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Plot Summary

  • After receiving reports that a small black hole has opened up above New Stellac City, at the site of the betrayal of the ex-hero Von Ness, Preston Stormer immediately figures out who is behind it. The three members of the Alpha Team arrive on the scene, but to their surprise, they are greeted by four of the most dangerous villains: XPlode, Corroder, Meltdown, and Thunder. Back in the Hero Factory, Prof. Zib and the rookie team watch in horror how quickly the bad guys gain the upper hand, and it looks like their friends are goners. Grabbing a supply of newly invented gadgets, they rush off to aid them. On the scene, Stormer decides to investigate the mystery of the black hole himself, but the up-and-coming rookie William Furno joins him. The rest of the heroes, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge are left to deal with the rest of the villains on their own, as the black hole sucks their weapons away. They remain hidden until the villains' ammo has depleted, after which the Heroes easily defeat them using tactics, and a gadget that allows bullets to pass through them without causing harm. Inside the black hole, Stormer and Furno clash with the powerful Von Nebula. Though he is a threatening entity, the Heroes easily outwit and defeat him, trapping him into his own black hole-creating staff. Once the villains have been dealt with, all the Heroes gather at Hero Factory, where Preston Stormer finally acknowledges Furno's capabilities and grants him the title of a team leader.

    - Written by Vihktor-24
  • A few months after the major prison breakout, Hero Factory is under attack once again, this time by an armada of villains who seem to be built with technology near-identical to Hero Factory's. Soon, Hero Stormer realises that his old arch-enemy and once-friend, Von Nebula, has escaped and is behind the onslaught. Eventually, however, the Heroes discover the true scope of his plan: to rule the galaxy, using Hero Factory's developments, with his new Anti-Hero Factory!

    - Written by Anonymous
  • With Von Nebula's Anti-Heroes spreading throughout the galaxy, Preston Stormer travels to Anti-Hero Factory to defeat Von Nebula himself. With some of his friends defending Hero Factory, and others capturing Anti-Heroes on different planets, everything is riding on Stormer.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • After deducing that the escaped villain Core Hunter is trying to construct an object called the Doom Box, a mega-weapon that has the capability to destroy the galaxy, Zib sends Bulk, Furno, Rocka, Stormer, Surge, Evo and Stringer to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Breez and Nex are dispatched to re-capture crazed villains Thornraxx and XT4.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • A mysterious black hole opens up above New Stellac City, and the Heroes go to investigate. Upon arrival, not only do almost all the villains show up they've met so far, but their worst enemy, Von Nebula also looms over them.

    - Written by Vihktor-24


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