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Season 3

28 May 2012
The Iron Giant Lady/Raising a New Hope
In the season three premiere, Mecha-Thatcher becomes England's Prime Minister and Martha Plimpton takes on the role of grandmother to Luke Skywalker.
4 Jun. 2012
Yawn Carter/Franklin & Crash
John Carter tells the boring story of his trip to Mars. Then, Franklin and Crash Bandicoot are a couple of unconventional video game lawyers.
11 Jun. 2012
Battleship vs. Titanic/Jurassic Parks and Recreation
The passengers of the Titanic battle the aliens from Battleship. Then the parks department opens a dinosaur petting zoo. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
18 Jun. 2012
Betty White & the Huntsman/Ancient Greek Mythbusters
The huntsman is sent into the forest to find the fairest one of all ... Betty White?! Then, the Mythbusters crew goes back in time to test myths about the fabled Titans.
25 Jun. 2012
I Am Lorax/Modern Family Circus
Will Smith is the last man on earth who speaks for the trees. Then, the cast of Modern Family hang out with their distant relativesfrom the funny pages.
23 Jul. 2012
This Means War Machine/iCharlie
Iron Man and War Machine realize they're dating the same woman. You know what this means.... Then, Charlie Brown becomes an Internetstar!
30 Jul. 2012
The Mixed Martial Artist/Aquaman vs. Wild
MAD takes on new parodies of pop culture in this satirical animated sketch show. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
6 Aug. 2012
The Blunder Games/The Poop-seidon Adventure
The tributes from District 9 battle the tributes from District Hogwarts and District Twilight. Then, it's a MAD classic as a famousboat flips its lid.
13 Sep. 2012
Average-ers/Legend of Dora
Nick Fury needs to save the world with whatever heroes don't have their own movies to make. Then, the newest Avatar is revealed:Dora! Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
20 Sep. 2012
Men in Black to the Future/Pokémon of Interest
Agent J goes back in time and is run over by Marty McFly. Then a secret agent has to stop a Psyduck before it's involved in a crime! Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
27 Sep. 2012
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Icarus/Adjustment Burro
The star of Kid Icarus gets picked on by the popular video game characters. Then Eeyore's life is planned out for him ... but what if he changed that plan?
4 Oct. 2012
Taking Nemo/Once Upon a Toon
Nemo's father turns to an old friend after his son is taken. Then, the cartoons of yesterday have forgotten who they are. Plus, Spyvs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
11 Oct. 2012
The cast of Madagascar wind up on a train filled with characters whose movies are clearly out of gas. Then, six evil villains (Baroness, Mystique, Lord Voldemort, Maleficent, Doctor Doom, and Megatron) try to make their way in New York City.
18 Oct. 2012
The Amazing Spider-Minaj/Go, Dragon Ball, Go!
Peter Parker's not the only web head in town. Then, Diego searches for the Dragon Balls so he can save all the animals. Plus, Spyvs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
25 Oct. 2012
It's a MAD Halloween special! When Winnie the Pooh falls apart, Christopher Robin is determined to bring him back. Then, Norman is aweird little boy who hears voices ... of Morgan Freeman!
1 Nov. 2012
Dark Knight at the Museum/Lemming Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Video Game Deaths
Batman investigates a crime at the Museum of Television. Then, three orphaned lemmings are on the run from the evil Wario. Plus, Spyvs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
8 Nov. 2012
Total Recall Me Maybe/The Asgardigans
MAD tries to recall the plot of Total Recall, through song. Then, Thor teams up with some weird creatures from the backyard. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
15 Nov. 2012
The Bourne Leg-a-Turkey/PilGrimm
It's MAD's Thanksgiving special! A turkey secret agent is on the run from the people who created him. Then, the Grimm has to huntdown the most terrifying creature of all: the turducken! Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
29 Nov. 2012
Here Comes the Doom/Brain Purge
MAD goes back to school. When a high school needs funding, they turn to comic book arch-villain Doctor Doom. Then, Agent J runs agame show that makes sure you forget everything you know. Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
6 Dec. 2012
Fantastic Four Christmases/Red & White Collar
It's a special holiday MAD! Can the Fantastic Four stop fighting and enjoy Christmas together? Then, Santa teams up with the FBI tosolve a case of breaking and entering.
21 Jan. 2013
Hip Hop Hobbit/The Monday Project
Bilbo embarks on an old-school quest of rhyming and break dancing. Then, Garfield vows to get his life together. Plus, Alfred E.Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
28 Jan. 2013
The Perks of Being a Wallcrawler/Regular Shogun Warriors
Spider-Man gives a shy kid advice so he can become a cool wall crawler. Then, some giant robots hang around and watch TV. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
4 Feb. 2013
Twilight: Breaking Down/GOllum ON
Bella and Edward have one last challenge to overcome ... finding a babysitter! Then, Gollum joins a support group to help him get overthe loss of his ring. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
18 Feb. 2013
Life of Rhyme/Here Comes Yogi Boo Boo
The classic tale of a boy trapped on a boat with a cat in the hat. Then, two dumb gross bears act gross and dumb. Plus, Alfred E.Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
25 Feb. 2013
James Bond: Reply All/Randy Savage: 9th Grade Wrestler
James Bond must track down an e-mail that went out to too many people. Then, a 9th grader dons the beard of a legend. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
4 Mar. 2013
George Washington: Cherry Tree Chopper/Star Wars Earn Stripes
The completely true tale of Washington's war against the cherry trees is finally told. Then, do these C-list celebrities have whatit takes to be A-list Storm Troopers? Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

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