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My Little Princess – Great Performance Of Enzo Zelocchi As Actor And Director
michael-goldman4726 March 2012
Enzo Zelocchi certainly has a very nice premise with My Little Princess. A soldier returning home from the war in Iraq, albeit after witnessing a bit more than what tragedy seems to be for common people, and finds his wife on the deathbed. Shocked, flabbergasted and helpless Aaron (Enzo Zelocchi) is at his world's end when he learns of his daughter, Irene's terminal cancer.

Right at the beginning of the short film, Enzo Zelocchi as a writer has set the pace for a dramatic family oriented plot line that will find resonance with every parent and household that has witnessed death. That should cover all families across the world.

Enzo Zelocchi impresses as an actor in his own production and direction. Being barely into his late twenties, he manages to pull off the role of a troubled father in a mental turmoil with a great performance. When Hollywood actors ten years elder to Enzo Zelocchi would still want to play roles of the eternal bachelor, it is refreshing to see this young and bright man essaying a difficult role.

It is not easy to express pathos through eyes and subtle expressions. Enzo Zelocchi is perhaps that rare Hollywood actor who can manage to go overtly dramatic and the very next instant go completely numb. That may not impress a lot of movie buffs but in reality it is exactly what the director had envisioned.

My Little Princess is also a fine directing venture of Enzo Zelocchi and Charlotte Labadie (Irene) is a testimony to that. The young girl a powerhouse and has been aptly explored by Enzo donning the captain's hat. The film has gone on to grab some of the biggest awards including a gamut of honors for Enzo Zelocchi (Best Actor, Best Director, Best Writer & Screenplay, as well as the Best Family Movie).

My Little Princess had also bagged the Best Family Movie at the American International Film Festival 2010, California Film Awards 2010 and Best in Independent film Award 2010 at Official Best of Fest.

The film has been widely regarded as one of the best indie films of the year. Enzo Zelocchi as an actor and director has been phenomenally impressive with the film. The writing could have been better and possibly we would get to see a better and tighter script with his next productions.
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A wonderful masterpiece!
Mike Cohen24 March 2012
A wonderful masterpiece! The movie is very intense and touching with deep messages of family, faith and love.

Great performances from the whole cast, the film deserve all the success received. An excellent Outstanding performance for Enzo Zelocchi.

There is a lot of envy and jealousy around the success of this independent project, but everybody can get a real idea by checking the trailer and some of the scenes online.

The heart and talent of this young actor and filmmaker are something of very unique and great.

It's very inspiring to see new talented people into the entertainment business.

I'm looking forward to see more and more films from Enzo Zelocchi. Good work!
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Disappointment to the highest degree
hithard777-278-63128829 January 2012
With all the accolades that this film has received, I prepared myself for an engaging and emotionally charged short film. What I got in return was a slow-paced, horribly acted, and excruciatingly unoriginal piece of cinema.

I am always skeptical of a movie that features one person taking over the roles of writer, director, and star. Often times this creates unrealistic acting, and sub par writing and directing efforts. This was exactly the case with Enzo Zelocchi and My Little Princess. Zelocchi's acting was underwhelming at times, and over dramatic at others, giving his character glaringly noticeable flaws that brought little realism to a role that could have been moving and inspirational.

The topics discussed in this film are very touchy, and when done correctly, can result in great films. My Little Princess did not create any semblance of heartfelt cinema. Instead, it made a story of a grieving father dull and hollow, leaving this reviewer bored and unengaged.

This is a forgettable film that tried hard to pull at heart stings, instead of dealing with blatant script and acting issues. I gave this movie 1 star out of 10, and I hope that this review is both a warning to potential viewers and a wake up call to Mr. Zelocchi. Avoid this movie at all costs.
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