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I am completely stunned!

Author: PiotrWeselak from Canada
27 March 2013

After just completing the game, I am in total shock. So stunned that I couldn't even skip the credits. Without spoiling anything, you will be completely amazed of how they decided to end it off.

Anyways it's a great game and a cool change from a city at the bottom of the ocean to a city in the sky. The scene where you are lifted to Columbia is just as breathtaking as seeing Rapture for the first time. As soon as this scene happens, you know you're playing a Bioshock game.

People have been also wondering how Elizabeth's AI is. Absolutely flawless, this is in no way a co-op game like Resident Evil 5. You don't have to revive her or give her any ammo or anything of that sort.

Their are some horror elements to this game similar to Rapture, but it's more focused on Action and sci-fi. There is one part that did scare the hell out of me though.

Kudos to Irrational for another masterpiece. If you thought the story telling in Bioshock 1 was incredibly done, just wait till you get a load of this!

I give it a solid 10/10.

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Mind Blown with it's Brilliance!

Author: chris-429-607102
29 March 2013

I have played many games in the past to completion and Bioshock infinite is one of the few that has completely mind fudged me with its brilliance.

It's character driven story mixed with its clever and well constructed writing not only creates a masterpiece of a story but emotionally attaches you to the lovable characters Elizabeth and Booker. These along with other awesome characters have amazing voice acting, dialogue and personalities - it sometimes feel as if these characters, especially Elizabeth, are real humans - The connection that grows between the player and these game characters is truly wonderful and emotional.

The game play is true to its predecessors in maintaining the addictive fun you experience while shooting up enemy's and using Vigor, which is the equivalent to the originals 'plasmids', to your advantage. Elizabeth doesn't annoy you during combat as she can take care of herself and is not a burden when you play, but is a joy to have by your side. Her gameplay mechanic of creating 'tears' to help you take down your enemy's is implemented well in the game along with the skyline and it's melee executions and ability's, which also fit in well with the game's structure.

The sound effects in the game have a nice and crisp quality and the mission design plus the set pieces are just great. The atmosphere of the city of Columbia, a floating city with a old school American theme, makes this game unique and different from the other Bioshocks, which take place in the underwater city of Rapture, but it still has this familiar sense about it which is nostalgic and amazing.

The game does not have a multiplayer nor does it need one as it truly delivers a cinematic and breath taking experience that you alone can, in fact you must have and I urge you to buy this game, as it is no doubly my game of this year and could possibly be my game of the decade!

10/10 - love doesn't come close to what I feel towards this game!

Just to let you guys know, this is my first ever review on IMDb!! Thanks for reading :)

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Author: Rosa from New Zealand
25 March 2013

I have been playing this game for eight hours now and love it. I may be biased because the first two are amongst my favorite games, but I think the reviews from around the web support my feelings towards the game.

The graphics are beautiful, and my computer handles them well with no lag or bug issues so far.

The story is complex for a game, and the characters, especially the main two are deeper than the usual game characters without getting in the way of the action. It is also much longer than the last games.

The fighting is similar to the other Bio-Shock games, but still has its own unique weapons, like the sky-hook, and different power ups and upgrades, so we have the familiarity of the old games, but still something new and fresh.

I can't wait to play this a few more times at least. Its so good. I give it an easy 10 out of 10!

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An Impressive Narrative and Visual Feat

Author: Cory Graves-Montalbano ( from California
27 March 2013

Going in, I was expecting great things: the first Bioshock was one of the best games I'd ever played, including the best heel-turn I'd ever seen. And with all of the hype, I was expecting to be let down. Luckily, I was not. Bioshock Infinite manages to deliver on every single level, often simultaneously, to produce a truly remarkable gaming experience.

The graphics, art, and animations are incredibly well-thought out and defined, often capturing your interest and making the fantastical world of Columbia seem real.

The game-play is very fluid and very fun. The combat is similar to the first two games, but with a few new mechanics that keep things fresh and exciting. Also, Elizabeth is a companion. But it doesn't end up being an escort mission, where she is in constant need of rescue, and sits by while you are attacked. Elizabeth ends up being a useful and resourceful addition to the player, almost an extension.

The writing and voice-acting are spot on, the actors who play DeWitt (Troy Baker) and Elizabeth (Courtnee Draper) especially. You feel the strong chemistry between then, and the relationship organically and believably grows.

The story. Oh man, the story. Like I said, I was blown away the first time I played Bioshock 1. It was so creative, so smart, and so complete. But Infinite manages to irk out its predecessor in all of these departments, leaving me audibly remarking at many of the plot turns. Even the banter, which there is a fair amount of, feels necessary and important. Also, it does not reel you in and then simply let you go after a couple hours of play, like so many games nowadays. It keeps you engaged for well over 12 hours, as long as you take your time.

All in all, this is one of the best games I've ever played. It looks absolutely incredible. The combat and game-play is fluid, enticing, and always fresh. The story is fleshed out, entertaining, thought-provoking. The environment is incredibly deep, leaving the player room and time to explore all of the little things that are put in.

HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME: -Go through it slowly. Take your time to explore and soak in the environment and story. -Expect to play multiple times. Don't try and use all of the Vigors and weapons at once. Focus on what you like, and what works for you. Also, there are collectibles like in the first two games. Find the ones you can, but going on a treasure hunt isn't necessary.

10/10, 5/5, *****, A+

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A 21th Century Masterpiece!

Author: Oscar SH from Mars
9 April 2013

This is by far the best game that i have ever played. I have never played any other Bioshock game then Infinite, but now things changed. After years of having my brother talking about how good the original Bioshock was i felt extremely tempted to try Infinite. I bought the game and i would never in the world imagine that i would be left willing to easily pay 500$ for it instead of the 60$. Much like a painting on the wall this is a classic and it is so extremely good that i could hang the physical game up on the wall just to get reminded of the wonderful story this game has to offer. To get these feelings from playing a game is very rare and extremely beautiful. You will be in despair sometimes, you might get slightly depressed, you will fall in love, you will be scared. You will build up an emotional bond between Elisabeth that just makes you want her to be OK and safe.

I am very unfamiliar with FPS games and i don't play very much. However, this game catches your attention within minutes and you just can stop playing until its finished. I can almost guarantee you that you will be left with questions and a kind of enlightenment after this finishing the game. However as many other have agreed on. It will take more then one run to truly understand everything. It's not very different from movies such as Inception (even if this is not a movie), which you might wanna see 2 times to fully understand the story.

I am left as a Ken Levine fan and i am also left almost crying. These games are so rare and i have never seen anything like it in my entire life and i really, truly hope that i will see more creations of Ken Levine. He said in an interview that after the release he would go on a long vacation. 6 years in making the game, well... He truly deserves it.

There is no words that can describe how much i recommend this game. It is a masterpiece and i have never seen anything like it. I finished the game 4 days ago and that rush you get after finishing it is still here.

Ken Levine and everyone involved in this game. I hope they earned a lot of money because they totally deserved it! Love to them!


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Now this is how games should be

Author: opadelirium from Finland
26 August 2014

I'm not a big fan of first person shooters, but the first BioShock caught my attention last year with it's unique story and atmosphere, so I decided to buy Infinite last week to give that one also a try (BioShock 2 is yet to be conquered). I did expect a great game like the original BioShock, but I never expected to run into a masterpiece of modern gaming in it's own genre.

BioShock Infinite delivers superbly from every possible angle: the entertainment value, the world, the atmosphere, the characters/character development, the pacing, the dialogue, and most of all, the story. Every aspect of this game is perfectly unique and masterful, and Infinite accomplishes something that not many games can accomplish; it is very emotional, mature and deep, but also extremely fun to play.

If I compared BioShock Infinite to something in other forms of art, it would probably be the joining of David Lynch's Mullholland Drive and Stephen Kings The Dark Tower. But of course with thoroughly unique style that makes BioShock Infintite a game like no other. Can't but love that satirical, bleak, sadistic, mentally disturbed world that this game (and the whole game series for that matter) represents.

Not many games deserve a 10/10, because there usually is always something that doesn't fit, but BioShock Infinite is as perfect as it gets. Future classic, or maybe a classic already.

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Quite simply: The best game for 2013 so far!

Author: Mike Seach from Australia
29 March 2013

It's very hard to review this game even partially, not to mention I don't often review anything beyond I like or dislike something.

If you play games for the story, then you should stop reading this. Go out and buy it already. The story in this game is above and beyond what any movie can offer. Though, with a game time of at least 8 hours, that's to be expected. It has been written in a way that throughout the game it gives subtle hints to what's happening and has happened before, however, you probably won't recognize them for what they are until the ending (I didn't). WATCH PAST THE CREDITS!

Graphics wise; I'm lucky enough to be running dual And HD7970s, so I never had a single bit of lag in the game. In fact, I doubt it dropped below 100 fps. However, even a single card below mine should provide enough power to show the spectacle that is Columbia in all its DX11 goodness. Side note, it's better to play this on a PC if you want it to look incredible, xbox and PS3 (or the up and coming consoles) can't compete with even a low level gaming rig, My opinion.

This is a first person shooter, and as another reviewer said, it plays out a lot like the two previous titles. Firearm in one hand, plasmid/vigor in the other. Some of the vigors can be quite graphic and shocking to the player, probably the worst of them is a vigor that shoots crows out of the players hands and tears the flesh from your enemies. This game is not suited for young viewers. The skylines, I believe they are called - I'm still reeling from the end of the story, didn't play as big a part in the fighting as I would of liked. I think the game play video hyped it up a little too much. There just wasn't all that much of it, sure you can use it for some cool kills, but I found it a lot simpler and flowing to fight from the ground.

Audio is very simple; music suits the time period, sound effects are incredible. Play it with surround sound and you will not be disappointed.

Overall: An easy 10/10 for this game, good fun and engaging story line will give any player hours of fun, and some scares as well! Play the game, there's hours of content, and multiple play throughs needed to get 100% and learn about Columbia and its history.

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One of the greatest game I have ever played

Author: Tommie Oskam from United States
24 August 2014

I have played the first two Bioshocks. The first one I enjoyed although I thought somethings were frustrating and it dragged on. The second Bioshock I did not enjoy. It was too short and too much like the first one. Well this game takes a completely different turn on the series and it becomes an absolutely incredible game. You play as Booker, a troubled man sent to the floating city of Columbia to "bring us the girl and wipe away the debt". What seems like a simple rescue mission turns into an extremely complex story, as you learn more about Booker, Elizabeth (the girl who you go to Columbia to get) and Comstock, the prophet of Columbia. Overall, the story is fantastic, it keeps you on your toes and has a huge plot twist ending that will leave your jaw dropped. The game play is what you should expect from Bioshock, with guns and vigors, blasting away enemies. This game is a lot more fast paced with tons of more combat than the first two Bioshocks. Some people may not enjoy that, but I loved it. The guns and vigors are all super fun to use. The musical score is great, the characters are great. Everything about this game is great, so go purchase it now, because it's better than the first two Bioshocks.

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What Comes Up, Must Go Down

Author: mrxelement from United States
17 April 2013

I had high exceptions for this wonderful game because I knew this infinite wouldn't disappoint me. Once you strap yourself and head on to Columbia prepare to get blown away by the beautiful scenery once you step foot in it. Its clearly one of the best games of 2013 by far, that it may be game of year.

The combat feels so different giving you a rush options on how to tackle down your enemies whether, you fight on the ground, skyline, or both to mix it up. I was surprise how violent it when Booker slams down the police's head on to the sky-hook cutting his face in half. But, the new thing it gives you are the executions you can do with the sky-hook and their so fun to watch. The girl who is named Elizabeth, is very likable that you always want to keep her safe, even though you don't have to really protect her. She is one of the best AI so far, giving you ammo,salts, health, she is the perfect one in helping you in bad situations. That's a huge bonus during battles.

The level designs are incredible just like how the 1st Bioshock was. Grabbing you again with insane amounts of detail and creativity throughout. Still, even though Infinite isn't scary as the first one was ,yet it still has its OMG moments.

Booker and Elizabeth by far have the best chemistry than any other games that's out there. Their adventures will keep you wanting to play this game. And I already beat three times because amount of detail you can miss and the style can change when playing. I have to say the ending... I have no words for it.


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An easy GOTY.

Author: MacroPower from United States
25 April 2014

This game is absolutely amazing. You can tell that there was an enormous amount of thought put into every detail, down to the very last corner. Bioshock Infinite is my favorite game to date, no question about it.

To start, the art direction is very good. Everything is arranged to be very appealing, and the colors are very balanced. I loved just walking around the city and soaking it all up. There are 1912 style shops to go into, and they are all populated. In one area, there is even a good, three-minute quartet that you can just sit and listen to. I was very impressed with the magnitude of everything. Seldom are you placed in a small, dark room or hallway. Most of the game is set in colorful areas with large statues and airy buildings.

I liked that it did not actually put you in the dark, but gave a dark feeling when it was appropriate. As per the Bioshock games, some of the events are quite dark, and I liked the uneasy feeling without the dark corridors of Rapture.

Combat is a step up from other games in the genre. The introduction of "skylines" allows you to jump quickly from place to place, making everything very fast paced. I didn't quite like the inventory management as much as in the original Bioshock, however. I found it much harder to deal with my Vigors, mainly because you couldn't just scroll through them like in the other game. Still, you get used to it - that's a fairly minor gripe.

I can not say much about the story. If I told you what was so great about it, I would spoil it for you. I can say that it puzzled me, and it was a few hours after finishing the game that I worked everything out. I felt like some of the points were repeated too much though. I get that they try to help everyone understand it well, but I would rather just have it all thrown at me - that way it's more fun to work out on my own.

Overall, Irrational Games has gone above and beyond what anyone expected. The only way you would find this game worse than the original is if you are somewhat nostalgic. Even if you did not like the first or second game, I highly recommend that you still give Bioshock Infinite a try. As a side note, there are a few things that you will not quite understand if you skip the first game. They are little details, but in a game like Bioshock Infinite, it is the little details that really count.

This game is worth every cent. If you can not afford it, you can wait until the next sale. The trilogy tends to go for $15~.

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