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Get your L.A.R.P. on!

Author: seax from United States
9 December 2011

I have a lot of respect for people with this much drive and passion for their stories. Cast & crew appear to be having a great time making & telling a fun story.

You could call JQ, full-on nerdy goodness. It doesn't take itself too serious (thankfully!), tells a simple story, expo its characters economically and honestly entertains. It packs a lot of fun into a ~7min. episode.

The series is genuinely engaging and has some clever moments. At times it tries a little too hard at humor, oft degenerating into game table jokes. But, even that seems to work because that's familiar territory for most of its viewers.

JQ plays a narrow genre with ownership. It seems very comfortable in its own skin and that is a quality you cannot help but to like. It is solid Indie series entertainment which makes it way better than any of the re-hashed, re-booted, re-make, over-priced crap coming out of Hollywood these days!

The dings... in this day & age, the SFX could be better. Camera seems little awkward at times, but every once in a while offers a spot on composition.

Bottom line: JourneyQuest is home-grown, honest, fun.


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JourneyQuest of Pure Win!!!!

Author: bugboublue from Bulgaria
6 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

=Contains spoilers= JourneyQuest is a web series following up the adventures of A Party of Heroes(an Elf, a Warrior, a Wzard and a Cleric)...when you first hear that... you think a little about it... and you can be all like "Come on dude we have this in the LOTR we have it in almost every fantasy movie or series a bunch of heroes Battling the forces of evil" well... not like this i must say... the episodes are full of small laughs and some big ones... i will try to not spoil anything special...even though the series are made from the creators of The Gamers and The Gamers 2:Dorkness Rising this time they take a little different approach by limiting the D&D related terminology and making the series more Accessible...all episodes can be found on the JQ Web page and they are free to be seen which is awesome...just loved the first seven episodes and waiting for the second season...i give a full score 10 out of 10 and i hope the series gather more Fanbase so we can see more of them...

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Journey Quest - We want more!

Author: John Chroninger from United States
1 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Leave it to the Dead Gentleman to knock another one out of the proverbial park. It is also time to point out that Matt Vancil is the Kevin Smith of fantasy. It is, with open eyes, a career that needs to be watched closely. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, really allows the viewer to know and understand the acting styles of Christian Doyle, Brian Lewis, Nathan Rice, Scott C. Brown, Kevin Inuouye, and Jennifer Page. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, left viewers with a sense of wanting to see more from these fine actors and actresses and the Dead Gentleman with the help of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment would not let the viewer's go without.

Adding new talent in the form of Anne Kennedy and Emilie Rommel Shimkus the crew sets out on yet another epic journey to entertain the people with the latest installment, "Journey Quest." Here Christian Doyle (Perf) is a cowardly mage who is trying to leave the adventure that won't let him go. Watching the relationship between, Christian Doyle and Brian Lewis, in the Gamers: Dorkness Rising, gives you a good idea on how these two actors feed off of each other to create many funny moments.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

In Journey Quest the people watching get to see Brian Lewis go from playing a complete a**hole In the Gamers: Dorkness Rising, to playing a fun loving character that meets an unfortunate end only to be become a living zombie.

Journey Quest is one of the best films of 2010 and will make for a spectacular item to add to any movie collector's collection when it is complete.

Keep up the great work as the viewer's wait on pins and needles to see episode 8.

John Chroninger Author of the book "The House" January 01, 2011

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An enjoyable and accessible fantasy epic

Author: sethmd73 from STL, United States
4 April 2013

JourneyQuest starts with your standard fantasy tropes – a group of adventurers: Nara the Elf (Anne Brady), Carrow the Healer (Brian Lewis), Perf the Yellow Wizard (Christian Doyle), and Glorion the single-minded Warrior (Kevin Pitman) out on a quest to the Temple of All Dooms to recover the magic Sword of Fighting (voiced by Jeremy Spray) while being hunted by a band of orcs led by Rilk the Wise (Jesse Lee Keeter). Additionally there is Wren the Bard (Emilie Rommel Shimkus) invisibly (mostly) recording the epic and the Assassin (Samara Lerman) hunting the party to collect a bounty.

From there it plays on these tropes in many hilarious, unexpected and memorable ways. The storytelling is very solid and the characters are vibrant. Two seasons in, there are a multitude of open story threads that will likely take 6 or 7 seasons to wrap up. And I cannot wait.

What I love most about JourneyQuest over similar gaming-inspired shows is that one doesn't have to be a gamer to enjoy the story and get the jokes. This makes the series much more accessible to the general public than say Gamers: Dorkness Rising, Standard Action, or Glitch (all great shows by the way).

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Love it

Author: Opspin from Denmark
25 October 2014

It's funny and crowd sourced, and you should give them all your money so they can make season 3.

I have to write 10 lines.

That's kinda dumb What do I write? I don't know Still need more lines More lines and no spelling errors.

Even more lines, this is getting dumber Are we done yet?

Great now it truncated my text, so now I have to write even more, I already said what I wanted, it's funny, you should watch it, go see it right now, for free, on you tube!

Apparently you tube is a spelling error, and has to be corrected, that is so dumb, I'm never writing another review in here, thanks for nothing internet movie database, you used to be cool, now everyone is using rotten tomatoes.

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Surprisingly funny and clever

Author: BoxcarEdit from Seattle, WA
22 September 2013

The first season's episodes are short. Keep watching. They get even funnier and thread together well.

The writing is great. It's really well acted (including a few known actors and some who will clearly get picked up in other things) and well put together. For a series made without a big studio budget this is three notches above what you typically see.

I heard someone describe this as "Lord of the Rings meets Monty Python" and that's just about right. You don't have to be super into medieval settings to like this.

There are plenty of clever lines, funny subtitles for things not in English (surprise! Orcs don't speak English!), and plot setups that you don't see coming until they hit.

Funnier than most TV shows out there.

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Adventurers without a clue.

Author: hellraiser7 from United States
2 July 2013

The people at Dead Gentlemen always had a fascination with fantasy and RPG, I can emphasize with that because I do too. They've done the next best thing, they've created a fantasy web series which is not really something I've seen or I feel has been done much at all.

There's really not a whole lot to say, it's simply Adventurers whom go on a quest to find a magic sword which of course is the typical maguffin device in fantasy, to save the land from evil. That's it simple but that's what I like about it, it's a simple plot but that's the clothes line for what the characters do and what happens to the characters.

One of the things I like is how the series is formatted and how it gradually develops. In a way this series is almost like a soap opera, it sorta is since it has some elements of melodrama, twists, people and things happening in different places more or less connected to each other and plot (or what resembles one) thickening little by little. Only difference though is this show is actually entertaining.

I really like the production value as usual the amateurs they are they have to work with a low budget but they used it well. I love the use of the locales which were big enough to create a fantasy world, costumes were also great, the action scenes were decent they were well choreographed. Like the make up work on the orc, goblins, and demons they were on par. Music score was decent it at least fits the show.

However what powers it are the script writing and characters. The characters I think are solid they're all pretty much typical fantasy archetypes, but what makes them stand out is how they play contrary to those types. Doing and saying what those types normally wouldn't say or do. There are a few characters that stand out for from a knight character (forgot his name) but he was great he sort of reminds me of the Lancelot character from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" just a person that is gung ho and thinks with his sword instead of his brains which is what leads him to commit unnecessary slaughter.

The Yellow Wizard (Christian Doyle) isn't true to his title of Wizard. But is true to his color Yellow. He's pretty similar to the Chris Winner character in Dead Gentlemen's earlier "Demon Hunter" films only he's a wizard; or even Sir Robin from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". This guy is practically useless in the quest from not being able to weld spells worth a damn but retreating from the trouble the minute he sees it, makes me wonder why the hell he even came at all. Yet, the only high point for him is he's able to uncover things though his dumb luck, so I guess that does make him useful by a tiny margin.

But my favorite character is "The Assassin" (Sanara Lermu), I just think she's awesome because not just is she capable of kicking some butt but she has dry charisma, mysterious in both identity and motives, and she's kinda hot (I know what she looks like). What can I say, I'm into bad and mysterious girls.

But this show's magic despite the power it generates it's magic isn't quite that strong. Some of the jokes don't really work, it comes of as more weird than funny sometimes. I also feel the verbal humor isn't as memorable, I don't know if it's just me or not but there just aren't enough memorable lines. There isn't much action it's a bit few far between.I don't really like the whole Bard subplot, it doesn't really do anything for the story for me anyway and is kinda boring, I thought so anyway.

But who knows as time goes on, depending on how far the show journey's goes these things might disappear. I don't know like all journey's only time will tell. Overall, its a solid web series that I think is worth a look, it has enough magic to keep you entertained. Journey Quest is a strange but fun journey.

Rating: 3 stars

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