended by the wolves.
8 Feb. 2011
Magnus Assures That Mateo Will Become a Vampire
Dara is reunited with Olive in a safe house. Lucille reports to the Waya Council about Roman and convinces the Waya Council that Lia is not a traitor. She also challenges Lia to appear before them during Roman's public execution to be pardoned.
9 Feb. 2011
Lia Takes Part in Roman's Execution
Lucille gives the honor to Lia to kill Ramon.
10 Feb. 2011
Even Mateo and Lia's Love May Not Be Enough to Save Their Lives
Lia is shot by the werewolves and is taken by Lucas. As Mateo struggles for his life, he asks Samantha to make him a vampire. Samantha obliges. Lucille can not take the insults from Roman and kills him.
11 Feb. 2011
Lia and Samantha Mourn Over Losing Mateo
Samantha fails to make Mateo a vampire. Lia finds Samantha burying Mateo's body but she takes his body to his family. Simon prepares a proper burial for Mateo.
14 Feb. 2011
The Vampires Talk about New Ways on How to Bring Down the Werewolves
While the werewolves celebrate for the death of Mateo, Mateo awakens from his grave. Samantha creates lies about Lia's knowledge of Roman to Mateo.
15 Feb. 2011
Mateo Copes with the Information Told by Samantha
Lia has gone into hiding. Mateo bears heavily the purported truth that Samatha shared to him about Lia's killing of his father.
16 Feb. 2011
Lia Moves on with Her Life Away from the Werewolves and Vampires
Mateo terrorizes the Waya Incorporated and its properties. Lucas has found where Lia is hiding.
17 Feb. 2011
Lucille Is Determined to Get to the Bottom of the Pranks Played at Waya Inc.
Lucas tries to convince Lia to come out from hiding and go back to them. Lucille is determined to get to the bottom of the bomb plot to the Waya Incorporated.
18 Feb. 2011
Mateo Finally Reveals Himself to the Werewolves
Mateo hypnotizes Tom Mathers not to invest to the Waya Inc. During the press conference, Tom Mathers announces that he will no longer tie up with the Wayas but with Simon Land Holdings because of an advise from a friend whom he later revealed as Mateo Rodriguez. Mateo walks into the press conference by the surprise of the Wayas.
21 Feb. 2011
The Werewolves Gang Up on the Newly Surfaced Mateo
Lucille and the Wayas try to kill Mateo but he is too strong for them. In the process, Wayang Vivian is killed by Mateo. News of Mateo being alive spread rapidly among the werewolves and the vampires particularly to Magnus and Lia. Lia finds Mateo she sees his anger toward her.
22 Feb. 2011
Lia Sets Off to Find Out Why Mateo Hates Her
Magnus is on foot to find Mateo and eagerly wants him to be on their side. Lia sets out to find out why Mateo hates her by confronting Samantha.
23 Feb. 2011
Magnus Lures Mateo to Being Evil Again
Lia learns that Lucille knew that Roman is Mateo's father and she was just used by Lucille during the public execution of Roman. Magnus abducts Olive and make her a sacrifice for Mateo to lure him for his evil plan.
24 Feb. 2011
Sam Fights His Father's Vampire Clan to Save Mateo from Their Cruel Way of Living
Samantha saves Olive from the impending bite of Mateo and he soon realizes his mistake. Mateo learns that Lia did not kill his father, Roman, but Lucille.
25 Feb. 2011
The Vampires and Werewolves Both Prepare for the Upcoming Eclipse
Mateo forgives Lia. Lia tries to convince Mateo not to take revenge for his father but Mateo is adamant. With the death of Jose by the Wayas, Lydia asks Magnus for help against the werewolves.
28 Feb. 2011
Vampires Claim Their Assumed Rightful Place Amongst Human and Werewolves
Mateo is hell bent on taking revenge for Lucille by killing Clarisse but Lia stops him and convinces him that his anger won't help. She helps Lucille and Clarisse escape. Mateo does not believe that Lia is an enemy. Lucas advises Mateo not to destroy the things that he holds dear to him. Abraham warns Lia that she must be ready to fight Mateo if he does not heed her.
1 Mar. 2011
The United Vampire Clans Hunt Down the Werewolves in Their Safe Houses
The werewolves are moving to their safe houses before the occurrence of the eclipse. Samantha tries to convince Mateo to not help Magnus in subjugating the werewolves. Mateo hypnotizes Undersecretary Cordero to get information about the location of the werewolves' safe houses.
2 Mar. 2011
The Vampires Goes Up Against the Punong Bantay
The vampires arrive at Lucille's safe house. While at their mercy, Magnus offers Mateo to kill Lucille but Mateo has second thoughts and run away. Magnus and the rest of the vampires massacre the werewolves but Lucille and Clarisse manage to escape. Lia arrives then threatens to kill Imelda if she and their troops do not withdraw. Despite the eclipse, Lia can transform into a wolf.
3 Mar. 2011
The Human's Fear of the Vampires Forces Them to Be on Their Side Against the Werewolves
Fear of vampires forces humans to be on the their side against the werewolves. The vampires take over Waya Incorporated. Lucas admits to Lia that he is responsible for telling Lucille about Mateo being the chosen vampire.
4 Mar. 2011
Will Lia Finally Fulfill Her Part in the Prophecy?
Lia is losing faith on getting Mateo back on her side and is contemplating on fighting him. Vampires continue terrorizing and killing humans and the government keeps on covering up for them but the media is now looking for the real smoking gun. Because of these attacks, Mateo becomes angry and warns the vampires to honor his agreement with the humans.
7 Mar. 2011
The Chosen Ones Still Can't Manage to Kill Each Other
Lia confronts Mateo after learning from Dara that Mateo was about to victimized Olive. Mateo expresses that he desires a world free of werewolves and vampires who don't prey on humans. Meanwhile, the vampires massacre the children from a werewolf camp which angers Lia that prompts her to go to their camp and attack them.
8 Mar. 2011
Magnus Targets Lia's Loved Ones to Trigger Her Anger
The werewolves successfully attack the vampires. Lia pursues Mateo for she wants him to see what the vampires have done to the children. Mateo asks for Olive's forgiveness.
9 Mar. 2011
Olive Falls into the Vampire Lair
In revenge for the werewolves' attack, Magnus attacks Dara's home while Tabitha and Jethro are visiting. Consequently, Tabitha dies. Magnus brings Olive to their lair to lure Mateo to make her a vampire but he refuses. Gael turns Olive into a vampire.
10 Mar. 2011
Mateo Demands to Know Why Magnus and His Clan Attacked Dara's Family
Olive realizes that she is now a vampire and blames Mateo for what she has become and for the deaths of her family. Lia asks Samantha's help in looking for Olive. Tabitha is laid to rest.
11 Mar. 2011
Lia Seeks Samantha's Help to Forget Mateo
Olive escapes Gael's guard, meet up with Jethro but her vampire instincts come over and try to bite him. In a face-off, Lia could not hurt Mateo. Lia seeks Samantha's help to forget Mateo.
14 Mar. 2011
Lia Is Determined to Hunt Down Mateo
Forgetting Mateo is the only option for Lia to fight him without hesitations. She asks Samantha to help her do just that. Lydia shares that a dangerous ritual of forgetting was done over hundred years ago and if not done successfully could mean death.
15 Mar. 2011
Samantha Tries to Compel Lia
Samantha finally said yes to the ritual and Lia and Samantha get everything prepared. Samantha stabs Lia on the abdomen using a silver blade. Samantha compels Lia to go back to the time Lia and Mateo met and instructs her to completely erase her memories about them. After Samantha pulls out the blade, Lia collapses.
16 Mar. 2011
Mateo Betrays the Other Vampires by Letting Go of the Captured Werewolves
While Lia is still not awake, Lucille tries to win back the werewolves' trust and tells them that they should not pin their hopes on Lia. Soon enough, Lia is awake with no memories of Mateo. On the other hand, Mateo is being remorseful over his collaboration with Magnus. He then helps the werewolves, captured by Magnus, to escape.
17 Mar. 2011
Lia Reinstates Herself as the Supreme Punong Bantay
Mateo protects Olive from the anger of Magnus over the escape of werewolves. Mateo confirms to Olive that it was he who did it. Olive sees that Mateo has changed, tells Dara, and asks her if Lia could meet Mateo. Meanwhile, Lia goes to the Waya Council and assures them of her protection. Lia and Mateo meet at the rooftop. Mateo begs for her forgiveness.
18 Mar. 2011
Lia Is Confused on Mateo's Reactions Upon Attacking Him
Lia is confused as to why Mateo is not fighting back. She thinks that there is some connection between them. Lucas tells Lia that Mateo is playing mind games with her. Meanwhile, Gael shows Olive the things that vampires can do. Magnus knows that Mateo was lying about the werewolves' escape and believes that at this point, he doesn't need the chosen vampire for their cause.
21 Mar. 2011
Mateo Tries to Find Out Why Lia Can't Remember Their Past
Lia agrees to Lucille's plan on threatening Usec Cordero. Cordero, on the other hand, tells Lia that he really doesn't like working with the vampires and so Lia challenges him to prove it. Mateo visits Cordero and as he arrives, he overhears that Cordero's men has found a werewolves's camp. When Mateo and Cordero are in the site, Mateo tells Cordero to save the werewolves. Their conversation is stopped when Lia arrives on top of the car they are in. Lia fights him but Mateo refuses.
22 Mar. 2011
Though Unnerved by Mateo's Explanations, Lia Still Attempts to Kill him
Mateo does not fight back against Lia. He keeps on reminding Lia that he is the man she used to loved but Lia is still eager to kill him. Mateo gets his chance to escape Lia and goes to see Samatha to press her answers on what has happened. He finds out that it was Lia who wanted to erase her memories of him. When Lia gets home, she confides to Lucas that Mateo claims that he is her former lover.
23 Mar. 2011
Lia Wants to Find Out Mateo's Significance in Her Life
Mateo wants Lia's memories of him to return. He asks the help of Usec Cordero to help save werewolves. Lia, meanwhile, is wondering who the man in her dreams could be and Lucas is quick to claim that the man is him and concocts lies to make his admission credible. Lia tries to remember her past with Mateo.
24 Mar. 2011
Mateo Thinks of Different Ways on How to Convert His Vampire Clan to Non-Human-Blood Drinkers
Lia can not remember anything about Lucas' story of him being the man he loved. Mateo tries to convince the vampires to drink non-humanblood but they refuses and surprisingly, Magnus cooperates with Mateo. Magnus executes his plan of killing Lia and Mateo. He lures them to a cave where he will bury them. Lia goes to the cave where people are trapped and she let them escape. Mateo follows soon.
25 Mar. 2011
Magnus Tells the Other Vampires That He Already Killed Mateo
After the explosion, Mateo and Lia are now trapped inside the cave with many silvers. Lia believes that this is Mateo's botched plan. As she resists Mateo, Lia see the necklace she gave to the man he loved fall from Mateo's pocket. She questions Mateo how it came to him. She then tells him that she asked Samantha to erase her memory of him. On the other hand, Olive is now being held by Magnus' men. Magnus tells his vampires that Mateo is now dead.
28 Mar. 2011
Lia Slowly Remembers Her Lost Memories
The werewolves hunt down the vampires who prey on humans with the help of Jethro's visions. Back in the cave, the wounded Lia is being helped by Mateo. Lia then questions Mateo's help but Mateo only answers that he will not stop loving her. Lia slowly remembers her memories of Mateo.
29 Mar. 2011
Can Lia Really Kill Mateo?
Lia fails to kill Mateo and she's disappointed. Mateo tells her more significant details about them. Tired and resigned, Lia gives in to Mateo's romantic gestures. Then, she loses consciousness for she is physically exhausted. Meanwhile, Magnus learns that their mistake during invasion was because of Jethro's visions. The werewolves were aware of their moves. He manages to trick Jethro by seeing Olive. On the other hand, Mateo finds a way out of the cave.
30 Mar. 2011
Magnus' Reign Will Soon Be Over
Lucas fails to kill Mateo, and Lia is now back with the werewolves and still confused about Mateo's kindness to her. Samantha and Lydia save Jethro from Magnus and a fight begins between Samantha and Magnus. He is about to kill Samantha but Imelda stops him. Mateo comes back to their lair to take revenge against Magnus. Mateo chokes him with silver chain then buries him. On the other hand, Samantha is back with Lia safely and she cannot believe that her recognized father could kill her.
31 Mar. 2011
Lia Allows Lucas to Get to Her Heart
Lucas is taking advantage of Lia's condition and then tells her that he is the only one whom she should trust and not Mateo. Visions of Lia's past always haunts her disproving all the claims of Lucas. Abraham and Mirriam catches Lucas' romantic gestures. Meanwhile, Imelda takes over leadership of the vampires. Gael is caught helping Olive to escape but Mateo arrives.
4 Apr. 2011
More Secrets About the Prophecy Are Unveiled
Yet again, Mateo keeps on making Lia remember their past but Lia is adamant. She tells Mateo that she doesn't want to acknowledge his claim for if she does, she's no different to a traitor. Mateo then asks Lia for her forgiveness and offers his life for her happiness. So then a fight between them ensues. Lia gets a chance to stab Mateo. Meanwhile, Jethro is having visions about new details of the prophecy.
5 Apr. 2011
Lydia Fears That Mateo Won't Survive
Lia has remembered her past about Mateo and is regretful about stabbing Mateo with the silver knife. Olive tells Lia that Mateo has really changed. Samantha seeks the help of Imelda on how to help Mateo recover fast.
6 Apr. 2011
Mateo Carefully Analyzes His Father's Advice
In his dream, Roman appears before Mateo. Roman tells him to forget his anger towards everything. He also tells him that to be able to start anew, he must be able to face the sun again. Mateo wakes up. Lia and Mateo profess their love for each other.
7 Apr. 2011
Mateo and Lia Face the Werewolves as Husband and Wife
After getting married, Lia and Mateo are now happy being together. Lia makes the humans and werewolves gather to a place. Lia and Mateo face them as husband and wife and inform them about their plans of truce and living harmoniously among themselves but Lucille is insistent that Lia is betraying them. Amidst of all this, Lucas is listening clandestinely.
8 Apr. 2011
Everybody Fears the Outcome of Mateo and Lia's Relationship
The Waya Council is considering Lia and Mateo's offer but Lucille opines otherwise. According to her, Lia and Mateo have ulterior motives behind this. Jethro, with Barang's instrument, receives visions of the second-half of the prophecy.
11 Apr. 2011
Will Lia Put Up with the Ultimate Monster?
Samantha fails to convince Imelda to join their cause. In his vision, Barang appears before Jethro. Barang tells him that he lied to Magnus about the prophecy so that the union of the two chosen ones will not occur. Otherwise, the two chosen ones will bear the most evil merciless being. She asks Jethro to prevent this from happening. Jethro shares this information with Olive.
12 Apr. 2011
Mateo and Lia Continue to Push the Treaty with the Approval of the Wayas
A treaty is signed between the werewolves and the vampires. Anyone who does not respect the agreement is considered an enemy. Lia expresses her desire to give birth even if Mateo knew that a vampire like him is not possible to procreate. Lucas offers his help to Lucille to kill Mateo but he is rejected. On the night of the celebration of the treaty, Lucille's camp and Imelda's camp terrorizes the vampires and werewolves, respectively.
13 Apr. 2011
Lucille Continues to Break the Werewolf-Vampire Treaty
Samantha makes it clear to Lucas that he is not someone to be trusted. Jethro is about to tell Lia about her baby and its prophecy but when Mirriam overhears them, she then tells everybody about Lia's pregnancy. Lucas follows Samantha and is able to find Magnus' grave. He free Magnus but Magnus bite him.
14 Apr. 2011
Lucas Suffers from Magnus' Bite
Jethro bears in his conscience on preventing the prophecy from coming to life. Lia see a doctor and tells her that it will going to be a complicated pregnancy. Both camps plan their hunt for Lucille and Imelda's factions. Lia continually see visions of Barang telling her that her child is a monster. Meanwhile, Lucas suffers from Magnus' bite and as a result, he becomes a beast.
15 Apr. 2011
Mateo and Lia Refuse to Believe That Their Child Will Be a Monster
Lucas is getting confused on his transformation to beast. The dead bodies of his victims are found. Samantha discovers that Magnus is missing on his grave. She then catches Gael, the spy of Imelda's faction, and brings him to Mateo for questioning. Abraham touches Jethro while on trance and he is able to see the events that will come. Lia asks Jethro to do the same for her. They see the beast.
18 Apr. 2011
Mateo and Lia Find Ways to Defy What's Foretold
After seeing the beast in the vision, Lia stresses to Jethro and Mirriam that that beast is not her baby for she would definitely know because she is the mother. Usec Cordero reports to Lia the recent attack of the beast. Lucas appears before Lia and seeks her help but when he touches Lia, a pain emanates from her womb. So then Lia asks him to go away, leaving Lucas rejected.
19 Apr. 2011
Will Lucille Be Able to Kill Lia & Mateo's Child?
Lia explains to Lucas about her rejection the other day. It is her baby's instinct to protect itself from harm. Lucille learns from Clarisse about the new prophecy and plans to kill the baby herself. Lucas chain himself to prevent the beast in him to wreak terror but he fails.
20 Apr. 2011
Mateo and Lia Are Forced to Be Separated for the Safety of Their Baby
Simon catches Lucas' transformation into a beast. He instantly attack his father. Usec Cordero complains to Mateo about not stopping the killings perpetrated by a beast. Samantha tells Lia that Magnus bit Lucas. They both agree to investigate the matter and leave Mateo out in the meantime.
25 Apr. 2011
The Final Battle Between Mateo, Lia and Lucas Looms Near
Lucille spreads the video of the attack of Lia's baby to her to gain sympathizers from the werewolves and be in one with her in subjugating Lia and Mateo. In his visions, Jethro see that as forthcoming and warns Lia consequently. Samantha learns from a vampire of the attacks Magnus will do in an international conference on terrorism.
26 Apr. 2011
The Real Monster in the Prophecy Slowly Comes Into Picture
In her dreams, Lia's baby tells her not to fight Lucille. Samantha tells Mateo that it is Lucas who let out Magnus from his grave and Magnus bit Lucas; that she and Lia are investigating Lucas and the killings of late are related to him. As he leaves, Mateo is abducted by Magnus' men. Samantha and Lia continues to investigate Lucas.
27 Apr. 2011
Sam Challenges the Ultimate Monster, Lucas
Mateo is locked inside a coffin by Magnus. Samantha faces the beast in Lucas. He fight and bite Samantha which caused her to transform gradually like him. Wanting not to be like him, Samantha kills herself.
28 Apr. 2011
Magnus Tries to Team Up with Lucas Against Lia
Magnus learns of Samantha's death and blames it to Mateo and vows to kill Lia. Lucas and his kind continue to terrorize humans, werewolves, and vampires alike. Magnus makes a deal with Lucas. On the other hand, Lucille bows down to Lia.

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