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There are some flirting that might happen to the main characters.

A teenage girl makes a very sensual dance to a guy/robot to impress him (remember that she doesn't know that the guy is in fact a robot.)

A robot gets a kiss from a teenage girl.

On the episode "The Demon Within" Ilana transforms back from a frog-like alien she got scratched from into her normal form and becomes naked but nothing big like private parts are shown only sides of her body. However Lance gives her his shirt to cover her parts.


This is one of Cartoon Network's more violent cartoons out there, it is somewhere in the same level like Samurai Jack.

One of the main characters (Lance) had a pretty hard childhood at his first years of the Galaluna Military Academy, he gets bullied by three other children and one of them seems to wanna harm really bad until they fight each other with the Manus robots.

In every episode an evil general sends giant beasts or other dangerous creatures to find and kill Princess Ilana, however in most episodes creatures gets defeated and it can become very violent.

The character Lance can become very furious if he sees one of his friends gets hurt badly, thus giving revenge.

One episode can be seen with a little blood on Lance's mouth for being beaten up by a group named G3.


Pretty much never the only bad words are rather the cartoon language such as: Heck and Dang It! Those two are used only once and never more.

A girls cellphone can be seen with OMG but in this case it does not necessarily mean "Oh My God" but more like "Oh My Gosh" which is also said in a few times.

There could be some insults but nothing big at all.


The only thing that might be considered as a drug would be coffee drunk by General Steel, but nothing too inappropriate to show the main audience.


Like it's said before this is one of Cartoon Networks more violent cartoons.

The violence can become quite extreme and involves killing the bad characters including one of the main characters own people (mainly an evil one) and monsters.

Similar to the cartoon "Megas XLR" many robotic and monster fights ends up destroying a bit of a city where the main characters live.

Some episodes can become frightening to younger audience like "Shaman of Fear" where it involves dream control,"The Demon Within" where Ilana turns into a frog-like alien and "I Am Octus" where every human being gets frozen except for the robot Octus.

The ending on the episode "A Family Crisis" can be pretty unsettling and emotional.

Total - 15.5/50

Suggested TV Rating: TV-PG for Science-Fiction Violence, Destructive Scenes, Some Frightening Images, Some Brief Sensuality and Some Thematic Elements.


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