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"The Gates" - "Moving Day" - Sept. 20, 2010

Nick and Sarah are preparing to get out of the Gates. Peg says Sarah's blood is cool and none of Devon's evil tea remains. Nick says Sarah and the kids will go to her sister's in the morning and then he'll get out of Dodge.

Devon has skipped town and Clair and Dylan are on the hunt. At her spa they find evidence she was looking for local hotels.

Cut to one of those and Mia arriving with a bag of ingredients for Devon to perform a safeguard spell. Mia informs Devon that Frank Buckley is dead. Devon is devastated. She tells Mia to skedaddle for her own safety.

Devon does a spell to see the future and has a vision of herself killing Charlie in some sort of hospital setting.

The next morning Nick and Sarah inform the kids it's time to go. Both balk. Charlie goes so far as to run away with Andie. Lexie and Brett overhear this news being relayed from Dana to Sarah. They had come to the Monohan house to warn Charlie because Brett confessed that he watered down Andie's medicine because he was so angry. But not being evil he doesn't want Charlie to get hurt.

Nick informs Leigh that he's got to go and he's putting her in charge because the various supernatural forces in town trust her. He gets a frantic call from Sarah about runaway Charlie while composing his letter of resignation. He has Leigh put a GPS tracker on his phone so he can find them. He then goes to Andie's dad who had no idea the two were seeing each other. Checking her room to see if she's run off as well -- she's not in school-- he realizes she hasn't been taking her medication and that Charlie could be in danger.

McCallister, the leader of the vamps is not happy that Dylan and Clair are off on a rogue Devon-hunting mission. But when they find out that Devon has fled the motel and headed back to the Gates the vamp squad splits up to find her. Clair and Dylan want to get to her first so the vamp squad doesn't find out that it's Claire's blood that Devon put in her vampire killing toxin.

Devon has headed back to the Gates to tell Sarah that Charlie is in danger and only she can help him. Sarah isn't having this and orders Devon out and gets word to Nick that she's back. Nick asks Leigh to find her before the vamps do.She gets the GPS coordinates on Charlie and is about to hustle out to find Devon when Marcus asks her what's up. She says nothing and hustles out. Just then a call comes into the station from a man who persists in asking if an "Isabelle Armand" works there. Marcus, irritated, says no and hangs up.

Clair and Dylan show the list of ingredients they found in the hotel to Peg, who recognizes the handwriting as Mia's. Mia gives up that there's a secret room in Devon's day spa where she does her spells.

Coming from separate directions using different tools - tracking Andie's scent, tracking Charlie's phone- Brett and Lexie and Nick and Andie's dad track down Andie and Charlie in the woods. Just as Lexie is confessing her unrequited love for Brett, all four of them hear Andie scream.

She and Charlie had holed up in a house and, realizing their plan was misguided and their time short, decided to have a little hanky panky. But thanks to Brett's dilution of her medicine, Andie sucked the life right out of him. When the quartet of searchers arrives she's freaking that she killed him. Brett carries Charlie to Nick who takes him to Dr. Peg on the orders of Andie's dad who knows what's happened.

At the Monohan house Dr. Peg hooks Charlie up to some machines and tries to revive him with herbs and such. It doesn't work, however. Andie is inconsolable, but when Sarah learns that Andie's dad knew she could harm Charlie and didn't stop them from seeing each other, Nick orders them both out. Nick wants to take Charlie to the hospital but Dr. Peg says the only one who can help save him is Devon and she will do so using dark magic that could have consequences. Nick and Sarah don't care they want to find Devon.

Just as Clair and Dylan have busted into the secret room at the day spa and are about to off her the newfangled way -- with a gun-- Nick enters pleading for their help. As they ferry Devon back to his house they're stopped by the vamp squad led by McAllister. Nick, Dylan, and Clair fight them off long enough for Nick to take Devon back to Charlie.

She mixes up a potent little brew but for it to work she has to kill him first. It's a revival spell. She holds his nose and mouth just like in her vision and he dies. She revives him immediately and he seems fine. She says she should monitor him for 12 hours.

The next morning Dylan and Clair show up to collect Devon. They've been told they might receive leniency for the vamp killings but only if they deliver her. They don't believe this and make plans for Aunt Nancy to take care of Emily.

Charlie awakes to his phone beeping. He checks his messages and Andie tells him that as long as they love each other so much she has to get far away from him. She tells him she will never forget him and will always love him.

As Charlie listens to the message, Andie gets in a taxi and rides away.

Nick tries to protest on Devon's behalf since she saved Charlie, but Clair and Dylan are not hearing it. Just then Dana runs in and says something's wrong with Charlie. He enters and his eyes are red. Nick tries to go to him but with just a light touch Charlie blows him across the room. Sarah looks at Devon and asks what she's done to Charlie. Devon smiles one of her cat-who-ate-the-canary-smiles and tells Sarah that she only promised to revive him, she never said he'd come back the same.

And that's all folks.


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