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My Family Loved The Last Keepers

Author: jon-798-646250 from United States
12 June 2013

This is a great story that made me and my high school age children laugh and wonder about life. The High School and Rhea's friends as well as her interactions are all contemporary and very real. The magic and wonder evolves slowly and keeps one asking questions trying to figure out the nature of this family. Aidan Quinn as the father is superb and reminded my of how much I have liked him back to his role in Reckless with Daryl Hannah back in 1984. Virginia Madsen makes a great believable "almost" angry Mom. We loved and laughed with every appearance of the character Nika played by Jee Young Han, she was fantastic. The rest of the cast, including Zosia Mamet in the lead role were very will directed and enjoyable to watch. Hats off also to the role of Simon, we think played by Nat Wolff in glasses. The music is excellent. The art focus, paintings and sculptures are inspiring. Great film all around.

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Different perspective movie.

Author: jeqaljeqal from Detroit, MI
21 November 2013

The Last Keeper began for me as something to have in the background while I was making breakfast. I soon found myself watching it from the beginning. Applying Bechel's rule for a watchable movie for women this movie is rated 10+. Excellent cast. Olympia Dukakis, Aidan Quinn, Zosia Mamet, and Virginia Madsen. I was on the fence about the bf for a while but then I realized that people really are like this in real life. The characters were not cookie cutter, and there was a variety of people in the cast so I did not have to remember what people were wearing to tell them all apart. This is not a movie for people who are comfortable with men having the central role or a Jolie wannabe being the main female role. Kudos to everyone for breaking the mold, I hope to see more movies with women taking control of the action, dialogue, and physical diversity in the casting. I recommend this to all beleaguered film goers and stamp it good enough for a Sundance award.

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Great movie for tweens!

Author: alors
27 September 2013

If you are looking for an entertaining, magical film that will set a good example for 10 to 13 year old girls, THE LAST KEEPERS will not disappoint.

The story is about 3 generations of artistic and independent women, who happen to have magical powers. When Rhea Carver is upset. She feels like a freak. Expressing her self artistically makes her the butt of jokes at school. She does not feel better when her mom confesses that - Rhea really is different.

LAST KEEPERS is the coming of age story of a 16 year old girl who discovers that she has magical powers. She needs to overcome feeling out of place, in order to understand and master her magical power.

The story is both different, and delightful.

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Talented cast wasted in a vanity film.

Author: suite92 from SoCal, USA
19 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rosmarie is the mother of Abigail who is the mother of Rhea. Rhea is 16 and is having an awkward time at school. She collects plastic wrappers and makes clothes out of them, which draws some negative humour toward her.

The negative stereotypes of high school students are out in force. One of the boys writes a poem (for class) that was about her, and his liking of her. That, of course, rates a fair amount of derision.

John runs an art gallery and studio combination. Rhea likes to stop by and work there.

Oliver edges into being her boyfriend. Rhea starts to show her talents, first with the elements, then with healing.

After a Halloween party, everything seems to be going well, but then someone kills the pet goats, burns an effigy on the grounds of the home, and writes 'Witch' on the car wind screen. Oliver admits that he told someone that Rhea was a witch. Oh, sad.

Rhea changes her clothes to conform with high school life, and tells her family that she's going to leave them at some point. She starts hanging out with a different crowd.

How will this turn out? Will the prophecy ever show up?


Cinematography: 10/10 Lovely shots of autumn countrysides. Interiors are fine.

Sound: 9/10 Well done; the incidental music is often atmospheric or creepy.

Acting: 6/10 I liked the performances of Olympia Dukakis, Virginia Madsen, Aiden Quinn, and Sam Underwood to a lesser extent. Zosia Mamet was just bad at acting, and the age discrepancy was impossible to overlook.

Screenplay: 5/10 The story is not bad, but too much screen time and too many lines are devoted to Zosia Mamet's bad delivery. The build-up for the prophecy was rather weak.

Special Effects: 8/10 Almost seamless.

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Strange handling of an adolescent coming of age tale

Author: Lethe from United States
16 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPOILERS, sort of. I have to agree with the reviewer who stated that the movie showed a serious loss of interest by the director. Either that, or she got kicked off the project at the end and they gave whatever film had already been shot to the editors and said finish it with what you've got. Because after about an hour and a half of a nice little movie aimed at the adolescent market that could also be enjoyed by adults, things went haywire, and then the whole thing hit a brick wall and the credits rolled. First we're watching a nice coming-of-age movie about a Wiccan family with hidden talents, and their daughter, who may or may not have more talent than all of them wrapped into one. We're also watching her come to terms with who she is. But then... then...I don't know, the money ran out, somebody lost a feud, what? Because apparently they just went out and spliced the ending of Stigmata onto the film and ran credits. What a total waste of what should have been an excellent adolescent film. I can't recommend it simply because of the way the ending was handled. I watched it with my niece, and when it ended, we both just spontaneously yelled "Oh, heck, no!" and "What just happened????" Seriously, I came to IMDb to see if there was an explanation for the abrupt, unsatisfying ending. there?

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I unexpectedly quite enjoyed this movie

Author: gotfong from United States
11 May 2014

Nothing about this movie would normally have caught my interest--the subject matter, actors, etc are all outside of my normal "zone." I'm not even sure what made me hit 'play' on Netflix that night, quite frankly. But just as Harry Potter creates its own world with its own characters who draw you in to their version of 'reality', so did this movie somehow convincingly make me want to suspend my protestations and just 'go with it.' I think the two main characters' acting were quite genuinely believable, which helped. The cinematography is also quite lovely, so it gives the viewer something aesthetic to appreciate as well. Yes, I absolutely think the plot (particularly towards the end) was predictable and even clumsy in execution, but again, I found the characters themselves so enjoyable that it didn't bother me for some reason. The supporting cast (people like Olympia Dukakis) also kept a tone of authenticity running through what would otherwise have been a fairly poorly written script. (I only mentioned Harry Potter in an attempt to give an example of an alternate world being put forth in a believable way--the films are not really comparable in any way, aside from the fact that they deal with magical elements… and even those are in a very different way.) If you just want to watch something kind of new and different, with pretty good acting and a plot that's off the beaten path, I actually recommend giving this one a go.

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Could have been soooo much better.

Author: bruinwald from Colorado
25 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this movie!...but not it's ending. It had an amazing cast, the acting was wonderful, the cinematography was more than beautiful and the storyline was totally unique. The only drawbacks were the ending (after the crash) felt clipped, rushed and less interesting and there wasn't enough chemistry between the characters. I felt it was very well acted, but there was not enough dialog and the interactions between characters also felt rushed, (not the fault of the actors), making what could have been an amazing film into something only slightly better that mediocre. Neither light nor dark or even a combination of both. This movie needs a sequel and a director who believes in the message. This story could continue in so many fantastic, empowering directions for young people. I would rather sit for three hours in a theater watching a movie that I didn't want to end than for less than an hour and a half watching something that had a director who just wanted to deliver ANY finished product so that he could collect his the end, that's what this felt like.

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Good premise good coming of age story and nice to see the followers of Gaia projected positively.

Author: lewis-jena-s
31 May 2014

I feel It may be that I am being generous just because of the genre. It was obvious it was low budget and cut corners. The climactic point was good but did not fulfill the "magic" of the rest of the movie.

It was nice to see an attractive lead that was pretty yet not perfect. Thank you for not photo-shopping her into fantasy. I could feel good about showing this movie to my daughter and younger girls.

Overall, not a bad feel good movie, I just would have liked to see it with a bit "more to it." Not the waste of time others stated, but seriously it did lack something, it could have been more "magical." It almost felt like someone lost their muse at some point in production.

That said the story line, and then overall idea were really good. Loved the love shown in the family.

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An excellent, non-pretentious movie about "witches"

Author: branwen70 from New Ipswich, NH
14 February 2014

While the ending did seem to be slightly abrupt, my family and I enjoyed watching this movie. It did a fantastic job of normalizing Pagans/Wiccans/Witches/whatever-you-want-to-call-them. The portrayal of a typical ritual was accurate, if simple, and overall, whoever was doing the research seems to have put at least minimal effort into getting it correct, rather than simply trying to be flashy or putting something into the movie for the shock value. The main character was interesting and enjoyable to watch, and I thought that the actress did a really good job with it. I didn't have much use for her friend, but maybe that was just because her part didn't really give her time to come across as someone to care about. Aidan Quinn as the dad was awesome. Typically, the men in these kind of stories are extraneous but Quinn's character was involved and he seemed right at home playing the part. Olympia Dukakis was an absolute GEM and totally believable as her character and, of course, her performance was flawless.

There were parts that I wish had been better fleshed out, and I hope there is a sequel.

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Who is going to give me the last 85 minutes back?

Author: lilien_emily_sophie from Great Britain
22 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought it sounds like a good movie. But after 5 minutes I already thought 'Okay this might not be a good movie but good enough to let play in the background while I do some other stuff. Seriously the girl that plays Rhae is two years younger than me and I am far from coming of age. Sorry to say this but Zosia Mamet has incredible old hands for a twenty five year old girl. She does not look like a teenager I agree with previous reviews the only one being able to act is the grandmother's actress Olympia Dukakis. This movie was a waste of time and I regret I finished it. I am all for being yourself but the way Rhae dresses is insane no wonder she is an outcast. A purse made of plastic bags fun and kind of cool a dress, just plain weird. I am sure they are not bad actors but them all together does not work, I do not believe the Carvers are a family at least not by blood more a patchwork family.

Please do not watch it!!!!

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