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29 Jun. 2012
Special Agent XIII is a man with a new face and a hole where his memories should be. After escaping a prison camp and hooking up with an old flame, his mission becomes figuring out what happened to his past--and that means infiltrating the White House.
6 Jul. 2012
Green Falls
XIII travels to a small town in an attempt track down information about his past, but what he ends up uncovering is a long-buried conspiracy. Meanwhile, the ex-president plots, and the importance of the chip in XIII's watch begins to come into focus.
13 Jul. 2012
In order to contact his former trainer, XIII gets himself arrested and thrown deep into a Venezuelan prison. Getting in will be easy, but getting out might prove to be impossible--and some people would like to keep him there forever.
20 Jul. 2012
The Irish Version
Following up on a lead he got while in the Venezuelan prison, XIII travels to Ireland--with Jones in tow. There, they soon find themselves in the middle of an international arms deal that could have repercussions across the world.
27 Jul. 2012
Training Camp
XIII's skills are put to the test when he has to infiltrate a terrorist training camp on US soil--but his enemies have their own plants in the group. Meanwhile, Jones' loyalties are questioned by dangerous individuals in the government.
17 Aug. 2012
Costa Verde
Suddenly a free agent, Jones enlists the aid of a world-class hacker to gather intelligence--but can she really trust him? In Costa Verde, XIII meets an opposition leader who has intimate knowledge of his former life as a revolutionary.
24 Aug. 2012
Irina continues to cause problems for XIII, who goes in search of one of the agents that was with him on the Costa Verde mission. Meanwhile, the president gets involved in XIII's search for his past.
31 Aug. 2012
Hunting Party
Irina offers XIII valuable information in exchange for a watch. XIII soon finds out that bargaining with an enemy is a complicated and dangerous endeavor.
7 Sep. 2012
The Bank Job
XIII follows Giordino all the way to Russia, and a daring plan is hatched to catch a traitor in the act!
14 Sep. 2012
The Train
XIII and Jones search for a mysterious boy whose parents were murdered. Giordino and XIII find themselves headed for a potentially deadly clash!
21 Sep. 2012
The Bunker
XIII and Jones explore a decommissioned military facility while seeking information, but they could be walking right into a trap.
28 Sep. 2012
The Key
All three watches are finally assembled, but their secrets cannot be revealed with the correct password. Can XIII crack the code in time?
5 Oct. 2012
A stolen weapon could spell doom for the world. The streets of Paris serve as the backdrop for an epic final showdown between XIII and Gerhardt!
15 Oct. 2012
In the wake of a painful betrayal, XIII finds it difficult to know who to trust. His involvement with The Veil draws the attention of enemies from his past.
15 Oct. 2012
XIII is branded a terrorist in the aftermath of a deadly bombing, leading to his capture by someone who knows him all too well.
15 Oct. 2012
With the nation on the verge of electing a new president, XIII attempts to avoid those who wish him dead - including the Government.
XIII goes to Ariella Island to meet Dr. Westlund by ship. However, the ship was wrecked in a tempest.
22 Oct. 2012
XIII's mind and body are pushed to the breaking point in a desperate attempt to learn the truth about the Synequanon bombing. Can he survive long enough to prove his innocence?
29 Oct. 2012
In an attempt to locate the final letter, XIII shows up uninvited at a lavish party, but he soon discovers there are others who seek the same prize.
29 Oct. 2012
XIII frantically attempts to rescue a man who may possess important information regarding the letters.
5 Nov. 2012
XIII goes undercover to while traveling to China in search of the final letter, and Betty's father seeks to put an end to her involvement with The Viel.
5 Nov. 2012
After XIII is captured by the Xu Corporation, memory flashes cause him to doubt his own identity. Meanwhile, President Carrington takes drastic action to maintain his position of power.
12 Nov. 2012
Black Widow
A shocking procedure adds to XIII's identity crisis, Betty attempts to sabotage her father, and Carrington is unable to stop his empire from crumbling.
12 Nov. 2012
XIII is forced to participate in a death match broadcast on the internet. Can he convince his fellow captives to help him mount an escape attempt while there's still time?
19 Nov. 2012
XIII and company manage to escape The Pit, but the streets of Shanghai prove to be just as dangerous. Carrington grows increasingly desperate to recruit allies.
19 Nov. 2012
The Chinese finally have the power to wreak havoc on the United States, and XIII is the only thing standing between his nation - and complete annihilation.


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