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Disney's worst TV cartoon yet.

Author: TheCartoonfaxuator from United States
17 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just want to mention that this show ranks above Jonas and Wizards of waverly place in Disney's top 5 worst shows made.

Fish Hooks ranks as Disney Channel's worst cartoon yet. First off, a cartoon about tween fishes sounds like an idea pitched by an immature 12 year old.Disney hit rock bottom so hard, it's as if they hit a diamond this time. The three main characters of the show Bea, Milo, Oscar suck. I Assure you they really do suck. What makes them suck is that they make fun of people in the real world. Bea makes fun of all girly girls with her obnoxious heys, and her never ending crave of wanting to be the prettiest fish. Milo makes fun of all extreme sports people,fans, and daredevils. His on going obsession of wanting to do extreme and dangerous things that some times could be considered a sport going way too far, is beyond stupidity, and insulting. Speaking about stupidity, it is mind boggling to know how dumb he can get on the show. It's as if he's related to Patrick Star from Sponge Bob Square pants. And lastly, Oscar. He makes fun of all types of nerds. School nerds, Math nerds, you name it. His love of video games, and how he act around girls is down right creepy, and strange. Other than Bea, Milo, and Oscar. There are other characters who are annoying, and insulting. There is an octopus named Joctopus that makes all jocks look like empty headed bullies. Enough talking about the characters. Now it's time to talk about the Bull$h!+ artwork. This show literally looks like it was drawn by a dozen 5 year old kids with crayons. I wouldn't even consider fish hooks a cartoon. Since only the character look like toons, and everything else literally looks like scrape paper. And I mean everything. the backgrounds, and other animals that aren't fish and don't got to school. Fish Hooks is a beyond terrible show, that will rot a little kid's mind. It's bad enough that tween garbage has taken over TV, but this show just further increases it. I Give it a 1/10. Disney you disappoint me once again.

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They phoned this one in

Author: rscampb from USA
19 July 2012

I am totally disappointed by this show. The animation is bad and the scripts are not even that good.

Disney has a long history of humanizing animals and inanimate objects with amazing, and sometimes ground breaking results (think The Little mermaid, Aristocats, The Rescuers, etc.) and this is the best they can come up with for their flagship channel? Disney established itself as the place to go for quality animation. When the show was bad the art work was always great. Then came Fish Hooks. It looks like it was drawn by a grade school art class. It looks similar to an old cartoon I found on the internet called "Clutch Cargo." This deficit could be overlooked if the script was at least a little better. But there seems to be little hope for that in the near future.

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I've seen animation in The Super Mario Bros Super Show better than this.

Author: anthony-rigoni from United States
27 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

But I digress. Like the Super Mario Bros Super Show and Johnny Test, Fish Hooks is one dead fish that should have been flushed down the toilet. Why do I think Fish Hooks should have been Gordon Fishermen's Fish Sticks? To quote Mario from Super Mario 64: Let's-a go!

First off, the animation is appalling. I mean, look at it! As I mentioned in the Johnny Test review, Fish Hooks is like an extreme terror if you fell asleep taking Z-quil while watching episodes of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Yeah, it's that bad. Second, there's this ugly as s--- character simply named "Clamanta". Would you feel like you want to take this "girl" out for a date? I don't think so either. And then, just to add the ultimate salt on the wounds, they actually make puppies into terrifying creatures! This show has the balls to portray one of the most cutest animals I have ever seen into monsters! If the Pound Puppies from the 1986 TV Series took a look a this, they would be horrified!

But, once again, I digress! Not even the Pound Puppies would find this TV series amusing. The animation is bull crap, the characters are beyond frightening, and puppies shouldn't look like horrifying beasts! I say avoid this TV series like the West Nile virus!

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Disney has failed.Hard!

Author: coolandawesome99
14 August 2012

In early 2010 i was waiting at my television waiting for this show to come on and then disappointment has struck me , the animation is crap the lines where annoying and then i funny jokes(I say in a angry tone). This show looked funny on the commercials with characters that looked cool but here i am watching one of the worst shows ever created everyone who watched this show was thinking "Why am I killing my brain cells with this trash filled craptastic show?"And then everyone holding a remote changes it and puts on shows worth watching such as adventure time(greatest show ever created)or icarly because who knew Disney would sink this low by creating trash on our TV and the worst part is the show is still on air.

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Why all the hate?

Author: SoWakeMeUpWhenItsAllOver
23 July 2014

This show is funny, talented, and somewhat stupid in an entertaining way. It's like Disney's version of SpongeBob Squarepants, a cartoon that everybody, well ALMOST everybody likes (They started hating SpongeBob around 2007 - 2010). It's also somewhat similar to The Mr. Men Show, the most awesome show in the entire planet, you know, how they get into wacky situations and do things that me people laugh. So with 2 shows you like combined into 1 show, there's no need for all the hate. If you're going to hate on something, then hate on the overrated shows worse than this like Regular Show, South Park, and Teen Titans Go! (I know it's not overrated here, but fans on YouTube don't stop talking about this show).

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Mix between Spongebob/Chowder, I laughed pretty hard

Author: Danasaur24 from United States
2 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this show a lot. I've been seeing a lot of hate, but I think that there's a good majority of people that will find it funny. The first preview of it wasn't that great, but the newest episode with the all girl sleepover was hilarious. Milo's over excitedness makes you perk up as well, and Bea is just like any other teenage girl, but a fish! Oscar is a little awkward but definitely adds to the show. Shellsea, Bea's friend, is my favorite character. I love the way she talks. There's random moments of not cartoon objects being thrown into the show too, which is random and makes you go "did that really just happen?" but in a good, funny way. It's not for everyone, but the out of nowhere randomosity (I may have made that word up) was enough to get me hooked. No pun intended. (Ok, maybe I intended that pun :P)

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Very nice show, story, characters and animation

Author: biel from Philippines
13 January 2014

I love how simple and lighthearted but fun this show is, and I love how the jokes are actually funny and it isn't annoying unlike the other cartoons on Disney (where people just talk in high pitched voices and yelling all the time(boring)). Plus, at the end of the show you actually learn/re-learn something :P It's one of those shows that kids would like to watch and young-adults/adults would enjoy as well. The jokes are smart enough to even make 18-30 year-olds laugh.

Also, very nice animation! the way the characters move and the camera angles and techniques are nice. I like the texturing too, the mix of flat and lifelike/realistic. I honestly honestly like this show a lot, it's refreshing yet brings me back to the type of shows I liked as a kid - only better. :)

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A lot better than I thought

Author: kikimominakasaki
25 October 2010

When I first saw the commercials for this I thought "Oh lord, they are going to follow up Phineas and Ferb with this?" My reaction changed a bit when I actually saw a few episodes, since they were actually funny. There are a lot of "huh?" moments but overall it's a step up from a lot of the junk Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are putting out there nowadays. My only vice with this show is the animation style, it looks cheaply done (the parts with the pet shop etc...) With time, I see this show growing on the people that initially hated it. It won't be as big a hit as Phineas and Ferb, but I see Fish Hooks being around for a while, especially with Hannah Montana (hopefully) ending soon.

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It's Pretty Good

Author: blytheandferb from United States
18 September 2015

Fish Hooks isn't a perfect show, but I like watching it. I don't mind the school related Plots since lots of TV shows have them. I think Milo, Oscar, and Bea are pretty well rounded characters bouncing off the world and people around them. The writing can get a bit stupid and the show didn't start super strong, but the show managed to be well written and entertaining all throughout. The show was originally focused more on comedy, but it became more character and story driven in later episodes, creating memorable episodes like "We've Got Fish Spirit", "Fish Prom", and "The Big Woo". The show isn't perfect, but I do like to watch it. I recommend watching this show with an open mind Abdul look more on the morality side of the show.

My Grade 9/10 (A-)

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Not insanely bad

Author: Nicolle DiMaria
12 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw the commercials and thought this would be a normal Disney show: stupid and pointless. Granted, it can be those at times, but it has some underlying themes that are surprisingly mature.


The show starts off innocent and unassuming. Three fish taking on the world in high school. I know it sounds strange, and it really is. But it's a little out there.

On the graduation episode, the affection you see between Bea and Oscar is very realistic. It's a little dumbed down for the kids, but it's still very believable and cute. The way the characters interact has always been very human and adorable.

The way everything comes together in the show can be sloppy, but that's how life is, right?

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