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The Ewings, a new generation
bkoganbing13 June 2012
A premiere that was ballyhooed since last year finally arrived on TNT tonight. The feuding and backbiting Ewings of Dallas have come back with a pair of feuding cousins who are both looking to prove something to their fathers.

Bobby is ill with cancer and is looking to sell the family homestead of Southfork Ranch. He wants to preserve it's scenic beauty as a park and he still honors the promise made to his mother from the original series that they'll be no oil drilling on Southfork.

His nephew John Ross Ewing wants to make his mark as his legendary father JR Ewing did, he's found oil, a lot of it that will make him independently wealthy of all concerned.

And JR is in nursing home, but how many steps he's lost is something only he knows and I suspect not too many. As usual he's proving to be a master puppeteer.

That's the barebones outline of all the new premises established for the revived Dallas series. The Ewings were an interesting family to watch back in the day. Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, and Larry Hagman are all back and in real time as well as these folks have aged in real life as well as their characters.

Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson are Bobby and JR's sons and these two cousins are already feuding over business and women. And the issues of the day as Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing is into alternative energy and Henderson as John Ross Ewing wants to put Ewing oil back on the top of the energy heap.

Looks like Dallas is back in business. Whether the TV public is interested, time will tell. I'm interested.
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Kyle Hickey17 June 2012
As the "oringial" Dallas was before my time, I watched the reruns faithfully and truly fell in love with the show. The characters of the Ewing Family were one of a kind and in my opinion can never be duplicated by any other show. When word came that Dallas was going to be continued I was overjoyed and even more so when the premiere date was announced. I watched every single second of the "2012" Dallas and was simply amazed that after over 20 years they were able to create a way to continue the show and it's story without ruining the legacy of the original. I give this show 10 out of 10 and look forward to many more episodes of Dallas.
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Dallas is back with a LOT of Backstabbing
Josh Broudy14 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
My parents bought the old Dallas DVDs years ago. I was hooked pretty much from the get go.

I was worried that this new series, Dallas: The Next Generation, wouldn't be as good. It isn't as good. It's better.

Good ole boy Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) has gotten diagnosed with cancer. Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe), his adopted son, is doing his best to make a name for himself using alternative energy overseas. But Bobby doesn't trust Christopher run Southfork up to his standards if Bobby dies from this cancer. So, Bobby decides to sell Southfork. And John Ross (Josh Henderson), JR's son, is not too happy about it, as he wants to drill oil on Southfork. Oh, and JR's (Larry Hagman) not to thrilled with the prospect either.

We find JR in a retirement home. Not for long, though. Not when there's oil to drill and Texans to deceive. JR is once again played masterfully by Larry Hagman. The 80 year is as good as he was 30 years ago.

Patrick Duffy was also excellent as nice guy Bobby. He has excellent chemistry with his new wife Ann (Brenda Strong). Rounding out the quartet is Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), a much more refined character than she was 25 years ago.

The cousins John Ross and Christopher take after their fathers. They're involved with Elena Ramos, the daughter of a maid, and the former lover of Christopher.

That's about as far as I'll go into the plot. This show was and is going to be people's guilty pleasures. Our economy obviously is doing spectacularly right now. So why should we watch a show about a rich Texas family?

Well, it's the same reason people love George Clooney. He lives the life we all want to have. He has it. Many shows and movies have beautiful women and fast cars, but that's not what makes Dallas unique. Dallas has the IT factor. It's a guilty pleasure because 99% don't live that life. We don't have enough money to even consider being that greedy.

Money fuels almost everything in life. and when you have it, you have power. And that's why JR is such a compelling character. He's successful because he doesn't think with his heart, unlike Bobby. Probably, because he doesn't have one. You can call him a terrible husband, an awful parent, or even a soulless son. But that doesn't matter in business.

Because ultimately, blood may be thicker than water, but oil is thicker than both.
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It's Back
aefrench13 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Being a fan of the original show, (and recently completed watching the entire series on DVD) I have waited a while to see what TNT was going to offer. After watching the two hour and fifteen minute premiere, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This is pretty good, and you have to remember that this is a continuation of the original. This is not a reboot.

Just like J.R. and Bobby before them, John Ross and Christopher are rivals, except they are not fighting over Ewing Oil. John Ross is a wildcatter, trying to strike it rich much like his grandfather Jock did roughly eighty years ago. Christopher is not a part of the oil business, devoting his time to alternative energy. Bobby is married and running Southfork, Sue Ellen is involved in the political scene, and J.R. is continuing to use his tricks to get what he wants.

This really is like watching the show thirty years ago. And I like the fact that they keep mentioning the past. There are mentions of Jock, Miss Ellie, the fact that Miss Ellie's family have owned Southfork for around 150 years, and there is even a brief mention of Pam, Bobby's first wife (albeit not a flattering one by J.R.). And it is great to see Southfork all over again.

If the first two episodes tonight are any indication of what the series holds, then we are in for a ride. I recommend it.
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Riveting! Larry Hagman rocks!
Quicksilver190015 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Having loved the original Dallas, I watched this with interest and an open mind. After watching the pilot and first episode, I am hooked, if for no other reason than Larry Hagman as JR is better than ever. Old age has only added to his charm and personal power, and every line is a delight. It's not clear how he ended up in a posh nursing home for clinical depression - I think it's unlikely someone like JR would ever be thus afflicted, but he's back in business by the end of the first episode, fighting off the attempts of his loving family to do him in. Everyone in the cast has their own agenda - as usual, money and power - and I am very much hoping that JR will come out on top. Anyone who enjoyed the original Dallas will not be disappointed in the new series, because of Larry Hagman's finely nuanced performance alone. Old age reaches all of us, if we're lucky, but seeing the added dimension it gives to a man who is singularly ruthless and cunning as JR is absolutely fascinating. The camera focuses closely on his facial expressions - his satanic eyebrows alone deserve an Emmy - and you are always wondering whether he is sincere or faking sincerity to achieve his ends. It's a shame that they didn't bring this series back 10 years ago, as Larry Hagman is now over 80. Enjoy him while you can!

Edited to add - Having watched four episodes now, I can say that Dallas 2012 is actually better than the original, mostly due to Larry Hagman's performance. Now, at the age of nearly 81, having suffered numerous health problems through the years including recent cancer, there is a LOT more depth to Larry Hagman which comes across in his face, his voice and delivery. As one critic said, he is less like a character than a force, like the villains in the Lord of the Rings.

Further edited - Larry Hagman died yesterday. He had a peaceful, quick end, from what I read. I really hope he read this review and others, and knew how much he was loved and valued. Rest in peace, JR. You will be sadly missed.

Further edited - JR has been gone for awhile now and the show has had to find a new direction. I can say that this has occurred, thanks to two of the secondary characters, Mitch Pileggi as Harris Ryland and Judith Light as his mother, Judith. Judith is a stand-out, the true successor of JR. Her performance will make your hair stand on end!
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A Good Comeback for Dallas
afijamesy2k16 June 2012
Finally after years of god awful reality TV shows, bad remakes of classic shows and other stuff, we finally have a real popcorn television show with Dallas, a continuation based on the 1978-91 prime time soap opera about a wealthy family in oil and cattle ranch in Dallas Texas, this time it's main focus will be on john Ross (scheming son of the man everybody loves to hate J.R. Ewing) played by Josh Henderson and bobby's son Christopher played by former passions star Jesse metcalfe and of course the three legends played by Larry hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, although they are some flaws in this one, but the rest are just so good, including the emotional scene featuring bobby talking to J.R. at a nursing home about the Ewing legacy and how john Ross and Christopher should not follow the same mistakes that they made in the past, Jordana Brewster is also good as john Ross's love interest and Julie Gonzalo is also pretty good as Christopher's now wife Rebecca, and Larry hagman's back in top form as the man everybody loves to hate J.R. Ewing and so is Patrick Duffy as bobby, Brenda Strong (who was so good in the discontinued desperate housewives) is very strong in her role as bobby's new wife Ann.

Although I Have problems with the southfork ranch though, the HD is beautiful and the kitchen is nice, but it needs a feel to be home, still despite that, this is a very good version of a classic, something most TV shows lack today.

and I'm giving it a B+
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Welcome Back..JR & BOBBY I actually missed you..
twalloee14 June 2012
Almost 20 years since last time i saw Dallas. John Ross & Christofer kicks off where Bobby & Jr left back in 1991. I really liked the new Dallas, John Ross & Christofer fits their role. Nice to see Jr & Bobby again. I was a huge Dallas fan back in the days. And I really looks forward to see more. They are older but so I'm I.. But feel that Dallas 2012 will focus on John Ross battle with Christofer and SF ranch rights. John Ross has secretly drilling for oil on SF, and struck huge finding. But as miss Ellie claimed, NO drilling on SF. There's the twist. There is also some back feuds coming up to the surface regarding John Ross & Christofer. Hell, like father like son.

Cant wait to see more..
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"Dallas," Is Back!
filmguy197613 June 2012
This is a new generation of South Fork lies, backstabbing, deceit and greed. For the older generation who enjoyed the original series, there is enough continuity and history in the show to keep you intrigued. However, it is the new generation of Ewing's that have history repeating, and with delight! In my opinion, it is certainly the aged cast that intrigues me the most, and know that the show will heavily rely on the new blood. That doesn't mean that J.R., Bobbie and Sue Ellen won't have their moments to shine. John Ross, and Christopher Ewing are at the forefront of this new series, and there is much to say about the sibling rivalry of the past, coming forth into this cousin rivalry. I think the writing was well done, the opening sequence was similar enough to the original for the die hard fans, and the new cast certainly has a lot to live up to, and I think they will soar! I look forward to many more episodes, and perhaps some other cameos.....
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~Guilty Pleasure~
blueeyes07101116 June 2012
I would assume, at this point that, every one knows, at least a little of what Dallas (2012) is all about. I remember being a little girl, in Tennessee, and watching the original Dallas, with my mama. I loved it then, although,I didn't understand as much in the 80's as I do know. I have recently watched the older episodes, for nostalgic purposes, and loved them! The 2012 version is just as good!I am hooked! It is as dramatic, and beautiful, if not more, than the original! It is a "DRAMA"! I don't know what anyone excepted, when they turned on the T.V., but it delivers ALL desired and I am sure there is much MORE to come! :) I already know what my Wednesday nights will be. No comparison to some of the newer shows they have put on air. Dallas is my new guilty pleasure!
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This has a potential of being better than the original
Bob-4516 June 2012
I started watching "Dallas" in the fall of 1978; frankly, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch Victoria Principal rise up out of the pool, practically bursting out of a black swimsuit. I quit watching "Dallas" the season after the death of "Jock Ewing" (the late, great Jim Davis). The show was never the same after Davis' death and the scripts began repeating themselves; only the characters involved changed ("JR" and "Bobby" nearly die in a plane crash; "Dusty Farlow" is crippled in a plane crash; "Pam's mother" dies in a plane crash. Give me a break.) However, I couldn't keep myself away from watching the "Dallas" reunion a few years back; I was pretty shocked how bad Victoria Principal looked, though she still had that heart-stopping figure. Anyway, I was curious to see how the updated version would be; and I have to admit, I am pleased. While the epic dramatic tension and warmth has not yet appeared (and none of the women can hold a candle to the young VP), the plot machinations are, if anything, better than the original show. Clearly, "John Ross" and "Christopher are MUCH more complex characters than "JR" and "Bobby," and "Elena" (Jordana Brewster) promises to essay a much stronger woman than "Pam Barnes (Victoria Principal)and clearly won't be saddled with the "Goody Two-Shoes" passivity which, I am sure frustrated Principal and led to her dramatic departure from the show. It is clear much of the dramatic conflict of future episodes will revolve around the "lover's triangle" of "Elena," "John Ross" and "Christopher," and that is a good thing. This trio promise to become compelling enough to eventually carry the show as "Bobby," "Sue Ellen" and "JR" leave by attrition. After all, Larry Hagman is 80 years old and has been in poor health.

On a less positive note, I am really disheartened that David Jacobs, who created "Dallas," has been, reportedly, very badly treated by the new show's producers. I believe that is a mistake, as I read Jacob's book, "Dallas," which was published shortly after the premiere of the original show, and he is a VERY good writer. The book was much too raunchy for the 70s or 80s, but would past muster on any cable network now; though, even now, Jacobs' "Dallas," would probably feel much more at home on FX than TNT. No bother; the raunchy elements were not what made "Dallas" compelling; Jacobs ability to create memorable characters and situations was. I'm sure he could still teach these new producers a thing or two about creating compelling television. That being said, "Dallas" 2012 shows great promise and is off to a very good start. I give it a "7".
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Will It Make The Same Waves?
DKosty12313 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In 1978 during one of the worst recessions of the 1970's, Dallas originally started with Jock, Ellie, JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen, Cliff, Lucy, and a bunch of others. The top prime time soap contained something which fascinated everyone, an evil JR who played well being in oil which in 1978 was in such short supply that there were odd/even license plate days to get your gasoline. CBS had the top rated show on prime time television, while Reagen was running for his first term as President more people in the US were wondering who shot JR? The show had tawdry affairs, double dealing back stabbing business deals, and there was always someone getting tossed in the pool, and another deal being cut with JR cutting them out. There were motels, women, affairs, kids who were lied too about who their parents were and the oil barons club. There was a ball every year and there were always those scenes around the dinner table at Southfork. All the men drank so much that you wondered if any of them would survive.

Wonder no more, as they are back, the survivors, along with the kids who still don't really know who their parents are and have been lied to about it so long that they think they know. The kids are into bad blood too. If the first show is any indicator, we are not only back on track, but the pace is faster than ever.

The first show wastes no time in having Bobby ill, selling Southfork, John Ross Junior bringing in a gusher, and Bobby's adopted son Christopher preaching alternate energy while finding out it is not all it is cracked up to be. The women are here, and the younger generation of them appear to be smarter and more agile than Sue Ellen and the older generation was, but yet have trouble digesting lies and handling the rift between John Ross Junior and Christopher.

Bobby and JR are still at it too, only it doesn't start that way and there are other matters which will be resolved on upcoming shows. How will the ratings be? According to JR in the promos, this recession is much worse than the 1970's which means more people will stay home and watch. Is JR right when it is TNT trying to carry on the lighted torch from the old CBS warhorse?
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Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are 'It might have been!'
rmj1421 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
While the "new" Dallas could have been much worse, it could have been exponentially better. Having watched all three seasons of the reboot here are my random thoughts which I expressed succinctly in the title.

1. Without regard for their good looks, charm, and acting ability, Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe both looked too young and behaved too immaturely to carry their roles. Both actors looked closer to 25 than 35 and this lack of gravitas is a problem. As the "good seed" Metcalfe was too light weight to be a be believable counterbalance to John Ross and bad guys in general.

2. As the new series began, J.R. should have been in power and pulling strings and pulling levers from behind a desk (as he always did on the original) instead of traipsing all over from Dallas, to Las Vegas to Mexico etc trying to make a comeback. By 2012 Larry Hagman was too old to carry off the role as it was written, but it was not the proper milieu for the character in any case.

3. The role of Christopher was poorly conceived and written. He was not a strong enough character to be the good guy in charge so an aging Bobby once more filled that role. It is a difficult task to be both nice and tough and Christopher/Metcalfe were not up to it. He spent most of his time being judgmental and self righteous with no redeeming qualities like strength and forgiveness.

4. The show would have benefited enormously if the producers had paid for the rights to show flashbacks from the original. That it would have been a synergistic relationship should have been obvious to all. The new show would have gained depth and purpose while the owners of the original would have sold thousands of DVD sets that they otherwise will not.

5. I understand the need to introduce new blood but a blizzard of new characters dislocated the center of the show which had stayed true throughout 13 years of the original. As interesting as the Ryland clan was, and it was fine to feature them as the bad guys for an arc or two, as continuing characters they foolishly compete with the Ewings. Why was this new family invented out of thin air and the McKays relegated to one smart-ass nerd who gets himself hung?

6. To continue in that vein, why wasn't the old Carter McKay part used? Even if George Kennedy was too feeble for even a short guest role, his daughter Traci could have had a son, or even Carter McKay Jr (remember when last seen, McKay was back with Rose who was of child bearing age).

7. Way too many drug goons. When ordinary folk mix it up with drug king-pins, the ordinary folk wind up dead. It beggars belief that the Ewings would ever engage people like that in a tit-for-tat kind of game. The on and on with the Mexican drug story-line is not credible.

8. Not enough oil. Dallas was always about oil, and so it should have remained. While its reasonable that alternative energy would be featured to some extent, OIL should have remained the focus of the Ewing family.

9. Not enough Texas. The original was best in those years when its focus was close to home. The more the various characters went globe trotting the less believable it all was. Pam trying to find her mother in Austin was interesting, while her looking for Mark Graison in Asia was groan inducing. Cliff Barnes as head of the Texas OLM was believable stuff. Cliff Barnes as national energy czar, not so much. Trying to be "the biggest independent in the state of Texas" which J.R. identified as his goal early in the original, was far more compelling than the later attempts to take Ewing Oil international etc.

10. There should have been more meaningful roles for old cast members and their offspring known and unknown. Was everyone who worked on the new show unaware that Bobby had a son with Jenna that Ray, presumably, raised? What about J.R.'s other kids, the Beaumont boy (and his son) and Cally's child (and heaven knows how many others given J.R.'s lack of restraint).

11. John Ross was too bitter toward his family. One episode he even spoke harshly about Miss Ellie which made no sense at all given his relationship with her as a child. His condescension toward Bobby was over the top. His sense of entitlement was embarrassing. His father was such a strong character because buried beneath all the evil scheming J.R. did have some charm, redeeming qualities and love for his family.

12. Like any show of this sort, Dallas needed a decent center, a core of characters that the viewer can count on to generally do the right thing. The new Dallas turned just about everyone into messed up sleazy creeps. Bobby's new wife should have been a rock instead of an unstable head case. Bobby himself stooped to levels he would never have contemplated on the original.

I liked the two young female leads. Obviously they are both gorgeous, but they are two very different types, decent actresses, and frankly deserved better treatment than they got from their male counterparts. Bobby and Sue Ellen were not used to their potential but they did OK. In fact that sums up my feelings very well, the new Dallas was "OK". I watched it out of a sense of loyalty to the original and because even though sometimes it was pretty bad, occasionally it hit the sweet spot and made the time investment seem worthwhile.

(first written in October 2014, updated and expanded April 2015)
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Entertainment is Back!
Warning: Spoilers
Finally some good entertainment is back "DALLAS".

I JUST SMILE, remembering when I was a child, not more than (5)years hearing the starting music, peeping through the bed room door, not to get caught trying to watch DALLAS, because I had school in the morning, loll. This was 33 years ago. Iam so glad they did not change the original starting music. I so enjoy the movie now as I remembered, how "DALLAS" was back then, with out mobile smart phones, could imagine what JR would do with an IPAD back in the 80's & his scheming smile.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, so looking forward to next week movie sitting with the family all over again.
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What's Not to Like About the Best Series Ever Made!
markhaazen20 January 2013
I loved the original Dallas and while happy to see so many original cast members I was nonetheless skeptical that the story would hold up after all of these years and still manage to be as exciting and dynamic as the original. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that not only was it as good as the original, in my opinion it is even better! With J.R. as creatively devious as ever and now schooling his grown son in how to be a rapscallion the wonderful deceit upon which Dallas is built and thrives is as cleverly contrived as it ever was. Saddened, of course, to learn of the death of Larry Hagman, but interested to see how they weave his death into the new season and wondering if they will be able to maintain the dynamic into a third season without J.R. I was thrilled!!! It's absolutely FANTASTIC!!! The cast is amazing and the storyline so far has been intense!! I'm excited for the new season to start at the end of this month. If you haven't watched yet, do it!!! Easily my favorite new show of 2012!!
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pawebster15 March 2013
Who'd have thought it? It looked doomed to disaster, but in fact it's great. It has exactly the same crazed atmosphere and bizarre plot twists as the original series. I never thought they'd crack it.

There's lots to love: Linda Gray seems to have metamorphosed into an anorexic animatronic puppet, with the skin precariously stretched over her face bones. You feel she might shatter at any moment - but she is still strangely attractive and fascinating to watch. She can still pack a punch as Sue Ellen. Admittedly in season two she undergoes a complete mentality switch in no time flat, but, hey, it's Dallas. Bobby and J R are still very good (though J R's just died here in the UK run).

Perhaps more importantly the two cousins are very good actors. Josh Henderson is great as John Ross. The make-up and hair department have let him down a little by overdoing the sleazy look - who'd buy a gallon of anything from this man? Jesse Metcalfe is the perfect counterfoil. He has a more difficult part to play as the goodie, since in drama is notoriously harder to make a goodie interesting. The young women are only so-so. Elena is just a younger and less interesting skeleton than Sue Ellen and Pam just pouts most of the time. Neither of them can hold a candle to Victoria Principal in her prime, or to Linda Gray. However, Brenda Strong is excellent and has the best acting ability on the set, at least among the women.

Don't cancel it, TNT. We want to see it here in the UK, despite the ridiculous time slot Channel 5 has given it.
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Return of Dallas
pam butterworth27 April 2013
I avidly watched every episode of Dallas the first time around in the 1980's. I was unsure if the excitement could be replicated in this long awaited follow up series but I'm pleased to say, that now I've got used to all the new, especially younger characters, it is just as gripping as ever. The death of Larry Hagman was a sad loss, but his son fills his shoes admirably. I'm sorry that Victoria Principal felt unable to appear in this new series - she doesn't know what she's missing !! Linda Gray looks brilliant. I'm sure the wheeling and dealing will continue with every twist and turn on the roller coaster journey. Can't wait to see the next episode. Long may it all continue, I'm really enjoying it.
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Long awaited - not disappointed
markus-appel21 August 2012
Well, well, well... ...as probably one of the biggest fans of the original series (and a German tourist who actually visited Southfork as some sort of "sacred" place in 2003) I must admit that I actually didn't know about the new series until it had already started. Having watched the first season now I must say that I don't care about glitches in the plot, far-fetched stories and somewhat ludicrous biographies. The question I asked myself is: Was I entertained? And the answer is: YES YES YES! J.R. is better than ever, actors' performances (even those of Chris and John Ross) are sometimes (not always) superb.

After all those years of abstinence it was about high time to see the Ewings back in the ring. I thank you TNT!!!
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Most addictive show in years...
theromanempire-128 July 2013
This was a great new dallas show which combined the old gang with new promising actors.

When i got to see season one i started watching in the morning and finished the whole season at night in 10 hours time.

I was so hooked i did not go to...the bathroom once.

The plot was great and the surprises and suspense were constant and very good.

We all knew J.R and bobby but also the new actors were nice and had the right chemistry between them.

Especially JULIE GONZALO "Rebecca" was so sweet she reminded me of priscilla presley and she made a great couple with "christopher" in season 1.

I fell for her from the beginning of the show but also liked most of the remaining new actors of the show.

We also had some nice cameos from tilton, sackleford and kanaly who reminded us the past and of course barnes was there for a bunch of episodes to make j.r's life more miserable.

All in all this was a great new beginning and i hope it goes well in the next seasons.


Dynasty is next for "reboot"
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Welcome to DALLAS
LoveAtFirstSite21 June 2012
Finally this show is back! This show is full of life and packed with extremely talented characters. So far every episode pulls you in and leaves you wondering who's on who's side and who will be the one left standing in the dust. It really makes you feel like they picked up where the original Dallas left off. And it's exciting how they relate back to a lot of the old characters and story lines. It helps to maintain that connection to the original. Glad they were able to bring back such a great show and really enable it to thrive and build upon such an enthralling and longstanding story. Here's to a new Drama worth watching!
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oil is thicker than blood
jas_webb1 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
beautiful cast.. dastardly schemes.. family feuds.. and sub plots galore throw in a few familiar faces.. a pout from sue ellen and a few heart stopping glares from JR. mix it all up with lashings of crude oil and some slightly questionable acting and what do you get? DALLAS that's what! I wanted to hate it but I cannot lie its just great TV. Im already hooked, i was from the first episode. and that theme tune. boy oh boy it brings back memories, who shot JR, bobby in the shower.. dusty.. and poor old cliff barnes.. will he ever get one up on JR? tune in next week to find out ;-) If you enjoyed the original then do give the new one a chance, you wont be disappointed.

welcome back. fab stuff ;-)
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Great so far but I want more characters and glamour
Roxsana Haq2 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I recall the original as I watched quite a bit of it as a child. I do think that Dallas 2012 has the potential to be even better than the old series as the story lines are more thought out. However I did love the original for the cheese and glam factor and it was a guilty pleasure.

Its a good start so far and I'm so glad Bobby and JR Ewing are playing real-time ages and they help to build that nostalgic feeling along with the South fork ranch. The casting is good especially Jesse Metcalf as he really looks the part and surprisingly acts well too.

However the actress that plays Elena (Jordana Brewer)doesn't seem to fit the bill, she is too gaunt and skull-like (great description from another reviewer!)and this makes the love triangle seem unrealistic at times. If she put on even 7lbs she may look as good as she did in Fast and Furious, she looks old and haggard right now almost like a recovering anorexic.

Apart from that a good first series and I look forward to the season finale next week and hopefully not too long of a wait for season 2 hopefully with more glamour , good looking people and all the other trappings of the wealthy we love to dream about!
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Dallas 2012 – Review
Mouth Box18 September 2012
Based on the original Emmy award-winning CBS show of the same name, the new series of Dallas, currently showing on Channel 5 in the UK, follows the lives of JR and Sue Ellen's son John Ross, and Bobby and Pam's son Christopher, as they battle it out over whether to drill for oil on the South Fork ranch, or look for more "green" energy sources in Texas.

That's the official blurb, now let's look at some of the fine detail. It's ironic that it's Larry Hagman who's been fighting with cancer off-screen, while it's Patrick Duffy's character Bobby who's battling with the disease on-screen – making it tempting to side with JR's team right from the off. Meanwhile poor old Larry is clearly struggling to learn his lines – reading every word painstakingly through bloodshot eyes from an off-camera autocue.

Do we care? No. We're so damned pleased to see JR back on our TV screens we wouldn't mind if Hagman played every scene with his script written in lipstick on the heavily botoxed forehead of Sue Ellen.

Should we be concerned that all the 20-something male actors in the cast look so similar to each other that it's often difficult to tell them apart and keep track of who's zooming who? Not really. And who gives a heck if Victoria Principal is too busy to do the gig at all, and Cliff Barnes can't even be bothered to show up until episode three? Dallas got as popular as it did in the UK partly because Terry Wogan talked about it so much on BBC radio. It was he who coined such immortal phrases as "The Poison Dwarf" and catapulted the series to the cult status it enjoys today. Thanks to Terry, the Brits learned to love Dallas like we love the Eurovision Song Contest. Because it was so bad it was good. Well, it's still bad, and it's still good.

In this new incarnation we can additionally enjoy JR's massive eyebrows. It is rumoured that they have already been offered a spin-off series of their own. But best of all, we can hungrily devour such classic lines as, "I was gonna tell you about the earthquake, dad. Really I was." Long live Dallas. Now that it's in High Definition we can more clearly see the irony.
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Better than the original
Brownsbros31 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It is not often that a series tops the original, but we've now seen it twice in the last couple of years. It first happened with Hawaii Five-O, and now it has happened again with Dallas. It is the perfect blend of both old and new cast members. It amazes me to see Larry Hagman at 80 years old still being able to do J.R. just as good as ever. John Ross is a chip off the old block, even though casting wise Larry is closer being more of a grandfather figure, than a father figure.

I am also glad they brought Patrick Duffy back as Bobby Ewing. He is an underrated actor, and it has been way too long since he'd been on screen. I like the mentoring storyline with Christopher about Bobby showing him how to do things the right way, and J.R. showing John Ross how to do them the sneaky, underhanded way.

I know a lot of folks want them to bring Pam back, but I don't think it is necessary. I'm liking Bobby and Annie just fine. I did like the appearances for Ray, Lucy, and Cliff.

I give credit to the youngsters Josh, Jesse, Julie, and Jordana. They've have been given the reigns to one of TV's all time greatest shows, and they are really making it work. I hope that the second season will have more episodes than just the 10 that they are shooting for the first season.
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Starts off mediocre, turns into fantastic.
Shopaholic3513 February 2014
OK so I know when you first watch this you feel like it just doesn't work but I promise you need to stick with it. I had initial doubts after watching the first half of season one and then I'm not sure exactly when it happened but all of a sudden "BAM" I was hooked and this seemingly mediocre show turned into a fantastic show.

I've never seen the original Dallas but you'd have to be living under a rock to have not heard about some of the dramas or characters. Well many of the original cast have major roles in this new version of Dallas and they work well with the new generation of Ewings. It feels so seamless and natural the way the new cast blends in with the old. And as you'd expect if you were a fan of the original version there is just as much drama and betrayal as ever.

A truly fantastic soap drama that turns out much better than you could have imagined.
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Worth the suffering for Larry Hagman
mark-newman-115 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm 52... well, I was when I wrote this! I remember not only that JR was shot but that it had made the staid and rather conservative 9 o clock news on the BBC! Thus was the impact that this show had on it's UK audience! A FICTIONAL murder had made headlines on the national news.

Fast forward to the internet age and a new (less patient and more sophisticated) audience!

First - THANK YOU for keeping the original theme music and the opening graphics which were identical to the original but updated with newer cameras and of course... wide screen!

Another nod to the past was the highlight of plush interiors and lavish exterior shots. The show is, well... beautiful! And of course so are all the people in it...

(Finally a thank you for including Charlene Tilton. She was too often overlooked in the original series' but I always thought she was easily the most, erm... 'do-able' bird in the nest!)

Unfortunately, all the new characters are pretty unlikable. By which I mean - I didn't care either way if they got screwed over or did the screwing over! Of course, with a younger demographic footing the bills for TNT it was written and marketed towards a more youthful television viewer. But that said, the brilliant TV series "REVENGE" had more of the Dallas 'feel' about it than this offering did.

But a salvage crew was on hand, lead by the masterful and simply wonderful octogenarian Larry Hagman. Thankfully he had enough screen time and managed to keep me hooked. (How is this man even alive?) Others from the original series were equally welcome and really, that's why I stuck with it.

The premise of this outing is a bit preposterous and there's pretty much no subtlety to the direction of the plot. But the cast are capable and do a great job... It's not them that fail to make this series happen.

There are basically two elements missing for me... first is the characters. I didn't like any of them! Young beautiful people mired in melodrama and self absorbed lust for themselves. Not attractive! Second was the lack of a decent story.

That said... If Larry Hagman returns for a second series, I won't miss a second of it!
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