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Nate meets with the Italian chick, who announces that Damian Moreau is coming. She gives him a file and tells him it's time to put his plan, whatever it is, in effect.

DOD off-campus research lab, Langley, Va.

A woman leaves a message for General Atheron, threatening to call homeland security. Masked men come in and start taking pictures of her research as she hides. The grab her and drag her out along with some blueprints.

Once their outside, her lab blows up.

Her presumed abductors remove their masks and we see it's Eliot, Hardison and Parker. They announce they're saving her life.

Later, she meets with Nate and Sophie, who tell her that right now she's considered officially dead and she needs to stay that way. Damian Moreau wants her dead. It has something to do with her boss, Elias Atherton. Nate tells her Atherton is in Moreau's pocket.

She doesn't know why anyone would be after her. She's working on a battery.

Cut to Atherton haranguing lab guys to finish the project, which they say they can't do without Yasmine's battery. He tells them it has to be done by the weekend or they're fired.

A man waits for a private airplane. A leggy blonde gets off.

Atherton calls Moreau, telling him killing Yasmine was a mistake because they need her to finish the project. We see Moreau on the phone, getting off the plane, telling Atherton to get with it.

Nate tells Yasmine to go talk to Lt. Captain Bonnano and says he'll keep her safe.

Sophie announces Damian Moreau is running an auction with a $2 million buy in at the end of the week for something called the Ram's Horn. Eliot reports Moreau is staying at a downtown hotel. He's worried they don't have enough time to plan.

Eliot volunteers to cover the auction with Hardison. Nate wants access to the research lab.

"Let's go steal the Department of Defense," Nate says.

"Isn't that treason?" Parker asks.

"We'll give it back," Nate says.

At the lab, Nate intercepts Atherton, saying he's a congressional liaison and they need to get him out of there -- away from Sophie, who's waiting in the lobby.

At Moreau's hotel, Hardison checks on the plan with Eliot, reviewing that he'll pretend to be security.

Except when they get to Moreau's door and the goons ask who Eliot is, he says he's Eliot Spencer. They let him through.

In the elevator, Hardison is very concerned. Eliot warns him to stay close, it might get messy.

Back at the lab, Atherton leads Sophie (doing a Sarah Palin voice) as a congresswoman wanting answers about the lab. Parker lifts his wallet. He says he can show her everything but the fifth floor, which has top secret stuff.

She says Parker needs to make some calls and lifts Atherton's phone for her.

Around the hotel pool, Moreau's many body guards greet Eliot and Hardison with guns. Eliot knows the head guy, Chapman.

Moreau emerges from the steam room, calling Eliot an "old friend."

Parker uses Atherton's security card to access the computer, but they don't know what they're looking for. Nate calls one of the lab guys, saying the congresswoman is snooping around Ram's Horn and he wants to check the files. The lab guy texts him the file ID. Nate now knows what to look for.

Eliot tells Moreau he's escorting Hardison, the middle man, to bid on the Ram's Horn. Moreau says he won't talk to Hardison because he doesn't know him. He kicks Hardison, handcuffed to a chair, into the pool as Eliot vouches for Hardison, saying only that he's representing an oversees bidder.

Eliot coolly leaves Hardison at the bottom of the pool as Moreau thinks about it.

Finally, he drops the cuffs' key into the pool and Hardison gets out.

Moreau says they have a deal. Eliot and Hardison leave and the chicks in bikinis file back in, including the Italian.

The team meets up and Hardison announces that Eliot worked for Moreau. Eliot says he was protecting them by not telling them.

He says they're out of their league and the worst thing he ever did in his life, he did for Moreau.

Hardison looks at the plans Nate got.

Eliot tells the team that Moreau wants him to kill Atherton. Hardison announces that the Ram's Head is an electromagnetic pulse bomb that can take out a city.

Nate wants them to find out the details of the auction, even if that means killing Atherton.

Eliot watches Atherton with Moreau's goon Chapman. Chapman says he wanted to take out the whole family.

Eliot refuses the gun Chapman gives him, saying he doesn't like guns. Chapman pulls alongside Atherton and says he has a flat tire. From Atherton's back seat, Eliot twists Atherton's neck. Chapman and Eliot drive off.

At the hospital Nate wheels in a body bag with Atherton's ID.

In the morgue, Dr. Hardison is waiting. Nate unzips the body bag and a very alive Atherton pops up, incredulous that Moreau wanted him killed. They swap his body out for a John Doe.

Sophie goes in as Mrs. Atherton and IDs the body and gets his ID. Nate wants Sophie to use the ID to steal the bomb and take it to the auction. Once they get it in the same room as Moreau they can call in the authorities and get him busted for treason.

Moreau gets word that Atherton is dead and calls Eliot and tells him his client is allowed at the auction in one hour.

Hardison infiltrates the DOD lab.

A security guard checks in, saying his hospital intake nurse wife heard Atherton had been murdered. They see Atherton's ID had been used and track it.

In the hall, they tackle the person with his badge: one of the lab guys.

Flash back to Hardison in the elevator with the lab guy and Parker lifting his ID. The security guys head off after the lab guy's ID.

Parker and Hardison get to the lab and find that the bomb is gone. Alarms go off. Hardison reports to Nate, who's walking into a warehouse with Eliot.

They find the Italian woman inside, unconscious. She says her own people sold her out.

Sophie, Hardison and Parker track the bomb's electronic signature to a rail car.

Moreau calls Eliot, letting him know more people are on the way.

In the warehouse, Eliot takes out armed attackers.

From a bridge, Parker and Hardison watch the train go underneath.

Eliot says they're trapped in the warehouse, then asks the Italian chick if she can really take down Moreau. She says yes, so he picks up a gun and lays down cover fire. A dozen men take aim at him as Nate and the Italian chick sneak out. He hides behind a box.

Parker and Hardison jump on the train.

Eliot dodges bullets as Parker and Hardison drop into the rail car with the bomb. It's bolted to the floor, but Hardison has an idea.

Eliot continues dodging bullets, taking guns from guys as he takes them out.

Hardison tries to overload the batteries to disable the bomb.

Eliot finally stands up and walks out into the open holding a gun in each hand as a dozen guys aim at him. He slides down to his knees between the gauntlet as bullets shoot over his head and into the goons on each side.

When he stops, he shoots at a drum labeled "explosive."

Hardison rigs the bomb, frying it. He and Parker run. The railcar explodes.

Eliot stands among the flames, with everyone dead but Chapman, who stands behind him with a gun pointed at him.

Eliot raises his gun and takes him out before Chapman can react. He clarifies that he doesn't like guns, but he does know how to use them.

Sophie picks Parker and Hardison up from the train. They check in with Nate with sirens in the background.

Moreau waits at an airport hangar. Nate and the Italian chick find him there. Nate tells Moreau that whoever he sold the bomb to is wondering why they got cheated, now that the bomb is in pieces on the railroad tracks.

Nate makes a call, telling Yasmine to give a file to Bonnano. He opens it up and finds info on Moreau. Nate tells Moreau that he just gave the police proof of his crimes.

Moreau says he has none and Nate agrees, then says he's framing Moreau with the Italian chick's crimes.

Flashback to several episodes ago, the team getting a file out of a safe for the Italian chick. He claimed then that he didn't open it, but she realizes now that he did.

Nate tells Moreau that she had him steal records of money laundering through blood diamonds and Alexander Moto. All Nate did was change the accounts so the money went to Moreau.

Flash back to another episode, Nate getting Moreau's accounts.

Moreau asks Nate who he is.

Eliot runs into the hangar as Moreau takes out a gun. Moreau shoots the Italian chick in the shoulder as Nate holds Eliot back, telling him to let Moreau go because he has other plans for him.

Later, the team regroups at the hangar. Eliot asks Nate not to tell the rest of the team what he did. Nate says good bye to the Italian chick, as she's being loaded into an ambulance. She thinks the job is dead: Moreau's going to a tiny country called San Lorenzo with no extradition treaty with anyone.

Nate announces to the team that they're heading to San Lorenzo to finish the job.


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