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Stripper Zombies & Baked Goods
bassguy6610 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this film in early release. Filmed in Vancouver B.C. & Portland, OR. Much better than I expected. A pretty outrageous send-up of Zombieland, with tributes to Star Wars and others, as well. A great sense of humor, plenty of gore, lot's of strippers and a very cool soundtrack. And surprisingly, Daniel Baldwin really can rap (with a little help). Good performance by 1st timer Ben Sheppard. Jamison Challeen was a joy to watch. Cameos by Linnea Quigley and Thom Bray, make this a must see B movie.

Quote, Baldwin: "They won't eat me, because they have to stop and strip".
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Zombieland, but with strippers!
GradyD17 June 2011
This review will be short.

About the movie, it is basically a parody of Zombieland but this time the zombies are strippers. It is all in all a good movie with crude humor, nudity, a lot of blood and gore, weird dialogs and some bad acting. It has the same concept, the same search for Twinkie (not exactly Twinkie), the same search for lost family, the same SUV and the same four characters.

If you are only interested in having many laughs with a little or no sense then this movie is for you. I liked this movie because it is sometimes fun to watch pointless movies when you need a change.
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I've got a great idea for a film: it's called Zombiestripperland, and it's a parody of a parody of a parody.
BA_Harrison29 June 2011
There's very little to be gained from parodying a film that was essentially a parody in the first place, which is why Stripperland, a pitiful, cheap-assed send up of Zombieland, screams blatant cash-in rather than inventive spoof.

Strip away (pun intended) the dumb gimmick of a world over-run by all-female, sluttily dressed undead, and this IS Zombieland, minus the budget, the decent cast, the cool effects, the witty script, the amusing star cameo, and anything else you can think of that made that particular film such a blast.

What little genuine originality director Sean Skelding does bring to the table is imbecilic in the extreme, and includes such excruciatingly bad ideas as Linnea Quigley leading an army of OAP zombie killers, Thom Bray as a mad doctor intent of turning the zombies into obedient 'retro-wives', and Daniel Baldwin as rapper Double D performing to a crowd of scantily clad, dancing corpses in order to keep them from eating him!

The film's only saving graces are hotties Maren McGuire and Ileana Herrin as sisters Virginia and West, both of whom look great in next to nothing (shame then that for most of the film they remain completely clothed!) plus some enthusiastic old-school splatter (shame also then that the film relies so heavily on crap CGI for many of its effects!).
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Another spoof of a spoof!
Hellmant5 March 2012
'STRIPPERLAND': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Another spoof of a spoof! 'STRIPPERLAND' is a very low budget ($500,000) spoof on 'ZOMBIELAND'. The premise is basically the same as 'ZOMBIELAND' except instead the world has been taken over by zombie strippers, rather than just regular zombies. It was co-written (with Brad McCray, Shawn Justice and Tyler Benjamin) and directed by Sean Skelding and features a cast of mostly unknowns (with the exception of a few brief cameos by the likes of Daniel Baldwin, Boyd Banks and Lloyd Kaufman). The movie is pretty bad but it does have some good laughs, nice performances and a few decent zombie scenes.

The story revolves around a young man (Ben Sheppard) who's managed to survive in a post-apocalyptic future due to his book of rules of course. He explains to the viewers, as the movie opens, that a virus caused most of the world's female population to turn into zombie strippers, which began feeding on everyone else (although they're unlike any other movie zombies being that they can be killed by any shot to the body and not just one to the head!). Very early on the young man hooks up with a tough loner (Jamison Challeen) passing through town and the two give each other the nicknames Idaho and Frisco. They then team up with two young women (Maren McGuire and Ileana Herrin) and the four make a plan to head to Portland, Or, the stripper capitol of the world (and there are continuous jokes about how many strippers and strip clubs there are in Oregon)!

The filmmaker Sean Skelding also helmed the movie 'I AM VIRGIN' in 2010, which is a low budget spoof on 'I AM LEGEND'. That makes a lot more sense to me! Spoofing a serious action / horror film like 'I AM LEGEND' and making it about the last living man (a virgin) in a world of sex-crazed vampires is a pretty good idea (although I've heard the movie is horrible) but spoofing an already very clever spoof like 'ZOMBIELAND' makes no sense. It is better than other spoofs of spoofs like 'SCARY MOVIE' or 'THE 41-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN' but it's still pretty bad. An argument can be made that it's 'so bad it's good' though. Like I said it's saving grace is a few good jokes, some nice performances and some cool zombie actions scenes (if you're a die-hard fan of zombie movies).

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Another amateur movie?
Sverre H. Huseby9 September 2012
This was the only non-vampire movie left (I hate vampire movies) on my AppleTV's horror gallery, so I just had to see it. I regret it now, I have to say. Why does Apple allow amateur movies in? This movie needs plenty of work on the audio. (My $120 cheap'o camera almost does better, even without an external microphone.) It needs plenty of work on the blood splatter effects. They don't look like splatter at all, but rather like something someone put on for "good effect" after plenty of beers. And without knowledge of physics.

The acting is extremely bad, and the nudity is non-existent. And the script... Well, they could need another script. One of the actresses is kinda cute, though. But not cute enough to make this movie valuable.

Dear Apple, please print an "amateur" warning on when you but things like this one my AppleTV. It's not funny, and it would probably not have been approved by Steve if he was still alive.

But of course, this might be a parody of something of which I have no relation whatsoever. If that is the case, some might find it funny. Good for you, then.
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How can they get away with this?
Leofwine_draca8 June 2016
I should say that I absolutely hated the dumb-beyond-belief ZOMBIELAND, so this ZOMBIELAND spoof had little chance of appealing to me. Having watched it, I'm absolutely gobsmacked at how this gets away with being a scene-for-scene copy of that film, merely replacing zombies with zombie strippers but otherwise keeping everything exactly the same.

Does this film exist in some kind of weird limbo where copyright laws no longer apply? Or is it so cheap and so amateurish that the studio behind ZOMBIELAND just didn't bother filing a lawsuit? Whatever the reason, it will remain a mystery for me, and it doesn't change the fact that this is an awful mess of a film. Derivative, unfunny, with bad acting and worse special effects.

The best STRIPPERLAND can manage is to string together a series of cheesy cameos by various figures like Daniel Baldwin (a new low for the actor), Linnea Quigley, and Lloyd Kaufman. I was particularly put off by the quality of the actresses playing the zombie strippers; they make the starlets of ZOMBIE STRIPPERS! look like professionals by comparison. Anyway, STRIPPERLAND is hands down the most derivative film I've ever seen, and viewers should shun this homemade film in their droves.
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