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Good example of its genre
Philip Mackenzie24 July 2011
This film is badly marked down in my opinion. There are other films "outpost" being one title which stand out in this genre of Nazis and the occult and this has the ability to match them all with solid acting performances. This is also really for a more mature audience unlike "Dead Snow" which in my opinion has a slight comical factor about it. When you consider the small cast and the time spent on screen by the actors the plot is held together solidly. For its genre please give this film a viewing and you will be pleasantly surprised of its quality. I have not heard of any of the actors but they all gel together convincingly.The suspense building up is unbelievable.

Thanks for reading and go and enjoy the film.
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Recommended movie.
When I first saw the low rating of this film, I had my doubts on watching it. Reading the plot summary, it seemed like a far-fetched concept that could only lead to cheesiness. I was wrong.

As was said by the other reviewer, the first thing I noticed was the solid acting performances of all the characters, be it main or supporting. The film had a good feel to it, and kept me at the edge of my seat all throughout. There were also moments of creepiness where you'd probably hold your breath, tensely waiting on what would happen next. The story was quite good and it held the film together until the very end.

All in all, this is a film I would recommend to fans of the genre. I'll definitely be adding this to my collection.


I was honestly puzzled as to the low rating of this movie. Though I know it's not a great film, it definitely is a front runner and a notably good piece of work. Perhaps the people who gave it such a low rating wanted a gore fest or something with less...dialogue. I hope, dear reader, you won't be another sheep that just follows the opinion of the majority. Watch the film for yourself and be your own judge. It's the only way of discovering gems such as this.
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Surprisingly Good!!
creativemindin26 July 2011
No doubt this is a low budget movie, but it comes pretty high in terms of delivering a decent entertainment. The acting is superb, direction is great and the move manages to hold your attention all the way.

In spite of the low production, the move is far more intelligent than many of the other high budget horror flicks/series I have seen recently. In fact, the move is a refreshing change from the gore/slash that seems to have defined the current horror genre.

I will rate this move about 7/10 but have rated it higher because, as mentioned by another reviewer, the current rating is ridiculously low. I suspect the low rating is because of people who see a few minutes and don't really give the move a chance. I almost stopped it after few minutes thinking this was another one of those home productions that will steal a couple of hours out of my life. So glad I didn't.
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It is worth to see… nice and solid acting, suspense and gore compare to others B- movie
jara-skokan23 July 2011
I have to agreed with davidfurlotte (user review from 20 July 2011). This is definitely a B- horror movie if we talk about special effects (don't worry there is enough gore, blood and eye, brain…), but the story and good acting makes it more A-horror movie type. Even if there was not many special effects the story line make it more believable then other similar movies. I did enjoy the movie to full content and I do like good movie (A or B movie) with good suspension, blood, gore and specially solid acting and story line!!

I am kind of disappointed in IMDb rating or people who rate it so low 3.9 …. 3.9 only :-( this movie deserve more and it gives more it should be at least 6.5.
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Engaging piece of work
erikhoffman_wisc1 August 2011
This film stands on the strength of the actors as there is very little movement from the bunker which the Allied soldiers have come to put out of action.

I watched in rapt attention to the performances of the Nazi Colonel and the New Zealand Captain as they struggled to subdue the demon and keep a step ahead of each other.

I am indeed a horror fan and would love to see more character driven films such as this one. I believe it was put out by the New Zealand Film Commission, I should find out what else they have made.

The gore effects were top notch as well, I am puzzled by the people who feel it was too long and feel it was drawn out, maybe the sci-fi channel is more their speed, this is quality film making with superb actors (and actress) shot in an extremely atmospheric and convincing manner.

7 out of 10
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Low Budget horror done right!
Horse_Caulk31 March 2012
Very very good.

This should be required watching for the legions of inept would-be film makers who are unable to do little more then brutally derivative zombie or vampire films, always staying excruciatingly close to the worn-out formulas which worked for others long ago. And not even succeeding at their copies. What could possibly spell "failure" any more clearly then sucking whilst copying the recipe of others? But to this team, well done! Not the greatest horror film ever, but at least they attempted to go down a less traditional path.

Pay no mind to the review from amichnea, called "Worst one and half hours ever", it almost sounds as if that genius saw either a different film, or is from a rival production company. He even thought the acting wasn't good. Really? I think he might have better enjoyed one of the derivative CGI-fest zombie sheeple films better. But, to each their own.

And yes, the acting was very good indeed. It's unusual to find decent performances in lower budget films like this. So again, kudos to the writer/director.
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Nazi occultism makes a comeback
Matt Kracht23 September 2011
Like the other reviewers, I'm a bit surprised at this movie's low rating. It's not the most amazing horror movie I've ever seen, but it's good enough for a 6/10 or 7/10.

The directing is a bit uneven, but there are some quite striking visuals. The writing, while a bit clichéd, is still competent. For a movie I was expecting to be barely watchable, it was a very pleasant surprise.

I suppose the obvious comparison would be with The Keep, where a group of Nazis unearth an ancient evil, then seek to banish it, when they realize they're over their heads. This certainly isn't a pretentious movie, and it seems to have no illusions about being high art, but it is a bit heavy on the exposition and dialogue. If you have a short attention span, you might want to skip this movie, because the violence and gore aren't really as prominent as it leads you to believe ("Saw with swastikas" is not a very good description of this movie).

For a B movie, it's really quite enjoyable. Just don't go in expecting a big budget and slavish attention to detail.
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prisoner of channel island
ogurcan-124 July 2011
This is a dark movie in the spirit of the works of Lovecraft. It made me think of "Prisoner of Ice" in particular. The acting is convincing, direction is good, the special effects (mostly involving gore), are OK.

It is loaded with clichés though, such as the evil Nazi, the cunning demon and the good allied soldier. One problem is that it lacks secondary characters that we can watch dying. There was just one guy, I think. One of the fun things about watching a horror movie is to bet with your friends about who will die next.

Anyways, I rate it way higher than I honestly would, because its rating is ridiculously low. I mean, OK this is no Dario Argento, but I thought it was a decent movie for its genre. In fact it may be the best movie I watched about Nazis trying to summon demons from hell.
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Good Solid Movie
davidfurlotte20 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those movies that before you watch it you're probably saying, "Yeah right, some production team's crazy idea to capture an audience. Mix some Nazis in with the occult, position around the D-Day landing and make sure to add a hot female to the mix. INSTANT success!" Well, that's what I was thinking when I first started the flick and then I was happily surprised at how good it was.

Solid acting, good suspense-filled moments and some dotting the i's and crossing the t's to make sure the story sounded believable. Other than some improving on the gore and blood special effects the flick is definitely something I recommend if you're into watching an entertaining movie that finishes with you saying, "Aw come on, I want some more." I would have given it 10 except for the above noted mistakes in the effects area.
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Worthwhile Gore B-Movie
Claudio Carvalho14 November 2013
In 1944, the New Zealander's soldiers Captain Ben Grogan (Craig Hall) and Sergeant Joseph Tane (Karlos Drinkwater) are assigned to explode a German military facility in a occupied Channel Island to create a diversion far from the Normandy on the eve of the D-Day. They hear screams inside the installation that is apparently unprotected and they prepare the explosives. When Grogan overhears a woman scream, he decides to seek her out inside the bunker and the reluctant Joseph follows him. Grogan is captured by Colonel Klaus Meyer (Matthew Sunderland) and Joseph is murdered. Grogan sees mutilated corpses and he escapes from Meyer. When he meets the woman, he finds that she is his deceased wife Helena (Gina Varela), who died in a airborne bombing. Soon Grogan learns that Helena is actually a demon unleashed by Meyer, who is researching the occultism expecting to create the ultimate weapon to win the war. Now Grogan is forced to team-up with Meyer to save his life against evil that is using Helena appearance to seduce him.

"The Devil's Rock" is a worthwhile gore B-movie, with a reasonable story and good makeup. The idea of Nazis exploring occultism is not original but this movie is supported basically by three actors and an actress, all of them unknown but with good performances. There are brains, flesh, bones, eyeballs and lots of gore and Gina Varela is a seductive woman. There is one last scene in the credits, with the demon and a German soldier. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Rocha do Diabo" ("The Devil's Rock")
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