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According the Wikipedia article about this TV series, here's what it's about:

Strange Sex ({strange}SEX) is a 6-part TLC documentary television series produced by Sirens Media about sexual dysfunction that premiered on 18 July 2010.[1][2]

Before the 6-part (half-hour each) series, Strange Sex was an hour-long documentary that originally aired on Discovery Health on 4 November 2009 that dealt with sex allergy, sex addiction, Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, and sexomnia.[3]

Season one:

"Cougars and Cubs" (July 18, 2010) - The series premiere profiles a former model, 73, and her date, a 33-year-old father of two. "Unusual Orgasms" (July 18, 2010) - Scientists test Barbara Carrellas' claim that she can "think" herself into having an orgasm.[4] "Two Boyfriends and a Baby" (July 25, 2010) - polyamory, orgasmic childbirth "Uncontrollable Urges" (July 25, 2010) - sex addiction "Balloon Fetish" (August 1, 2010) - balloon fetish "Pleasure and Pain" (August 1, 2010) - female ejaculation and a woman who suffers from vulvodynia and experiences pain while having sex. ----------------- Season two:

"The Tugger & Double Trouble" (Apr 3, 2011) - A man attempting Foreskin restoration and a woman with uterus didelphys "Secret Pain" (Apr 3, 2011) - A woman with vaginismus "Size Matters & Gender Bender" (Apr 10, 2011) - Jonah Falcon and a woman with Swyer syndrome "Bedroom Coach & Hidden Manhood" (Apr 10, 2011) - Sex surrogate and a man recovering from Fournier gangrene, which has left him with a concealed penis "The More the Merrier & Surrogate Manhood" (Apr 17, 2011) "Born Without & A Broken Man" (Apr 17, 2011) "Right Guy Wrong Body" "Manhandled & The Real 40-Year-Old Virgin?" (May 8, 2011) "A Piercing Pleasure & Losing my Manhood" (May 15, 2011) "Weight For It & Desperate Measures" (May 22, 2011)


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