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Season 1

6 Sep. 2010
Jake Smelly explores a planet of blue cat people in search of a rare element. Horatio Caine gets paired up with the iCarly crew for a murder mystery.
13 Sep. 2010
TransBOREmores/Star Wars: The Groan Wars
Optimus Prime starts slacking on the job, much to Sam's dismay. In a new episode of Star Wars: The Groan Wars, your favorite characters save the galaxy from hammy acting.
20 Sep. 2010
2012 Dalmatians/Grey's in Anime
When the Mayan apocalypse comes in the form of puppies falling from the sky, a family tries to survive. A hospital patient's sedative-induced anime dream turns the action up to over 9000.
27 Sep. 2010
Star Blecch/uGlee
Can Captain Smirk put aside his differences with Mr. Shlock to save Earth? When the glee club loses its funding, how will they raise more money? Probably by singing a song.
4 Oct. 2010
WALL-E-NATOR/Extreme Renovation: House Edition - Superman's Fortress of Solitude
Wall-E tries to stop the world from being covered in garbage. Superman is surprised when his fortress of solitude becomes a fortress of FUNitude.
11 Oct. 2010
Pirates of the Neverland: At Wit's End/Batman Family Feud
Captain Jack Sparrow teams up Captain Hook, to teach him how to be a cool pirate. Batman infiltrates the set of a game show as a contestant in hopes of catching The Riddler.
18 Oct. 2010
Cliffordfield/Big Time Rushmore
A big red dog eats New York City. Then, America gets ready for the hottest new band - of former presidents! Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.
25 Oct. 2010
Fantastic Megan Fox/Mad vs. Wild
Megan is a fox, literally, and she's going to show the world what a fantastic actress she can be. Then, MAD takes to the woods and shows you how to survive in the wild.
1 Nov. 2010
I Love You, Iron Man/Ben 10 Franklin
Tony Stark has got it all, except a best friend. Maybe Spider-Man wants to hang out? Ben Franklin invents something a lot cooler than the wood stove: Ben 10's Omnitrix.
8 Nov. 2010
Class of the Titans/Zeke and Lex Luthor
The epic battle of gods and mortals plays out at a high school. Zeke gets some skateboarding help from his new best friend, Lex Luthor.
15 Nov. 2010
S'UP/Mouse M.D.
Everything is great in Carl's flying house, until the cast of The Jersey Shore knocks on his door. Then, a bitter, angry mouse doctor does the rounds in his hospital.
22 Nov. 2010
Da Grinchy Code/Duck
Christmas will be ruined in Whoville unless Tom Hanks can solve Da Grinchy Code. The nation's secret inelegance database is downloaded into the brain of an ordinary duck.
7 Feb. 2011
Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney/Malcolm in the Middle Earth
Snot Pilgrim has the perfect life, except that his girlfriend Snow White has seven tiny exes. Then, it's just a couple of hobbits trying to make it in this crazy middle world.
14 Feb. 2011
Pokémon Park/WWER
The wrestling superstars of WWE know a thing or two about breaking bones - but how are they at mending them?
21 Feb. 2011
So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon How to Dance/Yo Gagga Gagga!
Hiccup the Viking learns that dragons can be trained to dance. Lady Gaga hosts a kids' show starring tiny celebrities. Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.
28 Feb. 2011
The Straight A-Team/Gaming's Next Top Princess
A covert special team helps a student get good grades. Video game characters compete in a reality show. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.
7 Mar. 2011
The Buzz Identity/Two and a Half Man
The coolest toy ever gets his memory erased. Who is he? How does he know karate? Why does he know Spanish? Then it's a sitcom with everyone's two favorite two - plus a centaur.
14 Mar. 2011
Are You Karate Kidding Me?/The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air
Moving to China can be a big change, especially when a talking panda keeps beating you up. An alien refugee gets relocated to live with his uncle and aunt in Bel-Air.
25 Apr. 2011
The LAPD track down a runaway Easter bunny. Then Naruto is sent to the only place that can tolerate a spoiled brat like him: Beverly Hills.
9 May 2011
Ko-Bee Movie/Law & Ogre
A basketball-playing bee named Ko-Bee competes with Kobe Bryant for a spot on the Lakers. Then Shrek and Donkey take the law into their own hands.
16 May 2011
Pooh Grit/Not-a-Fan-a-Montana
Christopher Robin hires Marshall Pooh to capture Tigger. Big League Pika Chew is the gum for baseball players seeking an electrifying performance. Cobra Commander starts his own daytime talk show. The Farto-Tuner proves that Auto-tune really can improve anything. Miley Cyrus tries to stop Justin Bieber from stealing her fanbase.
23 May 2011
The Social Netjerk/Smallville: Turn Off the Clark
Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook, but finds himself repeatedly sued (especially with Sean Parker involved). Survivor's immunity idol becomes a licensed product. Thor is banished to Jersey, where he parties like a god. Prince Zuko creates a job training program for Benders. Disappointed with Smallville's finale, Superman finds work in Julie Taymor's new musical.
30 May 2011
TwiGH School Musical/Avenger Time
Edward and Jacob get some musical competition for Bella's heart. The Avengers get transported to a more adventurous time. Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.
6 Jun. 2011
ArTHOR/The Big Fang Theory
ArThor is a vain and spoiled god who is sent to earth to get a job. Edward and Jacob are re-imagined as nerds on a sitcom. Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.
13 Jun. 2011
Ribbitless/The Clawfice
A frog eats a strange butterfly and is transformed into a star. There's only one man tough enough to run The Office: Wolverine! Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.
20 Jun. 2011
Force Code/Flammable
Colter Stevens from Source Code is sent mentally back in time many times to try and prevent the destruction of the Death Star, but couldn't get the job done right. Katy Putty sings her new number entitled "Flammable" as a reminder to all stop motion-animated and puppet characters that they are merely flammable and not so special.

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