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The best Christmas episode of any series i've ever seen
ilovefrench14 December 2010
This week I saw all «Brian and Stewie Griffin going to a distant place from Quahog» episodes and I should say that, as for me, this one was the best of them. The story is really intriguing and entertaining, several jokes made me burst out laughing and even musical parts, which usually irritate me, in this episode work quite well. The dialogues between Brian and Stewie are superb, animation is at top level, but, what is more important, this episode perfectly deliver Christmas mood from the beginning to the end. And I think everyone, who watches Simpsons as well, will admit that Set MacFarlane's Christmas story is way better this time.

I put it nine, because, some jokes are quite silly, though, it's not a big deal as there are a lot of brilliant jokes, that compensate them easily.

So don't waste your time and watch it, you'll enjoy it!
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Very dark once Stewie and Brian get to the North Pole,but still a very good Christmas special,
FilmBuff199426 December 2011
Road To The North Pole is a very good hour long Christmas special of Family Guy and watching totally got me into the spirit of Christmas,the start of it was very funny,although once Stewie and Brian get to the North Pole it gets very dark,especially when they deliver to there first house,and the big change on Santas Elfs and Reindeers.

Narrated by Ron Macfarlane,Seth Macfarlanes father,everyone in Quahog except for Brian is getting ready for Christmas,and there letters to Santa are as greedy as ever,after Stewie and Brian go to the mall and wait forever to see Santa and once they get there the fake Santa is done for the night,Stewie decides he wants to kill Santa and heads to the North Pole,Brian tags along to keep Stewie safe.

Once Stewie and Brian make it to the North Pole to Santas Workshop,they discover that Christmas is killing Santa because of how greedy the world is getting,Santa is not fit enough to deliver the presents so Brian and Stewie decide the do the job for him.
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The One Where Stewie And Brian Go To The North Pole...
Taylor Kingston26 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love this episode. I love the Brian/Stewie adventures. I think my favorite one is the time travel one, or the one where they have to find Mort in World War II Germany. Anyway, this episode is fantastic and will please anyone who likes their adventures.

In this episode, Stewie goes to the mall with Brian to see Santa, but unfortunately, it doesn't end well. Stewie gets so bad that he and Brian decide to go on a trip to the North Pole to meet the real Santa and to teach him a lesson. After they get there, some very funny stuff happens. It's just awesome.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10, which is in my ratings book is: Freaking Ridonkulous.
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