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The return of Herrick
Tweekums21 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
One day when George is attending to the patients on the psychiatric ward he has a shock when he realises that one of them is a vampire; and not just any vampire but Herrick, the vampire that he himself had killed back in Bristol! He appears to have no idea who or what he is but that doesn't mean he doesn't pose a threat as the police have been called to help identify him and they will realise something is wrong when he doesn't appear in their photographs. Nina decides that the best cause of action is to break him out of the ward, claiming that he is her uncle and take him home. Mitchell is not happy to see Herrick again and almost kills him; he probably would have if social worker Wendy hadn't turned up wanting to know about 'Uncle Bill'. As the time passes it appears Herrick knows more than he is letting on and something he finds threatens the friendship of the people living at the house.

This was another gripping episode which saw a welcome if rather surprising return of Jason Watkins as Herrick, guest star Nicola Walker was also good as Wendy. As the series approaches its conclusion the tension is rising nicely and it look as if the friendship between the original trio will be tested to breaking point; I can't wait to see the remaining episodes.
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