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Cheesy Action, Boring Plot, Flawed Logic

Author: Andrew Simonsen (Vexzy) from United States
31 August 2017

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Not a very good episode, and I was really hoping that wouldn't be the case. I was totally hoping that the last two episodes were just a bit of a slip up, but it appears that the pilot was truly the best episode as of this episode's release date. Why, you ask? Well, how about starting off with the part where Walton Dawkins (the prisoner) uses a broomstick, caulking/glue, and duct tape to make the guard look like an inmate, leading to the guard being shot by the police, who are apparently BLIND as they can't tell that he's acting against his will. Next comes the part where McGarrett has to play 1-on-1 basketball with an inmate, which was kind of dumb, although a little entertaining, I must admit. And finally, the crowning jewel of this episode's lameness... The effects on the helicopter crash! Holy cow, they were bad! Like, Birdemic: Shock and Terror levels of bad! Overall, the cookie-cutter plot, yawn-inducing progression, and lame editing all made this a sub-par episode of a fundamentally good reboot.

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Order of airing issues, but great none the less

Author: katkoot-kate from United Arab Emirates
14 October 2010

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While there seems to be some confusion over the airing dates of the episodes - Lanakila actually aired as episode #4 - it was a great episode. Balthazar Getty straight off Brothers & Sisters duty stars an escaped convict who wants to get even, while Taryn Manning arrives as the sister to McGarrett. There seems to be a natural chemistry evolving between O'Laughlin and Caan, which makes them ideal foils for one another, while I still have a hard time relating to Kelly and his cousin (name to complicated to remember - I'll just say Boomer from Battlestar). The scenery as usual is stunning and the action sequences are good and they seem to be spending money on the special effects - my only complaint was the complete waste of D.L. Hughley, he should have been saved to be the criminal in another episode - his part was far too small. Am loving this reboot and hope that it keeps going.

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Questions Abound

Author: Quicksand from United States
9 November 2010

Some questions: first off, why does the Five-O get their own logo in this episode? They started calling themselves the Five-O as a joke, starting in the last episode. Now it's painted on the floor of their HQ. Nice use of tax dollars.

Second, how can a waitress at a café in Hawaii afford a brand new 2010 Chevrolet Malibu? Maybe I should move to Hawaii.

Third, why does the bad guy keep shooting hostages, even after the knows the cops are after him? Did he not want to leave a witness, even though he knew he was already being chased? Plus he fires off a gun in the middle of a crowded bank, when he's already trying to keep a low profile. Worst. Bank robber. Ever.

Other than that, this episode holds together better than any other episode since the pilot. The action was fun, 3 out of the 4 leads get some character development this time around, and the helicopter chase wasn't completely ridiculous (except for the awful CGI).

I dug the bit with the sister. I didn't dig the bit where McGarrett plays ten points of prison yard basketball but somehow fails to break a sweat. Still, this is better than any show with "CSI" in the title. 8/10.

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The Human Element Is Shown in Episode 3 ***1/2

Author: edwagreen from United States
5 October 2010

With fighting gangs surfacing in Hawaii, Danno's estranged wife has threatened to take him to court to get rid of his visitation rights? Why? When Danno talk his daughter to a football game, gunfire erupted between rival gangs. Imagine blaming him for this? No wonder they've yet to show this shrew.

In addition our oriental police officer has a fat relative who he let slide during the gunfire mêlée. Turns out that the heavy one is an undercover officer investigating gangs in Hawaii. This guy even suggests that our Asian friend is a dirty officer.

Everything seems to be coming from N.J. This is especially when Salvo comes to town. The breaking up of Salvo and his group is rather routine, but not exactly boring.

First episode where McGarrett has not told Danno to book the bad guys. Seems like a thaw is beginning to come about in the estranged relationship between our 2 fearless gentlemen.

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Just another bad network show..

Author: OAXM202 from United States
17 October 2010

The locations are nice. And I am a big fan of Daniel Day Kim, who was awesome in Lost (my last enjoyable network show). But thats about it for me. The story lines are very predictable and I just hate how almost all network shows need a resolution at the end of the hour. God forbid there are overarching story lines that last a whole season.. I am done with network shows. This crap pushed me to the limit. I am all about cable shows now --- Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Rubicon. Now those are quality shows. I am giving The Event a shot, but damn can it rip off any more shows. Its an abortion of Lost, 24, V - umm an Airplane crash ARE YOU SERIOUS?? And the flashbacks are all over the place, good lord. You got the token black president and the close government aids that are working for the bad guys. And of course you have the aliens, that just so happen to look JUST LIKE HUMANS AND SPEAK English! But hey at least the story twists and turns every episode. UGH

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