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Season 2

29 Jun. 2012
Welcome Back Dusker
Sarah returns to school for the new school year only this time as a vampire. With her reappearance back on the scene, strange things begin to occur. The Council begins to suspect either Sarah or Ethan and they go through great lengths to clear their names and to survive.
6 Jul. 2012
Say You'll Be Maztak
White Chapel High gets a substitute, Lucia. But what happens when this substitute is giving you homework like finding; Bloodstone, Frog Hearts and a lot of gold? I'm guessing an evil one! But Lucia has Benny, Ethan and Rory under her spell, so it's up to Erica and Sarah to save the day.
20 Jul. 2012
Fanged and Furious
Ethan, Benny and the gang must figure out why a car's following Ethan around and why it's attacking their classmates.
27 Jul. 2012
A giant alligator? Oh. My. God!
10 Aug. 2012
When Whitechapel High first put on a production of The Rainbow Factory, the star was tragically crushed on stage in a prank gone wrong. Twenty-five years later, the play is back, and Ethan and the gang have to handle a ghost with a thirst for revenge. Controlling Erica through a haunted dressing room mirror, the spiteful spirit attempts to bring the house down on opening night.
24 Aug. 2012
Village of the Darned
During the annual cookie drive for Jane's youth troop, a creepy, otherworldly Troop Leader conspires to rid the town of all adults, and lure the kids to its Eternal Playground. With all the grownups gone, Ethan and the gang have to take charge and stop the beast before Jane is lost forever, and the vampires - especially Sarah and Erica - get hungry enough to start preying on the young...
7 Sep. 2012
Hottie Ho-Tep
A mummy from the museum has been revived as 'Hottie Ho Tep', a suave Egyptian prince. He shows up at school to charm Sarah. Ethan and Benny must devise a plan to get Hottie Ho Tep back to his mummified state before he takes Sarah back with him to the underworld. And there's no return ticket!
14 Sep. 2012
Independence Daze
Ethan, Benny and Sarah all boast about being able to handle their adventures on their own. Benny's Grandma talks to them and tells them that they have to work together and that something dark is on the horizon. They then wake up alone trapped in their own universe and must find a way to work together to escape.
16 Sep. 2012
Siren Song
Ethan and Benny discover that a local singing sensation may have a voice like an angel, but in reality she's a Siren - a mythical creature whose song brings out the self-destructive worst in anyone who hears it. They have to team up with Sarah, Erica and DJ Rory Megabat to form a band, and blow her off the stage at the school talent show.
21 Sep. 2012
The school hockey team has a new star player. His name is Boltz and he has the strongest arms, legs and hands in the league. Unfortunately, it turns out they were all stolen from different people. It's just Sarah's luck that the Vampire Council suspects her of stealing those body parts for her next meal. She's going to be in big trouble if she can't find the real grave robber and prove that she isn't craving rotting corpse blood! Meanwhile, this Frankenstein-jock only needs one more body part to make him the greatest hockey player of all time: Ethan's brain!
23 Sep. 2012
Ethan's nerd-fest Halloween party takes a turn for the dangerous when Rory's magical mask transforms guests into the real-life versions of their costumes. Ethan, Benny and Sarah have until midnight to reverse the spell, or the transformations will be permanent. Sounds easy enough... until they realize what their party guests now include...
28 Sep. 2012
The Date to End All Dates: Part 1
The Vampire Council has been raided, and the intruder is looking for something called the Lucifractor. But Ethan has more important things to worry about - his first date with Sarah! Lucky for him, Benny and Rory step up to handle the vampire adventuring on their own. Ethan learns the terrible history of the Lucifractor - a fearsome weapon that could wipe out every vampire in Whitechapel.
5 Oct. 2012
The Date to End All Dates: Part 2
While trying to recover the fearsome Lucifractor, Ethan and Benny learn the truth about what - and whom - they're up against. Ethan must face his worst fears and his only hope is to trust in his connection to his friends, and harness his growing psychic abilities. Ethan must also ask an old friend, and an even older enemy, to return and lend a hand.

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