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Wilfred Pilot Review
lady92464200311 June 2011
After given the chance to review the pilot of Wilfred, I know exactly why the people at FX Networks chose to add it to its lineup. It's absolutely hilarious! From someone who is paid to do this, James Hibberd from Entertainment Weekly has called Wilfred the funniest pilot he's seen since Modern Family and I have to agree.

FX being an innovative network has chosen for American audiences a brash Australian sitcom that stars the original actor, Jason Gann in the title role. Joining him is Elijah Wood as Ryan, a man so bent out of shape he feels there's no way out so he tries to commit suicide and he can't even do that right. Fiona Gubelmann plays Jenna, the new girl next door and Wilfred's owner. Dorian Brown who portrays Ryan's uptight sister, Kristen, completes the leading cast.

Wilfred is set in a quaint community in Los Angeles California. The audience follows along through Ryan's disillusioned eyes as he tries to get a grip on reality. Trotting into a pivotal point in his life is a dog. Everyone else sees a cute, lovable pooch but Ryan sees a man in a dog costume.

Both man and beast are leery but Wilfred settles in and Ryan has to get over his shock to accept the fact he has. Ryan walks, feeds and runs after Wilfred like any rambunctious pet. When others come into the scene, the audience and Ryan are jolted to the fact that Wilfred is not a man but a dog. It's in these instances that takes Ryan on a new level of hysteria and makes for humorous circumstances.

On my first viewing of the pilot, my own dog was laying beside me and I laughed so loudly and so often, I scared the poor girl. It made me wonder what she may have said to me in those moments.

Wilfred may not fit everyones tastes but for someone who isn't bothered in the least by profanity and yes, sometimes vulgar humor will enjoy Wilfred immensely. I believe this is because the crudeness is smoothed over by wit.

The acting is sharp and cunning and in Wilfred's case, his bite is worse than his bark. Other than talking, drinking and getting high, Wilfred behaves like any dog. Not to be cliché but Gann wears the dog suit perfectly. He's lovable and sweet though more times impetuous and you feel he needs the sting of a rolled up newspaper but he turns around and gives lessons and shares his wisdom that Ryan can take to heart.

For those who have some reservations about Wood's comedic talents, you can put them to rest. It's not that he's setting out to be humorous, but is simply reacting to odd and perplexing situations and those lead to some hysterical moments. I'd put this in the category of "funny man, straight man" comedy and it's Elijah's strong ability to give emotions to his characters without saying much at all that makes him perfect for this bewildered individual.

Gubelmann brings an air of lightheartedness to the show's gritty premise and sassy Brown's pretentious older sister will undoubtedly bring further mayhem with her intimidation. The timing during collective dialogs between the characters is amusing and a testament to the smart, creative and imaginative writing.

The cinematography is ingenious that when Ryan drifts inside of himself, things around him diminish but only enough where he's still within the realm of his surroundings. The whimsical music and sound editing co-exists perfectly with the camera work which emphasizes the psychosis running amok in Ryan's mind. Wilfred not only tickled my funny bone but my senses as well.

In the end, the question remains who's the man and who's the best friend? Perhaps at some point that will be known but until then, Wilfred should be entertaining and an adventure to find out
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Strangely unique
reneweddan2 July 2011
As a fan of Elijah Wood (Green Street Hooligans!), I was patiently awaiting the release of this series. The show found the perfect network, FX, which also brought the weird and raunchy comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Wilfred is a show to enjoy whilst relaxing, having a beer, or other recreational activities. Although the plot is simple, the acting and the execution are highly enjoyable. What this show lacks in cinematic diversity, it more than makes up for it in talent, humor, depth, and creativity.

Don't watch this show if you aren't open to new ideas and strange events. Wilfred is a dark humored show that appeals to those who can enjoy great quality when offered to them. Basically, you need to have an open mind and a passion for dark humor.
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Haven't laughed like this in years
fy_nesh13 August 2011
This show is simply brilliant, it tickles my funny bone in a way that no other show has done in years, very will written, brilliant performance by the cast, and very addictive, i love it, i don't usually write reviews but this one is worth it, if i could give it more than ten stars i definitely would.

The acting is sharp and cunning and in Wilfred's case, his bite is worse than his bark. Other than talking, drinking and getting high, Wilfred behaves like any dog. Not to be cliché but Gann wears the dog suit perfectly. He's lovable and sweet though more times impetuous and you feel he needs the sting of a rolled up newspaper but he turns around and gives lessons and shares his wisdom that Ryan can take to heart.

For those who have some reservations about Wood's comedic talents, you can put them to rest. It's not that he's setting out to be humorous, but is simply reacting to odd and perplexing situations and those lead to some hysterical moments. I'd put this in the category of "funny man, straight man" comedy and it's Elijah's strong ability to give emotions to his characters without saying much at all that makes him perfect for this bewildered individual.
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Funniest show in years!!!
raphaeljd24 June 2011
My girlfriend and I sat down last night to check out Wilfred with minimal expectations and were blown away. We must have rewound the show 10 times because we missed so much of it laughing our faces off.

If you are unsure if this show is for you ask yourself these questions first. If you answer yes to 1 or more of these your in for a treat. Do you own a dog? Do you sometimes feel like you know what your dog is thinking or would like to? Do you think Brian's character on Family Guy is hilarious and wouldn't mind him being portrayed as a man in a dog suit? Do you enjoy dry or dark humor about "the man" and your need to be free from responsibility?

The person playing Wilfred does an amazing job of capturing the thought process and emotions of an everyday dog without making it cheesy.

There's not much more to say except my DVR is set and I'll be tuning in every week to see what mischief this crazy dog will conjure up for Ryan.
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hiphoptourist2 July 2011
This show explores a whole new realm of comedy television. Erie, intelligent, dry, profound, thought-provoking, outrageous, subtle - all intertwined into one overall theme: PERCEPTION IS KEY; open your mind, face your fear, and take risks.

There are multiple levels of perception that come into play. The dynamics between Wilfred and Ryan are simplistic in the eyes of all but Ryan (just a man and a dog), yet complex and unfamiliar (Ryan's very personal and strange experience with hearing/seeing Wilfred's complex thoughts, moods, erratic actions, etc). Such dynamics are carefully orchestrated to depict how one's perception and outlook can truly change or save you. I have not yet seen the (original) Australian version of this show, but I must say - truly ingenious and inventive.
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I don't get why there's so many haters
Mike Symons13 August 2011
I've been watching this show for a couple days now and I'm loving it. It's rated just under 5 stars here and I had to click to see why. Now I see it's just a bunch of old married couples who are expecting some Emmy award winning hilarity just cause the shows got Elijah wood. Get over it. It's a hilarious show with a completely unique storyline and at least one big name cameo a show! Yes it's just an adaptation developed for American television, but I think they do a great job of it! There are an endless amount of jokes to be had with an adult talking dog, as far as I know, we've yet to see a dog that smokes buds and drinks beers. It's a funny change-up from the more Disney look at animal's talking. Quit power trippin and rank it what it deserves.
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The dark lingers within our midst.
kcm1834 July 2011
Just when you thought this show is dumb-driven and gross-out funny, you are in for a treat. Because it is completely the opposite of what you might expect from a comedy series. It's ballsy, cynical, and devious bravado fuels the dark progression of the show.

Wilfred is a quintessential man-dog that boasts with evil and deceit in the most subtle way. I would say if human males can be just as free and honest as they can possibly be, their behavior would not be too far from Wilfred's. But in a law-bounded society, logic overpowers human instincts. His character largely reflects the human male simply because he is a dog. Considering that dogs are animals, Wilfred epitomizes the carnal nature of people. That is the basic reason why the show is brilliantly funny. Taking out all the concealment and embellishments of a person is absolutely impossible. However, I see that in Wilfred. The series is a typical case of "what's wrong and right?" in society. "Is Wilfred the protagonist or the antagonist?" Consequently, one might perceive Wilfred's character in a negative aspect.

The show gets more and more entertaining as I watch Wilfred leading Ryan's troubled life into a different direction and greatly influence his decisions. Ryan's personal reality becomes more vivid that it overcomes his entire life, better yet his whole existence.
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Darkly Funny
danasfolly4 August 2011
This is one of the best shows to come out for many years. Wilfred is an existentialist dog who is teaching his human foil, Ryan, to get on with living in the real world. This show is raunchy, honest and can really only be categorized as a "Dark Comedy". Somewhere along the way, while we're laughing, we see Ryan, who is coming back from a suicide attempt, learning to live with what is wrong and what is right about himself. The show is well written and doesn't waste time on irrelevant plot points. The actors are believable and bring a definite spark to their roles. The facial expression Ryan (Elijah Wood) gets when Wilfred does something diabolical are laugh-out-loud funny. My husband and I initially watched this show thinking it might be good. After near hysterical laughter through the entire first episode we were hooked. Wilfred is part evil genius and part guardian angel. We can't wait to see what other disasters he gets Ryan into and out of. Good job FX!!!
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I find it brilliant, but it isn't for everyone
Cora Jones21 August 2011
Let me just say that this show gives me hope for humanity. With a creative and entertaining premise, "Wilfred" promises many great episodes to come. That being said, I can see why it may not agree with everyone, most notably the faint of heart. It is vulgar and offensive at times, I won't deny it. However, for anyone not offended by it's over-the-top, raunchy humor, it's pretty sure to please. Despite what less favorable reviewers seem to think, it does have it's moments of unexpected punch-lines and biting wit. While it's still early on in it's run, when it finds its footing I have little doubt it will become a cult classic.
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Surprisingly profound and touching
happytraumer1 September 2015
I'd seen little bits and pieces of this show on TV every now and then, never really paying too much attention to it. It seemed a bit weird, -which it is, of course- and I never really knew what to think of it. That is until I was watching TV one night and it was on, and for some reason I stuck with it. It turned out to be the last two episodes of the show. Something unexpected happened: I was deeply moved. I found myself thinking about it the whole next day. I realized I hadn't been giving the show nearly enough credit. I'd always thought it was just a deadpan comedy that was just there 'for the lolz'. But it's so much more.

So after that, I immediately started downloading all seasons (because it's not on Netflix here in The Netherlands - sorry, I promise I will buy the DVD's) and started watching it from the beginning. It didn't bother me I already knew the ending, as the ending was the thing that had made me watch it in the first place. And then I watched it again.

Naturally the ending didn't have the same effect as the first time, but it's message is something I deeply cherish. And I enjoyed the ride that is Wilfred all the more. Jason Gann is a gem. He's incredibly funny and has such charisma. I understand the Wilfred in the original Australian version was more evil in nature, but I'm glad that despite letting him keep his dickish traits and screwy ways, this version also managed to give the character something lovable. The relationship with Ryan becomes more compelling because of this: you're rooting for their friendship. Elijah Wood was the perfect person to play Ryan, and their chemistry is the solid foundation of the show.

What I love about Wilfred is that it isn't just one thing. It's not JUST hilarious, deadpan, uplifting, suspenseful, touching and deep. It's all of those things. I recommend this show to anyone. Not only is it a blast, in the end it will take you by surprise and teach you a profound truth about happiness. (I also hope to see Jason Gann do great things in the future)
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Not a bad remake.
psmanny8 July 2011
From what I've seen so far, this is rather a good remake. I was well pleased to see the original Wilfred Character played once again by Jason Gann. There is more censorship in the American Version of Wilfred, but that was to be expected. The original version of the show was made in 2007 by SBS Television Australia. Also it being a SBS Show there is usually bugger all censorship on the station, why it's so good. The actress chosen to play Jenna (originaly Sarah) is also a good pick, and does a good job of acting as though Wilfred in his human portrayal is still a dog. I really hope they keep up the high standards seen so far in the 3 I've seen, though really wish that the censorship wasn't so heavy.
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A remake that outshines the original
OldGeezer91618 November 2014
One of the best comedies in years. I wouldn't even call it a sitcom because that would put it in a category so many lame shows with an annoying laugh track after every third line. Every episode has at least 3 or 4 screamer funny moments. I loved the Australian version and I didn't think it this could ever measure up but I was pleasantly surprised. Had they replaced Jason Gann as Wilfred it would have never worked. There is such a chemistry with Elijah Wood as Wilfred dupes him over and over. Even when he catches him in his constant tricks and lies Wilfred just won't give it up and spins even bigger lies to cover it up. The humor is often outrageously wicked, vulgar and dark. Not recommended for younger audiences. I would say 16 years or older. I was sorry to see it end but it really went out on top.
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Not exactly family-friendly but funny and original
MartinHafer11 May 2015
"Wilfred" is one of the strangest television shows I've seen. Because of this originality, it's well worth watching. However, I should also point out that the show is very adult at times--with lots of crude, rude humor. Because of this, you probably don't want to let your kids see this one...and you might just decide this for yourself as well.

The show consists of the bizarro adventures of a crazy young guy (Elijah Wood) and his next door neighbor's dog. How do you know he's crazy? Well, he's the only one who sees the dog as a guy in a dog suit and it talks to him and tells him to do many stupid things! Again and again, the advice the dog gives him (or that he imagine he gives him) is counter-productive and stupid...but he seems to keep doing it! The show is very fresh and clever and funny.

UPDATE: A few days after I wrote this review, I saw quite a few more episodes of "Wilfred" and noticed that the show became more tiresome and disgusting. I am not saying I hate the show but the show has slumped a bit--hence my new score of 6 for the series. Too many inappropriately unfunny bits. I like edgy and even irreverent but often the show just goes too far to be funny.
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Tragicomic walk down a humorous, but Dark road
Rabh175 April 2012
This one is a one-of-a-kind.

What pulled me was the promo a I saw wherein a GUY in a Dog-Suit gets close to a paralyzed thunderstruck Wood and gives him a LONG, nasty lick.

People...I LOVE my Dog! But I'd Never sit still for a Lick like THAT!

But after that...I HAD to see what this show was about.

Most of all, I liked it because it was a tragicomedy that defied all the expected, predictable Hollywood norms. The blurbs call it a sitcom...but the viewer should be warned that the term 'Sitcom' gives absolutely NO CLUE what they are in for with Wilfred.

First Proviso-- It's presumed that Pet owners will easily key into this show about a Man and a 'Dog'. However, there will be just as many pet owners who will be REPULSED by this show once Wilfred opens his mouth. So if you're a Dog Owner and you go to church every Sunday...uhm DON'T! If you're a Dog Owner and kind of morally 'brittle'...DON'T.

Raunchy, uncensored, amoral, murderous, twisted, and at times, downright NASTY. . .but then you have to remind yourself: Wilfred is a Dog. What he does with Bear, for example. . .is perfectly natural. . .for a Dog. (PS-- I will NEVER get a LARGE stuffed toy for my Dog. EVER!)

Second Proviso-- If you are the type of Person who wants Comedy to be Funny from Beginning to End without heaviness or discomfort. Wilfred is NOT for you. You want a standard cookie-cutter Sitcom. Stay where you are.

Wilfred is a Dog. Except that Ryan sees a Man in a Dog Suit.

And being a Dog, Wilfred is giving voice to all the things Ryan is not supposed to 'Think about'. And remember Ryan is Depressed. And he's a Lawyer. And supposedly he wasn't a 'Nice' Lawyer, either. So we're talking a potent cocktail of mixed messages and dark impulses.

So as you go thru each episode, the predicaments get darker, nastier and so uncomfortable on the moral level that you start questioning WHY you are sniggering. Yet you WILL Snigger if you aren't whooping out loud.

Then comes the Final Episode-- which is a capstone of Genius-- because I wasn't chuckling anymore. The show went from hysterically immoral to Existential. I was floored.

Wilfred reminded me that 'Comedy' has the same Purpose as 'Tragedy'-- To Deliver a Story or a Message that cannot be Disregarded.

WARNING-WARNING: I rate this show as 'GR' - 'Girlfriend Restricted'.

Be VERY certain of your Girlfriend's Temperament Before Viewing. Overall Positive reactions are NOT Guaranteed and Unpleasant discussions about 'Relationships' may ensue based upon what you laughed at.
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The Americans have pulled it off, very good re-make
frankiewarren29 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of the Australian series, I held skeptical views that the Americans could pull it off. Since Kath and Kim went so horribly, the translation of Aussie/ British humor to US rarely works. And I sometimes get up set that American film producers feel the need to copy other countries ideas. Even though the American 'The Office' is not bad.

But they have taken this show in a different direction instead of making a complete remake. They 'Americanized' it and it definitely works. Jason Gann (Wilfred) is the only guy who is able to pull off the character, as he created it. I do like Elijah Wood as the poor bloke who is the only one who can talk to him. He has taken over Adam Zwar's humble character very well. Other characters like the girl who plays 'Wilfred's owner does a good job too. They have managed to get some well known extras like the guy from 'The Daily Show' and 'The Hangover' Ed Helms, big fan of his work. This show isn't for everyone, it is very strange, it has its Mr Ed on LSD qualities. The Australian version was very dark and politically incorrect, very candid, subtle, sometimes very humble in its approach but also had no need to tone anything down. The US version is similar but has been toned down abit. It does appeal to a large audience though; any one who is a fan of Doctor Do-little, or just loves dogs in particular or have ever looked into our canine friends eyes and known that there was a great intelligence there, will find the show very amusing as the Dog 'Wilfred' will say and do things that you could imagine your own dog would do if it was able to walk and talk like a human who loves smoking bongs. Im glad a little short Film from Australias own TropFest Film Festival would end up becoming a global cult series. I would of liked the Australian series to keep going though. Any Americans wondering the origins of the show should watch the you-tube video; Wilfred Tropfest Finalist.. Humble beginnings..
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An unusual Trip
miruleyall19 July 2011
We enter the mind of Ryan, a out of work pot smoker who ends up taking care of a dog.

Alfred is no ordinary dog, to Ryan he appears as a man in a dog suit.

Things just get weirder from the first episode in.

Lets just say this is a very imaginative and original series with plenty of laughs, genuinely funny and thought provoking.

Yes it is a remake of a Australian TV show of the same name (and the same actor that played alfred) but the American version is a lot better in many ways.

From the cast to the crew thre is a lot of talent here.

If you want to watch a cookie cutter comedy this is not for you, but if you liked Flight of the Concords then this is right up your alley.

Be warned this is like nothing you have ever seen, a cult classic.
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This why good shows fall.
franChize da biggZ26 September 2012
First of all i would like to reply to those intelligent people up there: So you calling the show stupid, while you are the ones that can't see further than pot smoking? The show has more meaning than you could understand. It's not about smoking or being funny the whole time, but it would require more brain power than you seem to have. If you want a dumb show you can actually enjoy (because you might get the fart jokes) go watch the original. This one has more meaning and better story.

Wilfred is amazing, much better than the Aus version of it (however that was a different type of Wilfred). This show can get you thinking and also helps you realize everyday problems. Now you wonder, what could get me thinking about a show with a man and a man in a dog costume? Well for one it makes you ask a good question: What's real and what isn't? And how can you tell? This show is not about jokes, so if you are into that, don't even start watching this show... well, it has jokes, laughable moments and funny situations, but if you are in the same group as the above people then you wouldn't get those anyway.

I rate it 9/10, but i gotta admit that the second season got some boring episodes.

"This why good shows fall." meaning the more clever shows are uninteresting for the American people, like Pushing Daisies? People said it's a dumb show, just because it was beyond their level of intelligence. YOU are the reason why we get more dumb reality shows instead of quality shows. Thanks for that dumb people! example: SyFy has more wrestling and ghost hunting reality show than actual sci-fi...that on a channel meant to be science fiction only
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Did Someone Say "Peanut-Butter"?!?!?!
filiplisa31 July 2011
AMAZINGLY funny show. If you love the movie "Get'em To The Greek", you'll love watching "Wilfred". Or, you might like it if you really like "Alice In Wonderland". It isn't suitable for children, so be warned. But when you see Wilfred doing all sorts of normal dog behavior while helping Ryan to realize everything he does wrong, you'll see what I mean when I say "funny". Ryan is an average guy, who had this addiction to some pills that a friend at work gave to him to help him get back up on his feet, when he meets a girl named Jenna and her dog, Wilfred. The overdose on the pills causes him to see Wilfred as a man in a dog suit, and they can fully understand one another and with Wilfred's quick remarks, jokes and sometimes cruel but laughter-inducing statements, Ryan learns a few life lessons. To sum this show up, it brings comedy to a reworded saying "You CAN teach a MAN new tricks.".
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Hilarious and well adapted.
gabee59413 July 2011
Now, I don't think this show is a 10 of 10, but I always either vote 1 or 10.

Wilfred is excellent. The pair of Ryan and Wilfred present an exceptional contrast morally and mentally. The majority of the humour is vulgar, yet slightly witty and punny. Though immature, I find one the best humour in the show is the fact that Ryan is learning life lessons from a dog in the hallucination-induced form of a human.

Another high point is the casting. Elijah Wood is an excellent actor, and Jason Gann does an excellent job as well, adapting from British humour.

This show is great, and an excellent addition to the summer line-up. I will definitely be tuning into this show every week.
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I'm a bit shocked by the high ratings so far...
innocuous21 September 2012
I certainly don't hate this show, and, believe me, I do "get it." But I find it difficult to understand why so many dog owners love it so very much and see Wilfred as being similar to their own pet(s). I've owned both dogs and cats for over 30 years and I have to say that I've never owned (or known) a dog with a personality like Wilfred's. I get along great with virtually all dogs and they seem consistently delighted to have someone around. Wilfred's a bit too moody and independent for me to believe he has the traits and personality of a dog.

Now, my CATS are a lot like Wilfred. Dismissive, smart-ass. demanding, and unpredictable.

Other than that, it's sort of amusing, but not laugh-out-loud funny. The ideas are a bit too cutesy and get old pretty quickly.

Worth watching, but be prepared to move on to something else after a few episodes.
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One of the funniest and most original shows on T.V. today
funwithstardestroyers24 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a big fan of FX comedies. Crap like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is painfully unfunny and woefully over-rated. However, I've enjoyed Wilfred from the beginning. It's one of the funniest shows that I've seen in a while. It takes a lot for a T.V. comedy to make me laugh, but Wilfred does it effortlessly. The comedy comes from the sheer absurdity of it. Seeing Jason Gann dressed as a dog doing "dog things" and other "non-dog things" is hysterical. Yes, some of the humor is crude, but it's well-balanced. The director's scene in "Honesty" was hilarious and I don't see how they made it though that scene.

Elijah Woods is an excellent Ryan. Likable sometimes, unlikable other times and down right pitiable other times, Ryan is the unlucky guy who has to put up with Wilfred's schemes while dealing with his own shortcomings and, possibly, "mental instability". Wilfred's schemes are usually a lesson for Ryan, but sometimes not.

What I really enjoy about this show is the darker aspect. In almost every episode, we're lightly reminded of the fact that Ryan may not be "all there". We're also reminded of Ryan's past mistakes and their consequences. Sometimes Ryan fesses up to them. Sometime's the truth works out, sometimes it's disastrous for Ryan. We also see that not fessing up can be disastrous for Ryan, as we saw when he lost Amanda. A lot of people call this tedious, boring and "not funny man!", but I see it as what I like to call "an intelligent plot". So many comedies out there are cheap, tired, unintelligent garbage that's degenerating into seeing how many lines the writers can cross for the sake of crossing them. The irony of people saying Wilfred is boring is that is ISN'T boring! It's fresh, new and original! It's trying something different instead of adhering to the same old formula. So yes, the gratification isn't instant, it isn't a constant knee slapper and the plot isn't so simple and predictable that a 5 year old could have written it, but that's what makes it great! The show has a brain and a heart, which is sorely lacking from many of today's comedies.

I really wished this had a higher rating and I hope that it continues. I also hope more writers take after Wilfred and create a show that's a little...."different".
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bennie230616 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was as shocked as the above poster when I saw this show was receiving 9 and 10 star reviews. I have seen every episode so far (4 have shown on FX) and this is one of the most unfunny shows I've ever seen. In fact, I told myself that I would give episode 4 a shot, and if it wasn't funny I would stop watching all together. Well, surprise, the episode wasn't funny.

I think it would be an excellent learning experience to watch an episode of Wilfred with somebody who thinks this show is actually funny. I'd love to see what that person finds humorous compared to what I am amused by.

"Man it's so hilarious that Wilfred thinks everything is gray! It's because he's a dog. And that's probably what a dog would say!"

Maybe I'm too much of a realist, but doesn't Wilfred have to exist? I mean, regular people acknowledge the dog, so how can viewers argue that Wilfred is just part of Ryan's weird imagination? And if people think Wilfred is just part of Ryan's imagination, is that why they think this show is funny?

Bottom line, this show has a great premise, but it gets really old, really fast. Elijah Wood isn't a comic actor and this is terribly obvious while watching "Wilfred". Jason Gann isn't funny as Wilfred, and in fact, he's quite annoying.

I came into this show with an open mind believing it could be pretty funny. I'm extremely disappointed in what I've seen so far. I can't believe the amount of positive praise this show is getting. Calling this show a very funny comedy is an insult to television shows that are actually funny.
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Amazing show, full of little clues!
aurthureugene11 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The folks that 'hate' this show....just don't get it. It is a multi- layered show, comedic to be sure, but also dark, disturbing, and full of mystery.

Each episode begins with a word and corresponding quotation, the first episode starting with a quote from Mark Twain, "Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination".

The show is full of little references and clues...for instance, Ryan lying down to die, with the book "Dune" next to him on the nightstand, which Wilfred quotes from later, "Fear is the mind killer, the little death that brings total obliteration."

Wilfred says, several times and in different situations, "You, me, it's all the same." and similar statements that lead one to believe that the part of Wilfred that only Ryan hears/sees is in his mind.

Is Ryan dead, sleeping, in a coma, somewhere in between? The finale did not answer any of those questions, but created more. The basement where Wilfred and Ryan hang out the majority of the time does not exist. In episode 8 ("Anger soon as fed is dead, tis starving makes it fat" Emily Dickenson) Ryan's sister, Kristen expresses surprise when Ryan mentions the basement. The basement contains all sorts of things that should not be there...an old dial-type telephone, a toy oven, his sisters old swim goggles,old toys...the high-powered lawyer Ryan would be unlikely to have these things. Do the basement, and Wilfred, symbolize his subconscious?

At the end of episode 8, Ryan's dog Sneakers (now dead 20 yrs,with Ryan carrying the blame for it until recently) tells him that since now Ryan no longer carries the guilt for his death, Sneakers can now rest in peace, and never bother him again. Ryan closes his eyes for a last snuggle with Sneakers and finally, after 20 years, has a wonderful dream/memory of his childhood, without suffering the guilt which previously woke him in a state of panic.

Watching each episode is like digging deeper for treasure...this show is brilliant. If you don't like it, don't watch it...but don't assume it is an empty piece of trash..."Make no judgment where you have no compassion" Anne McCaffrey (episode 10, Compassion).
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This Show is So Good on Many, Many Levels!!
vachonesque12 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler. At first I thought this show was going to be just some stupid story. Boy, was I wrong! Especially this episode. It was just wonderful! You really need to watch this if you've ever lost a furry friend. The end just made me pour tears!! It will make you cry and then fell so good. It's very interesting how this show can be very crass one moment (a lot of moments)and then they pull this at the end and just totally won my heart over!! There are so many good lessons from this show along with the comedy like the time Wilfred was chasing a laser pointer all over a garage. Very funny, very touching at times. I will absolutely recommend to any one and continue to watch.
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Great Show About Friendship.
tiffleah7 September 2016
I never watched Wilfred when it was on the air because I wasn't much of a TV watcher. However when I saw that Wilfred was on Netflix both the US version and Australian version, I had to give it a shot. It took me an episode or two to really get into it, but I really loved the relationship between Wilfred and Ryan. I thought about it a lot throughout my viewing of the show and the various theories that I have heard about before about the actual nature of the show and how Ryan really sees Wilfred as a human in a dog suit. Why can't it just be about two friends who help each other get through each day. They get each other in trouble, and they help each other out (whether either one of them is real or not). It is hard to say if I think Wilfred is real or not, but he definitely helped Ryan get through some tough life issues. It is a great bond that they have, and I would gladly recommend this show to anyone out there.
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