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Season 2

15 May 2012
Episode #2.1
Martha is at last a QC,making her senior to Reader. Their first case together is defending taciturn thug Brendan Kay,muscle for the infamous criminal Farr family,accused of half-blinding a motorist who fell foul of boss Jody Farr. Martha believes Farr's influential solicitor,sharp Micky Joy and Farr are conspiring to stitch up the innocent Kay for a crime Farr committed. Battling against both formidable prosecutor Caroline Warwick and head of chambers Alan Cowdrey for Farr,Martha finds that Reader proves to be an ultimate help to her. He also has a solo case, ...
22 May 2012
Episode #2.2
Martha defends young army captain Ryan at a military court. Under pressure during a Taliban offensive in Afghanistan he is accused of disobeying orders,leading to the death of Private Rivers in an under-manned exchange. Ryan's silence does not help his case but Martha discovers from his best friend,Captain Cassidy,that Rivers was less of a victim than presumed,having a fatalistic attitude after a traumatic experience. Reader,meanwhile,goes all out to impress George in defending Fatima Ali,accused of killing her brother.
29 May 2012
Episode #2.3
Martha defends a young thug who smashed up a corner shop and attacked its owner who, he claims,insulted his girlfriend. Reader has sex in a toilet with George before prosecuting three Oxford students,members of an elite drinking club,charged with trashing a pub and assaulting a young waitress as part of an initiation rite. However he is out of his depth against the boys' three smug barristers and a parochial judge and he needs advice from an old colleague and Martha,aware that hers is a hopeless case,to get his desired result.
5 Jun. 2012
Episode #2.4
Martha defends Michael Ward,a security van driver accused of neglect and manslaughter when claustrophobic prisoner Richard Doyle has a panic attack and dies in transit. Reader is frustrated when Fatima refuses to plead self defence and when Cowdrey and Martha overrule him in appointing young ex-copper Daniel Lomas as his pupil over the pretty girl he preferred. However Daniel proves a great help to Martha in discrediting the prosecution's star witness and winning her case.
12 Jun. 2012
Episode #2.5
Caroline Warwick invites Reader to assist her in prosecuting Jody Farr,accused of killing Martha's client Brendan Kay,in exchange for reducing the murder charge against Fatima to manslaughter. When he accepts George dumps him and hands Fatima's case to Martha,who,helped by Daniel,does Fatima proud,discrediting her angry,sexist brother. However it is Joy who provides the vital evidence that wins the case,the deal being that Martha defend Farr in return. Martha is less successful in appealing to the law lords to spare Jackson Henderson,on death row in Jamaica,from ...
20 Jun. 2012
Episode #2.6
As Billy Lamb undergoes his operation Martha reluctantly begins the defence of hectoring,arrogant Jody Farr as a favour to the reptilian Micky Joy. She plans to adopt the line that Farr was framed by the police but is enraged to learn that Joy is using Billy as Farr's alibi. Ultimately she gets Lamb to admit that Joy is bribing him and he admits this in court,exposing Joy as a corrupt informant. He also helps Reader out over trouble he incurred at Brighton with a glib opposing counsel before joining the rest of the chambers to welcome Caroline Warwick.

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