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Citizen Kane, it isn't ...But a decent reminder of a short span of time in the USA
brooksrob116 September 2016
For some reason, the actor they played Tom "the Mongoose" McEwen kept making me think of Greg from the Brady Bunch...:)...I was a kid in the 60's so I remember these names well (snake and mongoose) we had their Hotwheels, we knew of their racing prowess and until a couple days ago when I saw this on cable, I had totally forgotten about them for decades...:)...

I didn't realize how truly great Don Prudhomme was as a drag racer...I was very impressed seeing some of his runs! I remember going to drag races at Atco NJ...The sound of those funny cars is like NOTHING you've ever heard if you haven't watched a drag race...The ground quakes!

Overall this a great biography of an interesting set of characters and a great look back on this period! I'm glad I saw it...
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Disappointingly Terrible
shoobe01-125 September 2015
There's a good story back here, and they put a lot of effort into filming it well: period look is pretty solid, got access to some amazing cars, dressed the tracks and even got RVs and the ancillaries (shops, homes, etc) to look really good. The stock footage works pretty well, even.

But that's it. It's not paced at all, just a series of vignettes, with captions so you know who is being raced. It's terribly written, and not just in detail but in concept. Every scene is expository, nothing feels organic, like it is actually happening in the real world.

Filming is terrible, and jerks between horribly static telenovela quality and stupidity like the camera being tilted sideways during absolutely boring scenes.

And the acting, oh the terrible acting is terrible. Really, really hard to watch this movie.
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Full review. Summary included.
thetexasrabbit5 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Drag racing in the early days must have been really difficult. In the 70s and 80s Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen showed us how in the film, Snake and Mongoose (2013). Drag Racing has defiantly changed over the last 50 years.

These types of films can be extremely wretched and poorly put together. It is fair to say this is one of the best racing films, especially because it is based on a true story. This film could have been placed in the drama category, but instead placing it in the action and adventure avenue. Some might see this in a category all its own, known as based on a true story. Combining historical footage and showing their life story through actors is amazing to say the least.

The plot of Snake and Mongoose (2013) is the story of Prudhomme and McEwen's relationship in the 70s and 80s. The story begins in southern California with two young kids having fun on the weekends trying to make a few extra bucks. As time went on they got better and better at what they do and pick up a few sponsors along the way. With McEwen's family sitting at home while he was out racing and him not being home caused some major problems. McEwen's wife Judy decides she has had enough and leaves him and takes the three boys with her. Prudhomme and McEwen are no longer teammates but are still friends looking out for one another. While out on the circuit traveling with his boys, McEwen was startled by his middle son. McEwen runs to find his youngest almost lifeless on the floor. McEwen takes him to the hospital and finds out the boy had leukemia. Which, by the end of the story takes his life, and gives his father a new perspective on reality.

Two friends doing what they do best when their feelings separate them, ultimately brings them back together stronger than ever before. Prudhomme was originally in it for fun. McEwen, on the other hand was in it for the money, counting every penny and spending more than he had.

The producers did a phenomenal job bringing historical footage into a story, telling a reenactment of two men's lives. The best part of the movie is when McEwen tells Prudhomme he was with me the whole time, showing him a picture. Prudhomme shakes his head and says me too, showing a different picture. McEwen went through a really hard time but he was resilient enough to bounce back once he accepted the fact that nothing more can be done.

The movie ends with the original interview of Prudhomme and McEwen in 1978 at the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. They also show extra footage from after they retired and were inducted into the motorsports hall of fame. They made it though some extremely rough times and are the backbone on which today's National Hot Rod Association was founded upon.
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Pretty good, all things considered
jrm11188131 October 2014
I disagree with Netflixry. My dad used to drag race, so I grew up at the race track. I majored in Broadcasting in college, so I'd like to think I also have a decent grasp of film making. Is this film on the level of Forest Gump or Titanic? No, it's not. But Snake and Mongoose didn't have their budget either. Does it have a 'made-for-TV' feel to it? Yes it does. But I wouldn't call the film horrible. In fact, my dad and I were talking after watching it, and we agreed that it's probably one of the best racing movies ever made. Will a die hard drag racing fan notice a few minor inaccuracies? Yes. But on a whole, this film was still a lot more true to the historical and technical aspects of racing than Heart Like a Wheel, Days of Thunder, or Driven. So if you're a motor sports fan who doesn't realistically expect the production value to be on the same level as Jurassic Park, I'd say it's a good watch, worth your 90 minutes of time.
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I thought it was a pretty good racing movie
stick5005 September 2014
I was a teen and really into drag racing back then so I certainly remember the Snake and Mongoose. With that being said I really enjoyed this movie even though it's obviously pretty low budget. As a race fan I really liked seeing how hard of a struggle it was for even the guys who were doing all the winning in those days like the Snake. And the way it was the Mongoose who pushed all the business deals and how the ideas came about was very interesting as well. And who knew McEwen was into making safety innovations as well!

Of course every second of the vintage racing films (which make up a good portion of the movie!) was a delight and spotting shots of Linda Vaughn and Jungle Pam an added bonus. The shots of the kids in real '70s clothes brought back lots of memories too.

So if you are at all into motorsports, or even if you simply bought the Snake and Mongoose matchboxes back then, it's certainly worth a guilty pleasure movie night!
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Has a made for TV look to it
durthawg27 April 2014
I grew up in California watching the Snake and the Mongoose race in person and recognize a lot of the cars in the movie. The cars used in the movie are fantastic and bring back many memories. I bought the DVD and haven't finished it yet, this should tell you something. It kind of putters along like one of the Lifetime channel movies my wife watches on TV. It really has that made for TV feel to it, Its really disappointing, I had such high hopes. Specifically the in car shots of the drivers helmets bouncing around are just horrible. And how many shots do we need of the transporters going down deserted highways do you need? Was this film ever edited? Seems to have a lot of filler. I have seriously seen better VHS tapes back in the day produced by Diamond P Sports. Its a shame they couldn't emulate classics like On Any Sunday, Heart like a wheel, Evel Knievel or even the movie Dale. I was hoping for better, but it is what it is.
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B-Movie Quality--But the History of it All Was Interesting
Larry Silverstein22 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you're looking for award winning caliber acting or writing here then this is probably not the movie for you , as it has a definite B-movie stamp on it. However, I found myself engaged enough in the story, based on true events, to be quite interested throughout.

It chronicles the 20 year drag racing rivalry between Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen, culminating at the NHRA U.S. National Championships, in 1978 at Indianapolis, Indiana. This was rather a friendly rivalry even culminating in a business partnership at one point.

The two men were polar opposites in personality with McEwen, portrayed by Richard Blake, being outgoing, gregarious, and always looking at innovations and the big picture, while Prudhomme. played by Jesse Williams, being a "nose-to-the-grindstone" type who was completely focused on winning races.

Led by McEwen's excellent marketing skills, they eventually landed the large toy manufacturer Mattel as a sponsor, and it proved to be a highly beneficial partnership for all concerned, with the Hot Wheels toy promotions. This also helped bring drag racing onto the national scene and brought a whole new wave of fans on board.

With a good supporting cast including Ashley Hinshaw, Tim Blake Nelson, Fred Dryer, Noah Wylie, and Kim Shaw the movie was also enhanced by its' interspersion of actual drag races and the national TV coverage at times. There's also a short but funny interview clip with the real Prudhomme and McEwen which was valuable to see.

Having watched drag racing on TV years ago, I found this film overall to be interesting, despite, as mentioned, the wooden dialog and acting.
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I'm a huge, lifelong, drag racing fan
netflixry27 March 2014
Let me first start by saying I am a huge drag racing fan, and have been my entire life. Drag racing is in fact the only sport I follow. I'm also a movie fanatic, and know a good film when I see one. I couldn't wait to see this movie. I grew up watching a lot of their story unfold, so the old footage used in the film was a real treat. Unfortunately, that was the only treat in this God awful excuse for a movie. It was literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen. How it is currently rating over a 3 on IMDb, is as perplexing as how this fiasco ever made it to print in the first place. It was poorly written, poorly directed, and horribly acted. I've read the other reviews on here, and it's clear the reviewers are drag racing fans, and writing their glowing reviews based solely on nostalgia, and some sense of loyalty to the sport of drag racing, rather than on the actual merits of the film.

Yes, this film made me nostalgic for the old school rails and funny cars, but that doesn't make up for such a failed attempt at entertainment. I couldn't be more disappointed, mostly because the stories of these heroes of drag racing were horribly represented. Watching this movie was a lot like watching an old episode of the Threes Company. Yes, it's cool to see what use to be, but still painfully un-entertaining to watch. The only other redeeming quality was watching Ron Capps' cameo, with him awkwardly standing by as a statue of Lou Baney, and Alexis DeJoria's two second speaking cameo, actually not too bad as the ancillary character Paula.

If you love drag racing, then see the movie for the cool old footage, but be warned, you'll probably end up as disappointed as I was. If you're not a die hard drag racing fan, you'll probably just skip straight to the disappointment part.
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Better than Its Receipts Would Indicate
bbbaldie15 March 2014
Man, this poor movie stunk up the box office. Too bad, it was an excellent, and dare I say it? - family friendly film. I remember buying the Hot Wheels cars, I remember Snake vs. Mongoose on Wide World of Sports, and I immensely enjoyed the more or less true story about the friends, rivals, and ultimately friends again pair who helped take racing to a higher level.

Not too many big names here, John Heard has a minor role, Noah Wyle has a bigger one, but the low-lying stars, Richard Blake and Jesse Williams, and also the delightfully unassuming Ashley Hinshaw as Lynn Prudhomme, will take you back to the 70's, when gas was cheap, cars were fast, and people sadly died when things went wrong with forward-engine top fuel dragsters.

Give this nice film a try.
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Better then I expected and the fact that real footage was used really made the movie that much better.
Tony Heck7 March 2014
"What you have in your office right here is the biggest draw in racing." In the 1970's the NHRA drag racing circuit was just starting to grow. The two biggest stars Don "The Snake" Proudhomme (Williams) and Tom "Mongoose" McEwen decide to join together and form a partnership. This partnership leads to a sponsorship with Hot Wheels as well as taking the sport to new heights. But like most things the rivalry on the track leads to tension off. I have stated before that I am not a big car racing fan, real life or movies. I wasn't a fan of Days of Thunder but I did think Rush was OK. This one is more along the lines of Rush. This one deals with the off the track aspect rather then the actual on track racing. The acting is OK but the thing that really helps the movie is the fact that it used actual race footage during the scenes, rather then the cheesy recreations most often used. Again though racing fans will really like this, but for people like me, I thought it was OK but nothing I'd watch again. Overall, better then I expected and the fact that real footage was used really made the movie that much better. I give this a B.
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It rules!
mtt_rayner7 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
So cool , { I was thinking' S'cool} wicked movie preview ,so looking forward in seeing it on DVD next year when she comes out 100 *stars 100 %,. Great drag movie for a long time & the actors r good!. I'm into Funny cars "Hot-wheel's" rule! { I wish I could tell ya how many Snake's & goose's "hot-wheel's" were first made & sold in 1970,71 & 72!} Maybe one day in the future They might bring out a small documentary on Mattel & the hot-wheel's brand. Anyway thumbs up for SNAKE & The MONGOOSE. The crash- scene looked really nasty, what else can I say,

, oh I hope the movie makes a better then a B movie in other words make a good profit!

? is, like to know how many drag, gassers & funny car enthusiast's will watch It!
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