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  • Junky Celia Jovanovich's body washes up the Sacramento River. She was rehabilitated after joining Bret Styles's Visualize cult two years ago, and has its tattoo. She was 'blindly' matched with cult cook David Herren. Patrick advices the CBI to ignore FBI agent Vint Molinari's investigation in missing Kristina Frye's case after identifying her voice in a lead planted with a smiley in her blood, Red John's MO. Agent Craig O'Loughlin is already all over the cult, which has an almost omnipresent lawyer, Julius Coles.

  • While CBI discovers that a homicide investigation leads back to Bret Stiles and his "Visualize" cult, Patrick receives a tip that provides proof that Red John has abducted Kristina Frye and that she is probably still alive.


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  • Sacramento River, Cali.

    Rigsby arrives late and Van Pelt busts him for having lipstick on him. The victim was strangled. They find track marks between her toes.

    Jane gets a call Agent Vint Molinari, on the case of Kristina's disappearance. They had someone on a call in show that sounded like her. He plays the tape. It's her. They've traced the call.

    Jane heads there. There are a bunch of locks on a bedroom door inside and a tiny little red john smiley face on the wall. Jane picks up a doll under the bed.

    Back at CBI, Vint says the blood on the wall was Kristina's. She's been missing four months. Vint doesn't think it sounds like Red John's M.O.

    Jane thinks Molinari should keep the case.

    Later, he tells Lisbon that letting Kristina make a call was Red John's way of playing a game.

    Their victim is Celia and she has an old drug history, but nothing recent. Her tattoo is worn by members of Visualize, the cult they investigated last year. They work with addicts. It's run by Bret Stiles (Malcolm McDowell).

    Visualize HQ Lisbon and Jane are greeted by Brother Steven, Warner, the chief of security and Julius Cole, the attorney. Warner spent seven year in intelligence. Inside, they watch a video of Celia, cleaned up and crediting Visualize. She worked in the security section, Warner was her supervisor. She lived on campus and was engaged to David Heron. Jane wanders around the conference room and then scoots off.

    Jane asks an employee where Stiles is then reads his negative reactions all the way to Stiles, giving a lecture on the mind's power as a spaceship to travel across all six dimensions.

    Jane interrupts. Later Bret talks to Jane in his office. Bret says Celia worked a seminar for him earlier in the week. Bret admits he thought Jane was there about Kristina.

    Bret tries to get in his head, recapping Red John's assaults on Jane. He thinks Red John is jealous of Jane. He claims to know nothing about him.

    Julius and Warner barge in and Bret plays it cool, calling them Starsky and Hutch.

    Cho interviews people, deflecting their talk about the path to "spiritual clarity and personal freedom."

    Warner shows Jane to Celia's room. It's a sparse dorm room with a made twin bed and no art of any kind, only a few Visualize books. Jane reads through one of her highlighted and marked copies.

    Rigsby goes to see her fiancé David at the restaurant where he works. When he gets there, Julius the lawyer is already there. David says they've been engaged a couple weeks, but didn't know each other before. It was a Visualized arranged marriage. He's sure there was no one else.

    Jane wakes up in Celia's room, having dozed off. Back at his car, he finds a fortune cookie on the roof. It says: "A friend is in danger and needs your help."

    Back at the office, Rigsby has found that David will inherit $10 million when he turns 27. Jane comes back and tells them Celia had some problems with Visualize philosophy and might have tried to talk to someone outside the church.

    VP remembers someone mentioned a friend of hers who left the church, Lucy. Rigsby and VP visit her. She's paranoid that they were followed. She explains that when you're a member you do ventilation videos, listing every bad thing you've ever done. When someone leaves the church, they remind people about their videos.

    Lucy says Celia was scared to leave, worried she'd start using again. She's too scared to say more, but VP says she's the only one who can help.

    Lucy says Celia was having an affair with someone very big in the church and said she had to do something, but didn't say what.

    In the car, Rigsby compliments VP for how she handled Lucy. She admits she is a little hurt that he's seeing someone, but hopes they can be friends.

    Rigsby notices they're being tailed. He gets the plates.

    VP pulls into an intersection to hang a U-ey, but slams on the brakes when a bicyclist is in her path. They stop in the intersection and are quickly slammed into by the white SUV that was following them.

    They're shaken, but OK. Rigsby flashes his badge to the driver, who gets out and flashes his --he's FBI.

    Back at CBI, they meet FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin. They're looking into Visualize for tax issues. They thought maybe Visualize had people inside law enforcement.

    Later, Craig talks to Van Pelt, asking if she's related to Amos Van Pelt, the football coach at Berkeley -- her dad. She recognizes his name and knows he went pro for a few years.

    Jane stops O'Laughlin on his way out asking if they have someone undercover at Visualize. Jane takes his non-answer as affirmation.

    Jane wants to go back to CBI to see Celia's vent videos. He thinks they'll have the name of her lover, most likely her killer.

    Before he goes, he borrows someone's brown paper lunch bag.

    At Visualize, he finds Brother Steven leading a talk. He inflates the bag and pops it so it sounds like a gunshot. He watches as Steven goes for a gun that's not on his hip. Jane strolls up to him, saying he must be the FBI's guy and Jane has a favor to ask.

    Jane tells him if he picked him out then Stiles certainly did and he's probably feeding him bad info. Jane tells him he wants to see the vent videos. Steven says the video center is covered with cameras, but that doesn't deter Jane.

    In the hallway, Lisbon asks Bret for permission to see the videos. He says it's not possible. Warner pulls him aside and shows him the video feed of Jane watching the videos.

    Bret asks Jane what he hoped to accomplish. Jane tells Bret that he's sure Bret will turn over the videos.

    Jane pulls him aside, telling him Celia was killed by her lover who is probably mentioned in the videos. If he announces he's turning them over, the person who objects the most is the killer.

    Bret goes along and makes the announcement. Julius the lawyer objects. Lisbon asks for his DNA. Bret looks Julius in the eye and asks him if he killed her. When he says no, Bret slaps him. The jig is up.

    Back at CBI, he says Celia wanted to tell the truth, but Visualize was his only client and he was upset Celia wouldn't lie to save his career.

    He'll get involuntary manslaughter, 3 years, for his cooperation with the FBI on Visualize and Bret.

    As they're taking Julius to the car outside, Heron walks to the gate with a gun. Lisbon sees him, but not in time. He plugs Julius four times before O'Laughlin can grab him.

    Later, Heron tells Cho he stole the gun from work. He says no one else knew.

    Jane writes in a journal. He gets a text message from Stiles, saying he needs to talk.

    Jane meets with him on a park bench. He tells Stiles that Heron didn't mention his name and the FBI has given up. Stiles says Red John is planning a surprise for him. He gives Jane a card. It has an address on it.

    The team heads there in full SWAT mode. They find a chair on a canvas with a paintbrush and a door with light shining through. They walk through it and find Kristina. She's catatonic.

    Back at CBI, she's silent. She has a puncture wound in her arm but is otherwise unharmed. Jane brings in the doll he found at the last scene.

    He tries to talk to her, reminding her of the worst date she ever had. He asks her to talk, but she doesn't. He leaves.

    Rigsby finds John making tea, which he says can't hurt. Jane remembers something and lights a candle for her. He sits with her and says he calls on the spirits, asking for the departed soul of Kristina Frye. She looks at him and smiles. She tells him she's glad he called on her and the afterlife is a beautiful place.

    He tells her she's not dead. She doesn't believe him. "You can't fight death," she says. She doesn't remember how she died and her life seems like a dream. She doesn't recognize the name Red John or understand that she was abducted.

    Jane puts out the candle. Lisbon finds him on his couch. She tells him Bret Stiles has left the country. They get a call to a case. Jane hesitates, but stands. "We're up, let's go," he says.

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