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Charming Broken Lizard Guys Exchange Filthy Stories
chris dimarino23 February 2012
Broken Lizard Stands Up is a comedy special by the 5 man team called Broken Lizard. These guys have given us the hilarious comedies Berrfest, The Slammin Salmon and of course Super Troopers. I'm a fan of all their movies including club dread just because I find the 5 guys hilarious. This comedy special in particular will have you laugh a couple times at least. That being said, it is mainly pointed toward the stoner/immature adult male demographic. Most of the jokes are sexual in nature and ridiculous in content.

I would recommend this movie to die hard Broken Lizard fans only. I found it funny albeit brief. But it is not a must buy especially considering how many quality stand up acts (Louis CK, Kevin Hart) are out there.
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It doesn't work for me, but it's sure not Broken.
tyler-and-jack12 February 2013
I am a big fan of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe. A BIG fan. I've loved all of their movies so far, from the small, flawed Puddle Cruiser to the greatness of Super Troopers, Club Dread, Beerfest and more. They know how to tickle my funny bone.

As the guys all started working together on stage I thought that Broken Lizard Stands Up would be a good way for me to see how their comedy began and developed. I thought that seeing them in that environment might be a rare chance to see what they do best.

I was very wrong. It's clear to me now that the movies are what they do best, and long may they continue doing them.

The guys just aren't as suited to stand up nowadays. The material isn't sharp, it's sometimes painfully unfunny and the only real entertainment value comes from hearing anecdotes about how the guys met (with the tale told between Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan being the best) and also how things went down when they had a chance to meet an idol, Patrick Swayze.

I wouldn't watch this again and I'm a bit frustrated that I wasted any time on it at all but as long as Chandrasekhar, Heffernan, Lemme, Soter and Stolhanske get another movie out soon I'll still count myself as a fan.
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