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A guilty pleasure

Author: hereshopin from United States
7 October 2010

True, it bravely parades a felony act right before our very eyes and most people can't understand why anyone would live in such a way, but Sister Wives is definitely interesting enough to catch and maintain your attention.

I spend most of the episodes trying to determine if these wives are truly as happy and pleased with their lifestyle as they constantly insist they are. Voices breaking from emotion are frequent and usually when describing how "rewarding" this life is but one can't help but wonder if there isn't something deeper and far less amiable at play as well.

The wives are more expressive than I had expected them to be regarding territorial issues and feelings of jealousy and they do admit to their occasional presence, but what they seem to consider the "fringe benefits" of their lifestyle,(help with their children, housework and lets' face it,someone to talk to) feels more to me like what is keeping their stronger emotions in check.

One does feel a bit sorry for these women as it often feels like they are being cheated, but if their expressions of satisfaction are genuine, are they really being robbed of anything? It is that steady, back and forth dilemma that as far as I'm concerned makes this show irresistible---despite it's moral or legal questionably.

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A chance to learn Polygamy isn't all about abuse, tax cheating, or welfare fraud

Author: allworkpeace from United States
20 March 2011

Having read reviewers who insist polygamy must remain illegal, I had to provide my vote for tolerance for the lifestyle of people who don't hurt anybody or cheat anyone. That's the Browns, pure and simple. Kody and his four wives entered the relationship as consenting adults, and they're raising all their children with two primary rules: they'll be educated to the extent they choose, and they'll choose whether they'll be polygamists as adults.

I've written articles about the fact that illegality of polygamy protects people who break other, much worse laws, such as spouse and child abuse and defrauding the government.

I understand polygamy doesn't sit well with many people, but something must be done to protect children from being forced into marriage, especially with older men, and prevent tax and welfare cheating. Some sort of legal registration of these relationships could protect everyone and let people live their chosen lifestyle in peace.

With all the negative press about abusive groups like the Warren Jeffs clan, it's refreshing to see people like the Browns living the polygamous lifestyle without hurting anyone.

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Kody's Hair

Author: sanlib45 from U.S.
18 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

That's what they should call this show, it's clearly his first love. He flips his hair around more than all of his wives and daughters combined have done (on air, anyway). I've watched every episode and I am far from traditional, my standards for lifestyle begin and end with happiness. I see Kody is giddy happy with his new wife but see the tears and struggles with his legal wife and some with his third wife and I just don't see the of religious doctrine that breaks hearts and gives a man a free pass to embark on a romantic phase that he admits he never experienced before wife number 4. The fact that he's feeling this now would hurt me horribly if I were his first wife, 2nd or 3rd. The fact that he's gleefully broadcasting this to the world on television makes it so much worst, add to that it would just be the ultimate humiliation. Wife 4 likes to say the polygamist lifestyle "rubs off" the rough spots. I just can't imagine agreeing with that. I might refer to that process more as a "wearing down" of aspects of self that should never be given up.

And the children. I have several and I can't count the times they've all needed something at the same time and I am fielding multiple conversations and requests all at once. No way he can be the father they deserve. Maybe he's not the worst father, maybe he's not abusive in a glaring sense of the word and maybe they have their doctrine to keep them warm at night. But no way is it all lollipops and gumdrops for the kids the way they seem to try to portray. What's glaring to me is how they can only feature so many of the kids in each segment. Nothing against the kids, what I've seen of them, they seem quite decent.

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great "inside" view

Author: terrie-abc from United States
13 March 2011

a great view inside this fascinating lifestyle. While I would not be able to share my husband, I can totally see the benefits of having sister wives, and how that could really bring a lot to family life. These people are really amazing and I enjoy getting to know them through this show.

It seems to me that the wives really hold the family together more than the husband does. They share the load and manage the household together, including raising each others' children.

The honesty in which they discuss their feelings about the other wives is touching. I would be friends with these women - they are truly powerful and loving and honest and sensitive all at the same time.

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Author: mmiller-379-136812 from United States
13 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Kody's ego is so big that you can only enjoy the hubris if you feed it. I would feel sorry for the wives and kids if I didn't believe they were actually taking advantage of the gravy train that allows their affluence to be displayed as necessity.

In all of the episodes, their value statements and their re-creation of God to suit their own purposes, they are insulated and do not appear concerned with anyone else but themselves. Their righteous is so self-serving. Their lives are built around money and ego. Their self-absorption is not good for the kids - they can make their own choices for themselves.

It's a big world - lots of needs, lots of diversity, lots of real problems. This family does not live in this world.

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Weird to Wonderful

Author: bcassidyt from NJ
29 November 2013

It took me at least one season of shows to make the leap from feeling disgusted to being as accepting of the Brown Family as they are of each other and the rest of us, too. I think that there are many life and marital lessons to be learned by watching the Browns and I wish I had been exposed to them before getting married myself. I'd have saved myself a world of heartache.

The women are strong and determined, each in her own right. Kody is upbeat, accommodating, respectful, and capable of making very tough decisions in the best interest of the family.

The family members are completely open and accepting of freedom of choice when it comes to religion, sexual orientation, lives, and life styles. I appreciate their acceptance - which is different from tolerance - of others.

I have become very fond of this family and appreciate that they put themselves out there as they have. I have read comments of people discussing same sex marriage and write, "the next thing will be polygamy." If that means choosing the life modeled by the Browns, I say live and let live and make it legal. This is a healthy, loving, united family which serves as a great model for all of us, and if we all lived by their moral standards and convictions, the world would be a much better place.

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It will make you more tolerant and less prejudiced

Author: juliachristinep from United States
18 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe this show has such low IMDb ratings! For anyone who is interested in alternative lifestyles, religion, discrimination, or human relationships this show will open your eyes to a totally different perspective.

I decided to watch it as a last resort late at night when I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up watching 5 episodes in a row because I found it so infatuating. I totally expected to resent all of the characters, thinking any polygamist man was a womanizer and any polygamist female was insecure and weak. I was wrong. I found myself sympathizing with all of the characters, and feeling something akin to admiration for the integrity the polygamist lifestyle requires. At first I thought letting your loved one have other spouses meant you didn't think you were worthy of having him all to yourself, but now I can see all of the benefits these women find in the lifestyle. It makes them better people, and gives them fuller lives. Who am I to judge?

Janelle is my favorite and had the greatest impact on my perception of polygamist women. Like so many women she wants all the best life had to offer: a great career AND great children and family life. Polygamy gave her all of that. She doesn't need to worry about childcare because her sister wives can take care of her kids when she's at work, and her high paying career helps support the stay-at-home sister wife. Women in monogamous relationships need to choose one or the other some point down the line....but seeing Janelle's lifestyle goes to show polygamy can be of all things liberating to women, something I never expected.

If you like alleviating your prejudices, watch this show.

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Kody feeding his gargantuan ego

Author: MartianOctocretr5 from Redondo Beach, CA
8 August 2016

There is coming a new monument to the United States, similar in theme and design to Mount Rushmore, that of the oracle of wisdom Kody Brown. His carved image will, as always, be surrounded by the lesser images of four women all fawning over him like lemmings.

In the arena of the genre of so called "reality" TV, there is a vast wasteland of garbage and idiocy. However, some of these reality TV shows manage to slither into sewers and crevices even lower than the rest. Sister Wives, featuring Kody Brown the holy oracle of polygamy along with his patriarchal empire, is the epitome of moronic reality shows.

If this sloppy mess of distressed emotions and constant social conflict was meant to put polygamy in a good light, it fails miserably. Kody can make up phrases like "multiple marriage" to legitimize his world of confusion," but the reactions of his four wives (one legal and three he calls "spiritual") belie his false pretense of harmony and success. And multiple marriage means exactly the same thing that polygamy does.

Nothing is ever calm in the four neighboring households "on the cul- de-sac" that defines Kody's realm. None of his kids seem happy, and one by one are moving as far from him as they can get. The women are griping all the time, and of course, instead of blaming his royal highness they stage childish cat fights among themselves to increase his ego of having women fighting over him. Listening to their carefully prepared speech is irritating too; you can just see Kody's disheveled hair and squinty eyes staring at them threateningly while they talk.

One could go on and on about how trashy these people and their arrangement are. Suffice it to say there are many other TV channels you could be watching instead of these imbeciles.

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Love this show

Author: bryan-harmsen
7 June 2016

I think this family is very genuine, and I absolutely love this show! They are good, loving people who seem to just want others to understand their otherwise very misunderstood lifestyle, which was unfortunately given a bad name by some very bad people. They obviously love their children and each other very much, and I think they are very interesting. I also think they handle their critics with great candor. It's the only reality TV show I have ever enjoyed because they are very true to themselves and don't seem to try to add any drama. I would love to meet them one day, and I am glad they made the decision to share a part of their lives with us!

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It takes a village....

Author: cobzut from Michigan
16 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In many neighborhoods, families and even church congregations we use the phrase that was taken from African Villages, "It takes a village to raise a child". When I think of all of the people involved in actually raising a family a village would be so helpful. While I understand the controversy surrounding the Brown family, I , even as a married woman do not see what the big deal is, even as a woman of faith.I believe In the Bible many men took several wives, I can not give you any quotes as I have not dug deeply for them. However, what I do know is that 17 years or so ago, Kody Brown loved a woman and married her legally. He fell in love with the rest of the women and had a ceremony to celebrate. While many of us choose to go in a different direction, noting they are doing seems to be illegal or in anyway immoral. I just heard the teaser for the news and there were three crimes involving sex and very inappropriate situations, those are things that should upset us. Not a family trying to raise their family in a way that is look on as different. Watching the show I see so much of the ups to their family life. For one thing help and teamwork. How many of us wives are completely overwhelmed while our spouse is happily oblivious to our never ending to do list. They also have someone to come home to not only for themselves but for the kids when they come home from school or other events. There is cooperating with the meals, finances, cleaning even dealing with the heart ache that comes with raising teenagers. When new babies arrive, they can provide the same kind of support some native tribes and early settlers provided for women who have just given birth. There are other women in the home to assist with the baby so the mother does not become overwhelmed and can get enough rest to perform the duties a mother needs to do in an infants first few months of life.

I do think of this situation though an apply it to myself and it does tug at my heart strings. I can not imagine how it must feel to think of your husband sleeping in a bed with another woman right down the hall. I suppose that if I grew up in a family where polygamy was the norm then it might be an easier pill to swallow. If it was not though, I would have a hard time not being jealous.

All in all, I really enjoy the show. I understand people are asking why are they making a show about this topic however, I laugh sometimes when people talk about all of the TLC programming; TLC stands for The Learning Channel. This means that the programming on this channel is intended to educate us on topics that we might not know about all ready and are curious about. If they showed programs about things we did know about, it would be pretty boring. Also, if we are going to start attacking this family for their way of life than we should probably start attacking large families who lived together. Remember Dynasty- everyone loved that show.

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