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"Dexter: The Big One (#5.12)"
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Reviews & Ratings for
"Dexter" The Big One (2010)

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28 out of 36 people found the following review useful:

Not Tied Up As Much As People Think

Author: Darren Adye from United Kingdom
14 December 2010

Well I actually really enjoyed this episode, it did feel a bit anti-climatic, especially after the last 4 or 5 excellent episodes but definitely had some strong talking points.

First of all the really big thing for me was at the birthday party when Deb says to Dex 'YOU must be glad now all this is over', could it be that Debs has had her suspicions all along that Dexter was the vigilante. She's one of the best detectives on the force and had met Lumen at Dexter's old house in an earlier episode, surely it wouldn't have taken much for her to realise there was a possibility the mysterious blonde who's turned up in Dexter's life could well be victim 13. I actually thought she had her suspicions about Dexter at the end of last season when she found Dexter at Trinity's house and despite giving him a puzzled look accepted his defence that he'd just arrived to do some blood analysis. This might explain some of her anger towards Quinn when she hears he also had suspicions towards Dexters involvement with the case. Debs later finds Dexter at the industrial estate and again gives him a quizzical look, this woman is not stupid so surely she is starting to put two and two together. The scene where Deb has the two vigilantes at gun point behind plastic is key, not only does she let the vigilantes go she also stops Lumen from breaching the plastic sheet that separates them. For me this shows that she already has a pretty good idea who it is behind the plastic but is not yet ready to face up to the truth This season has really set it up for Debs to be able to handle the truth about Dexter, it's the first season where Deb actually kills some one and when discussing it with Dexter she admits she has no emotion about it because the person she killed was a killer himself. Also Quinn is aware that Dexter is doing something dodgy and has seen pictures of him dumping something in the sea but so far has been convinced by Deb to leave it alone.

There was so much more going on in this episode that I could fill up pages with it but I won't, just to say the scene where Aster asks Dexter at the end if helping Lumen made him feel better about Rita's death he just sits there silently. A lot of people are saying it seems harsh the way he didn't care about Rita but Rita is the one he really did care about, Dexter doesn't know how to deal with real emotion but is channelling all the emotion he had for Rita towards the kids. The episode where he tells Astor he loves her shows this.

Anyway good episode, great series, best show of all time.

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45 out of 75 people found the following review useful:

Disappointing End to an Otherwise Great Season

Author: Plamen_Nenchev
13 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a whole season of twists, turns and a gradual build-up of suspense, yesterday's season finale just... fizzled out like a pricked balloon. May be my expectations were inflated by last year's season finale, may be the series of 5 or 6 consecutive episodes that were simply great led me to believe that the finale could be just as great, but The Big One was simply not on par. It was a rip-off of the final episodes of the first three seasons - and a bad one at that.

Dexter (the show - and, to same extent, the main protagonist) seems to be stuck in a rut. Dexter finds a psychopath, Dexter tries to make friends, Dexter finds that the psychopath is actually not a kindred spirit, Dexter kills the psychopath. At the same time - cop hunts Dexter, Debra is close to discovering the truth about Dexter, Dexter miraculously escapes. This is what happens in every season. Then the slate is wiped clean in the finale and we are back to square one in the next season. The scheme is actually great and it worked gorgeously in the first season, but by the fifth season, the whole format is beginning to grow a bit stale.

I actually thought that the producers had figured this out - considering last year's magnificent finale (which broke all rules and conventions) and the setup with Lumen this year. Unfortunately, I was proved wrong. With some minor modifications, we got the same scheme as usual - clean, neat, predictable, familiar and boring as hell.

Everything was wrapped up so nice and clean - Chase was dealt with in five minutes, Liddy/Quinn in even less, Lumen just woke up and decided she was a Mary Poppins again and couldn't be chums with serial killers (yeah, right), Debra didn't see anything again (this is getting extremely original). Well, real life is not nice and clean but messy, confused and confusing and the failure of the producers to see this is getting extremely annoying.

Take a look at this season's finale of Breaking Bad - it is simply mind-blowing!!! It is messy, unexpected, unpredictable, FANTASTIC. Hell, take a look at your own season finale last year. Let Lumen be Dexter's girlfriend. Or let her leave him - but after some serious character development showing exactly why she wants to leave him (inner conflict, guilt, whatever), not because Julia Stiles' contract expires and you have to kick her out of the show in the fastest way possible. Let Debra finally find out about Dexter. Play with her reaction to it. This can give you at least half a season of GREAT episodes. Do SOMETHING with the characters at last! There is zilch character development, I have the feeling that all of them are permanently stuck in season 1. Stop being so afraid of doing something. You will simply bore the audience to death. There are just so many times you can repeat the same thing again and I am afraid you have already reached the limit.

4/10 - and that is even generous of me.

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14 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Too unrealistic and a little bit boring

Author: register-207-826100 from Russia
8 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think the 5th season is the worst of all of the seasons. I don't mean it sucks, but the first 4 seasons were better. The ending of the 4th season was shocking and really great and I hoped that the 5th season would keep the quality level high. But nothing really new happened and it was a little bit boring. The characters didn't evolve (except Quinn I think, he became interesting to me and don't annoy me anymore, although his acting in this episode was strange and stupid). The ending of the season was too unrealistic. For example:

- How did Dexter get the knife he used to kill Chase? Was Chase so stupid not to check that Dexter had a big hidden knife?

- Why did they release Quinn? Apart from blood on his shoe there were many other evidences of his connection to the death of that cop, like fingerprints, calls, his scared behavior and willing to get an advocate, etc.

- Why did Lumen leave? After killing a few people she suddenly became a good girl? And what about her love to Dexter? Her departure looks too unrealistic.

- Why didn't Debra look at the Chase's killers? Wasn't she curios at all? And what, she decided to release the serial killers? Too unrealistic.

- Why didn't Quinn tell anything to Dexter and do anything about him? He should know it's Dexter who killed the cop and what, he thinks it's just OK, let's just live further? And what he thanks Dexter for? For killing the cop and making people think it's Quinn who killed the cop? Yeah, thank you Dexter, you are a great guy!

- It's been told that Debra solved the crime. What actually did she solve? There was no real evidence that Chase was a killer and they didn't even find his body and the guys who killed Chase and his friends. So what did she solve?

- Sometimes when I see too much of Dexter's emotions I just don't believe it. Like when he begins to tremble when Lumen tells him she's gonna leave. He is a serial killer and we were shown that he had no emotions, so I don't believe such man would tremble or cry so easily.

I could continue but I think that's enough. I understand that it's just a movie, but there should be a limit and, damn, is it so hard to make it more realistic? Is it so hard to have critics who will search for various unrealistic or silly moments and then improve it, figure out something else?

I would like the 6th season to be the last one. And it has to be shocking, like the 4th season. Now it's just getting all the same and I think it's time to end the series or there should be something REALLY HUGE, major turn, something really new and totally unpredictable. Yes, the seasons were good (especially four first ones), but basically the story is almost the same.

PS. Sorry for my English, I'm not a native English speaker.

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The Dark Passenger is Gone

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
10 July 2014

Dexter is seeking out Jordan and Lumen but out of the blue, his family returns from Orlando to celebrate Harrison's birthday in Miami with him. The he is summoned to investigate the crime scene of where Stan Liddy was murdered. LaGuerta suspects of Quinn and arrests him since he has a blood stain on his boot. Meanwhile Jordan takes Lumen to an old camping area that belongs to him and where his victims have been tortured and murdered. But Dexter locates the real estate that belongs to Eugene Greer and he heads to the spot. Debra follows another lead and drives to the same spot. Dexter finally subdues Jordan and he and Lumen kill the last criminal But Debra arrives in the crime scene while they are still cleaning the knives and the place. Will Debra disclose Dexter's dark secret?

"The Big One" is another stunning episode of this Fifth Season. Jordan Chase is a weak serial-killer, comparing with the others that Dexter has faced in the other Seasons. Debra crosses the thin line between right and wrong following her romantic theory and without identifying the killers, in a great conclusion for the barrel girl's case. Dexter clears Quinn's name in a great conclusion for Liddy's investigation. Unfortunately Lumen's dark passenger is gone in the sad but necessary conclusion of Dexter's love affair. His character would end with human feelings if he stayed together with Lumen and fortunately the author did not kill this suffering character. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "O Mais Difícil" ("The Most Difficult")

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23 out of 42 people found the following review useful:

Say, what DID ever happen to the other Fuentes brother? (Loose Ends)

Author: rwk2
13 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I hate it when cops are depicted as morons in movies or on TV. There are major leads here that no one is exploring. What about the car Dexter crashed, the one he stole from the marina the day a cop was found dead nearby? That shows that someone, either directly involved in the case or on the periphery, was there, stole a car, and drove it straight to where Deb THINKS Jordan Chase was killed. Speaking of, what exactly did she solve anyway? There is no body, there are no suspects. There probably isn't even any evidence, knowing how thorough Dexter is. Chase just disappeared, exactly what she has been trying to prevent. But now there is an upside-down car crashed at the scene. The investigation isn't over, the cops haven't closed anything out. If anything there is now a huge question mark between Chase and Liddy. Since Quinn was in custody, who else could it have been?

And the cops figure out it's not blood on Quinn's shoe, so... they just let him go. Off the hook. Even though his fingerprints, and ONLY his (plus the deceased) are on the van. And the equipment was checked out in his name. And he was a known contact. And the last person the victim called. What? The blood would have placed him at the scene, sure. BUT HE WAS ALREADY PLACED THERE. They need to examine his connection if for no other reason than it's pretty shaky for a guy whose just off of suspension to be requisitioning surveillance equipment off the books.

Even stranger is that Deb remembers her imprisonment and near-death experience at the hands of the Ice Truck Killer and thereby lets whoever happens to be doing vigilante killings in her town off the hook. Oh, wait, it's her brother. Can't let a cop actually learn everything possible at a crime scene. No way, she can't be intelligent about it. She already determined Chase hung out with questionable losers, maybe two of them are behind that plastic sheeting? No need to check it out. The vigilante image she's painted in her head is all the proof she needs. So Lumen and Dexter get a warning. Basically permission to keep killing people.

On the plus side of things Lumen is off the show. On the downside, it comes out of nowhere and makes completely no sense. Apparently now that all of her rapists are dead she's fine with someone else doing serial killing to avenge innocents but she herself can't do it anymore. That's it. No better explanation than that. She's out, she's done with Dexter, she's gone from Miami.

This season just... didn't go anywhere. They had a lot of great leads to follow and didn't do justice to any of them. Aside from the Fuentes killer still on the run (and speaking of, did they just drop that investigation or what? Shouldn't there be a ton of press clamoring after that story still?) all the loose ends are tied up neat and tidy. LaGuerta and Baptista are back in wedlock. Quinn is dating Deborah. Quinn knows something about Dexter but is keeping his mouth shut for now. Dexter's three children are back to live with him for the summer (which will probably get real annoying real quick). Basically this season was a waste. Nobody learned anything new, nobody grew at all, and nothing new was revealed.

Here's my two predictions for next season: the other Fuentes brother will track down Deborah to extract vengeance while simultaneously some new cop/fed addition to the cast will look a little more closely into the case of Liddy and start piecing some of these glaring clues together.

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20 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

A fantastic show, an average series.

Author: Gareth Baker from Wales
14 December 2010

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Dexter, every season has had its significance and has kept you at the edge of your seat. However, and unfortunately, series 5 - which I have just finished watching - has a sort of pointless feel to it. When other series had some sort of huge impact on Dexter's life, this was just Dexter trying to make himself feel better about, as he sees it, getting Rita killed.

Lumen is a decent character, and I did feel sympathetic towards her and what she had been through but I never saw a future for her and Dexter, not at one point. The whole plot of Series 5 was, in fact, very interesting and thoroughly entertaining. However, what lets that down is the fact that the series finale was a total anti-climax. Many thought that series 5 was the last series, well, it's obvious that it was supposed to be, but they realized that this is not the way it should end, so probably re-wrote the script so a series 6 could be made, so were forced to come up with a quick idea of how to end this series.

A positive I have picked up from this series is that I have began to warm to Quinn as a character, he's become a genuinely interesting person who adds a lot to the show, and his relationship with Deb is compelling.

I know I'm not alone in thinking that series 5 was an unfortunate glitch in the fantastic television series that is Dexter, it was a bit of a let-down. However, how I see it is it that we get another series with another 660 minutes worth of a program that I'm genuinely in love with, and so are many others.

If you ask me what should be done with series 6, well, they should just focus on the characters that have already been developed, rather than bring in anyone else, other than a new villain. This should be the final series, and I feel if they bring in a new character like Lumen, series 6 will fall short, like series 5 unfortunately did.

So, in conclusion: Series 5 was throughly entertaining, a very good plot with some decent characters like Lumen and Jordan Chase. I feel that Quinn has become a very interesting character and has added a lot to the show. Unfortunately, this series had no real significance to it, other than showing Dexter does have some genuine emotions, and shows hope of maybe one day getting rid of his "Dark passenger." I definitely am waiting with genuine anticipation for Series 6, but can only hope they can give Dexter the send-off it deserves.

Thank you for reading.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Let down

Author: Gabriel Goes from Brasília, Brazil
4 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unfortunately, a major let down. For me, at least. I do not watch Dexter expecting it to be extremely realistic, or its plot to be perfectly tied, because almost every show has flaws, and a show as good as this has had very few of them throughout all the past season.

Well, not in this one. I'll not point all the big mistakes made in writing, because many people have already discussed them, but they all contribute to a season where NOTHING was added. Well, if anything, Dexter is in major trouble now, having been connected to Trinity and, of course, the girls in the barrels case (he stole a car and left it with his DNA in the crime scene!!!!). Oh, and I might add Liddy as well.

Don't get me wrong - the acting is superb, the season was good, but it did nothing to no one, unless, in the next season, they choose to follow all this major loose ends created by the lazy writing of this one. This is Dexter, and I have been made to expect A LOT more from it. So that's why I say it's a major let down. We went from Rita's death to Harrison's birthday, but if we could wipe this season out, in terms of real character development (needless to talk about Lumen, she came and now she's off forever) nothing would be really missing.

I do hope season 6 will put the show back on its tracks (while also at least trying to solve the plot holes left by last season and this one, which of there are plenty), because it has a lot more to offer, and I want to watch it.

(Yes, I'm writing this in 2013, problem?)

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Luminous flux

Author: GameAndWatch from United Kingdom
28 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was surprised by this season, I didn't expect it to be so good. The end of season 4 was shocking, but Trinity was a little gruesome for my tastes.

There are formulaic elements here as others have mentioned. Like having a department insider pursuing Dexter and Deb doing most of the leg work. There are a few loose ends. The side story didn't really go anywhere, but did turn Deb into a killer. Batista's relationship troubles where a little nauseating (they aren't the most convincing couple).

The Lumen story was great though.

There were a couple of silly moments: a few too many head blows and momentary losses of consciousness. Bordering on a generic action finale (Dexter tumbles stolen car, to escape to standing villain).

Jordan didn't really get enough screen time. Perhaps Chase and the bucket murders shouldn't have been so clear cut. Is Jordan evil or not? This could have been played out further. Even Dexter dithering over whether Jordan is an implicit player in the killings.

There is a nice ambiguity at the end of the season. Does Deb know or not about Dexter and Lumen? We all have our blind spots.

Regarding other reviewers quibbles:

The case would most likely have been tied up with the DVD evidence linking the torture chamber to Chase's estate: perhaps not him explicitly; but his disappearance would have garnered enough suspicion.

Quinn has always been a bent cop, so I'm sure he'd be prepared to turn the other cheek for Debra. Linny wasn't the nicest person after all.

It was nice to see Dexter get a few moments of happiness with someone that perhaps had an understanding of who he is, but there wasn't much mileage in keeping Lumen around for another season. She needed to go, to move on.

I just re-watched this season, and enjoyed it almost as much second time round. Highlights were Liddy, Masuka's theory, Boyd and St Bridget.

It could hurt taking Dexter too seriously. Like most fantasy TV it requires a little leap of faith.

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4 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

The end

Author: jotix100 from New York
28 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dexter, getting ready to deal with Jordan Chase, gets the surprise visit of his family from Orlando. They have decided to celebrate Harrison's first birthday in Miami, instead as in Orlando, as Dexter would have loved it. He feels momentarily derailed into what he really wanted to do. He must find Jordan, as he will lead him to Lumen. The way to know more about Jordan, is by getting a file his sister Deb has in her office. In the document he learns that Chase's real name is Greer. He begins tracking his possible hideout, a property that is register to his real family name.

Deb kept looking into the victim's DVDs. She has no clear idea yet as to who the thirteenth victim is. At this moment, the police is notified of the murder of Stan Liddy, found in the van he used for surveillance while he was tailing Dexter. As the police gets to the scene, we watch a worried Quinn trying to expunge the few phone calls received from the dead man. Maria knows by then there were calls to Liddy's cell from Quinn and asks him to explain. She also discovers the blood stain in his shoe. Quinn becomes a suspect. He has better come with a good explanation.

Jordan Chase decides to take Lumen, tied up inside the trunk of his car to a secluded camp he owned in the outskirts of the city. When he stops for a red light, a street vendor recognizes him from his television presentations. Coming to say hello, he hears noises coming from inside the trunk. Later, he reports it to the police, something that Deb follows on her own, after seeing the report.

Dexter gets confirmation of a property owned by Greer and decides it is worth looking into. What he does not count is in the tractor on the road that causes him to crash his car into it. Luckily, he is able to come out with only a scratch. As he enters the house, he is overpowered by Jordan Chase. He is brought to the same room where Lumen is being held. The television celebrity is set to kill them both, but little does he realize Dexter will be able to free himself and trap him. Lumen is set to do the killing.

Deb, following her intuition, goes to check the street vendor's report. She is told in Spanish the direction Chase was going. She enters the camp, spotting the house right away. Going through the rooms, she finally goes to the room where Jordan, fatally stabbed was left. Deb realizes the vigilante, or the thirteenth victim is on the other side of a heavy plastic division where Lumen and Chase are putting away their killing equipment. Deb, who must have felt pity for what the women had been through, decides to warn the two figures to go away. Dexter and Lumen experienced some tense moments while Deb was on the other side, but both are saved by Deb deciding Chase deserved what he got.

Later Dexter is able to exonerate Quinn by clearing the blood he scraped from Quinn's shoe as not belonging to a detective. Lumen and Dexter, dumping Chase body parts into the water, realize they must part. Lumen is not equipped by the kind of life she lived while in Miami, so she wants to go home. Dexter and the family meet for the birthday of Harrison.

The end of the 2010 season was not all what one expected. Steve Shill directed the last episode which follows closely what the creators of the series wanted to give it. The chapter was written by Manny Coto and Chip Johannessen, both producers of "Dexter". There are many unresolved issues which is basically what most of the fans wanted to see. The Fuentes brothers and the Santa Muerte murders are not closed because the emphasis was put on the presence of Julia Stiles, the guest star and the case of the women killed by the gang lead by Jordan Chase.

In spite of the things still pending, "Dexter" remains one of the best shows of the genre.

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11 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Too many loose ends

Author: Murmel-Hamsterbacke from Germany
14 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers *** now!? I am pretty disappointed and kind of angry. Nothing was revealed as to why I have to watch the next season, this was done far better before. All the great development (yes..even the Lumen character..'though Julia Stiles is in my opinion quite a miscast) was screwed up in the last 20 or so minutes.

Just the major flaws from my point of view (Lumens removal, the Fuentes brothers, Quin were previously discussed and I agree with all the comments beforehand): - Deb drives all on her own to a place where she assumes a serial rapist...just to grant the alleged vigilantes one hour and what..stay there and look the other way?! or drive home.. - the case is miraculously closed..even though there is no body.. --> why not just let the body be and clean the scene (including the cars) of all traces of them being there ... this would have been barely possible in 1 hour

- what really ticks me off is Dex's car crash..which had to produce a ton of forensic evidence, which has to be discovered because the car is almost directly placed at the crime scene and STOLEN! - how managed Dex to sneak the knife out of this bag after the crash... --> so this whole concept was absolutely unnecessary and implausible... why not just let Jordan take Dex when he enters the place and then use it to move the body

In conclusion the whole finale was dealt with way to fast and implausible --> please take a look at the previous four seasons.

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