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Will Poulter (Kenny) stayed up late while listening to "Waterfalls", by TLC, to have his character rap along in a scene involving the song. Poulter personally chose the song because he considers himself a hip-hop fan.
The cast played a prank on Jennifer Aniston by playing the Friends (1994) theme song ("I'll Be There For You" by The Rembrandts) instead of TLC's "Waterfalls" during a take. This was the last clip used in the bloopers.
Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Will Poulter all won best on screen kiss at the MTV movie awards for the kiss scene the 3 of them had in the RV.
Despite the subject matter, no character is ever seen consuming marijuana.
Jennifer Aniston used a butt double for the stripping scene. All parts of the scene are Aniston other than butt close-ups
David referenced having seen the show Dexter (2006) while standing on the plastic sheets. Both Matthew Willig (One Eye) and Mark L. Young (Scottie P) were on Dexter.
Make-up artists made a prosthetic replica of Will Poulter's genitalia for the tarantula bite.
During Rose's stripper routine to distract the bad guys, Jason Sudeikis breaks the fourth wall by giving a smirk and head nod to the camera.
One of 3 movies in which Emma Roberts has co-starred with a female lead from Friends (1994). Here, she worked with Jennifer Aniston. She previously worked with Lisa Kudrow in Hotel for Dogs (2009) and with Courteney Cox in Scream 4 (2011). Her aunt Julia Roberts once also starred in an episode of friends
It can be assumed that David named his family the Millers after his apartment complex, 200 Miller Street Apartments, located on N. Miller Street.
Scottie P. says "You know what I'm saying?" a total of 11 times during the movie (Extended Cut).
Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Steve Buscemi were all considered for the lead at various stages of development before Jason Sudeikis was cast.
When David is in the strip joint trying to convince Rose to go with him to Mexico, he mentions that it would be "like Pretty Woman." Emma Roberts who plays Casey in this movie is the niece of Pretty Woman (1990) star Julia Roberts.
At the beginning of the film, Jason Sudeikis wears two shirts showing Kansas City (his home town) BBQ places that include Oklahoma Joe's and Arthur Bryant's.
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis have been in FIVE movies together thus far: We're the Millers, Horrible Bosses, Horrible Bosses 2, Mother's Day, & The Bounty Hunter.
The 16th biggest grossing film of 2013.
A large number of the film's main cast members have portrayed characters on one or more NBC comedy series throughout the years. Examples include Jennifer Aniston in Friends (1994), Jason Sudeikis in Saturday Night Live (1975), Ed Helms in The Office (2005), Nick Offerman in Parks and Recreation (2009), Kathryn Hahn in Parks and Recreation (2009) and Free Agents (2011), and Scott Adsit in 30 Rock (2006).
The coffeehouse scene at the beginning is actually Port City Java on Market Street in Wilmington, NC. The coffee cup seen being held by a character is an actual Port City Java cup with the logo turned to the side.
Adam Driver was originally cast in the role of Scottie P, but had to drop out due to scheduling issues with Girls (2012).
Luis Guzmán, while not tall (5'7 1/2"), is not as short as the dwarf cop he plays in this movie. His face was scanned and superimposed over that of a shorter actor.
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The Orca in Brad's office, the first time we see the office, appears to have a shark in its jaws as it passes to our right.
The front license plate of the Volkswagen Bus, the driver of which gets searched because of a joint, is a German license plate of the city of Wolfsburg, the headquarters of Volkswagen. It also has the numbers 1976, which might indicate the birth year of the owner.
Emma Roberts was nervous when she first met Jennifer Aniston.
Don and Edie (Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn) play husband and wife in this movie, the same actor and actress are also in Parks and Recreation (2009) together (Nick plays Ron Swanson and Kathryn plays Jennifer Barkley).
Rose doesn't wear an engagement ring, only a wedding ring.
Emma Roberts plays Johnny Depp's daughter in Blow (2001), the story of a real life drug dealer.
The movie is supposed to take place on 4th of July weekend but in 2013 the 4th of July was on a Thursday. On David's phone in the beginning it shows July 1 meaning it was Monday.
Jason Sudeikis character is also in the TV-series Last Man on Earth, where he also plays a Miller. Also they depart from Tucson (where Last Man on Earth is taking place)
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the scene where the main characters are revealing their real names to one another, David asks if Rose's real name (Sarah) is spelled with an 'h'. This seems to be a direct reference to the same query which was made to 'Elizabeth Shue''s character in Leaving Las Vegas (1995) by Nicolas Cage's character. (Shue's response was that her name is spelled with an 'e': "Sera".)
When David (Jason Sudeikis) is in Brad's (Ed Helms) office in the beginning of the movie, David mentions seeing Dexter. Later in the movie, David meets One-Eye (Matthew Willig). Willig played Little Chino on the second season of Dexter.
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