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It's a trifle, but at least it doesn't star Katherine Heigl.
It all sounds dreadful, like the pilot for another brainless comedy series on network TV, but it grows on you.
There's certainly an audience for this sort of slick, self-absorbed comedy and the appealing casting augurs well for a brief theatrical run. But the film will most likely find its real home on the small screen, with attentive viewers curled up on the couch with a dish of ice cream.
Director Kat Coiro - who co-wrote with Ritter - spices up the formula just enough to keep us watching, while Bosworth adds versatile edge to the BFF banter.
Unfortunately, the potential for screwball comedy is wasted because L!fe Happens never finds its thematic tone or comedic rhythm.
The film is ultimately an untenable muddle.
Village Voice
L!fe Happens is a blonde-brunette buddy comedy with a charmless cast (Rachel Bilson plays the third roomie, a Christian virgin) and banter as flat as Deena's favorite no-strings imperative, "Bone and bolt."
The indie rom-com/sitcom L!fe Happens is a case study in how bad movies can turn an ordinary, relatable situation into a grotesque distortion with only a passing resemblance to the way actual human beings live and interact with each other.
Something happens here, but it isn't life.
Slant Magazine
L!fe Happens wants us to believe its message is one of female independence and empowerment.

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