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Bernie committed the murder in 1996, yet he answers an iPhone nearly right after the murder.
When Bernie is driving up to Mrs. Nugent's home, there is a close-up of the Texas State Registration sticker on the front windshield of the car which clearly says "12, 11" indicating that the registration will expire in December of 2011.
(at around 1 min) When Bernie is on the phone with Lloyd, there's an Apple Macbook Pro (Second Generation) in front of him. The Second Generation Macbook Pro didn't come out until late 2008 and the murder took place in 1998.
Late in the movie Bernie is driving and he gets a call on he's mobile phone, which is an iPhone. The first iPhone wasn't released until 2007, well after the events in the movie took place.

Crew or equipment visible 

In the beginning of the movie where he is driving into Carthage, there are reflections of his vehicle which show a camera assembly on the passenger side of the vehicle with crew sitting in the seats.

Factual errors 

When giving the confession, Bernie talks about fantasizing of her dying in accidents and mentions her falling down an escalator in the mall in Longview. In reality the Longview Mall is only one story and does not have an escalator.

Revealing mistakes 

The choir is singing out of the United Methodist Hymnal with Bernie singing, "Blessed Assurance". The hymn number is #369, which is not correctly numbered on the list of hymns in the background.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Revealing mistakes 

After the sheriff and Mrs. Nugent's granddaughter pick the lock to the front door to get access to Mrs. Nugent's house to search the house, one of the searchers goes out through an unlocked glass door to the patio. If they really had been locked out of the house the patio door would have been locked also.

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