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The 'Other' Chick Flicks: A talk with David Decoteau

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One Halloween I was hunting through a Blockbuster for the perfect thriller movie; one that would be suspenseful but not too scary, sexy but not exploitative. After seeing one too many box covers featuring axe-wielding maniacs, screaming girls in bikinis, or screaming, axe-wielding maniacs in bikinis, I was about to abandon all hope; then I discovered a delightful film called Voodoo Academy.

A supernatural thriller set at an all-boys college, this film featured a suspenseful, original plot, supplemented and emphasized by a gorgeous cast of stunning young men wearing very few clothes; and after seeing this movie and thoroughly enjoying it, I set out in search of more features from the film's talented director, David Decoteau.

This Candian filmmaker has made nearly 90 films since the 1980s, and--after directing fun horror flicks like Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowlarama, he turned his attention to making horror movies for girls, such as The Brotherhood series,
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