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  • Having decided to help Lumen find the other men who attacked her, Dexter is at a loss when he is called to the scene of a road accident. There he finds a pick-up truck that has disgorged its contents - several formaldehyde-laden barrels containing the bodies of dead women. Of course the women are Boyd Fowler's victims Dexter had discovered in the swamp some time before. The truck is registered to a celebrity, motivational speaker Jordan Chase, who claims that his truck was stolen. Dexter is more interested in Chase's head of security, Cole Harmon, who fits Lumen's description of one of her attackers. Debra meanwhile is still on the Santa Muerte case and Lt. Laguerta agrees to a sting operation using their new informant, Yasmine Aragon. It doesn't all go as planned resulting in several deaths.

  • A man wearing a suit hires workers to remove the barrels with the corpses of dead women from the swamp. While he is driving his pickup truck, he is hit by a drunk driver and the barrels are dumped on the road. Dexter is summoned to the spot and he learns that the truck belongs to Jordan Chase, a popular motivational speaker. He comes to the Miami Metro with his security chief Cole Harmon and claims that the truck was stolen. Dexter manages to take a photo of Cole and when he shows it to Lumen, he finds that he is one of the attackers. Meanwhile, Debra, LaGuerta, Angel, Quinn and Manzon prepare a stakeout in the Mayan Club with the informer Yasmine Aragon expecting to arrest Carlos Fuentes. However, LaGuerta takes the command from Debra and the plan goes deadly wrong. Stan Liddy proceeds his investigation of Dexter and Lumen. Dexter breaks into Cole's house and finds an intriguing picture of five men together.

  • While helping Lumen, Dexter finds himself on a collision course with Debra and the rest of Homicide when he is called to investigate a horrifying crime scene. Meanwhile, the Santa Muerte case leads to a violent standoff between Debra and the Santa Muerte killers.

  • By aiding Lumen, who has shot one of her attackers in an old warehouse, Dexter puts himself on a collision course with Debra, and risks being found out.


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  • Dexter and Lumen discuss a plan for getting the rest of Boyd's crew. She tells him about "watch guy" (who she never saw and knows only that he tormented her by holding a ticking time-piece next to her ear) and "suit and tie," a man whose face she did see.

    A man drives up to Boyd's body-dumping swamp pond in a pickup. He gets out and folds up his suit jacket neatly (exactly in the way "suit and tie" did while Lumen was held captive). He instructs a group of hired men to put the drums into the truck. Dexter tells Lumen he works alone. All he says is "we'll see." Dexter thinks to himself that Lumen has nothing else going on in her life besides revenge but he doesn't think he can involve her too much in his. Before leaving her at his house (where she is staying) Dexter shakes Lumen's hand.

    After paying off the night laborers and leaving the swamp with the five 55-gallon drums containing the bodies of earlier victims, "suit and tie" guy gets violently T-boned by a speeding SUV at an intersection.

    When Dexter relieves Sonya he notices she's been placing a figurine of a saint above Harrison's crib to watch over him. He doesn't seem to like the idea and places the small figurine in Harrison's toy box after she leaves.

    Debra and Quinn have the awkward beginnings of a conversation about potentially living together. She gets a call about the traffic accident and tells Quinn that he'll be getting a call, too, as everyone is being called in.

    Dexter arrives on the accident scene and Angel shows him the barrels opened during the impact of the crash and now there are five female corpses lying on the street, with a formaldehyde-based liquid all over the place. The other driver was drunk and can't provide an ID for the "suit and tie." He knows just what happened and moves to the truck only to find Masuka already working in it. He's found the jacket along with a ton of prints. Dexter spots Lumen watching from the crowd. Quinn sees this interaction just as Liddy calls to tell him a woman has been staying at Dexter's place.

    Dexter convinces Lumen she has to leave.

    Inside the glove compartment Debra finds a registration identifying the truck as belonging to Jordan Chase, a nationally renowned motivational speaker. Dexter realizes Chase is the same one who Boyd had been listening to whenever he was inside his house. Masuka has found primarily one person's prints inside the truck but they are not in the system. Dexter spots a few hairs on the suit jacket.

    Quinn can't get in touch with Chase. Debra is getting IDs on the victims. Quinn brings up their living together again and Debra bristles.

    Debra and Quinn are called into Maria's office to talk about an upcoming operation to grab the Fuentes brothers at Club Mayan. With help from an informant the plan is to get the brothers before they get inside the club. Debra and Angel will be outside in a van while Quinn, Maria and Officer Cira Manzon will be inside. Debra wonders why the team won't actually be outside but Maria brushes off the question. Before leaving, Captain Tom Matthews warns Maria her future depends on this plan working smoothly.

    Chase and his head of security, Cole (the man we saw pick up the drums), walk into the department. Dexter snaps a picture of Chase with Masuka, who is a fan, one of Cole. They admit the truck is Cole's personal vehicle, but claim that it was stolen. Chase says he was out of the area when the accident happened.

    Masuka finds Cole's hair and prints match those found inside the truck. Angel thinks for the moment Cole should be the focus of the investigation.

    Dexter goes to see Lumen at his house where she has had an industrial-size flashlight delivered. When he shows her the cell' 'phone images he took of Chase and Cole, she confirms that Cole was the "suit and tie" guy but does not recognize Chase. Dexter tells Lumen that in all likelihood Cole and the rest of her abductors will be in the hands of the police. Even though they could get the electric chair Lumen doesn't like not being able to kill them herself. Dexter thinks that he wants to help Lumen and tells her he needs to give the police Boyd.

    Dexter and Lumen go to Boyd's place and clean it of her prints and DNA.

    Masuka finds Boyd's wallet under the seat of Cole's seat where Dexter has planted it. This leads the department to Boyd's place where they find evidence of the tortures and murders.

    During questioning Cole tells Angel that Boyd was a stalker of Chase's. Cole says he never thought Boyd was dangerous and suggests Boys must have stolen his truck.

    In the parking lot Chase turns to Cole and says steering the police toward Boyd was the first thing he's done right. Cole has to admit he wasn't the one who did it.

    Dexter tells Sonya he doesn't care for the saint being placed over Harrison. This bothers her and she asks him to reconsider.

    Liddy tells Quinn that if he wants more info about Dexter and Lumen he'll need more money. Quinn seems unsure how he wants to proceed but ends up giving him an additional $500 cash.

    The informant Jasmine is wired and instructed to engage the brothers outside the club. Once inside she notices they are already inside, sitting at a VIP table. She tell the cops there might be a "private entrance," a secret door from the club next door. Maria tells Jasmine to sit with them until they leave.

    Dexter goes inside Cole's place, leaving Lumen in the car with instructions to stay there.

    One of the Fuentes brothers notices Manzon and asks her to join them. Debra tells her to ignore the request, since the men are dangerous but Maria overrules her and sends the officer up to the VIP area. While there, one of the brothers discovers that Manzon has a gun in a thigh holster. The brothers go crazy and pull out guns of their own. The result is Jasmine gets shot in the back and the undercover guys pull out their weapons, starting a firefight. Debra has her gun on the same brother she almost had a few weeks back and he ends up grabbing a bystander and putting a gun to her head. After a momentary stand-off and heated exchange, Debra ends it by coolly shooting the brother dead center in his forehead; he falls to the dance floor without shooting the hostage.

    Dexter snoops around Cole's house in the dark and ends up finding what looks like a high school picture of Cole and others. Cole sneaks up behind Dexter and puts him in a choke-hold. Dexter is only saved when Lumen comes in and hits Cole over the head with her new 5-cell flashlight. They flee the house.

    In the car they look at the picture. It has Cole, Boyd, Dan (the dentist shot by Lumen and finished off by Dexter in the warehouse) and a few others. Lumen thinks the discovery "is huge" and Dexter asks "what do we do next?"

    Chief Matthews is furious that Jasmine died and several other patrons were injured. He demands Maria have a report for him in a few hours. Angel tries to smooth things over with his wife once Matthews leaves, saying basically that everybody makes mistakes. She curtly tells him she did not make a mistake and goes to her office.

    Dexter returns home and relieves Sonya. To her delight Dexter places the saint statuette above Harrison's crib.

    Next morning Dexter brings Harrison to his house to meet Lumen who immediately warms to the infant.

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