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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 1983 | 1986

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: The Lady's Maid's Bell

27 May 1983
Miss Hartley is pleased to have found employment with Mrs Brymton as a lady's maid. She is somewhat concerned at having been hired sight unseen, but on her arrival at Brymton Hall she finds both her employer and the other servants in the house to be quite amenable. Mr. Brympton on the other hand is rude and nasty to his wife, but fortunately is frequently away and Mrs Brymton has formed a close friendship with a neighbor, Mr. Ranford. Miss Hartley is shaken however when she sees someone in the house who should not be there. Just who is this person and what is she trying to tell her?

Joanna David ... Miss Hartley
June Brown ... Emma Saxon
Norma West ... Mrs. Brympton
Ian Collier ... Mr. Brympton
Charlotte Mitchell ... Mrs. Blinder
Roger Llewellyn ... Mr. Ranford
Harry Littlewood ... Mr. Wace
Diane Whitley ... Agnes
Clive Duncan ... Bob Burling
Malcolm Raeburn ... Ted Roberts
Bernard Atha ... Pharmacist
Alick Hayes ... Vicar

Season 1, Episode 2: The Intercessor

3 June 1983
Mr. Garvin is a writer who is seeking a quiet place to do his research and work on his book. Although he was staying in a small village, he find the children to be quite noisy and the local doctor, Mr. MacKinnon, suggests that he take a room with the Falshaw family, who have no children. Their farm is isolated and should provide him with the peace and quiet he needs. Soon after his arrival however, he hears a child crying and soon sees the ghost of a young girl. Garvin is a sympathetic man and he assumes that something happened in that house years ago. When the doctor recounts the story of the family, he works to heal the wounds that have existed there for so many years.
John Duttine ... Garvin
Chrissie Cotterill ... Rachel
David Hargreaves ... Falshaw
Maggie Ford ... Mrs. Falshaw
Peter Hughes ... Dr. MacKinnon
Annette Wilkie-Miller ... Effy (as Annette Wilkie-Millar)

Beverley Callard ... Rhoda (as Beverley Sowden)

Season 1, Episode 3: Feet Foremost

10 June 1983
A magnate buys an old house that has been abandoned since the early 19th century because it is haunted by a ghost of a 16 year old girl murdered by the lord of the manor, who, if carried across the threshold, will select a victim to kill from the inside out.
Joanna Van Gyseghem ... Mildred Ampleforth
Lesley Bennett ... TV Interviewer
Heather Chasen ... Eileen Turnbull
Samantha Gates ... Lady Eleanor
Alex Johnston ... Rundle

Jeremy Kemp ... Charles Ampleforth
Ken Kitson ... Wilkins
Peter Machin ... Anthony Fairfield
David Quilter ... Ronald Turnbull

John Rowe ... Doctor

Carol Royle ... Maggie Winthrop
Barrie Shore ... Mrs. Rundle

Season 1, Episode 4: Afterward

17 June 1983
A skeptical family moves into their new home despite warnings of a resident ghost. They soon become believers.
Kate Harper ... Mary Boyne

Michael Shannon ... Edward Boyne (as Michael J. Shannon)
Penelope Lee ... Alida Stair
John Grillo ... Harold Parvis
Meg Ritchie ... Trimmle

Rolf Saxon ... Robert Elwell
William Abney ... Inspector Gates
Merelina Kendall ... Agnes
Arthur Whybrow ... Mr. Craig
Eric Francis ... Cooper

Season 1, Episode 5: The Maze

24 June 1983
A couple moves into a country estate that turns out to be haunted.

Francesca Annis ... Catherine Frode

James Bolam ... Arthur Frode
Sky Macaskill ... Daisy Frode

Amanda Boxer ... Mrs. Levett
Nellie Hanham ... Mrs. Wright
Duncan Preston ... Fred Harston
Philip Sayer ... Mervyn Barbet

Daniel Selby

Season 1, Episode 6: Seaton's Aunt

1 July 1983
A young boy forced to live with his aunt after his parents die is convinced that she is old hag in league with the devil.
Mary Morris ... Seaton's Aunt
Paul Herzberg ... Seaton

Peter Settelen ... Withers
Leslie Clark ... Flower Seller
Joshua De La Mere ... Young Withers
Emma Jacobs ... Alice
Adam Lal ... Young Seaton
Alexandra Wilkie-Millar ... Young Alice

Season 1, Episode 7: Bewitched

8 July 1983
The story is set in a small English coastal town, around the turn of the century. A young woman, thought by many in the village to be a witch, dies suddenly one day. Not long after she's buried, the villagers begin to see her walking around the area and especially along the shoreline. The village minister begins to look into her life and her death, hoping to lay the spirit to rest.

Eileen Atkins ... Mrs. Rutledge
Alfred Burke ... Reverend Hibben

Mary Healey ... Loretta Bosworth
Martyn Hesford ... Andrew
Alfred Lynch ... Saul Rutledge
Mary Jo Randle ... The Girl
Ray Smith ... Sylvester Brand

Gareth Thomas ... Owen Bosworth

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: The Demon Lover

21 June 1986
Kathleen Drover and her family have closed their London house and relocated to the countryside for the duration of the war. It's 1941 and relatively speaking, all is well. She is happily married and her now adult son is in love with wonderful young woman. This leads her to reminisce about her own first love, a dashing RAF pilot who was killed in 1916. Visiting her London house to collect some personal items, she is shocked to find a note, apparently written by her long dead lover. It is then that she remembers the promise they made to one another: that regardless of what might happen, they would reunite in 25 years time.

Adrienne Corri ... Delia Graham

John Fortune ... Eric Farnham
Nicholas Geake ... RAF Man
John Graham ... Newsreader

Hugh Grant ... Robert Drover
Peter Graves ... Ponsonby

Robert Hardy ... William Drover
Paul Hawkins ... Bennet

Helen Lindsay ... Kathleen's Mother
Gerrard McArthur ... Keith Cameron

Miranda Richardson ... Gina
Warren Saire ... Tom Drover

Angela Thorne ... Mary Dash
Dorothy Tutin ... Kathleen Drover
Amanda Waring ... Young Kathleen
Arabella Weir ... Anne Page

Season 2, Episode 2: Agatha Christie's The Last Seance

27 September 1986

Anthony Higgins ... Raoul Daubreuil

Annie Leon ... Elise

Jeanne Moreau ... Madame Exe

Amanda Walker ... Madame Paillot
Norma West ... Simone
Annette Wilkie-Miller ... Amelie

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