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Harry officially defects from the Fathers and joins the Friends and enforces the videotaped broadcast of Grace's murder. The broadcast causes a social uproar; Synthiotics facilities and campaigning offices of Kreutzer, who is running for president, are attacked. Josie is arrested for the murder, but she soon makes bail and plots with Kreutzer to release an doctored videotape which shows Harry instead committing the murder. Meanwhile, Tully, distraught over the death of Tommy, betrays Eli to Josie who has him secretly murdered. Plagued with guilt, Tully then redeems himself by brutally killing Josie and then himself. Desperate to be reunited with his kidnapped daughter, Harry agrees to turn over the Go Chip to Kreutzer if he releases Deirdre. Kreutzer finally manages to get the Go Chip and has it implanted, but it was altered by Harry and Peter. Kreutzer reveals to Harry that he is his biological father, before he loses cohesion and dissolves into nothingness. Coty becomes the new ...

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