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Year: 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Avaturd/CSiCarly

6 September 2010
Jake Smelly explores a planet of blue cat people in search of a rare element. Horatio Caine gets paired up with the iCarly crew for a murder mystery.

Diedrich Bader ... Parker Selfridge / Celebrity Birthdays Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Miles Quaritch / Hunter / Joe Williams (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Freddie Benson / Rejected Transformers Announcer / Dad (voice)

Julia McIlvaine ... Calleigh Duquesne / Bambi / Susan (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Carly Shay / Dr. Grace Augustine / Flower (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Jake Smelly / Horatio Caine / Announcer (voice)

Cree Summer ... Neytiri / Sam Puckett / Thumper (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Mr. T / Tree / Walter Simmons (voice)

Season 1, Episode 2: TransBOREmores/Star Wars: The Groan Wars

13 September 2010
Optimus Prime starts slacking on the job, much to Sam's dismay. In a new episode of Star Wars: The Groan Wars, your favorite characters save the galaxy from hammy acting.

Season 1, Episode 3: 2012 Dalmatians/Grey's in Anime

20 September 2010
When the Mayan apocalypse comes in the form of puppies falling from the sky, a family tries to survive. A hospital patient's sedative-induced anime dream turns the action up to over 9000.

Diedrich Bader ... Keeping Up with the Carcrashians Announcer / MAD's Guide to Celebrity Siblings Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Dr. Derek Shepherd / Carl Fredricksen (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Noah Curtis / Gross and Beyond Gross Announcer / Patient (voice)

Julia McIlvaine ... Cruella de Vil / Dr. Cristina Yang (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Lilly Curtis / Dr. Lexie Grey / Dr. Callie Torres (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Announcer / Jackson Curtis / Dr. Owen Hunt (voice)

Tara Strong ... Dr. Meredith Grey / Merva (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Adrian Helmsley / Juicy Jr.'s Triple Pounder Announcer / President Thomas Wilson (voice)

Season 1, Episode 4: Star Blecch/uGlee

27 September 2010
Can Captain Smirk put aside his differences with Mr. Shlock to save Earth? When the glee club loses its funding, how will they raise more money? Probably by singing a song.
Hugh Davidson ... Nero / Private Space (voice)

Mikey Day ... Kirk / Principal Figgins / Boy (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Abora / Mousewife / Chorus (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Mr. Couch Potato Head / Surgeon (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Amanda Grayson / Sue Sylvester / Gossip Girl / Rex the Green Dinosaur (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Announcer / Mr. Schlock / Will Schuester (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Bar Thug / Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters Announcer / No it's Snot! Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 5: WALL-E-NATOR/Extreme Renovation: House Edition - Superman's Fortress of Solitude

4 October 2010
Wall-E tries to stop the world from being covered in garbage. Superman is surprised when his fortress of solitude becomes a fortress of FUNitude.

Jason Antoon ... Lex Luthor / The Spatula Announcer / MAD's Guide to Phobias Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Wolverine / Detective / Fly (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Shelby Forthright / Stew / Priest (voice)

Aldis Hodge ... Usher / Sinestro / Frog (voice)

Jason Marsden ... Ty Pennington / Flint Lockwood / Commercial Boy (voice)

Julia McIlvaine ... Red Spatula / Wooden Spatula / Build-a-Bieber Girl (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Little Girl / Harriet / Pop Starlet (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... WALL·E / Bertram / Announcer / SpongeBob SquarePants (voice)

Season 1, Episode 6: Pirates of the Neverland: At Wit's End/Batman Family Feud

11 October 2010
Captain Jack Sparrow teams up Captain Hook, to teach him how to be a cool pirate. Batman infiltrates the set of a game show as a contestant in hopes of catching The Riddler.

Diedrich Bader ... Batman / Frog the Bounty Hunter Announcer / Celebrities Without Their Makeup Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Captain Hook / Turkey / Make-up Man (voice)

Mikey Day ... The Riddler / Lobster / Leland Chapman (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Duane Chapman / I Before E Except After C Announcer / Robin (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Tyra Banks / Batgirl / Frog's Wife / Lola Berkel / Katy Perry (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Jack Sparrow / Geoffrey / Announcer / Peter Pan / Tweety Bird (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Steve Harvey / Frog / Pirate (voice)

Season 1, Episode 7: Cliffordfield/Big Time Rushmore

18 October 2010
A big red dog eats New York City. Then, America gets ready for the hottest new band - of former presidents! Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.

Season 1, Episode 8: Fantastic Megan Fox/Mad vs. Wild

25 October 2010
Megan is a fox, literally, and she's going to show the world what a fantastic actress she can be. Then, MAD takes to the woods and shows you how to survive in the wild.
Hugh Davidson ... Bear Grylls / Batman / Security Guard (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Megan Fox / Who Wore It Better? Announcer / Billy Batson (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Iron Man / Kevin Jonas / Doctor (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Kristen Stewart / Scarlett Johansson / Angelina Jolie (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Director / Superman / Gary (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Klaus / Cow / Umpire (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Kanye West / Superheroes: They're Just Like Us Announcer / Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 9: I Love You, Iron Man/Ben 10 Franklin

1 November 2010
Tony Stark has got it all, except a best friend. Maybe Spider-Man wants to hang out? Ben Franklin invents something a lot cooler than the wood stove: Ben 10's Omnitrix.
Hugh Davidson ... Doctor Doom / Blanka / Thomas Jefferson (voice)

Mikey Day ... Spider-Man / This Day in History Announcer / British Soldier (voice)

Larry Dorf ... J.A.R.V.I.S. / M. Bison / George Washington (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Pepper Potts / Taylor Swift / Mark's Wife (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Iron Man / Robot Clone / Mario / Jetray / MAD News Anchor (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Ben Franklin / The Asker / MAD's Guide to Video Game Cheats Announcer (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... War Machine / Optimus Prime / Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 10: Class of the Titans/Zeke and Lex Luthor

8 November 2010
The epic battle of gods and mortals plays out at a high school. Zeke gets some skateboarding help from his new best friend, Lex Luthor.
Hugh Davidson ... Football Player / Nick / Bigfoot (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Megan Fox / Woman / Scarlett O'Hara (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Edward Cullen / Man / Rhett Butler (voice)

Jason Marsden ... Zeke / Jacob Black / MADinization Announcer (voice)

Dan Milano ... Lex Luthor / Kid with Laptop / Soundwave (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Medusa / Maria von Trapp (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Curseus / Hades / Megatron (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Zeus / Optimus Prime / Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 11: S'UP/Mouse M.D.

15 November 2010
Everything is great in Carl's flying house, until the cast of The Jersey Shore knocks on his door. Then, a bitter, angry mouse doctor does the rounds in his hospital.
Hugh Davidson ... Patient / The Penguin / Aladdin (voice)

Mikey Day ... The Situation / Photographer / Dr. James Wilson (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... JWoww / Alligator / Dr. Hadley (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Bob the Builder / Pauly D / Strong Man (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Miley Cyrus / Snookie / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Carl / Mouse M.D. / Vampire Helper (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Shoe Salesman / Bad Idea Announcer / Announcer (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Cookie Monster / Dr. Eric Foreman / Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 12: Da Grinchy Code/Duck

22 November 2010
Christmas will be ruined in Whoville unless Tom Hanks can solve Da Grinchy Code. The nation's secret inelegance database is downloaded into the brain of an ordinary duck.
Hugh Davidson ... Frosty the Snowman / Guard / Morgan Grimes (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Sarah Walker / Crystal / Girl on Santa's Lap (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Who Mayor / Mr. Tumnus / Shopping Mall Elf (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Announcer / Indiana Jones / Nicolas Cage (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Betty Lou Who / Little Red Riding Hood / General Diane Beckman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Narnia Lunchbox Announcer / Bryce Larkin / Altidude (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Narrator / The Grinch / Shopping Mall Santa (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Announcer / Tom Hanks / John Casey (voice)

Season 1, Episode 13: Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney/Malcolm in the Middle Earth

7 February 2011
Snot Pilgrim has the perfect life, except that his girlfriend Snow White has seven tiny exes. Then, it's just a couple of hobbits trying to make it in this crazy middle world.
Hugh Davidson ... Grumpy / Man with Dog / Best Man (voice)

Mikey Day ... Reese / Stephen Stills / Junior (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Snow White / Girl / Susan Pevensie (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Sneezy / Peter Pevensie / Everything is Better with Ninjas! Announcer (voice)

Whit Hertford ... Snott Pilgrim / Francis / Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Ariel / Lois / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Doc / Malcolm / Villain (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Superman / Escargot Vendor / Villain Hand Sanitizer Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 14: Pokémon Park/WWER

14 February 2011
The wrestling superstars of WWE know a thing or two about breaking bones - but how are they at mending them?
Hugh Davidson ... Jerk Swagger / Alec Baldwin / Delivery Man (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Misty / Angelina Jolie / Alicia Crox (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Mailman Alan / Michael Dull / Leonardo DiCaprio (voice)

Dan Milano ... Pokémon Professor / Slop N' Shop Announcer / Lameus (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Jessie / Jessica Simpson / Evil (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Ash / Dog / Jerry Squaller (voice)

Dana Snyder ... James / Big Schmo / Candy Hearts You Don't Wanna Get Announcer (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Donkey Kong / Will Smith / Fish Robber (voice)

Season 1, Episode 15: So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon How to Dance/Yo Gagga Gagga!

21 February 2011
Hiccup the Viking learns that dragons can be trained to dance. Lady Gaga hosts a kids' show starring tiny celebrities. Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.
Hugh Davidson ... Stoick the Vast / Triple H / Man #1 (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Cat Deeley / Taylor Swift / Miley Cyrus (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Justin Timberlake / Brobee / Boy (voice)

Seana Kofoed ... Lady Gaga / Sally / Wife (voice)

Jason Marsden ... Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III / This Day in History Announcer / Boy #1 (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Barry-Banshee / Mary Ann Murphy / Beyonce (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Jake Smelly / T-Pain / Pizza Guy (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Red Death / Optimus Prime / Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 16: The Straight A-Team/Gaming's Next Top Princess

28 February 2011
A covert special team helps a student get good grades. Video game characters compete in a reality show. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.

Diedrich Bader ... Hannibal / Iron Man / Differences between your Mom and your Dad Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Face / Bowser / Scientist (voice)

Mikey Day ... Alan / Freddie Benson / Skinny Guy (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Teacher / Spencer Shay / MAD's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Tyra Banks / Princess Peach / Carly Shay (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... BA / Phineas / Mario / SpongeBob SquarePants (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Lakitu / Celebrities Without Their Makeup Announcer / Wrestling Fan (voice)

Michaela Watkins ... Samus Aran / Sam Puckett / Mom (voice)

Season 1, Episode 17: The Buzz Identity/Two and a Half Man

7 March 2011
The coolest toy ever gets his memory erased. Who is he? How does he know karate? Why does he know Spanish? Then it's a sitcom with everyone's two favorite two - plus a centaur.
Hugh Davidson ... Toy Sailor / Mouse Soldier / Angry Neighbor (voice)

Mikey Day ... Wheezy / Joey / Alan Harper (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... White Witch / Tour Guide / Teller (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Mr. Tumnus / Farmer / Toy Sailor (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Jessie / Christina Aguilera / Hot Girl (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Woody / Charlie Harper / Peter Griffin (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Buzz Lightyear / Mummy / The Fast and the Curious Announcer (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Lotso / Vin Diesel / Club Moon Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 18: Are You Karate Kidding Me?/The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air

14 March 2011
Moving to China can be a big change, especially when a talking panda keeps beating you up. An alien refugee gets relocated to live with his uncle and aunt in Bel-Air.
Hugh Davidson ... Man / Submarine Captain / Chris Jericho (voice)
Brian T. Delaney ... Po / Carlton Banks / Rejected Auditions Announcer (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Geoffrey / Leonardo / Dr. Watson (voice)

Dan Milano ... Policeman / Raphael / B.O.B.'s Monster Hold Hair Gel Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Kai-Lan / Dora / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Dre / Will Smith / Reporter (voice)

Ho-Kwan Tse ... Mr. Han / Chris / Foot Soldier (voice) (as Ho Kwan Tse)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Philip Banks / LeBron James / Jay-Z (voice)

Season 1, Episode 19: HOPS/Naru210

25 April 2011
The LAPD track down a runaway Easter bunny. Then Naruto is sent to the only place that can tolerate a spoiled brat like him: Beverly Hills.
Hugh Davidson ... Julian Casablancas / Camera Man / The Abominable Snowman (voice)

Mikey Day ... E.B. / Zac Efron / Kid with Zits (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Tourist / Naomi / Shakira (voice)

Larry Dorf ... David Hasselhoff / Navid Shirazi / Stan (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Naruto / Adriana Tate-Duncan / Katy Perry (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Bugs Bunny / Hokage / Announcer (voice)

Brody Stevens ... Cop / Gossip Girl Baby / Teddy (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... E.B.'s Dad / MAD Ask the Celebrity Announcer / Tron Cornelius (voice)

Season 1, Episode 20: Ko-Bee Movie/Law & Ogre

9 May 2011
A basketball-playing bee named Ko-Bee competes with Kobe Bryant for a spot on the Lakers. Then Shrek and Donkey take the law into their own hands.
Hugh Davidson ... Big Bad Wolf / Puss in Boots / Dad (voice)
Brian T. Delaney ... Phil Jackson / Grumpy Bear / Boy (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Feline Manning / The Undertaker / Howdy Doody (voice)

Nolan North ... Shrek (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Leigh Anne Tuohy / Goldilocks / Princess Fiona / Mom (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Bee / Donkey / Yogi Bear / MAD News Anchor (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Ko-Bee / Kobe Bryant / Detective Kevin Bernard (voice)

Season 1, Episode 21: Pooh Grit/Not-a-Fan-a-Montana

16 May 2011
Christopher Robin hires Marshall Pooh to capture Tigger. Big League Pika Chew is the gum for baseball players seeking an electrifying performance. Cobra Commander starts his own daytime talk show. The Farto-Tuner proves that Auto-tune really can improve anything. Miley Cyrus tries to stop Justin Bieber from stealing her fanbase.

Chris Cox ... Winnie the Pooh / Bob the Builder / Scientist #1 (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Rooster Cogburn / Kevin Flynn / Clu (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Christopher Robin / Lilly Truscott / Stephenie Meyer (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Manny / Robbie Stewart / Umpire (voice)

Tom Kane ... Announcer / Giant Fish / Narrator (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana / Baseball Player (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Justin Bieber / Cobra Commander / Announcer (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Tigger / Clown / Circus Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 22: The Social Netjerk/Smallville: Turn Off the Clark

23 May 2011
Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook, but finds himself repeatedly sued (especially with Sean Parker involved). Survivor's immunity idol becomes a licensed product. Thor is banished to Jersey, where he parties like a god. Prince Zuko creates a job training program for Benders. Disappointed with Smallville's finale, Superman finds work in Julie Taymor's new musical.

Chris Cox ... Eduardo Saverin / Pauly D / Crew Guy (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Jeff Probst / Male Snake / Lionel Luthor (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... JWoww / Lois Lane / Girl (voice)

Breckin Meyer ... Prince Zuko / Sean Parker / Green Arrow (voice)

Nolan North ... The Winklevoss Twins / Lex Luthor / Thor (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Snookie / Female Snake / Julie Taymor (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Mark Zuckerberg / Clark Kent / Announcer (voice)

Christine Tucci ... Attorney / Mom / Chloe Sullivan (voice)

Season 1, Episode 23: TwiGH School Musical/Avenger Time

30 May 2011
Edward and Jacob get some musical competition for Bella's heart. The Avengers get transported to a more adventurous time. Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.

Season 1, Episode 24: ArTHOR/The Big Fang Theory

6 June 2011
ArThor is a vain and spoiled god who is sent to earth to get a job. Edward and Jacob are re-imagined as nerds on a sitcom. Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.

Chris Cox ... Edward Cullen / Alvin and the Monks Announcer / Dad (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Phil Coulson / Blogger / Beach Ball Teen (voice)

Mikey Day ... Jacob Black / Captain America / Ranger Smith (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Jane Foster / Lara Croft / Mom (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Bella Swan / Tammy / Beach Ball Teen (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... ArTHOR / Announcer / Yu-Gi Bear (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Rango / Teacher / Rejected Video Games Announcer (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Odin / Kanye West / Yu-Gi Bear Announcer (voice)

Season 1, Episode 25: Ribbitless/The Clawfice

13 June 2011
A frog eats a strange butterfly and is transformed into a star. There's only one man tough enough to run The Office: Wolverine! Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more.
Hugh Davidson ... Iceman / Construction Worker / Soldier (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Jo Bennett / Jean Grey / Miranda Cosgrove (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Beast / Ryan Howard / Man (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Cyclops / Wolverine / Seattle: Los Angeles Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Phyllis Lapin-Vance / Woman / GPS (voice)

Meredith Salenger ... Storm / Pam Beesly / Teenager (voice)

Ben Schwartz ... Narrator / Announcer / Jim Halpert (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Kermit the Frog / Announcer / Oscar Martinez (voice)
Victor Yerrid ... Miss Piggy / Fozzie Bear / Waldorf (voice)

Season 1, Episode 26: Force Code/Flammable

20 June 2011
Colter Stevens from Source Code is sent mentally back in time many times to try and prevent the destruction of the Death Star, but couldn't get the job done right. Katy Putty sings her new number entitled "Flammable" as a reminder to all stop motion-animated and puppet characters that they are merely flammable and not so special.

Chris Cox ... Colter Stevens / GleeVR Announcer / Thor (voice)

Mikey Day ... Popcorn / This Day in History Announcer / U2PS Fan (voice)

Larry Dorf ... U2PS World Tour!!!!! Announcer / Sam Winchester / Worm (voice)

Eden Espinosa ... Colleen Goodwin / Katy Putty / Anchorwoman (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Han Solo / Superhero 6 Motel Announcer / Animal vs. Appliance Announcer (voice)

Dan Milano ... Bono / Worm / Loki (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Sue Sylvester / Mona Lisa / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Dr. Rutledge / Man / Dean Winchester (voice)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: RiOa/Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine

22 August 2011
After hearing that it gives the power to fly, Blu steals the ring from Hal Jordan, gets sent to Oa, and makes up a team of flightless birds so he can save Jewel from Nigel and Marcel. Thomas the Tank Engine doesn't have any brakes and can't stop going around the Island of Sodor. So it's up to Frank Barnes and Percy to help stop him from crashing.

Chris Cox ... Hal Jordan / Denzel Washington / Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Marcel / Tomato / Evil Medieval (voice)

Ben Diskin ... Mongolian / Guardian / Big Bird (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Sir Topham Hatt / Han Solo / Lightning McQueen (voice)

Dan Milano ... Guardian / Luke Skywalker / Sleepy Guy (voice)

Nolan North ... Abin Sur / Mongolian / Narrator (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Jewel / Mumble / Evil Medieval's Wife (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Blu / Thomas the Tank Engine / Announcer / Road Runner (voice)

Season 2, Episode 2: Super 80's/Captain America's Got Talent

29 August 2011
JJ Abrams wanted to capture his childhood, but when a train full of stuff from the '80s crashes into his movie, his childhood might capture him! Then, Captain America sets out to prove he's got the talent to join the Avengers. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Hugh Davidson ... Steven Spielberg / Man / Geppetto (voice)
Brian T. Delaney ... James Franco / Charles / Dopey Guy (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Go-Bot / Store Owner / Doctor (voice)

Jason Marsden ... Joe Lamb / Phil Coulson / Celebrity Mask Announcer (voice)

Nolan North ... Announcer / Captain America / Narrator (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Pinocchio / Moondragon / Kid (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Martin / Iron Man / Announcer (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Nick Fury / J.J. Abrams / Jogger (voice)

Season 2, Episode 3: Kung Fu Blander/Destroy, Bob the Builder, Destroy

5 September 2011
When Lord Shen arrives with an army of Angry Birds, Po must find a something that is "Black and White" to defeat him. Bob the Builder receives a visit from Andrew W.K. who hosts the reality show, "Destroy, Build, Destroy", and starts destroying his vehicles and builds them into something else.

Chris Cox ... Bob the Builder / Thor / Man Trapped in Quickish Sand (voice)
Brian T. Delaney ... Po / Scoop / Politician (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Soothsayer / Tigress / Lofty (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Hot Dog Vendor / Angry Bird / Man Trapped in Quicker Sand (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Lord Shen / Han Solo / Man Trapped in Quicksand (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Pepé Le Pew / Hansel / Red Skull (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Green Pig / Pencil / Han Solo and Gretel Announcer (voice)

Andrew W.K. ... Hot Dog Customer / Himself / The Greatest Thing Ever Announcer (voice)

Season 2, Episode 4: Pirates of the Pair of Tweens/Konan the Kardashian

12 September 2011
When the fountain of youth works too well, Jack Sparrow is stuck babysitting a couple of tweens. Then, Conan the Barbarian settles down with a nice woman and takes her last name, because he's progressive like that. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Khalar Zym / Batman / Robot (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Blackbeard / Prom Guard / Man (voice)

Mikey Day ... Young Blackbeard / Teenager / Scott (voice)

Clare Grant ... Teenager / Khloe Kardashian / Kris Kardashian (voice)

Nolan North ... Conan / Announcer / Optimus Prime (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Young Angelica / Kim Kardashian / Kourtney Kardashian (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Jack Sparrow / Plankton / Lamar Odom (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Astronaut Fish / Doctor / Akiro 'The Wizard' (voice)

Season 2, Episode 5: Fast Hive/Minute to Flynn It

19 September 2011
Winnie the Pooh recruits some "Fast and Furious" help in his quest for honey. Then, Sam Flynn gets sucked into the dumbest game show on the grid.

Chris Cox ... Winnie the Pooh / Sam Flynn / America's Got Talons Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Bee / Mailbox / America's Got Talons Contestant (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Piglet / Quorra / Billy Batson (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Tigger / Announcer / Castor (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Carol / Celebrities Without Their Makeup Announcer / Guy Fieri (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Narrator / Maximum Security Diary Vault Announcer / Skeleton (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Dominic Toretto / Clu / Kevin Flynn / Boy with Sandwich (voice)

Season 2, Episode 6: Cowboys & Alien Force/ThunderLOLcats

26 September 2011
A cowboy wakes up with no memory and a strange alien bracelet that transforms him into 10 different aliens! Then, the kingdom of Thundera is attacked by the forces of the Internet.

Gregg Berger ... Jake Lonergan / Claudus (voice)
Jen Cohn ... Dory / Janice (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Cowboy / Tygra / Daredevil (voice)

Will Friedle ... Lion-LOL / Jon Favreau (voice)

Jason Marsden ... VH1 Host / Cheezburger Cat (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Ella Swenson / Applejack / Narwhal (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Voltron / Robert / Troll-Ra (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Buzz Lightyear / Woodrow Dolarhyde (voice)

Season 2, Episode 7: TransBOREmores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon/The Walking Fred

3 October 2011
When a portal opens up to the land of the Smurfs, Optimus Prime has to send them back. Then, an Internet viral video goes viral for real! Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Larry Dorf ... Grouchy Smurf / Shockwave / Dad (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Doctor / Bruce Willis / Patrick Winslow (voice)

Dan Milano ... Papa Smurf / Announcer / Agent (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Mom / Girl / Nina Garcia (voice)

Meredith Salenger ... Selena Gomez / Mother / Julia Roberts (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Sam Witwicky / Fred Figglehorn / Justin Bieber (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Tom Hanks / Celebrity Hack / Bruce Brazos (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Optimus Prime / Christopher Coolumbus / Announcer (voice)

Season 2, Episode 8: X-Games: First Class/Criminal Minecraft

17 October 2011
Learn how Professor X and Magneto met and learned to skateboard. Then, the team from Criminal Minds finds themselves with the blockiest case of their career. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Hugh Davidson ... Hamster / Sheriff Motch / Fake Tour Guide (voice)

Mikey Day ... Shaun White / Timmy / Skeleton (voice)

Clare Grant ... Teacher / Jennifer Jareau / Tourist (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Charles Xavier / Farmer / Aaron Hotchner (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Tourist / Penelope Garcia / Little Girl (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Erik Lensherr / Sassie / Mark Zuckerberg (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... David Rossi / Gandalf / Sassie Announcer (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Grim Reaper / Derek Morgan / Kirby's Star Tours Announcer (voice)

Season 2, Episode 9: Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas/How I Met Your Mummy

24 October 2011
After getting tired of all the work he's done, Chef Gordon Ramsay is transported to Halloween Town, where he becomes the scariest person there. Then, a werewolf father tells his werewolf son and mummy daughter how he met their mummy mother.

Chris Cox ... Jack Skellington / Dog / Werewolf at Lloyd's (voice)

Larry Dorf ... The Scooby-Doo Gang Announcer / Eggplant / Health Inspector (voice)

Seth Green ... Gordon Ramsay / Werewolf Dad / Human (voice)

Matthew Lillard ... Creature / Shaggy / Scream 90X Announcer (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Announcer / Barney / TV Executive (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Mary / Ghoul / Woman (voice)

Meredith Salenger ... Woman / Mummy Mom / Waitress (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... The Mayor of Halloween Town / Grim Reaper / Monster (voice)

Season 2, Episode 10: Dances with Wolverine: A Footloose Parody/Tater Tots & Tiaras

7 November 2011
Wolverine gets caught up in a Footloose parody. Then, the world of beauty pageants is about to get a lot more potato-y. Plus, AlfredE. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Hugh Davidson ... Cop / Bear / Tiny Driver (voice)

Nolan North ... Tom Cruise / Wolverine / Dr. Gregory House (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Kitty Kittredge / Moppit / Barbie (voice)

Salli Saffioti ... Wife / Mrs. Potato Head / Savannah Potato Head (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Mr. Potato Head / SpongeBob SquarePants / Vance (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Reverend Shaw Moore / Hamm / Announcer (voice)

Tara Strong ... Dr. Meredith Grey / Ariel Moore / Kit Kittredge (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Woody / Tiny Driver / Celebrity Superpowers Announcer (voice)

Season 2, Episode 11: Demise of the Planet of the Apes/The Celebrity Ape-rentice

14 November 2011
After getting adopted, Caesar gets sent to the pen where Kevin James recruits the apes by planning to rule the world by getting an Oscar. Then, Donald Chimp recruits Caesar, Donkey Kong, and Mojo Jojo by helping him take over the world.

Chris Cox ... Director / Will Rodman / Monkey (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Hunsiker / Nesmith / Monkey Wheel of Fortune Announcer (voice)

Ralph Garman ... Caesar / Donald Chimp / Host (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Kevin James / Pat Sajak / John Landon (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Dora / Boots / Lois / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Anchor / Boy / Steven Jacobs (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Mayor / Celebrities Without Their Ape-Up Announcer / Robert Franklin (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Donkey Kong / Adhesive Ape Announcer / Monkey Contestant (voice)

Season 2, Episode 12: Money Ball Z/Green Care Bear

21 November 2011
The future of baseball is super charged when Super Saiyans join the game. But when the Spirit Bat is unleashed, could this lead to the end of baseball? Then, Hal Jordan gets recruited by a different kind of colorful guardians to become the Green Care Bear.
Hugh Davidson ... Piccolo / Customer / Grumpy Bear (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Skeleton / Kid Trunks / Man (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Billy Beane / Turkey / Announcer (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Detective / Gargamel / Narrator (voice)

Dan Milano ... Goku / Barry Kirschbaum / Papa Smurf (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Bulma / Little Girl / Cheer Bear (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Peter Brand / Hal Jordan / Vegeta (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Art Howe / Optimus Prime / Slimer (voice)

Season 2, Episode 13: Spy vs. Spy Kids/The Superhero Millionaire Matchmaker

28 November 2011
Two kids are shocked to learn that their stepmother is a spy and that the white and black spies are after her! Then, the MillionaireMatchmaker meets her biggest challenge yet: Iron Man and Batman! Plus, more Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Mikey Day ... Destin Pfaff / Cecil Wilson / Taylor Lautner (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Catwoman / Nancy Ortega / Velma Dinkley (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Iron Man / Juni Cortez / Ryan Reynolds (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Robot Dog / Danger D'Amo / Abs-Duction Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Rebecca Wilson / Blonde / Lily Collins (voice)

Meredith Salenger ... Carmen Cortez / Sigourney Weaver / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Batman / Wilbur Wilson / Boy (voice)

Tara Strong ... Patti Stanger / Marissa Wilson / Brunette (voice)

Season 2, Episode 14: Captain American't/My Supernatural Sweet Sixteen

5 December 2011
Can Steve Rogers defeat the Red Skull and make to his 2:30 show? We'd say he Captain American't! Then, the brothers fromSupernatural face the scariest monster yet: a teenage girl.
Hugh Davidson ... Bucky / Big Kid / Dad (voice)
Brian T. Delaney ... Jack Black / Kid / Sam Winchester (voice)

Will Friedle ... Captain America / DJ / Announcer (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Chester Phillips / Doctor / Ashlyn's Dad (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Lady Gaga / Girl / Tomato (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Red Skull / Dean Winchester / Ghost Rider (voice)

Tara Strong ... Peggy Carter / Ashlyn / Rat (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Nick Fury / Rick / Devil (voice)

Season 2, Episode 15: FROST/Undercover Claus

12 December 2011
It's MAD's Christmas special! First, Woody, Buzz and the Toy Story gang get "lost" on a mysterious island of misfits. Then, SantaClaus goes undercover to see how his workshop really runs. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Grey DeLisle ... Dolly for Sue / Christmas Tree Mom / Rejected Reindeer Announcer (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Man with Bazooka / Train / Chuck Underhill (voice)

Dan Milano ... Mr. Potato Head / Mitch Hopeluck / Rudolpho (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Jessie / Mom / Myra / Mrs. Claus (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... King Moonracer / Charlie-in-the-Box / Announcer (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Slinky / Crasher / Frosty the Snowman (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Buzz Lightyear / Christmas Tree Dad / Richard Donner (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Woody / Santa Claus / Father (voice)

Season 2, Episode 16: Twilight: Staking Dawn/Cookie Blue

23 January 2012
Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows up and crashes Edward and Bella's wedding and plans on killing them. Then, Cookie Monster trains to be a street cop.
Hugh Davidson ... Geodude / Man / Woodchuck (voice)

Mikey Day ... Jacob Black / Ash Ketchum / Kid (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Vampire / Chris Diaz / TV Executive (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Bella Swan / Bulbasaur / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Edward Cullen / Boy / Cookie Monster (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Al Gore / Radio / The Land After the Land Before Time Announcer (voice)

Tara Strong ... Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Hitmonchan / Andy McNally (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Venusaur / Chief / Bad Idea Announcer (voice)

Season 2, Episode 17: WWE Bought a Zoo/2 Broke Powerpuff Girls

30 January 2012
A man buys a zoo and gets body slammed repeatedly. Then, two of the Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles and Buttercup) find themselves working at a diner.

Chris Cox ... Benjamin Mee / Final Bran-tasy Announcer / Vainy (voice)

Larry Dorf ... John Cena / Psych in Real Life Announcer / Football Player (voice)

Tom Kane ... Rejected Smurfs Announcer / Narrator / Him (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Buttercup / Woman / Baby (voice)

Meredith Salenger ... Smurfette / Blossom / Justin's Mom (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Rey Mysterio / Mojo Jojo / Boy (voice)

Tara Strong ... Kelly Kelly / Bubbles / Woman (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Triple H / Customer / ThunderPants Announcer (voice)

Season 2, Episode 18: DolPhineas and Ferb Tale/VICTORious

6 February 2012
Phineas and Ferb set out to help a hurt dolphin. Then Doctor Doom enrolls in a performing arts high school. Plus Spy vs. Spy, AlfredE. Neuman and more!
Hugh Davidson ... Cyborg / Sikowitz / Saxophone Player (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Board Member / Clown Father / What's Wrong This Picture? Announcer (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Nicolas Cage / Magician / Robbie (voice)

Clare Grant ... Candace Flynn / Princess Leia / Jade (voice)

Tom Kane ... Announcer / Morgan Freeman / DVR2D2 Announcer (voice)

Jason Marsden ... Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III / Andre / Doug (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Tori Vega / Sawyer Nelson / Beru Lars (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Phineas Flynn / Dr. Victor von Doom / Luke Skywalker (voice)

Season 2, Episode 19: My Little War Horse/The Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O

13 February 2012
A My Little Pony gets drafted into World War One. Then, the funniest talk show host in Thundera welcomes his guest Ryan Gosling.
Hugh Davidson ... Tygra / Captain Cold / Scarecrow (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Crewman / Superboy / Mountain Climber (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Announcer / Albert Narracott / Blue Beetle (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Captain Nicholls / Jay Lion-O / Teen Titanic Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Applejack / Wonder Girl / Fluttershy (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Tintin / Mumm-Ra / Ryan Gosling (voice)

Kath Soucie ... Rainbow Dash / Starfire / Magic Magic Marker Boy (voice)

Tara Strong ... Twilight Sparkle / Pinkie Pie / Woman (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Flutterguy / Magic Magic Marker Announcer / Cyborg (voice)

Season 2, Episode 20: Al Pacino and the Chipmunks/That's What Super Friends Are For

27 February 2012
Alvin and the gang wash up on an island and get a new member for their band. Then, DC Comics super heroes sing a song about the virtues of super friendship.

Larry Dorf ... Bad Idea Announcer / Man / Hawkman (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Dave Seville / Green Lantern / Blue Beetle (voice)

Ralph Garman ... Al Pacino / Superman / Elongated Man (voice)

Jason Marsden ... Kid Flash / Taylor Lautner / Eat-Ohs Boy (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Wonder Woman / Kristen Stewart / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Batman / Green Goblin / Announcer (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Plastic Man / Office Worker / Tourist (voice)

Tara Strong ... Black Canary / Mom / Woman (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Bear / Black Lightning / Martian Manhunter (voice)

Season 2, Episode 21: Real Veal/Celebrity Wife Swamp

5 March 2012
When a down and out man's robot is destroyed by a cow, he hires the cow! Then, Brad Pitt and Shrek switch wives for the week. Plus,Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Season 2, Episode 22: Garfield of My Dreams/I Hate My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

26 March 2012
Garfield leads other comic strip heroes on a mission to get Hollywood to remember them. Then, a mother realizes her sons have become something she always hated: ninja turtles! Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Season 2, Episode 23: The Adventures of Tauntaun/Everybody Loves Rayman

2 April 2012
The classic comic Tintin gets mistranslated and retold in a galaxy far, far away. Then, a video game character tries to keep the peace when his parents come to stay at his house.
Hugh Davidson ... Frank Barone / Exterminator / Man (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Han Solo / Announcer / Teacher (voice)

Deborah Marlowe ... Marie Barone / Real Estate Agent / Woman (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... The Adventures of Tauntaun Announcer / Man / George Clooney (voice)

Dan Milano ... Luke Skywalker / Lightbulb / Mr. Dark (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Betilla the Fairy / Tina Fey / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Rayman / Darth Vader / Watto (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Bowser / Globox / Announcer (voice)

Frank Welker ... Garfield / Water Cooler / Sick Buttowski Announcer (voice)

Season 2, Episode 24: Potions 11/Moves Like Jabba

9 April 2012
Harry Potter gets a team of wizards together for one last heist. Then, one of Jabba the Hutt's guards explains how he got his job. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Hugh Davidson ... Criss Angel / Spider / Easter Bunny (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Balthazar / Jury Forman / Stephen's Dad (voice)

Tom Kenny ... Tom LaPille / Gamorrean Guard / Rob Killmurder (voice)

Piotr Michael ... Harry Potter / Announcer / Concierge (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Alex Russo / Woman / Victoria's Mom / Sabrina Spellman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Ron Weasley / Albus Dumbledore / Announcer (voice)

Tara Strong ... Hermione Granger / Zatanna / Stephen (voice)

Billy Dee Williams ... Lando Calrissian / Attorney with a Booger / Casino Guard (voice)

Season 2, Episode 25: Addition Impossible/New Gill

16 April 2012
Ethan Hunt's team needs to save the world, while also struggling with simple math. Then, Ariel breaks up with the Prince and moves into an apartment with three dudes.
Hugh Davidson ... Marlin / Thor / Referee (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Pinkie Pie / Girl / Ariel (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Ghost Rider / Professor X / Winston (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Benji Dunn / Kurt Hendricks / Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Jane Carter / Drive-Thru Worker / Applejack (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Kid / Announcer / Prince Eric / SpongeBob SquarePants (voice)

Michael Sinterniklaas ... Ethan Hunt / Aquaman / Nick (voice)

Tara Strong ... Twilight Sparkle / Superheroes: They're Just Like Us Announcer / Boy (voice)

Season 2, Episode 26: iChronicle/Hulk Smash

23 April 2012
The iCarly gang gets new powers for their web show, except for Carly, who goes insane. Then, Hulk auditions to be an Avenger.

Chris Cox ... Spencer Shay / CM Punk / Iron Man (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Police Officer / Brian Banner / Captain America (voice)

Mikey Day ... Freddie Benson / Dinosaur / Spider-Man (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Sam Puckett / Jason / Dinosaur (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Hulk / Bruce Banner / Superman / Announcer (voice)

Tara Strong ... Carly Shay / Miley Cyrus / Black Widow (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Nick Fury / Man / Announcer (voice)

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: The Iron Giant Lady/Raising a New Hope

28 May 2012
In the season three premiere, Mecha-Thatcher becomes England's Prime Minister and Martha Plimpton takes on the role of grandmother to Luke Skywalker.
Hugh Davidson ... Burt Chance / Rock Star / Man (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Bank Robber / Horse / Man (voice)

Will Friedle ... Owen Lars / Harry Potter / Mayor (voice)
Melinda Hamilton ... Kangaroo / Emma / Girl (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Lionel Logue / Obi-Wan Kenobi / Nessie Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Miley Cyrus / Maw Maw / Kangaroo (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Announcer / Yoda / Alien (voice)

Tara Strong ... Margaret Thatcher / Kangaroo / Virginia Chance (voice)

Season 3, Episode 2: Yawn Carter/Franklin & Crash

4 June 2012
John Carter tells the boring story of his trip to Mars. Then, Franklin and Crash Bandicoot are a couple of unconventional video game lawyers.

Chris Cox ... John Carter / Alfred E. Neuman for President Announcer / Sonic the Hedgehog (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Green Lantern / Jared Franklin / Nerd (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Civil War General / Daniel Radcliffe / Stanton Infeld (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Boy / Princess Peach / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Crash Bandicoot / Announcer / Man (voice)

Tara Strong ... The Woman in Back / Judge / Dejah Thoris (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Sports Drink Drink Announcer / Prince of all Cosmos / Madden Announcer (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Martian Manhunter / Badly Dubbed Voice / King of all Cosmos (voice)

Season 3, Episode 3: Battleship vs. Titanic/Jurassic Parks and Recreation

11 June 2012
The passengers of the Titanic battle the aliens from Battleship. Then the parks department opens a dinosaur petting zoo. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Chris Cox ... Lieutenant Alex Hopper / Chris Traeger / Alfred E. Neuman for President Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Bad Idea Announcer / Alien / Andy Dwyer (voice)

Mikey Day ... Jack Dawson / Tom Haverford / Bank Robber (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Caledon Hockley / Man / Jerry Gergich (voice)
Melinda Hamilton ... Swisster Girl / Girl / Ann Perkins (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Petty Officer Cora 'Weps' Raikes / April Ludgate / Girl (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Announcer / Boy / Ben Wyatt (voice)

Tara Strong ... Rose DeWitt Bukater / Leslie Knope / Chicken Leg (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Admiral Shane / Fred Flintstone / Ron Swanson (voice)

Season 3, Episode 4: Betty White & the Huntsman/Ancient Greek Mythbusters

18 June 2012
The huntsman is sent into the forest to find the fairest one of all ... Betty White?! Then, the Mythbusters crew goes back in time to test myths about the fabled Titans.
Hugh Davidson ... Beith / Crewman / Husband (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Nion / Announcer / Jamie Hyneman (voice)

Dan Milano ... Luke Skywalker / Announcer / Adam Savage (voice)

Shirley Mitchell ... Betty White (voice)

Nolan North ... The Huntsman / Perseus (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Queen Clementianna / Daughter / Edna (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... C-3PO / Announcer / Grant Imahara (voice)

Tara Strong ... Queen Ravenna / Woman / Antelope (voice)

Season 3, Episode 5: I Am Lorax/Modern Family Circus

25 June 2012
Will Smith is the last man on earth who speaks for the trees. Then, the cast of Modern Family hang out with their distant relativesfrom the funny pages.
Hugh Davidson ... Obi-Wan Kenobi / Germ / Cameron Tucker (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Billy / Alien Shark Week Announcer / Mime (voice)

Will Friedle ... Ted / Bil / Fart or Chair Host (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Claire Dunphy / Dolly / Jeffy (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Announcer / The Lorax / Phil Dunphy (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Will Smith / Jay Pritchett / Announcer (voice)

Audrey Wasilewski ... Grammy Norma / Gloria Pritchett / Thelma (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Mime / And That's How Science Works! Announcer / Abe Lincoln (voice)

Season 3, Episode 6: This Means War Machine/iCharlie

23 July 2012
Iron Man and War Machine realize they're dating the same woman. You know what this means.... Then, Charlie Brown becomes an Internetstar!

Chris Cox ... Iron Man / Stanley Oompa / James Bond (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Hawkeye / Astronaut Professor / Playground Boy (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Theater Usher / Cheaters Week on the Price is Right! Announcer / Playground Boy (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Violet Beauregarde / Black Widow / Playground Girl (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson ... War Machine / Mailman / Rejected Playground Equipment Announcer (voice)

Meredith Salenger ... Pepper Potts / Mom / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Announcer / Charlie Brown / Boy (voice)

Tara Strong ... Lucy van Pelt / Nicki Minaj (voice)

Season 3, Episode 7: The Mixed Martial Artist/Aquaman vs. Wild

30 July 2012
MAD takes on new parodies of pop culture in this satirical animated sketch show. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Josh Beren ... Reporter / Announcer / Lieutenant Alex Hopper (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Bear Grylls / Robot / Egyptian (voice)

Mikey Day ... Hobbit / Doctor / Kick Buttowski (voice)

John DiMaggio ... Al / Announcer / Aquaman (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Tortoise / Al's Wife / Troll (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Guy / Robot / Announcer (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Troll / Street Performer / Director (voice)

Season 3, Episode 8: The Blunder Games/The Poop-seidon Adventure

6 August 2012
The tributes from District 9 battle the tributes from District Hogwarts and District Twilight. Then, it's a MAD classic as a famousboat flips its lid.
Hugh Davidson ... Jacob Black / Fisherman / Man (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Actless Evergreen / Campaign Promises Announcer / Cho Chang (voice)

Jason Marsden ... Pita Bread Farts / Zack Martin / Cody Martin / Answers to Your Homework Announcer (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Caesar Flickerman / Announcer / Manny Rosen (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Lucy Pevensie / Woman / Susan Shelby (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Claudius Templesmith / Kid / Announcer (voice)

Tara Strong ... Effie Trinket / Belle Rosen (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... President Snow / Announcer / Det. Lt. Mike Rogo (voice)

Season 3, Episode 9: Average-ers/Legend of Dora

13 September 2012
Nick Fury needs to save the world with whatever heroes don't have their own movies to make. Then, the newest Avatar is revealed:Dora! Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Chris Cox ... Iron Man / Ben Bailey / Passerby (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Black Widow / Beautician / Woman (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Hawkeye / Man / Meelo (voice)

Will Friedle ... Captain America / Bolin (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Dora / Girl / Wife (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Hulk / Bruce Banner / Announcer / Tenzin / Taz (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Professor Selvig / Phil Coulson / James Dyson (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Nick Fury / Announcer / Fire Bending Thug (voice)

Season 3, Episode 10: Men in Black to the Future/Pokémon of Interest

20 September 2012
Agent J goes back in time and is run over by Marty McFly. Then a secret agent has to stop a Psyduck before it's involved in a crime! Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Chris Cox ... Brad Pitt / Announcer / Reese (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Rihanna / Mom / Woman (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Biff Tannen / Sick Guy / Jorge Garcia (voice)
Melinda Hamilton ... Sick Girl / Wife / Old Lady (voice)

Arif S. Kinchen ... Drake / Philip Banks / Squid (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Agent K / US Therapist / Finch (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Dr. Emmett Brown / Doctor / Man (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Agent J / Canadian Therapist / Announcer (voice)

Season 3, Episode 11: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Icarus/Adjustment Burro

27 September 2012
The star of Kid Icarus gets picked on by the popular video game characters. Then Eeyore's life is planned out for him ... but what if he changed that plan?

Chris Cox ... Announcer / Knight / Winnie the Pooh (voice)

Mikey Day ... Mega Man / Scientist / Hoof (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Bowser / Man / Announcer (voice)

Will Friedle ... Pit / Lampwick (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Princess Peach / Ms. Pac-Man / Girl / Princess (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Kirby / Announcer / Eeyore (voice)

Tara Strong ... Twilight Sparkle / Pit's Mother / White Ninja (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Donkey Kong / Fred Flintstone / Narrator (voice)

Season 3, Episode 12: Taking Nemo/Once Upon a Toon

4 October 2012
Nemo's father turns to an old friend after his son is taken. Then, the cartoons of yesterday have forgotten who they are. Plus, Spyvs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
Greg Bissonette ... Marlin / TSA Agent / Goldfish (voice)

Chris Cox ... John Lasseter / The Adventures of Iron Man Announcer / Knight (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Anchor / Caveman / Samurai Jack (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Ariel / Flounder / Dexter (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Dory / Henry Mills / Pepper (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Iron Man / Man / Johnny Bravo / SpongeBob SquarePants (voice)

Tara Strong ... Nemo / Cow / Dee Dee (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Liam Neeson / Announcer / Chicken (voice)

Season 3, Episode 13: Outtagascar/Fiends

11 October 2012
The cast of Madagascar wind up on a train filled with characters whose movies are clearly out of gas. Then, six evil villains (Baroness, Mystique, Lord Voldemort, Maleficent, Doctor Doom, and Megatron) try to make their way in New York City.

Chris Cox ... Alex / Deltoids Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Prison Warden / Policeman / Man (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Gloria / Mystique / Singer (voice)

Chris Edgerly ... Shrek / Guy / Megatron (voice)

Arif S. Kinchen ... Marty / Deltoids Scientist / Fireman (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Maleficent / Baroness / Ducky (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Donkey / Elmer Fudd / Lord Voldemort / Tweety Bird / Taz (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Buzz Lightyear / Body of Pwoof Announcer / Old Man (voice)

Season 3, Episode 14: The Amazing Spider-Minaj/Go, Dragon Ball, Go!

18 October 2012
Peter Parker's not the only web head in town. Then, Diego searches for the Dragon Balls so he can save all the animals. Plus, Spyvs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Chris Cox ... Captain George Stacy / Announcer / Reporter (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... GEICO Gecko / Man / Piccolo (voice)

Mikey Day ... Spider-Man / Goku / News from the Campaign Trail Announcer (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Announcer / Meme Wolf / Sloth (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Old Lady / Mom / Snake (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... The Lizard / Cop / Shenron (voice)

Tara Strong ... Nicki Minaj / Diego (voice)
Victor Yerrid ... Master Roshi / Walking Professor / Bounced Announcer (voice)

Season 3, Episode 15: Frankenwinnie/ParaMorgan

25 October 2012
It's a MAD Halloween special! When Winnie the Pooh falls apart, Christopher Robin is determined to bring him back. Then, Norman is aweird little boy who hears voices ... of Morgan Freeman!

Chris Cox ... Winnie the Pooh / Grim Reaper / Iron Man (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Christopher Robin / Neil / Charlie Brown (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Narrator / Captain America / Ghost Rider (voice)

Whit Hertford ... Piglet / Hawkeye / Man with Mattress (voice)

Tom Kane ... Morgan Freeman / The Legend of Snoopy Hollow Announcer / Space Ghost (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Casper / Black Widow / Lucy van Pelt (voice)

Rico Rodriguez ... Norman Babcock / Costumed Boy / Linus van Pelt (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Eeyore / Announcer / Man (voice)

Season 3, Episode 16: Dark Knight at the Museum/Lemming Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Video Game Deaths

1 November 2012
Batman investigates a crime at the Museum of Television. Then, three orphaned lemmings are on the run from the evil Wario. Plus, Spyvs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
Brian T. Delaney ... Boy / Announcer / Lemming Snicket (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Klaus / Clark Kent / Truck Driver (voice)

Dan Milano ... Dad Reading Story / Electric Eel / Old Man (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Sam Puckett / Girl / Violet (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Batman / Boy / Lemming / SpongeBob SquarePants (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Riddler / Wario / Cosmo (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Commissioner Gordon / Announcer / Tetromino (voice)

Tara Strong ... Demi Lovato / Carly Shay / Wanda (voice)

Season 3, Episode 17: Total Recall Me Maybe/The Asgardigans

8 November 2012
MAD tries to recall the plot of Total Recall, through song. Then, Thor teams up with some weird creatures from the backyard. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Chris Cox ... Technician / Announcer / Loki (voice)

Arif S. Kinchen ... Angry Squirrel / Doctor / Tyrone (voice)

Beth Littleford ... Mother / Announcer / Tasha (voice)

Nolan North ... Thor / Doctor / Guy (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Daughter / Squirrel / Pablo (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Announcer / Guy / Odin (voice)

Tara Strong ... Wonder Woman / Female Banana / Uniqua (voice)
Windy Wagner ... Melina (voice)

Season 3, Episode 18: The Bourne Leg-a-Turkey/PilGrimm

15 November 2012
It's MAD's Thanksgiving special! A turkey secret agent is on the run from the people who created him. Then, the Grimm has to huntdown the most terrifying creature of all: the turducken! Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Chris Cox ... Secret Agent / Announcer / Nick (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Dr. Shearing / Jokahontas / Aunt Marie (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Edward Norton / Pilgrim / Monroe (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Announcer / Girl / Audience Member #2 (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Pilgrim / Turkey / Audience Member #1 (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Aaron Giblet / Announcer / Father (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Announcer / Spokes-Pilgrim / Scarecrow (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Hank / Announcer / Bad Idea Announcer (voice)

Season 3, Episode 19: Here Comes the Doom/Brain Purge

29 November 2012
MAD goes back to school. When a high school needs funding, they turn to comic book arch-villain Doctor Doom. Then, Agent J runs agame show that makes sure you forget everything you know. Plus Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Grey DeLisle ... Bella / Jennifer Lawrence / Tuffy (voice)

Larry Dorf ... Principal Betcher / Josh / Thor (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Nicolas Cage / Koopa Troopa / Robbie (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Marty / Kevin James / Droopy (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Flutist / Tori Vega / Female Announcer (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Doctor Doom / Lion-O / Jeff Sutphen (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Agent J / Announcer / Tom and Jury Announcer (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Samuel L. Jackson / Guts Man / Cop (voice)

Season 3, Episode 20: Fantastic Four Christmases/Red & White Collar

6 December 2012
It's a special holiday MAD! Can the Fantastic Four stop fighting and enjoy Christmas together? Then, Santa teams up with the FBI tosolve a case of breaking and entering.

Season 3, Episode 21: Hip Hop Hobbit/The Monday Project

21 January 2013
Bilbo embarks on an old-school quest of rhyming and break dancing. Then, Garfield vows to get his life together. Plus, Alfred E.Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Biz Markie ... Beatbox Baggins / Odie's Security Guard / Elf (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Bilbo Baggins / Jon Arbuckle / Ant (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Gandalf / Tinky Turner's Self Elf Book Announcer / Anchorman (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Sam / Honey Boo Boo / Christmas Daughter (voice)

Christopher Reid ... Gandalf the Fresh / Bully / Elf (voice) (as Christopher 'Kid' Reid)

Kevin Shinick ... Dwarf / Lunchroom Monitor / Christmas Son (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Tinky Turner / Dwarf / Why Kristen Stewart Never Laughs... or Smiles Announcer (voice)

Frank Welker ... Garfield / Cauliflower / Christmas Dad (voice)

Season 3, Episode 22: The Perks of Being a Wallcrawler/Regular Shogun Warriors

28 January 2013
Spider-Man gives a shy kid advice so he can become a cool wall crawler. Then, some giant robots hang around and watch TV. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Eric Artell ... Charlie / Jake / The Lone Ranger (voice)

Chris Cox ... Mordecai / Iron Man (voice)

Daniel Cummings ... Patrick / Rigby (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Videotape Recorder / Silver / Dragon (voice)

Mikey Day ... Spider-Man / Pirate Pete / Man (voice)

Dan Milano ... Benson / Hawkeye / Construction Worker (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Sam / Finn / Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Book / Doctor / Grocery Store Clerk (voice)

Season 3, Episode 23: Twilight: Breaking Down/GOllum ON

4 February 2013
Bella and Edward have one last challenge to overcome ... finding a babysitter! Then, Gollum joins a support group to help him get overthe loss of his ring. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Ryan King / James Bond (voice)

Mikey Day ... Jacob Black / Nyefall Announcer (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Edward Cullen (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Snookie (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Gollum / Bill Nye (voice)

Tara Strong ... Bella Swan (voice)

Season 3, Episode 24: Life of Rhyme/Here Comes Yogi Boo Boo

18 February 2013
The classic tale of a boy trapped on a boat with a cat in the hat. Then, two dumb gross bears act gross and dumb. Plus, Alfred E.Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Dr. Seuss / Boo-Boo Bear / MAD's Guide to Picking Up Girls Announcer (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Pi Patel / Werner Herzog / Lipstuck Announcer (voice)

Seth Green ... The Cat in the Hat / Ranger Smith / Son (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Daughter / Girl / Lipstuck Mother (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Yogi Bear / Popeye / Boy (voice)

Dana Snyder ... The Fish / Dad / Cameraman (voice)

Tara Strong ... Mom / Lipstuck Boy (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Picnic Man / Lipstuck Father / Did Anybody Get Mom a Card? Announcer (voice)

Season 3, Episode 25: James Bond: Reply All/Randy Savage: 9th Grade Wrestler

25 February 2013
James Bond must track down an e-mail that went out to too many people. Then, a 9th grader dons the beard of a legend. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Lumberjack / Loki / Vince McMahon (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Raoul Silva / Piccolo / Mr. Bannister (voice)

Mikey Day ... Goku / Howard Weinerman (voice)

Nolan North ... James Bond / Ant-Man / Chunky Mouthwash Announcer (voice)

Nicole Parker ... M / Girl with Chunky Mouthwash (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Woman in Cabin / Female Capricorn / Astrology Announcer (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Randy Cunningham / Book / Boy (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Nick Fury / Randy Savage / Male Capricorn (voice)

Season 3, Episode 26: George Washington: Cherry Tree Chopper/Star Wars Earn Stripes

4 March 2013
The completely true tale of Washington's war against the cherry trees is finally told. Then, do these C-list celebrities have whatit takes to be A-list Storm Troopers? Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Bakin' Announcer / Dean Cain (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Benedict Arnold / Robin Hood (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Peter Pan / Kim / Missedmas Woman / Thankstaking Girl (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Benjamin Franklin / Captain Hook / Kid with Shellmet (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Swordfish / Holidays We'd Like to See Announcer / Police Officer (voice)

Tara Strong ... Queen of the Cherry Trees / Teacher / Eve Torres (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... George Washington / Darth Vader / Liam Neeson (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Shellmet Announcer / Thankstaking Boy / Terry Crews (voice)

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: LinKONG/Rainbow Dash & Bernstein

1 April 2013
In the season four premiere, MAD tells the classic tale of America's greatest giant ape president. Then a manly little dude learns how to be a brony.
Keith Ferguson ... Truth Paste Announcer / Citizen (voice)

Gilbert Gottfried ... LinKONG / Crash / Father (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Thaddeus Stevens / Puppeteer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Cleo Bernstein / Cheer Bear / Daughter (voice)

Meredith Salenger ... Mel Bernstein / Bentley Bear / Mother (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Gen. Robert E. Lee / Fortune Yeller Tourist / Son (voice)

Kath Soucie ... Wyatt Bernstein (voice)

Tara Strong ... Rainbow Dash / Mecha-Thatcher / Beauty Bear (voice)

Season 4, Episode 2: Pokémonsters, Inc./Bane & Kate

8 April 2013
It's total chaos as Ash Ketchum tries to catch all the Monsters! Then, a woman reconnects with her super villain brother. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Monster Anchorman / Treasure Hunter (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... CDA Worker / Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)

Mikey Day ... Ash Ketchum / Pirate / M&MA Championship Announcer (voice)

Dan Milano ... Mike Wazowski / Pirate / Tooth Fairy (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Pikachu / Balloon / Girl with Half a Tooth (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Bane / Gollum / Bob (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... James P. Sullivan (voice)

Tara Strong ... Kate Fox / Maddie Fox / Kristen Stewart (voice)

Season 4, Episode 3: Wreck It Gandalph/The Big Bird Theory

15 April 2013
Gandalf is tired of being a wizard and escapes to other movies. Then, the cast of The Big Bang Theory are tired of their show and escape to another world. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Brian T. Delaney ... Audience Member #1 / Soren / Wall Scientists Announcer (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Bilbo Baggins / Training Car Announcer (voice)

Will Friedle ... Harry Potter / Leonard Hofstadter (voice)

Anthony Hansen ... Audience Member #2 / Big Bird (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Gandalf / North / Wall Scientist (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Prairie Dawn / Severine / Training Car Woman (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Wreck-It Ralph / Sheldon Cooper / Bert (voice)
Victor Yerrid ... Ernie / 5 / Star-Lord (voice)

Season 4, Episode 4: Les the Miz/The Lex Factor

22 April 2013
It's a musical wrestling spectacular in the past! Then, Lex Luthor holds a reality show for villains. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

James Barbour ... John Cena / Cop Chef Announcer (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Cop Chef / Kane / Hero (voice)

Eden Espinosa ... Khloé Kardashian / Vendor (voice)

Clare Grant ... Demi Lovato / Pokémon Trainer / Pillow Fight Kid (voice)

Dan Milano ... Time Machine Wizard / Papa Smurf (voice)

Rob Paulsen ... Lex Luthor / Vendor / Irish Scream Shampoo Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Britney Spears / Pillow Fight Kid / Boy on Slide (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... The Miz / Superman / Mario Lopez (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Gargamel / Vince / Cop (voice)

Season 4, Episode 5: Papa/1600 Finn

13 May 2013
A family is haunted by a small blue menace. Then, Finn the Human moves into the White House. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Eric Artell ... Finn / Peter Parker / Snake (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Dr. Dreyfuss / Secret Service Agent / Museum Dad (voice)

Stan Lee ... Papa Smurf / Bird Scientist / The Amazing Man-Spider Announcer (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Dale Gilcrest / Snoozeum Announcer / Neil Patrick Harris (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Victoria / Spider / MADitorial Announcer (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Ice King / Bald Eagle / Radioactive Spider (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Gargamel / Bald Eagle / Spider (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Jake / Lucas / Game Show Host (voice)

Alanna Ubach ... Annabel / Cat / Museum Daughter (voice)

Season 4, Episode 6: G.I. E.I. Joe/Dog with a Captain's Log

20 May 2013
The G.I. Joes recruit some help from the farm. Then, the Starship Enterprise has a hairy new crew member. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Captain James T. Kirk / Redundancy Announcer (voice)

Mikey Day ... Flint / Commander Spock (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Husband / Zombeach Announcer (voice)
Melinda Hamilton ... Wife (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... General Joe Colton / Captain Jean-Luc Picard (voice)
Jason Nash ... Roadblock / Stan the Dog (voice)

Nolan North ... Duke / Montgomery Scott (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Dr. Leonard McCoy / Mr. Hikaru Sulu / Tree (voice)

Season 4, Episode 7: S Cape from Planet Earth/The X-Mentalist

27 May 2013
Scorch Supernova has to save a defenseless man of steel. Then, the X-Men give up being super heroes and become cops. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Eric Artell ... Jimmy Olsen / Geek / Nightcrawler (voice)

Chris Cox ... Wolverine / Police Officer / Hairgoat Announcer (voice)

Corinne Reilly ... Lois Lane / Miss Marie / Lisa (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Scorch Supernova / Cyclops / Man (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Professor X / Old Man / MADitorial Announcer (voice)

Tara Strong ... Lena Thackleman / Storm / Lisa's Friend (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Steve Harvey / Lex Luthor / Suspect (voice)

Thomas F. Wilson ... Superman / Patrick Jane / Tube Feud Announcer (voice) (as Tom Wilson)

Season 4, Episode 8: POblivion/Umbrellamentary

17 June 2013
Jack Harper is the last man on Earth, but there's also a talking kung-fu panda. Then, Sherlock Holmes goes missing and it's up to another beloved British character to save him ... Mary Poppins?! Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Brian T. Delaney ... Po / Dogs Shouldn't Drive Announcer / Caveman #1 (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Mary Poppins (voice) (as Grey DeLisle Griffin)

Barry Dennen ... Shifu / Gatored Community Announcer (voice)

Quinton Flynn ... Jack Harper / Captain Thomas Gregson / MADitorial Announcer (voice)

Dan Milano ... Dog / Middle-aged Wolf Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Joan Watson / Victoria 'Vika' Olsen / Salon Worker (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MAD News anchor / Middle-aged Wolf / Sebulba (voice)

Season 4, Episode 9: Jaws the Great and Powerful/Old Spock's Off Their Spockers

24 June 2013
When a balloon carries a giant shark to the Land of Oz ... things get weird. Then, Old Spock spends his free time pranking his younger self and the rest of the Enterprise crew. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Keith Ferguson ... Burton 'Gus' Guster / The Everyone's Pole Announcer (voice)

Dan Milano ... Quint / Pavel Chekov (voice)

Jason Palmer ... James T. Kirk / Shawn Spencer (voice)
Peter Renaday ... Spock Prime / Brody (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Man from MADitorial / Mayor of the Munchkins / Psyduck (voice)

Tara Strong ... Theodora / Tootsie Pop Boy / MADitorial Announcer (voice)

James Patrick Stuart ... Montgomery Scott / Psyduck Announcer (voice)
Kirk Thornton ... Matt Hooper / Spock (voice)

Season 4, Episode 10: Jacks the Giant Slayers/The Most Beautiful Voice

1 July 2013
When the famous Jack gets crushed by giants, the kingdom has to call in whatever other Jacks are left. Then, Prince Eric holds a singing competition to find the identity of his true love. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Jack Skellington / Hawkeye / Carson Daly (voice)
Brian T. Delaney ... Jack Black / Know the Difference Announcer / Referee (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Ariel / Vanessa / Ursula / Dr. Meredith Grey (voice) (as Grey DeLisle Griffin)

Mark-Paul Gosselaar ... Prince Eric / Jack Frost (voice)

Arif S. Kinchen ... Usher / Judge / Dog (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Gandalf / Elmont / Grimsby (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Shakira / Dr. Miranda Bailey (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Jack / Kang the Conqueror / Jack White (voice)

Season 4, Episode 11: The Great Batsby/Big Time Gold Rush

29 July 2013
A charming narrator tells of his time with an eccentric man in the 1920s, who dresses like a bat. Then, the dudes from Big Time Rush strike gold. Literally. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Eric Artell ... Nick Carraway / Carlos Garcia (voice)

Chris Cox ... Jay Gatsby / James Diamond (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Bungee Bunk Announcer / Todd Hoffman (voice)

Dan Milano ... Gustavo Rocque / The Fresh Beasts Band Announcer (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Daisy Buchanan (voice)

Joey Richter ... Beast / Kendall Knight (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / Batman / Eminem (voice)

Tara Strong ... Logan Mitchell (voice)

Season 4, Episode 12: First White House Down/McDuck Dynasty

5 August 2013
It's a MAD sequel as George Washington once again picks up his axe to fight the dreaded cherry trees! Then a rich old duck yells at his nephews. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Jeff Bergman ... Daffy Duck / Car Driver (voice)

Steve Blum ... Donald Duck / Teacher (voice)

Chris Cox ... Scrooge McDuck (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Benedict Arnold / MAD's Guide to the Royal Family Announcer (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / MAD News anchor / Benjamin Franklin (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Automobile Correct Announcer (voice)

Catherine Taber ... GPS / Awkward Moments Announcer / Shoe-Tying Boy (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... George Washington / Shoe-Tying Teacher (voice)

Season 4, Episode 13: After Bert/Downton Shaggy

12 August 2013
The danger is real as Will Smith crashes onto a planet with a bunch of Muppets. Then, Downton Abbey gets a new footman with a big appetite. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Season 4, Episode 14: Lone Rango/Doctor Who's Line Is It Anyway?

2 September 2013
The Lone Ranger recruits a lizard because Tonto is too annoying. Then the Doctor must face his greatest challenge yet: improving games.

Season 4, Episode 15: Iron Bland 3/Monsters Community

9 September 2013
Iron Man battles the Mandarin and, no, he doesn't call the Avengers - so who cares? Then, the monsters go back to college: Greendale Community College! Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!
Jeff Bergman ... James P. Sullivan (voice)

Chris Cox ... Tony Stark / Crash Announcer (voice)
Brian T. Delaney ... J.A.R.V.I.S. / Disposable Car Announcer / Art (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... James Rhodes / Abed Nadir (voice)

Dan Milano ... Mike Wazowski (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Harley Keener / Roz (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / The Mandarin / Jeff Winger (voice)

Tara Strong ... Pepper Potts (voice)

Season 4, Episode 16: Star Blecch Into Dumbness/Stark Tank

16 September 2013
The crew of the Enterprise dumbly goes where many movies have gone before. Then, Iron Man and other wealthy super heroes offer to fund the endeavors of others, if the pitch is right. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Tony Stark / The Water Bunkbed Announcer (voice)
Eric Lopez ... Hikaru Sulu / Bruce Wayne (voice)

Nolan North ... James T. Kirk / Green Arrow (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Uhura / Pepper Potts / Kitai Raige (voice)
Peter Renaday ... Spock Prime (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / Khan / Hulk (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Admiral Marcus / Cypher Raige (voice)

Tara Strong ... Wonder Woman (voice)

Scott Whyte ... Spock / Hawkeye (voice)

Season 4, Episode 17: The Flash & the Furious/Saved by Adele

23 September 2013
The Fast and Furious crew gets an assist from the fastest man in the world. But is he the most furious? Then, a dated high school sitcom gets singing lessons. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Chris Cox ... Brian O'Conner / Samuel 'Screech' Powers (voice)

Will Friedle ... The Flash / Harry Potter / Zack Morris (voice)

Arif S. Kinchen ... Usher / Tej / Duck (voice)

Nolan North ... Luke Hobbs / John Mayer (voice)

Nicole Parker ... Adele (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Kelly Kapowski (voice)

Elizabeth Rodriguez ... Letty / Jessie Spano (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / A.C. Slater / Sketch Stork (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... Dominic Toretto (voice)

Season 4, Episode 18: Lukewarm Bodies/Does Someone Have to GOa?

30 September 2013
Can a lovesick zombie overcome his craving for brains AND overcome how lazy zombie movies have gotten? Then, the Green Lanterns are asked which of their teammates should be fired. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Chris Cox ... Jack Skellington (voice)

Mikey Day ... R (voice)

Richard Steven Horvitz ... Flop-Flips Announcer / Surgeon (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Julie / Aya (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / Ch'p (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... Kilowog / Announcer (voice)

Season 4, Episode 19: Pacific Ring/Horton Hears a Whodunnit!

7 October 2013
Giant monsters can only be defeated with one thing: giant robot wrestlers! Then, a group of strangers are asked to solve a murder by an elephant in a tuxedo. Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
Keith Ferguson ... Bilbo Baggins / Kofi Kingston (voice)

Will Friedle ... CM Punk / Male Nurse (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Gandalf / World's Best Man (voice)
Jason Nash ... Horton / John Cena (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Nellie Oleson / The Witch (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson ... Stacker Pentecost / Two Birds with One Stone Announcer (voice)

Meredith Salenger ... Laura Ingalls Wilder / Emma Stone (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Jerry Lawler / Michael Bay (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Will Smith / Michael Cole (voice)

Season 4, Episode 20: World War ZZZ/SHAZAM! & Cat

14 October 2013
Can Brad Pitt save the world from zombies before everyone falls asleep because this movie is boring? Then, Sam and Cat have a new kid to babysit - a kid who transforms into a super hero! Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!
Jeff Bergman ... Captain Marvel (voice)

Chris Cox ... Brad Pitt / Dan Schneider (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Sam Puckett / Segen (voice) (as Grey DeLisle Griffin)
Keith Ferguson ... Captain Speke (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Dr. Sivana / Jurgen Warmbrunn (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Miranda Cosgrove / Dice (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson ... Thierry Umutoni / Stacker Pentecost (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... Cat Valentine / Superman (voice)

Catherine Taber ... Karin Lane / Billy Batson (voice)

Season 4, Episode 21: Doraline/Monster Mashville

21 October 2013
It's a MAD Halloween special! Dora the Explorer travels to the "other world" and gets more than she bargained for. Then, two monster songstresses compete to write a Halloween song.

Season 4, Episode 22: Mad's 100th Episode Special

11 November 2013
It's MAD's doubled-sized 100th episode spectacular! This anniversary episode pokes fun at Man of Steel, Sanjay and Craig and One Direction. Plus, a very special Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman and more!

Chris Cox ... (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... (voice) (as Grey DeLisle Griffin)
Keith Ferguson ... (voice)

Jason Marsden ... (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson ... (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... (voice)

Michael Sinterniklaas ... (voice)

Dana Snyder ... (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... (voice)

Tara Strong ... (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams ... (voice)

Henry Winkler ... Jor-El (voice)

Adam Wylie ... (voice)

'Weird Al' Yankovic ... Superman / Krang / One Direction's Manager (voice)

Season 4, Episode 23: Dullverine/Under the Dumb

18 November 2013
Wolverine goes all the way to Japan to avoid being in another boring Wolverine movie, but it doesn't work. Then, a small town is trapped under a stupid dome. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Rachel Butera ... Jean Grey / Dodee Weaver / Bart Simpson (voice)

Chris Cox ... Dale 'Barbie' Barbara / Homer Simpson (voice)

Grey DeLisle ... Yukio / Blue Beetle / Julia Shumway (voice) (as Grey DeLisle Griffin)
Keith Ferguson ... Wolverine / Hood-Ini / Adrien Brody (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Magneto / Hood-Ini Announcer / James 'Big Jim' Rennie (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Viper / Mariko / Deputy Linda Esquivel (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / Charles Xavier / Sketch Stork (voice)

Stephen Stanton ... Cypher Raige / Doc / Train Conductor (voice)

Keone Young ... Yashida / Superhero Announcer / Candy Clerk (voice)

Season 4, Episode 24: Still Hungry Games/Agents of S.M.U.R.F.

25 November 2013
The fans demand another Hunger Games and so there is one. Then, top secret agents are sent by a balding wizard to capture blue elves. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and more!

Eric Artell ... Pita Bread Farts / Warner (voice)

Chris Cox ... Haymitch Abernathy / Deads Announcer / Iron Man (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Gandalf / David / Papa Smurf (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Actless Evergreen / Firefighters Announcer (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / Eli / Sketch Stork (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Hunger Games Announcer / Teacher / Gargamel (voice)

Tara Strong ... Effie Trinket / Melinda May (voice)

Fred Tatasciore ... President Snow / Crawford / Grant Ward (voice)

Season 4, Episode 25: Alfred's Game/We Are X-Men

2 December 2013
Earth's only hope is Alfred E. Neuman ... so we're doomed! Then, a bunch of sad mutants get over their failed relationships. Plus, Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy, Candy and more.
Keith Ferguson ... Colonel Hyrum Graff / Cyclops (voice)

Arif S. Kinchen ... President Sawyer / GargaMelrose Place Announcer (voice)

Jim Meskimen ... Mazer Rackham / Nightcrawler (voice)

Nolan North ... John Cale / Wolverine (voice)
Rachel Ramras ... Smurfette / Red Tree (voice)

Kevin Shinick ... MADvent Calendar Announcer / Sketch Stork / Carter / Road Runner (voice)

Dana Snyder ... Caveman / Gargamel / Dad (voice)

Debra Wilson ... Major Gwen Anderson / Cavewoman / Mom (voice)

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