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Peter Glickman: Controller. It's not just a name to you, is it? It's what you have to have, no matter what. But there must have been a while back there, after I disappeared, when even you thought you'd lost it.

Gatehouse: Knew I'd get it back.

Peter Glickman: And that's why you didn't kill me at the door, isn't it? Because getting it back is what you wanted me to see. How are you going to do it, James? I'm guessing not with a gun - far too noisy. But your own hands? You must be angry. And to think, if I hadn't left that phone signal, you wouldn't be here.

Gatehouse: But you did... and I am.

Peter Glickman: You followed the trail.

Gatehouse: The one you left.

Peter Glickman: But what if I knew you couldn't help but follow it? May I?

[Glickman sits down, almost shivering with anticipation]

Peter Glickman: The only person who could force my son into leaving a message on that phone was you. I knew that. And I knew that once I picked it up, you'd follow the signal. And because you thought you'd found it, it would never occur to you that... actually, you were being led. Because it's who you are, what you do. Control, at any cost. Any cost. Ironic, then, isn't it? That by coming all this way to get it back, you lost it all together. Human, after all.

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Commander Khokar: [Gabriel has just discovered about the cover-up of Delaney's drug dealing] Where are you going to go with this? Over my head?

Jonah Gabriel: I might hit a wall, but sooner or later I'll find a gate.

Commander Khokar: And what are you going to tell them when you do? How you forgot to log the operation on the night you went out with Delaney? Why didn't you do that, Jonah? Unless you didn't want them to know where you were? That's got to look shady in anyone's book. You'll end up in jail.

Jonah Gabriel: With you in the cell next door, sir.

Commander Khokar: And all of us without our pension. So what's your wife going to do then? Especially now you've got a baby on the way?

[Gabriel is taken aback]

Commander Khokar: Good news travels fast. Bad news we can bury.

Jonah Gabriel: I'm not one of you.

Commander Khokar: [a dark smile on his face] But you don't know that, though, do you? Because you can't remember. And going by the evidence, I'd say that's exactly who you are. Listen, you're fine. In fact, you're better than that. A cop with no faults, how does he know where to find other people's? Now, let's be clear. I'm saying we should all move on now. All together. Because frankly, what other choice do we have? It's the Shadow Line, Gabriel. It' where we walk.

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