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Not bad at all
FredSlim12 September 2012
As a rare reviewer on IMDb I only decided to comment on this after reading the rather negative posts from others. It ain't half bad - yes there are Saw/Hostel comparisons and it fits rather aptly into the "torture-porn" genre. It seems as though the production staff are fairly new to the game and I don't think they deserve the kind of criticism handed to them by the other (two, at the time of writing) reviews seen here.

Without giving anything away, it's a solid, tense first hour with questionable (but believable, considering the circumstances, and assuming you have an open mind) character development that would have benefited from a less ambitious attempt at a dramatic conclusion and something that's worth a watch for fans of the genre.
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Tries too hard and delivers simply too little
Robert W.8 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The incredibly successful Saw franchise gave birth to a new breed of torture type horror that many have tried to emulate but none ever come close to. The makers of the Saw knock offs miss the point that made Saw so successful and Vile is a perfect example of that. Vile is gory and torturous just for the shock value. It has a weak strand of a story, characters you just don't care about no matter how invested they try and make you, and no real villain per se. You know a "twist" is coming...its a given but you don't care by the end of it. The film will make you wince, there is no doubt about, some of the torture scenes are brutal although they try (again like Saw) to leave a lot of it up to your imagination. But there is also a fair share of true bloody gore. I really had to push myself to get through it just because the story was just really bad. I mean, the whole fill the meter with torture on each other is sort of an interesting concept but its so badly delivered. The most important part of the film is that you just don't it begins, what goes on, and how it ends.

April Matson plays the scream queen of the film. She does okay, much like the rest of the cast but they are given little to no personality. Her schtick that they make clear early on is that she's pregnant and that's her character in a nutshell. Eric Jay Beck is her boyfriend and pays an important part in the whole story. He does well too. He probably gives a slightly better performance but not by much. Akeem Smith is the token minority of the film. I liked his character, he was kind of feisty and actually more of a hero than the rest of them. Greg Cipes seems like the geeky second string character but plays a bigger part in the final outcome. I found his acting strained and almost annoying. There are a few other supporting characters that really do not much of anything than scream and run around frantically. The last main character would be Maya Hazen who plays the obnoxious and loud girl who wants to turn on everyone. She's okay but she truly does get obnoxious and has a ridiculous scene where she "accidentally" scratches wildly and ends up killing a girl ridiculously severing her neck artery.

The actors are not the issue with this movie, they could have likely done a better job with a much better script. The story is simply poorly written. It's a hack job written by someone who wanted nothing more than to get their piece of the "Saw" induced pie. It comes as a zero surprise that the co-writers and producers are first time writers. Eric Jay Beck (who also stars in the film) and has a tiny bit of experience behind the camera and Rob Kowsaluk who has only this film to his credit. On top of that director Taylor Sheridan has done lots of TV performances but this is his only directing credit. Sometimes actors don't translate well behind the camera and this is the perfect example. Even fans of gore won't find much likable about this. 3/10
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Terrible movie...
khaymanbb27 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I tried to like this. I really did. When the synopsis is to inflict pain on someone to gather the "chemicals" in the brain, you would think that the people could think of creative ways to cause pain without breaking a leg, or disfiguring yourself via burning. I mean come on, really? Getting your fingernail ripped off hurts incredibly bad, and they do this to give them the extra "pain boost", so why not do that only? You have 20 of them for pete's sake, and they grow back! I felt sad watching this, as the bad person gathering these people must have chosen from a group of people that rode the short bus to school and only for getting off on watching them hurt each other. Yet at no time was any of that mentioned, just camera's to make sure they do what they are supposed to do. Dreadful acting, pathetic attempts at hysterics, just plain awful. If you see this on Netflix just ignore it. You'll wish you had...
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Simple story spiced up with some good torture scenes...
Paul Magne Haakonsen6 January 2013
Another cash-in in the wake of the success of the "Saw" movies. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. "Vile" turned out to be an adequate movie, actually, and it did have some pretty interesting scenes and moments that will have you curling your toes.

So was the movie vile, as the title claims? Hardly, but it was a good movie in itself, and a good jab at this particular torture movie genre. But compared to the "Saw" movies, then it is fairly tame.

The story in "Vile" is about a group of young people who get kidnapped and end up in a strange house where they are trapped along with another group of people. To get out of the house, they need to torture each other (or themselves) in order to collect some chemical that is released in the brain. They have to collect enough of this chemical to reach 100% before they are released.

I will say that the movie concept was interesting and well enough executed. It really helped the movie that there was a good amount of rather gruesome scenes of mutilation and torture. So there was even something to please us gore-hounds. But again, next to the inventive ways of mutilation and mayhem seen in the "Saw" movies, then "Vile" was like water in comparison.

As for the acting in the movie, well it was alright, but nothing groundbreaking or outstanding. Most of the characters tended to be generic and not really stand out from one another. The movie could have spent a bit more time on fleshing out the various characters, as to give the viewer some insight into whom was whom and what their personalities were. But then again, on the other hand, with this type of movie, the characters are merely just fodder for the grinder, so having generic characters is acceptable.

If you enjoy bloody movies that are violent and doesn't need to have a deeper and more meaningful storyline, then "Vile" might be right up your alley. I found it enjoyable because it was so simple, yet brutal in itself.

Without revealing anything of the ending of the movie, then I found it to be a rather lame and unrealistic ending to it. It was just downright insulting to end the movie that way for us who sat through it and hoped for something better at the end.
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kosmasp24 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As much as I love Saw (and was curious about the evolving story in its sequels), I almost kind of despise it for what it kick-started. One of the (many) movies that seem to take the formula out of context is on display here. I watched it at Frightfest in 2011, which should be a good place to watch any horror movie ... if it is worth it. This one unfortunately isn't really worth the money.

You get a bunch of people locked in a house. They wake up not remembering anything, but a video tells them, they have to hurt themselves to get free. As a reviewer (who was harsher then me) on Dreadcentral pointed out, there are options that don't even get discussed. But it's not the dialogues that try to be the strong point here. It's the torture scenes. While you could see some human behavior issues on display here, too much is left out to make it really count as psychological thriller. The actors seem to have too little to work with, but even that gets squashed away (no pun intended) ... I can't really recommend this at all
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Good movie if your stomach can handle it
rojidodge25 January 2013
On the surface, the plot of this movie would seem like another lame piece of junk written by some dumb teenager who doesn't have a clue about anything. Many comparisons have been made to Saw and other torture movies, but really, it's not the same kind of thing at all. But make no mistake, this is not for the squeamish, it is quite gruesome. But it is not gruesome for gruesome's sake. Many of the gory parts are implied rather than shown, which I think is done so you can connect to the story rather than the gore. The acting and directing have done an outstanding job to pull off what I think is a great success in what could have been a dismal failure, given the plot. There are also a couple nice twists at the end to give it a bit more credibility.

It held me captivated because it wasn't just predictable guff. If Big Brother was more like this, maybe I would have watched it.
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An Honest Review
natmckn14 November 2012
I watched this movie without first consulting IMDb (as I usually do) and had a completely open mind. I must say, I'm quite shocked at all of the negative reviews and ratings on here. What I watched was a well-crafted, intriguing, and genuinely entertaining indie "horror" flick. The actors kept my attention without straying into too much cheesiness, which is not unexpected for an independent feature, and carried the film diligently on their shoulders. The gore usage was not as liberal as you would think, and was used tastefully to further the story. And furthermore, I was never bored at any time during the film. It stayed interesting until the very last minute. So, give this movie a chance. If you like this particular niche of the art of film, I believe you'll enjoy it.

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If by vile you mean tedious then yeah
movieman_kev13 September 2012
Two couples regret picking up a cougar hitchhiker after she knocks them out and they come to in the basement of a locked down house with some others. These others show them a video that explains that the only way out is through torturing one and other. The timer starts counting down and it's down to business.

Further testament to the (sometimes sad) fact that I'll watch just about anything on Instant Netflix, this film has a threadbare plot, even for a torture porn film. That would almost be excusable if it bought anything new to the table, it doesn't. The characters never seem real, the violence never reacher the caliber of Saw, much less Hostile. And before too long the whole thing grows very tedious.
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Better than similar torture horror
creativehands13 September 2012
This film may not have the greatest of plots but for all horror gore fans it has its nice little moments, the characters are well acted and believable. I didn't expect much from this film, but would personally rate it higher than other similar films such as hostel.

If you are looking for a nice bit of gore and torture you can't go wrong with this film. and at least it's not a group of teenage kids getting bumped off one by one and shot on a camcorder like most horror coming out of America at the moment!

Here's hoping more of you out there will watch this neat little horror and they will get round to making vile 2.
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Not a bad Indie torture horror.
This movie was a refreshing take on the "torture/pain" style horror films like 'SAW' and alike. Some of the scenes had me cringing which I haven't done in a while. Although the acting wasn't groundbreaking, it wasn't the worst I've seen. The movie kept me intrigued from go to whoa, and some of the torture scenes were quite graphic. It wasn't the typical stuff you've seen in the 'SAW' films, which in my opinion is what made it a good little Indie movie, one of the better one's to come along lately. I was pleasantly surprised by this film, and it helped as I wasn't expecting too much. If you're looking for a good film to watch on a lazy day or night, then this is not a bad movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.
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Awesome Flick
bigiebiggs12 October 2012
There are a lot of reviews for this movie that I don't think do it justice. Personally as a fan of this genre and a guy that's grown tired of the Saw series I was doubtful of this one. But after watching this's pretty damn good. It's not as crazy or complex as some would like, and yes there are some unanswered questions but this movie is way more than watchable. This is a damn good flick. I won't put any spoilers in this review but all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. If your a fan of movies that really look at what people do when they are torn to their base then this is for you. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
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breakbeatology2 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Vile. Yes, its vile, why? Not because its been compared to other 'torture porn' films (which it isn't), but because its excrement mostly. A group of people trapped in a property of which they decide, very quickly, there is no escape even with multiple instruments to aid them and a lack of logic:'if there is a way in, there is a way out'. The gore is mostly inference at best and the lack lustre sound editing and soundtrack only further mute the need for a viewing of this punk arse bitch of a film. Cliché acts of even trying to review 'character development' would be futile in the least, as for the aforementioned twist at the end (by previous reviewers) there isn't one, you would have to be brain dead to believe the ending was even remotely 'twisted'. This film sucks basically.
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A vile way to spend the afternoon
Ben Harrington8 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It was more torture sitting through this movie than actually being in the house itself. The movie starts off with decent character development and promising cinematography that makes the viewer believe they're about to get their moneys worth. It quickly takes a 180 into terrible-ville when they're ambushed by the most unlikely of attackers... A slutty cougar in stilettos creeping around at 1 am asking people for rides. Being the poor suckers that they are, this band of genius' give her a ride and thus starts the worst horror movie ever made.

Saying that this was a torture porn would be giving it far too much credit. The torture scenes were short and ill conceived. You can not even put this movie in the same category as Saw or Hostile. The most graphic scene was the movie poster, and that's doing it too much justice. Albeit, the concept was original and had promise: 8 individuals trapped in a house and they're only way to escape is to beat on each other.

The story did not follow through with the psychological thriller theme, and there was very little character development past the first 5 minutes, so you really don't care which one of these character's die.

In short... there's really no reason to pay money to watch this film. And in fact no reason for me to finish writing this review on a movie that apparently the writer's phoned in.
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Yes, torture porn can get worse.
Zebb6713 July 2014
Now that the Torture Porn genre has fizzled out at the box office, these films are fortunately going straight to video where they belong. This one has an absurd plot (torturing people to obtain a body chemical that is also released during sex - that might have been an interesting film and certainly more humane!), unsympathetic characters and terrible dialogue. At least a good half hour of the characters screaming at each other goes by before they start beating each other's brains in. I only watched it because it was on Netflix Streaming, where a lot of terrible, direct-to-video horror movies go to die. Only if you really miss the Saw films will you possibly find something to enjoy in this mess.
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A Beautiful Horror Film
NotAnotherMovieCritic9 October 2012
I had read things on Vile and quite frankly I didn't expect much, but I watched it and I can honestly say I am glad I did! In the tradition of Saw and Hostel, Vile comes in with full force that you would expect in a torture porn. But it does something that a lot of horror films these days don't. It's a film with highly disturbing images, even I cringed at it but yet at the same time it was all done beautifully. The music was soft, melodic almost and gave it more of a disturbing factor than one would imagine in a horror film.

Don't be fooled by the torture porn part of this film, it is more of a psychological horror film with torture porn elements. You are introduced to many scenes where you don't really see any gore, just hear it but that's when your imagination takes hold and makes it all the more intense and scary.

I can't say I was scared while watching this film, of course it does take a lot to scare me, but I will say I was very disturbed but in the best possible way. Trust me when I say watch it! This one you won't easily forget!
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You Liked "Saw" ? - Still, You'll Hate This...
homecoming819 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After watching "Vile" and reading a couple of surprisingly good reviews on it, there's only one explanation: these must have been written by the producers and actors of "Vile". First off, I'm a horror fan and I also love movies like "Saw" and "Hostel". "Vile" is a very cheap copy of "Saw" and "Cube" but the production values are very bad: the shaky camera work gives you a headache, the script is stupid with characters that do not make any sense at all. The cast is not awful but also not convincing. But then again, the characters are badly written. Basically, the story is about a couple of friends that pick up a female hitchhiker. She drugs them all (believe that ?) and they wake up in a room with 5 other people. They are somehow forced to torture each other, because that releases a drug in the brain that the mysterious woman behind the screens wants. Yep, after 7 minutes of screen time we move to the dark room where the entire movie takes place. Boring, not interesting and not scary in any way. That's also why the torture scenes do not work on any level. You just pray the running time of this movie is limited but 88 minutes is way too long for this simple plot.
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More Crying Than Screaming
yeagger13 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
*Contains Spoilers!*

I generally enjoy when a horror movie tries to add character depth or a plot to its gore - in fact, I usually find it pretty sad when a movie doesn't try at all, leaving you with a bunch of cardboard cutouts running around on an empty stage.

But Vile *should* have left that all out, with how little actually happens thanks to the "plot" and "character development.

Most of the movie is boring, with more gore happening off screen (or being left to the imagination) than happening /on screen/. You see girls scream and cry, covered in blood - but no context as to why. You see men claim they can take "no more", when all you see are a bunch of tools flying their direction. Only the first "gore" scene really shows/does much - beyond that, it's a scattering here and there of relatively tame gore (nothing like you'd see in Saw or one of the "name brand" horror movies).

Which would all be alright if it truly mastered the psychological angle. Instead, however, you get characters that come and go and exhibit no personality and a lousy twist ending that derails what little character development you do get.

Not to mention, the one girl (yellow shirt) had such an infuriating personality that it genuinely made the first half of the movie more unpleasant.
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What more would you expect in an indie horror?
fxdx427 August 2014
Vile is what indie horror should be. With that said, this is not an amazing movie, but it does the genre right. Indie horror should have an interesting premise, solid gore, passable acting and avoid obvious stupidity. And with the bar set low, Vile easily sails over the bar.

Shockingly, the movie starts with a group of teens getting kidnapped. However the twist is they then finding themselves in a locked house with another group of people who discover they must torture themselves to extract a drug from their brain before they can leave. Interesting premise – check.

The horror is both physical and psychological. Could you torture yourself via burning iron, finger nail pulling etc? What would you do? All good questions, and often the characters come to the same conclusions (eventually) as I may have. When the audience does see gore, it is very tactfully done, looking real, but not over blown. This is not a torture porn movie. Solid gore – check.

The actors are solid, characters are interesting enough, and create some marginally engaging dynamics. Characters have a good balance of screen time, and enough personality to create some realistic group tension. The directing is also solid, although some of the sub plots might have been expanded on more clearly. Acting – check.

The obvious stupidity is questionable. The premise is good, but as the cliché goes, there are enough plot holes to drive a truck through. These lead into an ending that predictably is a letdown. I could not think of an ending that would be much better. The movie just kind of locks itself in. This is common with indie horror, so I mostly gave it a pass. Enjoy the build up, not the pay off.

So there you have it, a solid indie horror movie with lots going for it, but some obvious pit falls that are hard to avoid. Sometimes as a director, to get characters into situations you want them in, you just have to hope an audience overlooks some obvious trucks.
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Vile, just maybe - good have been excellent.
January3911 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Bunch of people out in the woods (yes, really) on a camping trip, pick up cougar with no gas for her car, give her a lift and she puts them into a house where the owners want to extract dopamine's for some new drug (you never really find out). How? by torturing themselves and each other.

The end.

Yes, it really is a bad as it sounds, I really wanted to like this I did, but there are so many holes it hurts - the video tells them it needs X by doing X to each other. Amazingly they work out it is for a wonder drug that can only be extracted from chemicals produced by fear. cue plot, cue film. The idea is solid. It is the acting out and the acting itself which is bad, so many things are left out. If dopamine's are needed for the wonder drug, why not force feed prisoners with methamphetamines to produce more dopamines and then extract them? Why is that drug more sought after or valuable than say anything else? Can fear not be produced without them running around in a house with a variety of tools? Where did the other group come from? how come Tanya goes from tame to wildcat and back.... None of it makes sense. They quickly determine that there is no way to get out since the doors are blocked by metal sheets but in one scene you can clearly see timber panels and trust me they use hammers. The ending is just plain odd.

It could have been so good, but the solid idea is ruined in haste. The scenes of gore are good enough and not over used but the acting is just bad, bad and bad and tbh by the end I had no real idea what had happened. I come away with more questions than answers and not in a good way. As example the end character gets poisoned but just happens to pick the pills which are the cure from a load on the counter, amazing right!

Sorry. I wanted to like it. I overlooked some things but in the end you can't call a turd a diamond. In this instance Indie does not mean good. 4/10 and only just....
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Horror falling flat
vanyelashke-643219 January 2018
With a threadbare and straightforward plot, if done right it could have worked. The premise of the kidnapping gives could have given a nice place to begin, but the writing took the plot nowhere. Just the simple "torture each other and you'll get out" for the rest of the plot doesn't give anything to work with.

The characters are not developed other than who are intended to be the loudest and bossiest and are all poorly acted. There was far too much time spent on the most annoying character just bitching, screaming and making excuses. About the only thrill I got from the movie was when she was knocked out by a punch and getting her just rewards.
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Far from perfect but there are some positives here
jtindahouse7 December 2017
Taylor Sheridan, director of 'Vile', has gone on to make some absolutely sensational films in the last few years including one of 2017's best 'Wind River'. So when I saw that he had actually started out his career with a horror film, and a gruesome looking one at that, I knew I had to see it. It's safe to say he hadn't quite perfected his art just yet, however there are certainly glimpses of what his potential was. He didn't write it, so it's hard to say just how much of an impact he had on 'Vile'. And while it's hard to argue that there are a lot of flaws in this movie, there are also some real positives to it.

The negatives lie mostly in the writing. The whole concept is a rather bizarre one and takes a massive suspension of belief to get your head around. The characters feel like they simply accept the situation they're in far too easily. Also the dialogue ranges greatly throughout the film from really charming and natural, to unbearable campy and unrealistic. There were two writers of this film so that could have had something to do with it.

The positives are basically the concept. It allows so much freedom for the story to flow and for the audience to be shocked. Every character needing to be tortured by their fellow characters. It's a writers dream. There are some unbearable scenes in this film to watch. I have a pretty high tolerance level and even so found myself turning away at certain moments. This isn't a must-see film by any means, however if you do find yourself with the opportunity to watch it you're probably going to have a decent time (perhaps switch your brain off at the start would be my advice).
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Boring clone of The Saw 2
Kat Webb26 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A group of people are trapped in a derelict house and must inflict bodily harm on each other in order to escape. Where have we seen this kind of idea before? I don't like to critisise movies just for being a rip off of something else, but this had nothing going for it! The action just wasn't there. "I'm sorry I have to do this but please try and lay still while I burn your body with a hot iron." Just no!

The piano music was just the wrong type of music for this kind of movie. We aren't supposed to be feeling sorry for the characters or thinking its tragic they are forced to harm each other.

I am a fan of torture porn but this movie just had to many whiny characters for me to enjoy it, like the lame attempt by one of the woman to avoid pain by claiming she was pregnant.
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this makes ''American psycho 2'' seem like a very very good movie
GummyBearTheSharkFighter18 August 2014
one of the worst movies that I have ever seen, The acting was horrible, the sound in the movies was sh*t I couldn't understand half of it and the plot line was less than garbage.... The torture scenes weren't that bad only most of the time very ridiculous, I don't think anyone ever would get scared from this movie (maybe 8 year old). There are no actual scary parts only a few ''gross'' parts and those ''gross'' parts aren't even that gross. The acting sometimes was very funny I have to give credit for that, especially one of the blond chicks (don't know who is who) her acting was certainly the worst. the Asian girl, she screams really funny. The kinda hippie guy who is just a total *beep* character And the Token Black guy who almost acted like Mac from It's always sunny, in the episode where he plays Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon "
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Worth A Watch
ArmedForcesBear22 October 2012
I've seen a lot of reviews bashing this movie. I will give it 6/10 stars. It really wasn't that bad of a movie.

This movie has almost all of the elements that make up a horror movie. Without getting too much into detail the only element this movie really lacks (in the plot), is why? You come to understand why they need to put that brain fluid into the vile. You find out who but there is no real back story about it. They could have elaborated on that much at least.

The characters are ones that you can grow with and feel bad and hope and pray they actually get out(I wont mention anything about certain characters). Most horror movies, you see the characters and they die and that's it. You don't know there full background story and they could have elaborated a little bit more, but for this type of movie its just enough to feel some sort of emotion with the characters. (Again to make this movie better they could have gone into a bit more detail).

I wont go into any detail because i don't want to ruin this to anyone that has not seen it. Its worth a watch if your into torture movies. But this is a different kind of torture movie (Again i wont say why). For the average person, ask yourself. If you were in this situation, could you do it?
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Not so much torture porn!
Flow25 January 2014
God have I seen a lot of such movies! Good, bad, worse and so on! Down to a grade that barely deserves mentioning, so yeah, I had my share of torture porn movies!

So would I recommend "Vile"? Sure! Motives? Well: acting was overall satisfying, the torture methods were far more natural and humane in this one, as people would rather do, not those sick things you get to see in movies that have no idea how to impress without relying on gore/nudity/stupidity, the plot works OK, the ending is very likable and some other reasons you'll find while watching.

Indeed, I was skeptic at first, really doubtful actually, but as time passed, I found myself quite involved in "Vile", as I wanted to see more, to see where its heading and what the finale brings. And overall my friends, I was entertained!

Therefore, "Vile", not your standard torture porn movie, not your usual portmanteau film, but something more natural, more close to the human nature! So, check it out, I think it will work for you as well as it did for me.
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