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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

The episode depicts many examples of violence and gore, which may not be suitable four younger kids. Most of this is robot-based, yet shown in a very graphic manner, which some might find unsettling.

The most noteworthy examples are:

After losing a fight and being brought to the Decepticon ship, the evil Starscream stabs the batered and bruised Cliffjumper through his chest on-screen, after which blue-tinted fluid starts spilling out of the wound. Cliffjumper then dies.

The Eradicons' clash with the Autobots Arcee and Bumblebee is also violent. Besides beating and kicking their enemies, the combatants also shoot, and one of the Eradicons pins Bumblebee to the ground with its foot, squeezing him against the ground.


The Autobots use a profanity of their own: "scrap", but this cannot be considered a real human expletive.

All of the fight scenes are animated in a manner reminiscent of real action movies. Most would find it intense and violent. The Decepticon Soundwave has no real face and never talks, which might be unsettling for some. Megatron's entrance at the end of the episode might also be seen as frightening by smaller kids.

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