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Season 2

19 Apr. 2012
The Day Simon Officially Became a Very Good and Totally Employable Actor
Six months after Bernie's funeral,Simon,jobless and homeless,is living with Grandma and has the chance of a role in a new television comedy. Grandma tricks Tanya and Liz into meeting up at her house to break the feud which began at Bernie's funeral and at least gets them talking. Clive shows up and tries to mend the leak in the roof and Simon has trouble in getting rid of Mark,a one night stand who turns out to be only sixteen. Between them Clive and Mark accidentally destroy Bernie's chair.
26 Apr. 2012
the Day Simon Thought It May be a Good Idea to Find New Living Arrangemants
Having won an audition for 'The Tempest',Simon is anxious to get his own place but is restricted by lack of funds. Then he hears that Liz's husband Barry has a flat in Soho which he rarely uses and begs for the loan of it but Barry is not agreeable. This leads to yet another squabble between Tanya and Liz,especially when Tanya discovers Barry and Liz have not asked her to their anniversary party. Clive's efforts to mend the roof unearth Bernie's stash of porn magazines and damage a toilet but he is championed by Tanya since,unlike Barry,he is at least trying to help.
3 May 2012
The Day Simon Decided to Express Actual Feelings Just Like a Person
Whilst Simon is concerned that he cannot realistically cry for his stage role Adam tells him that Barry has left Liz and Grandma appears to be a kleptomaniac. However it's Tanya's birthday and she has ordered Gary, a beefy stripper , for herself. Unfortunately Clive,who has fallen asleep in the loft and wet himself,appears and gets into a row with the stripper. Ultimately it would seem that Simon could learn about crying,not from Grandma,who will not be drawn on her bereavement,but from Gary.
10 May 2012
The Day Simon was Really Determined to Heal His Grandma's Pain
Grandma's kleptomania is still worrying the family. Liz wants to put her in sheltered accommodation but Simon has booked her into seeing a therapist recommended by his director Ben Theodore. Clive arrives and confesses to a drunken kiss with Liz during a theatre trip which annoys Tanya and requires Liz to replicate the kiss with Simon. Then Barry turns up,wanting reconciliation with Liz and thus making their separation public. All this makes Grandma too tired to see the therapist though the arrival of young Mark provides an escape for Simon.
17 May 2012
The Day Simon Found Himself Back on the Path to Fulfilment and Joy
Grandpa's will is read and Liz is annoyed that he has left twelve thousand pounds to Simon and nothing to her son Adam. The sisters further quarrel after Tanys blames Liz for her split with Clive. Nor is Simon happy when the Daily Mail picks up comments he made about Russell Watson's brain tumour on a television interview,leading to a host of angry Tweets. With work drying up as a result Liz can get him back in the limelight hosting a charity quiz but it means he will have to surrender most of his legacy to Adam with much of the rest it being loaned to Clive as he ...
24 May 2012
The Day Simon and his Family Opened the Door to Acceptance
Following Tanya's wedding to the now jobless Clive the reception is held at Grandma's house. Ben Theobald arrives with garrulous actress Zazzy in tow. He has a film offer in Hollywood and wants Simon to go with him, but as his P.A. as he feels Simon is not a very good actor. An angry Clive takes action against Ben but it is nonetheless back to square one for Simon,unemployed and living with Grandma.

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