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Edgy, workaholic NY executive Joan heads to suburban NJ for her sister-in-law's baby shower. But she stops for a couple of items at the local pharmacy on the way: a baby shower card and a pregnancy test. Once at the party, she avoids her discomfort and the building tension with her sister Jackie by sneaking off with a couple of new friends, Maggie and Dot, to smoke pot and play cards in the hostesses' laundry room. They are soon discovered by an angry Jackie who is gently placated by Maggie and convinced to join the renegade party. The sisters develop a renewed sense of camaraderie during the ensuing poker game, and all is well until Dot, looking for matches, discovers the pregnancy test in Joan's purse. When Dot questions Joan about the wisdom of smoking while possibly pregnant, Joan becomes defensive and claims that she 'didn't say she was having it.' A stunned Jackie abruptly returns to the baby shower, and Maggie reveals to Joan that Jackie has just received disappointing fertility test results. Joan follows an icy Jackie back into the party where they briefly watch Iris, the guest of honor, suffer small humiliations at the hands of Gabby, the hostess. When Joan shows disdain for the rituals of the baby shower, Jackie turns on her and they finally have it out, revealing the hurt feelings they've been nursing over the years. Finally, Jackie, using a strong dose of tough love, helps Joan to realize what she truly wants.


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