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Episode List


Season 1

20 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.1
Lena Sander got fired after she had a big mouth towards her chief. She meets Amelie von Arensberg and her grandson David von Arensberg who is a successful musician. Rafael von Arensberg tries to get his mother Amelie into a retirement home.
21 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.2
Lena became insecure during her romantic meeting with David. After a quarrel with Tony Lena says yes to the job the countess offers her. Vanessa has to seduce David. Michael sees his father with college Gaby. Is Luca shadowed by his mother?
22 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.3
When Rafael wants to present his son David the new woman on his side, Vanessa is surprised because she had an affair with David. Rafael sends Lena out of the house to get rid of her.
23 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.4
Tony tries to convince Lena to give up her job but he gives in when Lena catches him working on a stolen car. Michael hears that his girlfriend Jasmin is pregnant. Janka should make the countess incompetent with pills.
24 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.5
Lena is confused after she almost kissed David. Tony does her a proposal of marriage she can't refuse; David is jealous. Gaby is prepared to tell Frank she is pregnant but Pia tells Frank his son Michael becomes father.
27 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.6
David is confused after seeing Lena naked. In vain he tries to keep his mind from her with an ex-girlfriend and with Vanessa. The Sanders have a quarrel about Jasmin's pregnancy. Frank makes Jasmin part of his family.
28 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.7
Lena is confused when drunken David does her a declaration of love. She is disappointed when she finds a lot of women names in his note-book. Frank wants to let disappear Lena's bracelet, a proof for the dead of David's mother.
29 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.8
After the quarrel with David, Lena is sure she wants to marry Tony. David makes love with Vanessa in the elevator of Rafael's office. Vanessa is frightened when she notices the security camera. Where is Luca? Lena finds him with Janka.
30 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.9
After she ran out of the church for Tony it becomes clear to Lena she needs time to ponder; she does not know what exactly she feels for David. During a quarrel with Frank, Michael says that he knows more about the affair of his father.
1 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.10
Lena and David visit a classic concert together; Lena feels herself in the wrong place. With David's help she is able to enjoy the concert - until Tony appears there. Frank got fright when Gaby tells him she expects a baby from him.
4 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11
During the concert it becomes clear David really loves Lena. Fear makes David go on distance from her. He puts energy in finding an explanation for Julia's dead. When he visits the parking policeman, the feeling something's wrong rises.
5 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.12
David's feelings for Lena are too strong to stay on distance from her. Lena accompanies David to parking policeman Zöller. David wants to question him about his mother's dead. Zöller flees in his car and drives frontal towards Lena.
6 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.13
Tony can't bear the divorce and asks Lena for another chance. With regrets Lena quits her job. She discovers that Amelie's health is not OK, not knowing Rafael is behind that. David makes Vanessa clear that he loves another.
7 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.14
When Vanessa notices the amorous looks between Lena and David she immediately understands that Lena is the woman David loves. She makes Lena misinterpret her relation with David; Lena wants to break with David but her heart says don't.
8 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.15
Tony asserts against David that he has a relation with Lena. But Lena sees it different. Conny and Tom decide to do something about that. Frank discovers that Zöller knows Frank drove the stolen car.
11 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.16
David loves Lena and they are a happy couple now. Vanessa doesn't accept that and wants David to know she controls him a lot. Pregnant Micha is on the way with Gaby when she becomes unwell.
12 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.17
Rafael and Vanessa celebrate their engagement on the castle. David is astonished because his ex-affair is his father's fiancée. Can he keep this a secret for him? Rafael forbids Vanessa to give Amelie opiates again but Vanessa ignores that.
13 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.18
Lena's father arrests David in front of Lena's eyes. Zöller reported him to the police because of hindrance. Zöller leaves Germany so he will tell nothing about the night in which Julia died.
14 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.19
Through the help of a lawyer David is out of jail. When Lena arrives there to fetch up David it turns out that someone else was there already to do that. Because Pia invites Gaby for dinner Frank lets Pia work overtime.
15 Oct. 2010
Episode# 1.20
Lena saw Vanessa kissing David but not David rejecting Vanessa. Lena is disappointed and takes a decision. Gaby is hit by a junk and lies heavily injured in the hospital. Frank anxiously swears to be there always for Gaby and the baby.
18 Oct. 2010
Episode# 1.21
Lena left David after his kiss with Vanessa. He wants to show Rafael their affair when Vanessa doesn't go. She goes. Rafael becomes unwell. Will David be able to tell father the truth? Frank comforts Gaby with a kiss the moment Pia enters.
19 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.22
Tony fixed the car to please Lena. David sees Lena embracing Tony as a gesture of friendship but he interprets it wrong and takes a radical decision. Gaby and Frank are relieved and glad the baby is OK.
20 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.23
Lena is desperate because David wants to go back to L.A. Both think the other one thinks he/she is not good enough. Janka wants to tell Luca finally she is his mother. But Tony threatens her to tell Luca about her dope history.
21 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.24
Amelie didn't tell her son Rafael for more than 50 years who is his real father. She thinks that now it is the time to tell him it. At Clemens' grave she thinks for a moment she saw her big love Fritz. Vanessa tries to keep David here.
22 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.25
Amelie becomes unwell after she thought to see Fritz. Rafael thinks she only imagines it. She tells him he is not the son of the duke but of gardener Fritz. Lena feels David suffers from the divorce as much as she does.
25 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.26
David doubts he can get Lena back. Amelie encourages him not to give up. Although David rejects her again, Vanessa can't bear the idea he leaves. To make him stay in Cologne she and Nina think out a trick.
26 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.27
Lena's chance to keep David here, is over. She focuses on her work to forget him; she is alone with Amelie on the castle. There she is surprised and locked up by the burglar Vanessa hired.
27 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.28
Lena is glad that David stays in Cologne. He wants to give her time for gaining trust, and to get clear how his mother died. Amelie asks Rafael to help her finding Fritz. Rafael reacts angry and insults her.
28 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.29
Lena and Micha try to help Pia to overcome the divorce from Frank. Frank has to sleep on the couch in Gaby's house, which he didn't expect. David comforts Lena. She starts to trust him again but then she hears he suspects her dad Frank.
29 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.30
David doesn't like it that Lena heard he suspects Frank. According to Peter David has good juridical cards. Lena forgives him and agrees to go out together. But then Luca calls full of excitement.
1 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.31
Lena gets frightened when she hears Luca's accident via the telephone. Although Luca has just a few scratches she wants to take care of him. Tony, who doesn't accept the divorce, has new hope. Janka also comes to Luca but Tony rejects her.
2 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.32
Janka gets Lena on her side. Lena convinces Tony to give Janka more time for Luca. Lena wants to introduce David to her family but Pia hesitates to invite him.
3 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.33
David's first visit to Lena's family. Lena is nervous. David saves the evening and the family likes him. Janka wants to prove Tony is into stinky business. David helps her. When Janka searches in Tony's workshop, Tony appears there.
4 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.34
Lena is glad David and her family go well with each other. When she helps David with text for Tom's film, David discovers Lena's voice and asks her to sing the title song. David gets from Peter information about Frank.
5 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.35
David wants to persuade Lena to sing her song in front of an audience. Lena likes to work with David but she doesn't dare to sing in public. Pia is nervous because she and Frank have a date. But he confesses her to have an affair.
8 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.36
De romantic date of Lena and David is disturbed by the news that Tony has been brought to the hospital. Lena is relieved to hear that Tony after an examination is allowed to go home. There Tony tries to avoid that Janka is in the way.
9 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.37
Lena is provoked by the jealous Vanessa. According to Lena and David this will not harm their love. In secret David buys an engagement ring. Lena hears Tony has an inoperable brain tumor. Pregnant Jasmin is involved in an accident.
10 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.38
Amelie is glad that Davis wants to do Lena a proposal of marriage. But can she accept it despite of her sorrows for Tony? Tony wants to tie Lena more on him with his fake illness. He sends Janka a message to silence her about this.
11 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.39
With pain in her heart Lena rejects David's proposal. Tony's disease is her reason. David tries to understand her but he is hurt. When Tony talks about his disease he becomes unwell. Lena wants to be there for him and care for Luca.
12 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.40
Lena can't leave Tony and Luca in these hard times although her relation with David is suffering because of this. Janka doesn't know how to convince the police she is innocent.
15 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.41
Vainly David tries to stop Lena from marrying Tony. It hurts Lena to keep David on distance but she perseveres. Vanessa is glad to see her plan works. Pia's date with Matthias goes well until Micha arrives.
16 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.42
It took Lena by surprise to hear that the wedding is within five days. Her resistance disappears when Tony acts as if he discovers quick from his disease. Jasmin wants to study direct after the birth. Micha worries but Pia reassures him.
17 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.43
Lena wants to marry in small circle but Tony persists on a marriage in white and in a church. Lena finds Janka's clothes in a suitcase under his bed. David spies upon Vanessa and Tony to find out what they are up to.
18 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.44
While Tony tells an idle story why he has Janka's suitcase, Lena stays skeptical. She suffers from her decision to marry Tony; she misses David. Frank tries all to prove Pia that he did change but Gaby wants to confess Pia everything.
19 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.45
Because David loves Lena above all, he refuses to sleep with her now she is tipsy. They come very close to each other that night. Amelie notices how much Lena and David suffer from their separation. She decides to intervene.
22 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.46
After Tony's collapse Lena feels more obliged to marry him. Tony abuses this by talking about suicide. David withdraws himself in Tom's country-house. Tony worries about his attack but Vanessa sets his mind at ease.
23 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.47
Lena and David have their last day together on the countryside. Sadly Lena leaves while the others are still asleep. Vanessa wants to avoid that Tony tells Lena the truth. Despite of Pia's warning Linda has an one-night-stand with Rafael.
24 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.48
Tony confesses Lena he has no disease at all; he cancels the wedding. But she doesn't believe him and Vanessa tries to let the wedding go on. Vanessa wants to strengthen the bounds with Rafael to avoid an affair.
25 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.49
Until the last second Lena hopes David stops the wedding but he arrives to late in the church. With the help of Conny Tom tries to loosen himself from his ex-wife Silke. While Conny burns Silke's letters, an attractive firefighter shows up.
26 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.50
Despite she is married Lena wants to keep working for Amelie. She meets David and hears he wanted to stop the wedding. Vanessa influences Amelie; unwillingly Amelie fires Lena. David keeps Vanessa on distance.
29 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.51
David is astonished to hear Tony just acted his disease. He tells it Lena but she doesn't believe it. Gaby has birth pains when she is with Pia who helps her during birth. Gaby does her shocking confession.
30 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.52
Tony promised Lena to visit the doctor she did find. When Vanessa doesn't manipulate the results the intrigue will be discovered. Gaby is glad with her newborn. Pia feels locked out because Micha and Linda knew the secret already.
1 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.53
Lena and David look forward to a future together. Tony builds a house of lies with Vanessa. Frank wants to talk with Pia but she sends him out of the house. Also Gaby feels Pia's anger and disappointment.
2 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.54
Tony is astonished to hear he has a brain tumor. Lena wants to be there for him; she quits her relation with David. David does understand it but feels broken-hearted. Amelie fears David is going back to Los Angeles.
3 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.55
Rafael's financial situation worsens. Again he tries to get to the bank account via Amelie. Then his creditor appears. Tony and Lena hear that a dangerous operation could save Tony's life.
6 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.56
David has been kidnapped by the business partner of his father because Rafael can't pay his debts. Pia has to accept that Frank has a child with another woman and her family visited Gaby secretly.