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Everything you want from a horror-comedy
Heislegend12 December 2011
As my rating would suggest, I am very nearly in love with this movie. Horror-comedies can be quite fickle...very often having too many elements of one and not nearly enough of the other. Sure, you have movies like Shaun Of The Dead that get it just right, but for every one of "Shaun" there's about 15 that just don't get it. And now we have Chillerama.

From start to finish you get the impression that someone was trying to get the aforementioned mixture just right. It interweaves 3 different movies (essentially hilarious mockeries of the old grindhouse/midnight drive-in genre) with a story of what takes place in between at the drive-in where they're being shown (think of it as the play within a play from Hamlet). Mocking these types of films is certainly nothing new, but few have gone so over the top while still somehow staying true to the source material. I have to say my favorite segment has to be "The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein" if for no other reason that Joel David Moore's portrayal of Hitler. Watching him make up gibberish that was subtitled as legitimate German had me laughing my ass off.

Gripes? Only minor ones. The movie runs a bit long for this genre. Two solid hours is typically a bit more than you'd expect, but then again it doesn't feel stretched or wasted. I also kind of wished they had put a little more effort into the story of what happens at the drive-in. All in all I would (and already have) recommend it to just about anyone who enjoys a good, albeit sometimes crude, laugh.
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Falls Just Short of Greatness
gavin69423 January 2012
It's the closing night at the last drive-in theater in America and Cecil B. Kaufman (Richard Riehle) has planned the ultimate marathon of lost film prints to unleash upon his faithful cinephile patrons.

I had moderately high hopes for this film, and for the most part they were met. "Wadzilla" was better than I expected, and "Diary of Anne Frankenstein" far exceeded my hopes... it was, without a doubt the highlight of the film (the fake German was hilarious, Joel Moore plays a great Hitler, and Kane Hodder as a golem? Perfection). I also enjoyed "Deathification".

The problem comes with "I Was a Teenage Werebear". This is the segment I had the most hope for, and it was just boring. It slowed down the pace of the movie and made the overall film seem much too long. I appreciate the concept and the throwback to 60s beach films, but I think they blew it. I just did not find it very well developed.

I still recommend this one to all horror fans. If nothing else, watch the "Anne Frank" segment. Just downright hilarious. And see how many references to classic films you catch (some horror, some not). It is no secret that Joe Lynch and Adam Green are passionate about horror, and this film proves it.
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That's not butter on my popcorn...
Steve Pulaski30 December 2011
"Wazilla:" 9/10. "I Was a Teenage Wearbear:" 7/10. "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein:" 8/10. "Zom B Movie:" 8/10.

Chillerama is one great big homage to the drive-in films that were once one of the biggest ways to view a film. Now, we have midnight showings and regular movie theaters. Though the number of American drive-in theaters have decimated to almost the point of utter extinction, Chillerama proves that if this was the seventies, it would've been the main attraction.

This is an anthology film in the vein of things like Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt. It plays like true anthology goodness; several short stories and then a wrap-around story to conclude the spectacle, where all the characters come together, also making the narrative come full circle. I have rated all the segments on their own since they serve as their own mini-movie. I believe that it's impossible to give one final rating to an anthology film without rating each individual vignette and then finding the average of the numbers. Thankfully, every one of Chillerama's stories is of passable quality.

Since each short is directed by a different person and focuses on a different period of horror, it gives sort of an ambiguous presence off. We get the homage to the time period, and the director's way of establishing it showcasing his style and his way of storytelling. Our first short just happens to be the best one. The Adam Rifkin directed "Wadzilla" is a crafty, creative, and endearing short mimicking the goofiness and the cheesiness of monster movies that dominated the fifties. The story focuses on a man, played by Rifkin as well, who has been giving a pill because of low sperm count. After taking this pill multiple times, he realizes his sperm have enlarged, and after one "escapes" from his body, it runs dangerously downtown, destroying everything in its path. Its jokes at films like The Blob are noticeable, and the idea itself is so unique and witty I can't help but have an undying fondness for such a short.

The next short, while the weakest, still has plenty of flair and wit. It's "I Was a Teenage Werebear," a short that is supposed to lampoon Rebel Without a Cause, Grease, and The Twilight Saga. Funny thing is I didn't think of any of those films when watching the short. I feel this is more a homage to beach movies and quirky musicals of the sixties and seventies. You know? Where characters randomly broke out in song and danced the night away. Beach Blanket Bingo comes to mind. As well as The Lost Boys, for its use of an unlikely clan and The Rocky Horror Picture Show for its bizarre costumes. I didn't find the story all that exciting, as much as I did the little dance numbers and the overall vibe it shot through my screen. A fun little short, that's too out there to be ordinary.

After that, we have "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" directed by Adam Green, another director I'm well acquainted with. Green directed both Hatchet and its sequel, as well as the chilling, no pun intended, claustrophobic horror flick Frozen. Green furthers his style of flashback filmmaking with this short about Hitler (Moore) who breaks into Anne Frank's attic and recovers her book about how there was a strange monster created in her family. Hitler plans to revive this monster in order to win World War II. The film is subtitled because of its German origin, and is shot in black and white. The short is supposed to remind us of strange, foreign black and white films that were popular in the twenties and thirties. This is another change of pitch for Green, and hopefully will continue his line of films that throw us back to a simpler, more involved time.

I forgot to mention that the shorts we are watching are being played in a drive-in theater in the film. There are a number of characters we become more familiar with between intermissions of the shorts. They all join together to fight a massive zombie outbreak in the closing short "Zom B Movie." The short is similar to the outbreak in Troma's film Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, and mirroring the style of zombie films like Dawn of the Dead. This is beautifully directed by Joe Lynch, the same person who directed the great sequel to Wrong Turn.

If you've never heard of the company Troma then this film is worthless to you. You have to have a certain love for low-budget, throwback style filmmaking to develop the love for Chillerama like I did. I was rarely so involved in a horror film until I saw this and now I fear that I'll be expecting this quality next time I see an anthology film. Green, Lynch, Rifkin, and Sullivan have all proved themselves worthy of making a good horror-movie script and an uncanny talent of handling a camera. Maybe if we have a Thrillerama at one point we'll get more out of these four capable men.

Starring: Richard Riehle, Adam Rifkin, Ray Wise, Miles Dougal, Sean Paul Lockhart, Ron Jeremy, Joel David Moore, Kane Hodder, and Kristina Klebe. "Wadzilla" directed by Adam Rifkin. "I Was a Teenage Werebear" directed by Tim Sullivan. "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" directed by Adam Green. And "Zom B Movie" directed by Joe Lynch.
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The Midnight Movie Is Alive And Well
mattressman_pdl5 December 2011
From some of this generations most innovative filmmakers comes a film that pushes the boundaries of good taste and endeavors to bring the good ol' style of the drive-in right into your living room. Does it succeed? For the most part, yes! Segment One, Wadzilla, features star/director Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City)as a timid businessman who is given experimental medicine to increase his sperm count, only to unleash a monster of immeasurable horror! The effects are charmingly horrible but it is quite a funny ride.

Segment Two, I Was a Teenage Werebear is, unfortunately, the proverbial black sheep of the family. Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs) is a real talent but the short's taboo pressing plot line only serves to alienate this movie's target demographic (straight males). It is a rousing musical about a sexually confused young man who is bitten by a were-bear (long story) and struggles to keep his morality.

Segment Three, Adam Green's (Hatchet, Frozen)The Diary of Anne Frankenstien, is a real treat. Although admittedly a little short on the horror aspect, it is actually quite funny. The Nazi's, led by Joel David Moore as Hitler, attempt to use Anne Frankenstien's journal to build a monster to help in the war effort. This segment is shot in a sublime old fashioned style and is subtitled as everyone speaks authentic German except for Hitler himself, who comes off as quite a bumbling fool.

Segment Four, Joe Lynch's (Wrong Turn 2) Zom-B-Movie, serves as the wraparound story and as the finale and it is just righteously over the top fun enough to completely win over this reviewer. A zombie outbreak threatens the people who had to sit through the last three shorts only to be threatened by a pack of sexually charged zombies. The real highlight is character actor Richard Riehle who gets to brandish a shotgun and quote more movies then any character in history.

For this reviewer's money, this movie succeeded at becoming exploitation without falling prey to insincerity like the similarly themed Grindhouse.
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A Great Tribute to Cheesy Drive-In Movies!!!
Pumpkin_Man5 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was was fun experience and a perfect tribute to the Golden Age of bad cheesy Drive-In movies. It could almost pass as a sequel to either Grindhouse or Creepshow. The movie is told in 4 different segments. When the local drive-in theater is being closed down, the owner shows 4 classic horror movies for its final night.

Wadzilla- This was my favorite of the bunch. The plot is so over-the-top and goofy and spoofs the monster genre from the 60's. When a man tries to get his sperm count raised, he takes a drug and creates a sperm monster that attacks New York.

I Was A Teenage Werebear- My least favorite of the bunch. It's a musical spoof. A teenager in the 'closet' named Ricky has a desire for men. He is bitten by a Werebear and becomes one of them. The next time I watch this movie, I'm skipping it.

The Diary of Anne Frankenstein- My 2nd favorite of the bunch. It spoofs Hitler and the Frankenstein story. The movie is in black and white and spoken in a gibberish language that substitutes for German. Kristina Klebe was hot and beautiful as Eva Braun. Joel David Moore was hilarious as Hitler. He invents a Jewish Frankenstein monster named Meshugannah that begins to attack the Nazis.

Zom B Movie- This segment is shown during the intermission of the other movies. The Drive-In theater is slowly being attacked by horny zombies.

If you want an awesome over the top cheesy good time, you'll love CHILLERAMA!!!
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Troma Trash Galore
WithoutTalent5 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
(my spoilers are very minimal though! :)

First of all, if you're looking for a high budget Hollywood horror film, this film is definitely not for you. However, if you're a fan of old school b-movie horror films from the 70s/80s or Troma Comedies like Poultrygeist you are so going to love this one.

The movie generally has a type of "Creepshow"/"Tales From the Darkside" setup. You have a main story that features 3 little horror stories. The first story features a giant sperm starting a rampage on an entire city. As random as the plot sounds is also as random as it is delivered. A special treat are the visuals in this one. What makes the visuals so crazy looking is that they use effects that were used around the 50s and earlier when all the films were black and white. Seeing these cheap effects in color really makes it look like nothing I have ever seen before. The second story is a werewolf-beach boy musical with homosexuality as a central subject... Yes... That's right! It sort of reminds us of Elvis-like cheesy beach flicks from the 60's and the werewolf craze of the 80's. What at first sounds like a random genre mix is actually very entertaining. One must also credit the musical numbers because they are very very catchy. The final story is a gritty black and white story in German featuring Hitler and Eva Braun trying to create a superhuman. It's really like Bela Lugosis speech in ed Wood's Bride of the Monster ("I shall create a new race of super humans which will take over the world") coming to life. What makes it quite funny is that every actor is speaking normal German while Hitkler himself speaks this fictional South Park German. This one does get a little lengthy towards the end and isn't so focused on the visuals like the other 2, but it does have a lot of great jokes.

All in all, Chillerama really is a great homage to old school b-movie horror flicks ranging from the 1930's to the 1980's. Everyone who loves old school trash films will really have a lot of fun with Chillerama.
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thesar-227 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
(A tad bit of spoilers here..) "I want to thank you for being so understanding. You know, a lot of girls would have run to the hills if the sperm of their blind date shot up their skirt like that." – Miles in Wadzilla.

Horror anthologies have been around since people discovered (a camp)fire. So, maybe these guys (Director/Writers: Adam Green – a favorite of mine, Joe Lynch, Bear McCreary, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan) thought what the hell: make Chillerama a 80% comedy, 19% gore and 1% horror to shake it up.

I laughed so hard in this feature, and I didn't expect to. My expectations were that this was going to be strictly horror. Even the Plan 9 from Outer Space opening – or least, the sets/mood – just made this look like a modern Creepshow. Boy, was I wrong.

Breakdown of the segments: The wraparound story, Zom-B-Movie, was probably where the movie was at its weakest. Even though it wasn't necessarily bad, it just paled in comparison. The acting was decent and acceptable and the humor was somewhat funny, but the film references felt really forced.

The first feature, Wadzilla, was absolutely hilarious and as equally gross. And this is coming from someone who's survived both Human Centipede II and A Serbian Film. It's a Mad Men story of sperm – in a singular sense and as laugh out loud a lot of the scenes were – namely the final kiss and the dancing statue – the movie was so overwhelming uncomfortable, it's a must-see. I mean that. Seriously.

The second segment, I was a Teenage Werebear, should've been more up my alley: it's a gay-horror-musical. With bears, no less. (Anyone who knows me, 3 of those four are my forté, just not the musical part. Even though, stereotypically, it should be.) But, I wasn't all that interested. It had its moments, but the humor found previously – and forward – vanished. And I'm not sure if this was more written for straight folks or gay. Either way, it wasn't horrible to get through, but it was a tad bit aimless and definitely dimmed down the overall project.

Part III, or The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, was, by far, my favorite and contained the most humor. I should've known; it was directed and written by one of my favorites: Adam Green of Frozen and the Hatchet series. Black & white & in subtitles, the film focuses around Hitler's eeevil plans of stepping into Frankenstein's shoes. Each scene was hilarious, they finally got the "Grindhouse" feel down where the other films were just at the edge of that genre and the writing was very well done. I'm certain this wouldn't have worked as a feature length, so I'm glad Green did what he did here.

Kinda a Part 4 – Deathication was fairly funny, for just a few moments, that is and also fit nicely as a 50's drive-in or Grindhouse production.

Overall, the movie needed to be edited down. Heck, 1972's Tales from the Crypt had more stories, and yet a half hour shorter. The wraparound story absolutely had plenty of shots/characters to be cut and still retain the essence. But, for the humor alone and for the jackass crowds – they might like the gross-factor, it's a recommend.

One quick warning though for prudes: there's masturbation throughout. A lot of it. And, no, I don't mean from the viewer.
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Hugely enjoyable horror comedy romp
Woodyanders8 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Cecil B. Kaufman (a solid and likable portrayal by Richard Riehle) shows a marathon of schlocky horror flicks to celebrate the closing night of his drive-in movie theater. First, most outrageous, and hence hilarious segment, "Wadzilla" - A savage giant sperm goes a destructive rampage. Writer/director Adam Rifkin milks the gloriously ridiculous premise for all its worth and cheerfully parodies 50's gigantic creature feature fare with infectiously naughty aplomb. Single most sidesplitting moment: The giant sperm attempts to mate with the Statue of Liberty. Second and equally funny yarn, "I Was a Teenage Werebear" - A frustrated young man turns into a raving gay were-bear after he gets bitten in the rear by a leatherboy. Writer/director Tim Sullivan has a field day tackling the dread scourge taboo subject of homosexuality with tremendous zany glee while making an earnest plea for gay acceptance and tossing in a bunch of uproariously awful songs for good measure. Third and most kitschy tale, "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" - Adolf Hitler (delightfully essayed with eye-rolling hammy panache by Joel David Moore) builds himself a vicious killing machine (Kane Hodder in cute goofy make-up) that brings about his own untimely demise. Shot in scratchy black and white and done in German with priceless ludicrous subtitles, writer/director Adam Green delivers loads of campy laughs from the enjoyably loopy story. Third and most over-the-top gory outing, "Zombie B-Movie" - A bunch of gross perverted zombies wreak hysterically obscene havoc at the drive-in. Writer/director Joe Lynch really pours on the excessive splatter by the bloody bucket and pulls out all the stops with the no-holds-barred grisly mayhem. The cast attack the kooky material with considerable zest, with especially stand-out work from Kristina Klebe as a sexy Eva Braun, Lin Shaye as a wise old gypsy woman, Ray Wise as mad scientist Dr. Weems, and Eric Roberts as a gung-ho Army general. Moreover, the humor is every bit as blithely crass, shameless, and offensive as it ought to be, plus there's a ton of affectionate homages to such films as "The Blob," "Cool Hand Luke," the '83 "Scarface," and even "Heathers." A total blast.
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A piece of garbage
Leofwine_draca22 May 2015
On the face of it, CHILLERAMA is a throwback to those horror anthologies of old, complete with a film-within-a-film vibe with a celebration of the old drive-in experience. Unfortunately, in execution it falls substantially short of the mark, having apparently been written by a group of college students with an interest in lowbrow humour and little else.

The main focus of CHILLERAMA is to offend as many sensibilities as possible with the explicit, bad taste content. One of the stories is entitled 'The Diary of Anne Frankenstein', which gives you some idea of the level of wit on display here. There are four stories in total, all of them possessing poor writing and bad acting:

The first story, WADZILLA, is a sex comedy spoof of the GODZILLA franchise, in which a guy tries a new treatment for his low sperm count and accidentally births a giant sperm which terrorises the city. It's happy to be ridiculous. The second story gets worse; I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR is a gay high school comedy and as terrible as it sounds. By the time of the Nazi FRANKENSTEIN story, interest levels will be waning, and given that virtually nothing happens in this segment you can rest assured that you won't be missing stuff. The final segment, ZOM-B-MOVIE, is a straightforward zombie attack with some fun dialogue (based around quotes from old horror films) to recommend it. It's just a shame that 90% of the movie misses the mark entirely.
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You get the jokes or you miss the point.
nacham817 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I don't think this has a spoiler but why risk it? If you see Avatar as the pinnacle of cinema, this film is not for you. As someone who enjoys the campiness of 40's and 50's horror films, the sing song joy of a 60's California beach bash, the sheer stupid joy of the "warnings" theaters had to produce for films that were "edgy" for the 70's, the 'terror" of an 80's slasher and the fact most of these films were about one thing: hooking up with your girl during the flick: This is a nice homage.

If you are a true oenophile; someone who can quote current pop culture and famously repeated quotes all while smiling when something that celebrates John Waters in a scene that honors George Romero is shown, you'll enjoy this picture. It's dopey, way over the top, offensive and weird. But man, what a stupid, goofy ball of fun.
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Overrated but not entirely bad Anthology
J. Davis2 December 2011
This movie kinda blew it's load early with the first story being by far the best. I was laughing my ass off the whole way, definite fun.

That's where it went down hill a bit, with the second story having a very homo-erotic type of theme, the acting was pretty bad, and the storyline just wasn't there for me.

By the time the third one got going I was severely loosing interest, and it wasn't the "Troma" type of effects, again overall in the end it just felt too cheap, even for a super low budget, I've seen some masterpieces pulled off with a shoe-string budget. I gave it a five and that was mainly due to the first tale. Troma fans will enjoy, it's more of a comedy than anything else.
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When you do a parody, being funny is kind of a requirement
JoeB13126 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I can not emphasize how awful this movie was.

The notion is that on the last night of a Drive In theater's run, they run four lost classics of film. Meanwhile, there is a sub-plot of a theater employee who get infected with Zombie juice when trying to violate his dead wife's grave.

The first one is about a giant sperm that attacks the city. While it is done in the form of similar movies about giant monsters, it is neither funny or tasteful.

The second is about a "were-bear" which is a gay musical. Frankly, offensive to everyone, gay, straight or ursine.

The third is about Hitler trying to make a Frankenstein monster after stealing "Ann Frankenstein's" diary. Yes, it is unfunny and tasteless and gives "they saved Hitler's brain" a new dignity.

The final film I won't even describe here, because it frankly segues into the awful Zombie subplot, which includes a baby being eaten by its parents. Awful, terrible, bad taste all around.
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A glorious tribute to the b-movies of the drive-in cinemas...
Paul Magne Haakonsen21 December 2011
"Chillerama" is a magnificent tribute to the old horror movies from the days of the drive-in cinemas, and throw in a pinch of musicals just for good measure.

The movie isn't very serious, so keep that in mind. However, the stories are actually quite good, some more than others, and they do entertain you well enough. The themes of the stories and the way they are executes are so off the charts, so horribly stupid that it actually works out in a weird way. Trust me on this one.

The first segment, "Wadzilla", needs little introduction; the name says it all. But alas, it is about a man whose sperm turns out to be a killer load (pardon the pun). The effects in this segment are horribly funny, but still, they are so far out there that it works. It is hilarious. And the story isn't too bad.

Segment two, "I Was a Teenage Werebear" is about a young man who is bitten by another young man (who turns out to be a werebear). Now, these werebears aren't your average lycanthrope, mind you, and the segment is heavy set with a gay theme, which may not sit well with all people. However, I took it for what it was, a movie meant to entertain you, nothing more, nothing less. Given, this segment was (for me, at least) the least interesting of all parts.

The third segment, "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" is a humorous take on Shelley's "Frankenstein", mixed up with some weird Hitler part. The good part about this is that the Germans actually do speak German, except for Joel David Moore (playing Hitler), who is just speaking some odd gibberish. The story in this segment is far from being scary or horror in nature, it is more of a sarcastic comedy. It isn't bad, mind you, it wasn't just really great for the nature of the "Chillerama" movie.

And finally, the last part, well that was the best part. Now, I will not spoil anything here and go into detail, but for me this was the best part of the movie. Especially because I like zombies. And it also has a great deal of sick, twisted comedy to it.

"Chillerama" has some pretty good actors and actresses to its cast list, and there are also some fairly established names to the list; such as Ray Wise (playing Dr. Weems in "Wadzilla"), Kane Hodder (playing Meshugannah in "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein"), Joel David Moore (playing Hitler in "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein"), Eric Roberts (playing the general in "Wadzilla") and Richard Riehle (playing Cecil Kaufman).

I found "Chillerama" to be funny and a decent enough watch, however, I do doubt that I will find myself watching this movie a second time around, though. The movie is well worth checking out for the hilarious stories, and also for a brief moment back to the good old days with drive-in cinemas and bad movies on the screens.

A word of warning though, there is a fair amount of obscenity in the movie, so some viewers might take heed and not watch it, as they may be offended.
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The reason I hate horror comedies
robert haynes17 November 2012
This is the very reason that so many horror comedies don't work for me. It started off and I thought, well this could be a fun and somewhat clever way to kill two hours.

Boy was I wrong, dead wrong. This degenerated into lowest common denominator garbage within minutes, unfunny low-brow, sophomoric humour, utterly unconvincing as either a comedy, a horror movie or even just an actual movie.

The script, and I use this term loosely, is nothing more than a series of badly connected nonsensical vignettes. I have no problem with movies that don't take themselves seriously, but there has to be some grounding in reality for us to give a damn what happens to anyone.

Unfunny, frat-house humour that may appeal to those under the age of eighteen but certainly not to anyone expecting something resembling a real film. A shame too, since there are some really interesting names in front of the cameras. C'mon guys you all know better than this.

Maybe I'm just getting too old for this crap...
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Drive In Goodness
hellraiser727 September 2016
I really miss the drive in theaters. I always found those theaters really nice because not just do you get to watch movies outside and in the privacy of your own car, but sometimes these theaters got to premiere certain movies that you probably can't find in a regular movie theater which are of course the B movies, which I've always loved because they always contained such a creative energy but most importantly were fun.

This is an anthology horror parodies which I really like and that's cool since horror anthologies are a bit of a lost practice, let alone the fact we don't really have many that are horror parodies. It's also in a way a tribute to the beloved drive in that are now extinct.

I really like that intro which of course the one for the final film where we see the drive in manager give a monologue about the changing times and how saddened he is about the drive in closing down. It sort of reflects my feelings on not just drive ins but also the movies stores also closing down, I'm honestly not entirely sure that most of the changes made were really for the better.

The only bad thing about the film was the second tale "Teenage Werebear" which I thought was lame. But the first, third and last tale are the good ones to go for.

Wadzilla is pretty much a parody on "Godzilla" (obviously) and any other supersized foe flick back then. This flick looks like it could be the next episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" or even "South Park". I really like how you can easily spot some of the bad special effects, my favorite is when you see the actors in what is obviously screened background, I know simple effect but what makes that really funny is sometimes the background they stand on is wrong and you can spot a flicker sometimes. This to me really makes the film kinda a character as if the director and production department just had no choice but to work with what they got or whatever they can get from their limited budget; well it's better than no movie at all.

However I really like a couple of the actors in this story Ray Wise whom plays the doctor and Eric Roberts the army general, it's just funny how both are just playing their archetypes straight and delivering some deliciously bad pieces of dialog.

The forth and final tale is solid directed by Joe Lynch. It's basically a zombie apocalypse short but it was cool. Really liked the make up and gore effects of the zombies. Let alone the fact this attack is taking place in a drive in which is cool, I haven't seen that happen. The young innocent couple protagonists were decent, like the girl sort of looks like actress Danalle Panabaker but isn't. However the real highlight was seeing the Drive In manager actually kick some ass and recite a lot of familiar movie quotes which is something I might do if I was faced with this situation. It's somewhat poetically fitting for him, just like the drive in if he's going to go down go down with style and a bang.

However the third tale "The Diary of Anne Frankinstin" directed by Adam Green is to me the highlight of the film. This tale is just fraking hilarious from some of the obviously poor production. Seeing Kane Hodder play the monster.

However two of the highlights of this tale were seeing the guy that plays Hitler, he is just hilarious as we notice he is the only actor in the film that doesn't speak a word of German. Everyone else does except him, I have two conclusions to this either the actor didn't bother or have enough time to learn the language or the filmmaker couldn't afford to hire a German actor or an actor that can speak the language. It's just funny seeing how this guy is just practically winging it, spouting out gibberish. One moment that cracked me up was seeing him spout of the kill command to the monster and he is saying just some random words like Bobba Fett, I'm not kidding.

But the most hilarious was during the final confrontation when we see as the monster throws one of the Nazi solders to a table the film cuts to a stunt man. I won't say any more than that you just have to see it for yourself but that to me is comic gold.

Well I've said enough, if your looking for another anthology or even horror comedy "Chillerama" is the film to check out. Like any movie in the drive in it's drive in goodness.

Rating: 3 stars
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A campy cringy nightmare and not the good kind
RagingR214 September 2016
Horror-comedy can be a very entertaining sub-genre. I can be a big fan of it. But... it can be the very best, or it can be the very worst. This film 'Chillerama' is the very worst, and not in a good way. I had this title on my Watchlist for quite sometime, because seeing the poster, the title and the description, I thought, that HAS to be something that I'm gonna love. Well, as it turns out, that is not a guarantee.

This is definitely not my kind of Horror/Comedy. A good Horror/Comedy in my opinion, first of all should be a decent watchable film. Just because you are doing the potentially fun and pretty crazy combination of comedy and horror (for some people not the most obvious combination of atmospheres) doesn't mean you can get away with everything. Just because you are making a parody of something, does not mean you can throw all seriousness overboard. In all reality, you are combining two genres in their own rights, something that the makers of Chillerama do a magnificent job at misunderstanding. You're combining Horror and Comedy, two potentially great genres, maybe even the greatest ones for a lot of film fans out there. But just because you are combining a genre that takes itself pretty seriously with a genre where apparently everything goes, does not mean you can get away with doing everything in a bad way. Campy does not equal bad. And parody does not equal being ridiculous. Good comedy is a serious business.

The 'cringe' is so strong here as to make the film totally unwatchable. You literally want to look away at how campy and unfunny everything is. You start questioning your own sense of humor, looking at how much fun the makers apparently had creating 'Chillerama', while you find yourself unable to produce even a single smile.

The segments in this anthology were just the worst combinations of bad taste, far-fetched plot, generally unlikable characters, cringy acting and unfunny jokes. Some of those elements can work well when done right, sometimes even combinations of them. But you have to see this film if you want to find out how they can NOT work in the most spectacular way.

Generally I think a Horror/Comedy works great if they manage to keep the fun, enticing subjects of a horror film and the exciting, spooky atmosphere, and combine it with genuinely funny jokes. Jokes that seem to be up for grabs when looking at horror, because let's face it, in general it's a pretty crazy genre with lots of clichés and elements that are easy to poke fun at, while still doing it in a way that respects the genre and the characters. Bus as with everything that seems easy and up for grabs, it generally isn't...

Also, a good Horror/Comedy should be more exhilarating than the average non-horror comedy film (because hey, there's monsters, suspense, murder, spooky locations and what not), while having such a great atmosphere that they can measure themselves with, even be an homage to the great films of the Horror genre. Besides not being very funny, this film lacks any kind of horror atmosphere that makes you love Horror. The Horror atmosphere is totally lacking. Yeah, it's superficially there because there's blood and screaming, but literally everything is done so badly that... it just doesn't work on any level. Instead, it manages to make you hate both Comedy AND Horror at the same time.

That's just my opinion, my attempt at putting into words what makes this Horror/Comedy genre work, potentially. All I'm sure of is that whatever the X-factor is, it is NOT to be found here, but there are plenty of genuine masterpieces in the genre to be found elsewhere.

If I may recommend some Horror/Comedy films that DO work: * Shaun of the Dead * Killer Clowns From Outer Space * Zombieland * Young Frankenstein * Dracula, Dead and Loving It * Return of the Living Dead * Fido * Once Bitten * The Little Shop of Horrors * Mad Monster Party * Nightmare Before Christmas * Corpse Bride * Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I guess you could call a Horror/Comedy crossover.

... and let's not forget films like Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice!
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This film will rape you with your own faeces
one-nine-eighty16 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is the best bad film I've seen in recent times, it took ridiculous insanity to an all new neon coloured bat s**t crazy level - pooping a rainbow while wearing a unicorn helmet. While there is lots of good there's also lots of bad but all in all I really enjoyed it because the bad was supposed to be bad. Warning - if you don't enjoy bad films, old B-movies or even Troma films you probably won't enjoy this.

The movie you are watching is about a drive in cinema, and as such you are presented with four mini movies, by the end of the movie you realise that you are watching a movie about a movie about a drive in cinema showing movies. Don't worry, it isn't hard to follow what's going on, just concentrate on the main wrap around movie for continuity.

Main movie: A member of staff from a drive-in cinema had necrophilia urges pre-show, he gets bitten by his ex and takes the infection to work. He works at Kaufman's drive-in cinema which has arrived at choosing time and who's owner Cecil Kaufman is planning to show 4 of the rarest films he's managed to get his hands on over the years of operating the drive-in. Needless to say the virus spreads but you won't believe how, just be ready for a neon zombie orgy in a drive-in cinema by the end of the film.

Movie 1: " Wadzilla" A man takes experimental sperm enhancing drugs which leave him with the need to masturbate to relieve pain whenever his balls throb and ache. An unwanted side effect is monstrous mutated sperm he produces (and unleashes) which grows to a humongous size and wreaks havoc, death and destruction across America. This movie is filmed using tricks of the trade in the early 1950's and looks visually stunning as it unfolds.

Movie 2: "I was a teenage were-bear" A high school musical story of unexplored homo-erotic feelings and killer were-bears. When "Rebel without a cause" meets "Grease" meets "Twilight" all hell breaks loose and lots of film genres get smashed together for your pleasure. Washed down with happy feel good times this story of depravity is an odd-ball special.

Movie 3: "Diary of Anne Frankenstein" A Nazi/Frankenstein spoof were Hitler finds Doctor Frankenstein's diary and makes his own Jew- Frankenstein monster. If you can speak German you'll notice that everyone is speaking German other than Hitler who is speaking "South Park" German, for those who can't speak German the subtitles are accurate and precise enough to get the intended humour.

Movie 4: "Deathification" Experimental risky film about faecal fantasies.

This film as a whole is not meant to be serious, while the acting is sometimes unconvincing and effects are really really low budget/DIY it is a fun film. It's a colourful film, creative and imaginative, and there are constant tongue in cheek references throughout, a proper nerd horror film with a nod to nostalgia and sexual repression. There is plenty of blood and gore for the modern audience and enough retro kitch for fans of Tromp\B-movie drive in styles. The writer and director have clearly demonstrated their knowledge and love of film, not just horror but film as a whole, as a fellow film fan/nerd I really enjoyed this. This is more slapstick "Grindhouse" and a higher octane "Creepshow", it's a low budget horror comedy spoof classic, its got random gratuitous nudity, violence, sex, blood, guts, laughs, chills, thrills, spills and looks like it was conceived on pills.
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Not bad; has its ups and downs.
Scott LeBrun18 October 2014
When it comes to something such as "Chillerama", a combination tribute to and parody of its inspiration (in this case, the drive-in features of the 1950s and 1960s), it's more notable for its intentions than the end results. Certainly the assembled filmmakers (Adam Rifkin, Joe Lynch, Tim Sullivan, Adam Green) have their hearts in the right place. If nothing else, "Chillerama" is pretty likable. It just isn't always terribly funny (at least, not in this viewers' opinion). Sometimes it got unbelievably silly, and very lowbrow. There are some entertainingly bad (yet catchy) songs and some hilarious gore gags. Acting is negotiable from some cast members, endearing and very funny from others.

The wrap-up segment is also the fourth story ("Zom-B-Movie"), as entrepreneur Cecil Kaufman (Richard Riehle) hosts the final night for the last drive-in standing in America.

His first film is the goofy, trashy "Wadzilla", as a mutant sperm generated by the hapless Miles (played by Rifkin) terrorizes NYC. It grows to mammoth proportions, all as the result of Miles having been given an experimental medication.

Next is "I Was a Teenage Werebear". Imagine if Michael Landon in "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" were repressed in more than one way, and was fighting homosexual panic, and you kind of have this whole sequence.

Third is "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" (a genius title, that), in which Hitler discovers Anne Frank(enstein) and her family and uses her fathers' diary for bringing the dead to life to his own ends. The resulting creation is Meshugannah (Kane Hodder), a Jewish monster who's actually rather cute.

Finally, "Zom-B-Movie" takes off in earnest, as a certain something that has found its way into the popcorn supply and turns most of the patrons into shambling zombies who are far more horny than hungry.

It is wonderful to see old pros like Ray Wise, Eric Roberts, and Lin Shaye in cameo roles. Joel David Moore, speaking mostly gibberish, is a total hoot in a hammy portrayal of Hitler. Other familiar faces include Kristina Klebe as a sexy Eva Braun and AJ Bowen. Veteran character actor Riehle is wonderful in one of his biggest roles to date.

The gore and visual effects (especially in "Wadzilla") is of the deliriously tacky variety. In general this anthology has the deliberately, aggressively wacky tone of the Troma filmography. It does end with a flourish. The persistent cribbing of famous lines from other movies (even non-genre movies) actually gets to a point where it *is* genuinely funny.

This viewer would have to say that "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" was his favourite segment. Overall, "Chillerama" is uneven but entertaining enough to be worth a look.

Six out of 10.
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"Cum" erama is a better name for this movie
drama5917 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So..this is a campy romp of numerous shorts. It is interesting to watch but what do you say about this movie? Boobs and sex..OK so that is typical with any horror movie. This is a major "cum" fest on many levels. It has many interesting cast members that have a lot of talent. Why they chose to do this movie is beyond me. The first title is "Wadzilla"...about a giant sperm that grows and attacks people. Need I say more? It has many elements of the horror genre..zombies, hacking off heads, boobs everywhere. I like the campy aspect of this movie but I really don't know if I would recommend it. I guess if you have nothing better to do and want a horror movie with a laugh factor then watch on.
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All done in the worst possible taste.
ptang ptang16 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
5.6? I am a 57 year old white, middle class male living in the home counties of England. This movie was in the worst possible taste. Offensive, gory, puerile, juvenile; appealing only to those with a warped sense of humour who find mainstream films formulaic and dull. I LOVED IT!!!. It was great fun. Saw it last night ( it finished at 3 in the morning) and really liked it. I'm bisexual and wasn't offended by the Werebear parody. I'm not Jewish but like to think that i wouldn't be offended by the 'Ann Frank' parody, though it would be interesting to get the Jewish point of view. It had just the right B-movie feel and the linking story made sense ( well sort of). Get the popcorn and soda ready and watch through a car windscreen for the best viewing experience.
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Warning! Do not watch if you have an I.Q. over 6000
Warren Marris10 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
...In fact do not watch if you have an IQ over 6!!! Or only watch if you are in the mood for a late night "One too many Beers or Bongs" Movie Fest as this film is just totally Insane!!!!!

I only happened upon this work of manic genius by accident... As my sister was watching when I dropped her dog home... I walked in on "I was a teenage gay Were Bear" - and oh my god!!!

This is NOT a quality film... If you are looking for good acting, a great story and serious effects... You are definitely in the wrong place!

This is pure good time Student madness... Think Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste" (Winner of the 1987 Gore Awards despite a budget of only $600 Aussie Dollars - By the way if you have not seen it - You have not lived!!! Made my Horror fanatic sister physically sick while I ate 4 Chicken Pies, 3 Fired Eggs a full tin a of Baked Beans and sank a Newcastle Brown...)and you are halfway there... I can only imagine how low the budget was for this film...

But it is so bad its brilliant! It is so damn funny I almost bust my sides...

The Diary of Anne Frankenstein is Madness! Hitler creates a Jewish Monster???

The makers of Scary Movie, Epic Movie,Disaster Movie... Take note! Big Budgets a funny movie do not make... Sometimes you just need to be smashed out of your skull on whatever these guys were smoking!
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I need more butter....
FlashCallahan4 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's the closing night at the last drive-in theatre in America and Cecil B. Kaufman has planned the ultimate marathon of lost film prints to unleash upon his faithful cinephile patrons.

Films so rare that they have never been exhibited publicly on American soil until this very night.

With titles like Wadzilla, I Was A Teenage Werebear, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein.

Now here's a really interesting idea, an anthology of stories that celebrate all things drive in, exploitation, and B-movie wonderment, interspersed with a little zombie movie.

And it works really well, except for the awful I Was a Teenage Werebear, which is a horrid hybrid of Once More With Feeling and The Lost Boys.

If this were the last story, I would have switched off and missed the delicious finale, its really that bad.

The other two stories are a lot of fun, particularly The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, which is frankly hilarious with its very particular way of translation, and some good dancing by Hodder.

Wadzilla is a good homage to the old Godzilla movies of the fifties, but the main story about the zombie takeover, is brilliant, and its even more fun if your a massive film buff.

The final scene involving the owner spouting lines from movies every time he bags a zombie is priceless.

So all in all its really good fun, its just the middle story is painfully bad.
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Midnight Madness
kosmasp25 January 2012
It is difficult to describe this movie, other than to say this is what people used to categorize as "Midnight Madness". And the shoe fits perfectly. This does not shy away offending as much as possible and will go OTT all the time. Of course that also means, you can't feel anything but real craziness and silliness. Spiced with blood and other ingredients, that might make you sick to your stomach (of course that is if you like that sort of stuff).

The movie is divided into segments and while the "quality" (if you can call it that) is going up and down throughout, it is great fun to watch this movie. I myself couldn't get behind the last segment of it, but others liked that the most. What it boils down to, is if you can have fun with something crazy like this ...
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Dawn Bledsoe15 February 2012
Great movie this was a lot of fun! My husband and I were extras in this movie, but they seem to have lost our names! Was looking forward to seeing my name up there in the credits. This was our first time being extras, and still exciting even though we are just a blip in the movie. Check out my Facebook page and you can see me in my full zombie makeup! My Husband (Charles Bledsoe) was in line in the concession stand scene, playing with his cell phone, While I was wandering around trying to hump things to death, great time had by all! This movie classic B-movie style, raunchy and loaded with gore. I can't wait until my copy arrives! Time for viewing party and lots of butter popcorn (Hold the blue ooze!).
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it has it flows
trashgang27 January 2014
This flick isn't made for everybody. If you do like short flicks combined in one movie and like gore then you better pick up the V/H/S franchise. This one here is just made for the fun of it. There's nothing you can take seriously.

It starts rather good as a typical fifties creature feature only the creature here is...sperm. And it grows and grows and we do have some funny situations like when it explodes a girl's mouth is full of cum, you could see that coming from miles. But from there on it's also downhill with a very gay entry, about werebears in stead of werewolves. It was directed by Tim Sullivan, so you know what you will get. The part with Hitler is sometimes funny and is the one that have a few gory scene's but done rather in a low budget style. It's only at the last segment that the drive-in, where people are watching Chillerama, that it all becomes what you were waiting for, gore and boobs. Especially when the zombies come alive and are horny as hell.

It clocks in at 2 hours and it has it flows. It changes from exploitation to musical to a cheapy to gratuitous nudity. Not for everybody but I guess when you watch it with friends you will have a laugh here and there but for me it was a mediocre flick.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 1/5
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