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15 Oct. 2010
Snakes in a Trailer!
One woman's secret life with deadly venomous snakes is exposed in shocking circumstances while another woman's obsession with venom leads to several near-fatal accidents. Can her family persuade her to give up her passion?
22 Oct. 2010
Don't Feed the Bears!
Donna Munson was an elderly lady who enjoyed feeding the bears that congregated around her home in the woodlands of Ouray, Colorado. Her life ended tragically when she tried to intervene in a conflict between an adult male and a cub.
29 Oct. 2010
My Pet Python
Cincinnati local is bitten on the face and neck by his 13-foot python. While in a feeding frenzy, the snake coiled around his neck and asphyxiated him as Ted's horrified girlfriend witnessed.
5 Nov. 2010
Raging Bulls
Ricky Weinhold paid with his life when he tried to keep a bull as a pet. Texas rancher RC Bridges has gone a step further and keeps a huge pet buffalo called Wild Thing. At one time, it even had its own room in the house.
18 Feb. 2011
The Deadliest Show on Earth
A Wisconsin school teacher follows his dream of owning a two-ton Asian elephant, but isn't prepared for the inevitable. Doug Terranova, a former circus performer, wants his young daughters to follow in his footsteps.
25 Feb. 2011
A Buffalo Rides Shotgun
Three men tempt fate when they bring a buck, a buffalo, and a bull into their lives and homes.
4 Mar. 2011
My Sister the Lion
Two families are torn apart by one member's choice to keep big cats close at hand.
11 Mar. 2011
There's a Crocodile in My Bed
An Australian man keeps two 10-foot saltwater crocs in a shed in his backyard. Aussie Vicky Lowing shares her suburban home with three pet crocodiles, one of whom she takes for drives in the car, another that lives in the bath.
2 Dec. 2011
My Croc and Me
Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous species on earth. Over 200 million years old, they survived even the dinosaurs with their rapacious ability to hunt and stalk prey. Yet one man believes he actually has the ability to tame a wild crocodile.
2 Dec. 2011
Seven Deadly Bites
A leading snake scientist lies dying in a remote jungle, bitten by the creature he set out to find. In North Carolina, a snake obsessive risks death for the 7th time at the fangs of his deadly 6 foot bushmaster.
18 Jan. 2013
Terror at Bear Farm
Sam Mazzola kept bears on his farm in Iowa. He charged people to wrestle them and enjoyed the attention and financial rewards. When a young employee is killed while tending to a savage bear, the dark truth about Sam's destructive lifestyle is revealed.
25 Jan. 2013
Ohio Massacre
In 2011, 49 dangerous animals including tigers, lions and bears roamed free in Ohio. The ensuing bloodbath hit headlines across the world. But what drove the man responsible release his exotic pets and how did his addiction to them spiral out of control?
1 Feb. 2013
The Night Strangler
A young girl's worst nightmare is brought to life when her father's giant python attacks her in bed. In Australia, a young snake enthusiast's life is snuffed out at the very moment he realizes his dream to work with the deadliest species on Earth.
Feb. 2013
Tiger Terror
A showbiz couple toured the world with their performing tigers, leading an intoxicating life of stardom, money and power, which was cut brutally short when their co-performer was killed by their prized white tiger. And that's not the end of their story...

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