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Set in the Channel Islands on the eve of D Day,two Kiwi commandos, sent to destroy German gun emplacements to distract Hitler's forces away from Normandy, discover a Nazi occult plot to... See more »


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Captain Ben Grogan
Matthew Sunderland ...
Colonel Klaus Meyer
Helena / Demon
Sergeant Joe Tane
Voice of the Demon
Private Muller
Suicide Soldier
Hadyn Green ...
Gunthroat Soldier

Directed by

Paul Campion

Written by (WGA)

Paul Finch ... (screenplay) and
Paul Campion ... (screenplay) &
Brett Ihaka ... (screenplay)
Paul Campion ... (story)

Produced by

Paul Campion ... executive producer
Melissa Dodds ... line producer
Richard Matthews ... associate producer
Leanne Saunders ... executive producer / producer

Music by

Andrea Possee

Cinematography by

Rob Marsh

Film Editing by

Jeff Hurrell

Editorial Department

David Hollingsworth ... head of digital intermediate: Park Road Post
Nina Kurzmann ... mastering and deliverables
Tim Willis ... on-line editor

Casting By

Mike Dwyer

Production Design by

Mary Pike

Art Direction by

Zoe Wilson

Set Decoration by

Nathan Gray
Laki Laban ... lead set decorator

Costume Design by

Tristan McCallum

Makeup Department

Davina Lamont ... makeup designer / makeup supervisor
Dordi Moen ... special makeup effects artist
Hayley Ness ... makeup artist
Michele Perry ... makeup artist
Dara Wakely ... makeup artist
Deb Watson ... makeup artist

Production Management

Gabe Page ... unit manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Jonny Eagle ... third assistant director
Kendall Finlayson ... second assistant director
Richard Matthews ... first assistant director

Art Department

Colin Davidson ... construction foreman / construction manager
Les Edwards ... illustrator
Laki Laban ... lead set decorator
Ben Price ... props
Richard Thurston ... standby props

Sound Department

Joel Anscombe-Smith ... boom operator
Phil Burton ... re-recording mixer / supervising adr editor / supervising dialogue editor
Jeremy Cullen ... foley recordist
David Goodall ... sound mixer
Darren Maynard ... adr mixer / foley artist / foley editor
Nic McGowan ... sound recordist
Nick Tapp ... sound trainee
James West ... supervising sound editor
Lloyd Young ... supervising sound editor

Special Effects by

Jason Docherty ... prosthetic technician: Weta Workshop
Sean Foot ... sculptor: Weta Workshop / special effects makeup supervisor
Rob Gillies ... supervisor: Weta Workshop (as Robert Gillies)
Simon Godsiff ... photography: Weta Workshop
Gary Hunt ... sculptor: Weta Workshop
Jade Jolly ... on set prosthetic technician
Dordi Moen ... Special effects technician-Weta Workshop
Danielle Prestidge ... production coordinator: Weta Workshop
Frances Richardson ... prosthetic technician: Weta Workshop
Brian Stendebach ... prosthetic technician: Weta Workshop
Richard Taylor ... design & effects supervisor: Weta Workshop
Steve Unwin ... additional stills: Weta Workshop

Visual Effects by

Dan Ashton ... film recording technician: Weta Digital
Nick Booth ... film recording supervisor: Weta Digital
Scott Chambers ... compositing
Richard Chasemore ... modeling artist / texture artist
Max Dennison ... matte painting supervisor
Storm Gezentsvey ... compositing
Melissa Goddard ... compositing
Juan Pablo Lampe ... digital compositor
Jake Lee ... lead compositor / visual effects supervisor
Felicity Moore ... texture artist
Stephen Roucher ... film recording technician: Weta Digital
Frank Rueter ... lead compositor / visual effects supervisor
Malcolm Tween ... additional models
Kara Vandeleur ... visual effects artist
Pete Williams ... film recording manager: Weta Digital
Paul Campion ... matte painter (uncredited)


Augie Davis ... stunt coordinator

Camera and Electrical Department

Andrew Ayrton ... lx assistant
Adrian Hebron ... gaffer
Morris Kapua ... grip
Joseph Michael ... second assistant camera: "a" camera
Matt Mueller ... additional stills
Chris Murphy ... lx assistant
Simon Oliver ... lighting technician
Ulric Raymond ... a camera operator / steadicam operator
Philip Smith ... a camera focus puller / first assistant camera: "a" camera
Philip A.T. Smith ... first assistant camera: "a" camera
Byron Sparrow ... key grip
Matt Tuffin ... a camera first assistant
Steve Unwin ... still photographer
Angus Ward ... b camera focus puller
Roger Wong ... still photographer

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Paul Hambleton ... costume stand-by
Coco Miles ... costume stand-by
Josie Thomas ... costume consultant

Location Management

Peter Tonks ... location manager

Music Department

Mike Newport ... composer: additional trailer music

Other crew

Andy Buckley ... health and safety coordinator
Kathryn Burnett ... script consultant
Bonny Crayford ... production assistant
Ben Gazey ... Publicist
Richard Husband ... german translator
Tom Kelly ... production coordinator
Krystian Morgan ... title design
Jed Soane ... epk crew
Tainui Stephens ... consultant: Maori
Teone Taare Te Tuakana ... assistant to producer
Pete Wellington ... script supervisor


Terri Champney-Willis ... special thanks
Brian Keene ... special thanks
Barry Purves ... special thanks
Daniel Story ... special thanks

Production Companies




Special Effects


Other Companies



Plot Summary

On, June 5, 1944 in the early morning hours before the opening of the invasion on D-Day, a commando team, consisting of two New Zealander's, Captain Ben Grogan (Craig Hall) and Sergeant Joseph Tane (Karlos Drinkwater), land on the one of the Channel Islands, which are occupied by the German Army. Their mission is to sabotage installations there to create a distraction from the actual landings at Normandy. Using kayaks they land on the beach, navigate the land mines, then climb up to their target: a large artillery gun overlooking the English Channel. They are confused by the lack of German patrols on the island and puzzled by strange screams coming from the German's main bunker. They find the gun unguarded and wire it with explosives. While they are placing the charges a German soldier (Luke Hawker) comes running out of the entrance of the underground bunker. Although he seems less concerned about running into the enemy than getting away from something in the bunker, the New Zealanders kill him, so he can't give away the mission. Captain Grogan becomes curious as to the screams from the bunker as they appear to be coming from a woman. He makes a decision to go on an unauthorized rescue mission, leaving a reluctant Tane behind. Tane eventually decides to follow Grogan into the bunker. Inside he finds the command center a scene of unbelievable carnage, with German soldier's bodies torn asunder and blood all over the walls. He also finds a book which seems to contain satanic spells in a foreign language. Tane isn't alone in the command center. SS Colonel Klaus Meyer (Matthew Sunderland) comes up behind Tane, kills him and retrieves the book, leaving Tane dead on the floor. Grogan, unable to find the source of the screams, backtracks and finds the command center along with Tane's body. He is also attacked by Meyer. Meyer doesn't kill him though, but captures him, ties him up and tries to get information out of Grogan about the coming invasion. He finds a picture of Grogan's dead wife, Helena, who was killed during the bombing of London and threatens to burn it to torture him. They are interrupted again by the woman's screams. Grogan states he believes that the German's captured a woman and used her for entertainment and then Meyer got greedy, wanted her to himself and killed the rest of the soldiers. Meyer laughs at this and tells Grogan that the "woman" did all the killing. He then tells Grogan he needs to feed it. Scooping some human entrails into a bucket, he leaves the room. While Meyer is gone, Grogan is able to grab and conceal a small can opener behind his back. When the German returns, he seems more reasonable and tells Grogan that the "woman" he hears is actually a demonic creature. German soldiers found the satanic book on the island. The island has a long history of witchery. Meyer, a specialist in the occult, was sent to the island to see if it had any value as a military weapon. He found a spell and successfully conjured up the demon, but it turned out that the creature was a shape-shifter that can appear as any woman a man desires. The demon used this power to lure the soldiers close, kill them and eat them. Meyer tells Grogan he wants to defect to the Allies and needs Grogan to assist him in sending the creature back to hell, a job that requires two people. Grogan thinks Meyer is crazy. While they are talking he uses the can opener to cut his bonds and attacks the German. There is struggle. Grogan gets Meyer's pistol. Meyers runs off into the darkness of a bunker tunnel while Grogan shoots at him. Grogan find blood on the floor and realizes that the German has been hit. Grogan follows the woman's screams and finds a chamber that looks like it has been used for a satanic ritual with markings on the walls and floors lit with candles. Around the room are of the remains of dead soldiers and crouching in the corner is the figure of a woman (Gina Varela). When she emerges from the shadows Grogan is shocked to find it appears to be his dead wife. She pleads for him to release her as she is chained to the wall by her foot. Meyers, appears at the door holding a rifle. He warns Grogan that the woman is not his wife and shoots her in the head and she falls to the floor. Grogan, enraged, tries to shoot Meyers with pistol, but it's out of rounds. Meyers chops off the leg of one of the corpses and tosses it the woman, who suddenly revives, stands up and shifts into a red-skinned female creature with horns and sharp teeth. It begins to gnaw on the leg. Convinced that it isn't his dead wife, Grogan goes back to the command center with Meyers, who is bleeding from a stomach wound. He agrees to help Meyers dispel the demon and allow him defect to the Allies side. First, however, the bullet must be removed from Meyers if he is to heal. Grogan does this, but without morphine to ease the pain, the Nazi passes out. While he is out, Grogan examines a leather sack the German wears around his neck. Inside he finds a piece of paper with strange writing. Examining the book he finds the paper is a page that has been torn out. He replaces the paper with another page from the book and puts the original in his own pocket. When the German wakes up he is well enough to attempt the ritual. Meyer's explains that the leather pouch contains a spell that protects the person carrying it from being attacked by the demon. He tells Grogan that he will need to wear it for the ritual. Grogan gives it back to him. They head up to the demon's chamber, but find the she-devil has made progress in tearing the chain from the wall. They are forced to secure the door to the room and head back to the command center. Knowing the demon will soon break through the door they prepare a protective circle in the command center. Grogan is plagued with visions of Tane coming back to life and accusing him of cooperating with the German's, but Meyers is able to show him that this is just an illusion sent by the demon. When the demon arrives, Meyers starts the ritual while the demon paces outside the circle tempting Grogan by appearing as Helena. As the ritual reaches its climax, Grogan realizes that Meyers isn't trying to get rid of the demon, but put it under his complete power, by sacrificing a human life: Grogan's. The German comes at him with a knife, but Grogan avoids him and throws him outside of the protective circle. Meyer thinks he is okay until Grogan shows him he has switched the page in the pouch. The demon they proceeds to eat the Colonel's head. Grogan, safe under the spell page he carries, chains the demon back up in the command center, telling her that German reinforcements will be arriving soon, so she will have plenty to eat. He has no fear that she will leave the island as Meyers told him a demon of this type cannot cross running water. Grogan then departs. In a final scene we see the first German soldier (Nick Dunbar) as he arrives at the command center. He is puzzled by finding his beloved, Nicole (Jessica Grace Smith), there. As he comes to embrace her the screen fades to black and we hear screaming. Written by Zaphod1957

Plot Keywords
Taglines War is a Bitch See more »
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Additional Details

Also Known As
  • Nazi Bitch - War Is Horror (Germany)
  • Дьявольская скала (Russia)
  • La colina del diablo (Argentina)
  • La isla del demonio (Mexico)
  • A Rocha do Diabo (Brazil)
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  • 83 min
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Did You Know?

Trivia The occult black magic ritual at the climax of the film was filmed on Friday the 13th. See more »
Goofs Klaus Meyer (Matthew Sunderland) states he is a Colonel & the arriving Kreigsmarine sailor at the end calls out to him as Oberst, yet Meyer himself states (& his ID backs up) that he is in a special department of the Waffen-SS. The SS had their own distinct rank structure and as a result Mayer would have held the SS rank of SS-Standartenführer and not the Wehrmacht Heer (Army) rank of Oberst. See more »
Movie Connections References Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). See more »
Crazy Credits There is a final scene shortly after the end credits begin. See more »
Quotes Sergeant Joe Tane: There's bad shit going on here. Bad shit!
Captain Ben Grogan: Bastards. Fucking Nazi bastards.
Sergeant Joe Tane: No. That's not our war, that's not our fight. The gun, that's our mission.
Captain Ben Grogan: Fuck the mission.
Sergeant Joe Tane: Jesus Christ. We leave, now. We get out alive, we get back home. We get fucking medals for this. The girls will be falling all over us.
Captain Ben Grogan: Give me ten minutes, Joe.
Sergeant Joe Tane: Five.
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