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DVD Shelf Library

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One of our recurring segments on The Televerse is The DVD Shelf, where guests come on to talk with us about one of their favorite series no longer on the air. Here is a library of the DVD Shelfs and guest segments we’ve done so far so listeners can catch up with our back catalog. Enjoy!

30 for 30 Season 1 (Make-You-Watch-athon)

Awake with Sean Ingram

Batman: the Animated Series with Gabe Bucsko

Battlestar Galactica (2003) with Josh Spiegel

Better Off Ted with Josh Spiegel

Blackadder with Les Chappell

Brass Eye with Derek Gladu

Buffy the Vampire Slayer with David Bax

Capone’s Horror Picks 1 (Duel, Salem’s Lot)

Cheers with David Bax

Chuck with Shawn Keown

Coupling (UK) with Erik Bondourant

Dead Like Me with Amrie Cunningham

Deadwood with Previously On

Doctor Who (Make-You-Watch-athon)

Fawlty Towers with Michael Rice

Firefly with Justine Smith

Freaks and Geeks with Corey Atad

Friday Night Lights
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TV on Tap: 2012 Was the Year of the Backlash, TV's 'Lost' Era is Over and Can "The X-Factor" Be Fixed?

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If not for Soledad O'Brien, this would be the only time I can watch CNN without yelling at the TV.

We're at the closing of the year and I hope you all make sure to stay safe in celebrating the transition to 2013.


Here's more reason to feel optimistic about One Life to Live and All My Children coming back — Soap Opera Digest reports that Oltl has found a showrunner while Vincent Irizarry has signed up for the AMC revival.

Okay, for a channel that has seemed to decide its theme involves documenting the worst of our society (when aliens discover earth and try to figure out what happened to humanity, TLC will become The Learning Channel again, teaching the aliens how it all went wrong), a show about married women who compete in beauty pageants doesn't sound so bad. Deadline reports that Pageant Wives will follow the usual TLC
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The Televerse #39- Spotlight on Sunday/Awake with Sean Ingram

It’s a slow TV week this time, but luckily the episodes that did air offered plenty to discuss. After taking a brief look at Eagleheart, Simon and Kate take long looks at Girls, Veep, and particularly Mad Men before welcoming Sean Ingram from Previously On back to the show to discuss the series finale of Awake, as well as its entire run.

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10 Spoilers: 'American Horror Story' seeks Adam Levine's lover, a 'Grey's Anatomy' tearjerker, and a new 'Spartacus' character

Since Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV teasers -- just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart includes scoop on "The Secret Circle's" dark magic twist, a "Hawaii Five-0" shower scene, and an "Awake" reality conundrum.

"The Big C":  Something is rotten in the state of Minnesota, as Allison Janney drops by to kill Cathy, Adam gets caught back-dooring his girlfriend and Sean's phone sex job spills over into his actual life.

"Criminal Minds": We've known for a while that Paget Brewster is leaving the series at the end of the season, but we're kind of wondering if fans will be satisfied with how her character, Emily Prentiss, departs. We wouldn't want to say exactly how it goes down,
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The Televerse #26- Spotlight on Luck/Deadwood with Previously On

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We’re in for the long haul this week, as Simon and Kate talk through a relatively light week in TV and spotlight Luck’s latest before welcoming on David Bax and Sean Ingram from Previously On to a supersized DVD Shelf to talk about one of the great TV series, David Milch’s Deadwood.

This week, before the mega-Shelf, Kate blasts through her TV Roundup (Cougar Town, Suburgatory, An Idiot Abroad, Lost Girl, and The Voice), and we go through the comedies we both tuned in for (Key & Peele, New Girl, Happy Endings, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Archer, Eastbound & Down, and Himym), one of which gets an official Dear John from Simon. Afterwards, it’s on to the hour-longs (Justified, out of the spotlight for only the second time this season, Top Chef: Texas, the Awake pilot, Fringe, The Amazing Race, which warmed the cockles of Simon’s clown-hating heart,
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Justin Bieber, Eminem take top honors at Billboard Awards

By Sean O’Connell Justin Bieber, Eminem, U2 and Beyonce took home the top prizes at Sunday night’s Billboard awards. Beiber and Eminem each won six official awards, while U2 earned the Touring trophy and Beyonce grabbed the Millennium Award.

Bieber “embraced” girlfriend Selena Gomez before accepting one of his awards, according to THR, prompting Billboard Awards host Ken Jeong of “The Hangover Part II” to exclaim, “Are they not the cutest couple in the universe?”

Beyonce’s Millennium award came with an all-star tribute that included First Lady Michelle Obama; Barbra Streisand; Lady Gaga; U2 frontman Bono; and Stevie Wonder.

The 2011 Billboard Music Awards winners, who were honored Sunday night in Las Vegas, are:

Artist Awards

Top Artist:


Top New Artist:

Justin Bieber

Top Male Artist:


Top Female Artist:


Top Duo/Group:

The Black Eyed Peas

Top Billboard 200 Artist:

Taylor Swift

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