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A very touching story

Author: angelschry2
5 February 2011

This is a very touching story about a very scary issue. Once a kidnapped child is taken out of the US, US government has little control over obtaining the child. I can not imagine the pain this woman felt and the turmoil she went through to try to get her son back. She is a very strong woman to not have just gone into depression or lived in seclusion after this.

I read another review that complained of the story not being solely based on facts but I think that is just someone who did not give permission for his identity to be included in the movie and is now angry a movie was made anyway. It was his own fault he did not get credit. The basic story appears true and 90% of all based on true stories have details that are not exactly true to case.

This is a great movie about having hope and a miracle. I also saw the Beyond the Headlines story. Tiffany Rubin appears to be the ultimate loving mother. Kobe is lucky to have a mom like her.

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A mom's fight for her child...

Author: Reno Rangan from Somewhere in the Cosmos
16 June 2015

Based on the true stories have always fascinated me. We can read those stories as one page article in a newspaper, but watching it in a motion picture is totally different and give a closer experience to the original event. I've seen variety of 'taken' and 'abducted' movies that inspired by the real incidents and this one is not bad at all in contrast to its budget. Minimal cast, descent performances, enthralling storytelling, overall a good movie as for the standard to be a television movie.

One thing these movies teach us is the importance of family and its members. To see their struggle to retrieve the loved one makes our heart melt. This film is about a mother whose son, Kobe was taken away by none other than her ex husband, the child's biological father against her will and the law. To find out where they are, who's going to help her and will they reunite is the remaining story told in a exciting way. The thrilling last scene was good, intrigued by the acceleration. Since it was no a fiction, definitely worth a watch.


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It says it's based on facts when it isn't.

Author: mariondowning-427-469344 from America
6 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read elsewhere and found that this is a melodramatised version of what happened. Also why do actors always look way more attractive than the real people they are portraying? Would people not watch a movie about an already dramatic experience without the addition of fictionalized "close calls" and attractive actors? I would have liked it more if it was "fact based" as they claim in the blurb rather than lies to make money and had the real people acting as themselves. In conclusion, this film is actually not based on facts at all other than the fact her son was kidnapped, she got him back and her ex went to jail.

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A bad Movie with a great end of the movie

Author: sad-gerl from Saudi Arabia
10 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story of the film was very good

about real story are happening everyday and everywhere

The acting is fine but the movie was slow to make you feel excited and interesting

about what will happen next so for me it was boring  

But i like the part When The mom started planning

for going to Korea , Seoul To save her son

and the mom's acting was beautiful "very emotions"

in My opinion it was a bad movie with a great end of the movie Maybe you will like this movie but I really didn't like the movie because it's boring .

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Taken from Me: Explosive Drama ***1/2

Author: edwagreen from United States
30 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Taranji Henson and the woman portraying her mother give excellent performances in a true story about a woman's child being kidnapped by the father.

Of course, little is made of the fact that Henson, a look-like for Diana Ross, is a teacher who had a child out of wedlock. How times have changed!

Also missing in the inter-racial angle, not only for the fact that the father is an Asian person, but that Henson's new husband is white. This was refreshing to see in the film.

The film depicts the problems associated with custody and the bureaucratic tape that Rubin faced when the father took the child to Seoul, Korea. Getting the boy back was definitely a harrowing experience. This was one situation where taking the matters into your own hands was certainly more than justified.

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